Ball’s effort to dump the Carla Foote appointment on Chris Mitchelmore is akin
to leaving the house in the charge of a kid whom you wouldn’t trust near a hot
is not credible on the issue. Anyone who knows anything about government in
Newfoundland also knows that the kind of cronyism represented by Foote’s appointment
minimally requires the boss’ approval. The attribution by then Rooms’ CEO Dean Brinton
to the Departmental Deputy and Mitchelmore, to the effect that the Premier “had
offered Carla Foote the position”, is simply an acknowledgement of the
chain of command.

notion, anyway, that a Minister can arbitrarily move an associate secretary out
of the Cabinet Secretariat, for which the Premier is responsible, is absurd. If
anything else need be said that Ball is not telling the truth, just remember that
the appointment had his support from the beginning. If it ever occurred to him that
the appointment constituted a flagrant abuse of the Rooms’ independence and of
its hiring procedures, he had no intention of acting to reverse it.

the Rooms has a governance problem which starts with its
 Board of ten appointees. 

They have a duty to ensure
that the institution’s practices and procedures, including with respect to hiring,
conform to best practices which would disallow political interference and
ensure that all those who applied for the communications position – or any
other – are assessed on the basis of merit rather than on their fealty to the
Liberal Party.
this case, the Board had additional reasons to interfere in the appointment of
Foote. She did not have the qualifications which the Rooms posted for other
applicants. Her salary exceeded by nearly $50,000 the amount allocated to the
position. The Rooms is an institution constantly short of adequate funding and
relies, in part, on public donations. Did not even one Board Member consider any of those issues or understand that it was their duty to protest and, if necessary, resign?
they learned nothing from the debacle that characterized the hiring of “an
agency of record”, in 2018, described in an Uncle Gnarley post entitled
The Rooms says don’t apply if you are a critic of the government“?
is unfortunate in a Province where governance within any of our institutions is
found to be abysmally absent.  Who
doesn’t remember the Tory Government’s refusal to install oversight of the
Muskrat Falls Project and, when it did, chose a “fake” process. At
the Rooms, with the exception of one government representative, the Board of
Directors are ostensibly independent. Why should the public
not, now, think them partisan
course, the problem of the Rooms’ hapless Board is a separate issue from the
behaviour of a decidedly hapless Premier. This is time when honest
and decisive leadership, embodying norms and values that we associate with
decency and ordinary good government, is incredibly elusive. Yet, the Premier sends the public a message
that the merit principle is defunct and that citizens lacking minimum
credentials, but are properly politically connected, qualify for his standard
of public administration!
the meantime, the public service continues to be downgraded. Strong public
servants are replaced with, in the words of one wit, “obsequious,
invertebrate functionaries.”
The Opposition must strongly repudiate such terrible
ethical standards which are debasing both the principles and the practices of
public administration. They should not let Premier Ball use the diversionary
tactic of conducting an independent review on transfers of public servants and
executive compensation. This is silly and unnecessary anyway. The Opposition should keep the
pressure on for a reversal of the Carla Foote appointment and for some honesty
from the Premier.
is an opportunity for them to show leadership and to demonstrate mettle that has been absent from Opposition Parties for a long time. The risk of
triggering another General Election is not an excuse for holding back when the very integrity of government has been challenged says none other than an Officer of the House of Assembly, the Citizen’s Representative.
display in the House of Assembly is corruption at the highest level and of a
Premier unfamiliar with the truth.
Opposition should not think that the Carla Foote affair can be
exorcised by a
reprimand or a mere mea culpa. They must face down the Premier’s blatant dishonesty . While Ball deserves to be banished as Premier, minimally this debate must end with a
“confidence’ vote in him and his Administration. 

What about Mitchelmore, who “grossly
mismanaged” his obligations with respect to the Code of Conduct according to the Citizens’ Representative? Well, the kid whom you would’t let close to a hot stove doesn’t know that he should have already resigned.

Des Sullivan
Des Sullivan
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Uncle Gnarley is hosted by Des Sullivan, of St. John's. He is a businessman engaged over three decades in real estate management and development companies and in retail. He is currently a Director of Dorset Investments Limited and Donovan Holdings Limited. During his early career he served as Executive Assistant to Premier's Frank D. Moores (1975-1979) and Brian Peckford (1979-1985). He also served as a Part-Time Board Member on the Canada-Newfoundland Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB). Uncle Gnarley appears on the masthead representing serious and unambiguous positions on NL politics and public policy. Uncle Gnarley is a fiscal conservative possessing distinctly liberal values and a non-partisan persusasion. Those values and opinions underlie this writer's views on NL's politics, economy and society. Uncle Gnarley publishes Monday mornings and more often when events warrant.


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


This is the most important set of negotiations we have engaged in since the Atlantic Accord and Hibernia. Despite being a small jurisdiction we proved to be smart and nimble enough to negotiate good deals on both. They have stood the test of time and have resulted in billions of dollars in royalties and created an industry which represents over a quarter of our economy. Will we prove to be smart and nimble enough to do the same with the Upper Churchill?


  1. Honour: "a quality that combines respect, being proud and honesty"

    Apparently, somewhere over the past number of years, especially pertaining to many of our elected officials it has become extinct?

    We are again in the middle of some unflattering media attention for something that should NEVER have happened in the first place.

    The "annoitment" of Carla Foote as the Marketing Director of the Rooms, and the "constructive dismissal" of her predecessor has again showcased the ugly side of our political process, and in fact some of our elected officials.

    The "appointment" of Carla Foote without a job competion was wrong!

    – Dwight Ball knew it was wrong.
    – Christopher Mitchelmore knew it was wrong.
    – Carla Foote knew it was wrong.
    – Judy Foote knew it was wrong.
    – All the staff at the Rooms knew it was wrong.
    – The Liberal caucus knew it was wrong.
    – The PC caucus knew it was wrong.
    – The NDP caucus knew it was wrong.
    – The Independents knew it was wrong.
    – The residents of the Province knew it was wrong.
    – The media knew it was wrong.

    So here we are all now with all of this staring each and everyone of us in the face?

    For me personally there is only one form of "apology" that will suffice?

    That is the resignation of all persons who had any involvement whether directly, or indirectly in this mess?

    To actually watch Dwight Ball and his fellow Liberal "cronies" attempt to defend the indefensible is for me, stomach churning!

    Right about now I imagine that the Rooms must have quite the "healthy" workplace environment?

    As a side note, I sincerely hope that our Provincial Government will properly "compensate" the unfortunate individual who was wrongly dismissed from the Rooms, without enduring a painful civil court process?

    A good starting point would be the expected number of years of service until retirement, multiplied by Carla Foote's current pay for the same position.

    Honour is an interesting concept?

    I'm sure in the very near future we will see firsthand exactly how many of these people possess this seemingly extinct concept!

    By the way?

    We are all watching!

    • I hear that the workplace at the Rooms is currently, highly toxic and people feel they can't speak up without risking their jobs. In that respect, it is like many other government departments where Carlas have been installed by decree.

    • Please don't hurt those special PC blue windows in the Confederation Building. They cost close to $50 million and the shade was personally approved by Danny himself. They are so much nicer that the historic turquois windows and original architectural details because they cost so much more. If they get hurt now, they might be replaced by red tinted Liberal windows and a well connected architect might have to buy another Porche.

  2. Meanwhile as the clock keeps ticking away – a year now since this scandal was first reported – Dwight is scheming behind closed doors with the Federal Government to do God knows what in the name of rate mitigation. The great Muskrat giveaway is far from over and this deceitful Premier is hanging on to make his biggest mark yet. His resignation should be on the table – he has no moral authority to negotiate anything on my behalf!

    BTW, there is an alternative to another election. It's called a coalition government. Ball and Mitchelmore can leave and the Liberals could form a coalition with the NDP. I've got no great ambitions for it but just stopping the BS might be reward enough. The time to bring down the lying Premier is now.

  3. Just browsed to see who is on the Board of the Rooms. There are 10 in total and the Vice-Chairman should really have an opinion on the qualifications of Carla Foote.

    From the government press release heralding several appointments in March 2018, we are told about the current vice-chair:

    "Katharine Hickey is the owner/operator of Plank Marketing & Communications. She has three decades of experience in the marketing and communications sector creating success stories for her clients. Ms. Hickey graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, and is currently serving an elected position on the Memorial University Board of Regents as an Alumni Representative."

    Surely the real media can seek out an interview with the vice-chair regarding her opinion of whether this is how she would hire a senior marketing expert at her office. I can't imagine a plausible endorsement could be the result.

    Perhaps the vice-chair is a friend and donor to the Liberal party though as such firms typically are friendly to those who fill the trough.

  4. I listened to a stomach churning call from Maurice on Open Line with Paddy this morning. He was absolutely and unequivocally adamant that what happened here was the way it should be, no ifs,ands,or buts.Listening to his ramblings made it obvious he is a "Trump Liberal" and Paddy could do nothing to alter his opinion and views. And one wonders how we can change the mindset of idiots like him.
    If the majority accepts his distorted view of the awarding of public positions, we are doomed!! For the love of God Maurice, check whats in your koolaid before making a fool of yourself again.

    • WA @ 15:58:

      I actually thought the guys name was Morris – but maybe I heard wrong.

      In any event, as noted below the former PC administration also has done comparable cronyism – so, the calls for an election are very short sighted. All governments in NL have been guilty of similar acts since confederation (MHA spending scandal, Eastern Health fallout from Hormone receptor Inquiry, Sprung Greenhouse, Humber Valley Paving, and the list goes on) – so we should be cvareful for what we wish.

      To play devils advocate, I would ask if anyone has seen the CV from CF? She does have over 20yrs in the field and was a media rep on the Cougar Helicopter/Off-Shore Safety Inquiry (I doubt anyone even bothered to look up her name before sacrificing her).

      Honestly, I never met her and know nothing of the Rooms – but 99% of what is circulating in the media now is B$ – more facts are required.

      I know even BFA above is offer a much large severance(in principle) to the individual AB than what EM/DS got – so, again I would say political nonsense and little sober thought on the go.


    • So PENG2 I gather from what you are saying because this has gone on for generations we should ignore the facts we are faced with now?

      Unfortunately this time there are too many witnesses, and disgruntled parties for this to quietly go away as you, and others so wish to happen.

      Not to mention a severe case of stupidity by so many individuals involved in this Carla Foote madness.

      Do you know what?

      At this point and time it really doesn't matter what qualifications Carla Foote may or may not have had?

      There was no open competition for the position so we will never know what qualifications Carla Foote or any other applicants may have had!

      I'm much afraid it is that exact mentality that has gotten out politics to the level that it is today.

      How many times do you ignore what is happening and sweep it under the proverbial rug just because similar instances have occurred in the past?

      With that train of thought, why did we even have a Muskrat Falls Inquiry?

      Hey it's just another misuse of taxpayer funds it happens all the time!

      We just witnessed first hand from numerous witnesses at the Muskrat Falls Inquiry that a substantial number of the key positions were never advertised/posted for applications.

      People, quite often cronies, were hand selected for many of these technical positions.

      Just maybe if the correct persons were hired we may not even be in the position that we are in with Muskrat Falls?

      I much afraid sir you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth yet again.

      You can't have your cake and eat it too!

      In the meantime if you did have any personal investment in the construction of Muskrat Falls, as you have stated on this blog many times before, it is little wonder Muskrat Falls is the mess we have today.

      There were too many "spectators" such as yourself who didn't want to upset the gravy train, hence the anonymous moniker that you use up to and including today.

      Now we have first hand information of exactly how corrupt the process was in the hiring of Carla Foote and we should just let sleeping dogs lie.

      In the meantime you are pretty well lock step with Dwight Ball on this one, it was wrong, but leave it be and say we are sorry.

      This is sad on so many levels.

    • BFA @ 17:21:

      That is exactly the type of nonsense from the public that prevents alot of qualified people wanting to get into public service. It is this same B$ that also leads to the MFs and other boondoggles we have continually endured – so, yes you are inpart responsible for our poor governance.

      Just like I guess you will next pontificate on how Kristopher Parsons also got his job via cronyism – FYI, I will give you a hint before you put foot into mouth, Kris is 6-8yrs older than his brother and was working at Marine Atlantic when Andrew graduated law school, so not sure how you will slant this into cronyism (but I do await for comedic relief).

      Very simply put, all I said that it was unlikely that anyone bothered to check the resume of CF prior to saying it was cronyism – and that you advocated a more generous severance (in principle) for AB than what was given to EM who was also terminated 'constructively'.

      As for my MF connection – at least read a bit of history, I don't work for Nalcor as I have stated many times. Please do some fact checking.


    • PENG2 if you are a proud card carrying member and a wearer of the "Iron Ring" as you have lead us to believe on this blog, I would imagine as with many professions such as yours you are bound by prescribed morals and ethics.

      "The ring symbolizes the pride which engineers have in their profession, while simultaneously reminding them of their humility. The ring serves as a reminder to the engineer and others of the engineer's obligation to live by a high standard of professional conduct."

      Somehow I think standing by as a spectator while you know full well all things Muskrat Falls were not being completed in a professional manner whatsoever, would not warrant some kind of commendation for your stellar behaviour.

      You don't seem to be able to get past the idea that somehow "the rest of us" are responsible for all of the misdeeds of Muskrat Falls.

      I suggest you take your own advice, that if your moral standards are that low, than I totally agree both you and other like minded individuals such as yourself, do all of us a favour, and please do not offer your services for a Government or Government agency in the future.

      Have at her in the private sector, where all you have to worry about is keeping the shareholders happy.

    • PENG2 mentions Foote to be a media rep in the past.
      My general impression is that Media and public relations people, most seem to be female, are spin doctors who tell half truths, and keep their bosses out of trouble from obvious lies or misrepresentation. So they are paid big bucks. Note my prior comment to PENG2 of media reps for all the power companies at the PUB hearings, but no journalists or reporters, as to the CDM failures.
      They are clever no doubt, but cover for the stupidity of the bosses. Were they not writing to help deceive for Nalcor? People with honesty, integrity, and are competent should not have much need for spin doctors.

    • WA @ 18:41:

      Granted, its an American report – but interesting none the less:

      Anyway, my initial point was related to how little investigation media does in NL – a point you have made many times here. As I have said, I have no connection to CF – but to label her as unqualified might be premature unless you review her resume; and I certainly wouldn't advocate any more of a termination package to AB than his contractual severance..


    • PENG2: That report , 198 pages, I reviewed the headlines
      item 179:female communication grads in first job earn more than men ( this seems the only area where they excel)
      item 176 : women under represented in science and engineering
      item 140: many left tech jobs due to unfair treatment
      item 87: women are 20 % of behind the scenes image makers and decision makers
      another on many suffer sexual harassment.

      As to MFs and our power companies:
      1. If Telegram Ashley made no deep dive( and she didn't) in journalism on technical issues,false assumptions by Nalcor, I suggest she was hindered by male bosses
      2. Women spin doctors for all power companies here, I ave already commented on.
      3. At the PUB hearings, Krista for Nlfd Power on the panels as to CDM, saying they did great, met targets etc,( if targets are very low, this is easily done) flies in the face of truth of NL being worse of all provinces. No piercing questions by our Consumer Advocate or others to expose the truth. Nfld Power( a Fortis company). Defend them on this if you can.
      4. The Fortis piece you mentioned on GHS, you admit little of substance as to their GHGs , more on Fortis assets and worth.This by female serving male agenda, I suggest.
      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 10:55:

      I was getting to the point that the media seems to be male-dominated, which is contrary to your opinion above.

      Granted an American report, but my gut is the NL media is also male-dominated contrary to your musing above.

      As to the OP, the callers name was Morris (after a re-listen) – not Maurice.


    • My initial general observation was that the power company spin doctors are mostly female, and Foote, being with Ball, seemed similar. I do not speak with authority on this, but is my view point.That is different from media being male dominated here , which I agree with you, as to owners and bosses, which may be elites pulling the strings of what is or is not newsworthy, which is squashed, what is not wothy of investigative journalism.
      I listen little to VOCM Daley, sometimes to this introduction as I eat breakfast.
      I am aware of another Morris or Maurice, I heard once or twice past years, but it sounds the same to me, unless you use the French version of Maurice, like Maurice the Rocket of Montreal Canadiens, one of my hockey heroes.My assumption was based on MA on this blog is not a Trumps fan in my opinion, and the comment on UG was misleading.

    • WA @ 13:03:

      Fair enough. I think the reasoning for selecting male vs female communication reps is related to the gender of who they primarily represent – during my MBA time a marketing course used this "appearance' as a sub-conscious method for reaching customers/viewers.

      As to Morris – he was more Liberal than John Smith was PC. Having said that, there is a long tradition of executive positions being politically appointed – and this is a 2x sword since it leads to nepotism but also allows the public to assessing 100% blame for the performance to a given party.

      I am not sure how to simultaneously reconcile the needs and wishes of both government and the public in this regard.


    • I am informed to today by my sources that MA when with govn dept preferred to be called Maurrrece, the French sounding name, but never called this by friends, but what do I know? I stand by he is not a Trump fan.

  5. We need to stop this abuse. The public sector can not function properly without qualified and competent civil servants.

    If you fill important public sector positions with woefully unqualified cronies, then NOTHING is going work properly. It creates a toxic work environment and ensures that everything is bungled.

    Note in the following passage that 1) Absolutely unqualified people are hired 2) They get premium salaries 3) Qualified people were available but were improperly screened out or rejected or fired.

    From the 2018 AG report on the English school board (NLESD):

    Employee 1: In 2010, the individual appointed to the position, through an external competition, did not meet the job competency requirements, as they did not possess a Certified Engineering Technology Diploma as required by NLESD’s own standards.

    Although not qualified, the individual was appointed and approved as an “upscale hiring” at a higher salary level which is only permitted when an individual is the sole qualified candidate for the job.

    Employee 2: In 2012, the individual was appointed to the position without a job competition and the individual did not meet the job competency requirements, as they did not possess a degree in engineering as required by NLESD’s own standards.

    In 2013, this individual was promoted to a progressive management position, again without possessing the required competencies, following an internal competition where this individual was the only applicant. Given that this individual did not possess the required competencies as set by NLESD, consideration should have been given to proceeding to an external competition.

    Nalcor / School Board / The Rooms / Core Government – it is all corrupt and rotten to the core.

  6. Seems the Foote is bigger than the boondoggle. Is the cost the same, is the threats to democracy the same, is it a bigger political scandal, or just pure petite politics?? Of course we condone neither, but never saw so much written in anger on muskrat, and certainly not at the time of sanction. Maybe our little brains can only comphrend petite scandals. Penny wise and pound foolish says average Joe.

    • Whilst the gross amounts paid to oil people to reinvent the wheel on hydroelectricity is a gross boondoggle and a crime against the people of NL. The patronage appointment of Ms. Foote by yet another corrupt government is no less a crime.

  7. Those two hick politicians… the colossal dope CHRISTOPHER MITCHELMORE and the addled, truth-challenged DWIGHT BALL… are nothing but a fremdschämen-inducing disgrace to the H0fA.

    Bloody nepotists… RESIGN!!! And take that over-paid, under-qualified liberal hack Carla Foote with you on the way out!!

  8. People (especially those in positions of power) will always take short cuts and abuse their powers when there are no "real" consequences – maybe an apology (sincere or otherwise). I only vote for a person once, and then move one to someone else unless they have done a deserving job that they warrant a second term which provides them the "golden pension".

  9. The political system in NL is rife with avarice and power. There may be ways to combat the problems but, in my opinion, we need dismantle the party system entirely. Get rig the hicks and the hacks and start a Consensus system of government. And put some limits on financial contributions. In that way the most deserving (at least the most popular candidates), are elected to office. And at least there might to a chance that we get some candidates who have the province and people in mind in the future of NL. Until the system is changed the people are doomed to greed of the political hacks and their backroom boys. Until things change many of us who would like to return home to live again will keep our dreams and continue live elsewhere.

    • I'm no polisci guy but I believe all Provinces are constitutionally bound to the existing Westminster multi-party system. The only exception is the Territories. Do you want NL to turn in our rights as a Province? I wouldn't be surprised if we end up there and I'm not sure it would be a bad thing either but I doubt such a concept could garner broad support.

    • Ours but to do and die, Robert.
      I just ask my granddaughter, just turning 12, "Did you ever hear of the seal hunt"? She says No. Never taught this in school? No
      Ever hear of the word Swiler?
      Ever hear of the book "Death on the Ice"?
      So I tell her about the Nfld disaster, 78 men froze to death, bodies, fathers and sons froze together, the sealing ships returning to St John's with bodies on the deck all frozen. I tell her of the Southern Cross about 150 or more all lost returning with a load of seals, never seen again. All this in one year, 1914. I tell her of the baby seals , the white coats, the main prize for killing.I tell her of her great, great grandfather, John Adams was a swiler.
      I recall Danny Willaims, and maybe Ches too sporting the seal skin jackets, as a vote getting trick.
      I read of the MUN research on SEALING MASCULINITY and it's connection to the British Empire building. And I wonder to as to this, and those young men who went over the top in 1916, in blind obedience to orders that should never have been followed, by inept commanders.
      So, our CULTURE: not to wonder why, but to do and die.
      And our youngins, educated but not knowing our history. And we led like sheep to the MFs boondoggle, by elite men, still wearing seal skin jackets.
      Now the latest is Ball, as Capt Dildo! Any connection to Capt Abram Kean?
      Winston Adams

  10. Carla was the liberal media contact and Director of Communications, Office of the Official Opposition.

    Liberals were elected December 2015, so Carla's rise to executive council was almost instant.

    January 14, 2016 Carla Foote is appointed as Associate Secretary to Cabinet (Communications) with Executive Council.

    October 2, 2018: The Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, today announced the appointment of Glenn Bruce as Associate Secretary to Cabinet (Communications), in the Communications and Public Engagement Branch. Mr. Bruce’s appointment is effective immediately. (he has a Bachelor of Public Relations degree, Carla does not have a bachelor degree)

    October 2018, Carla is bumped to the rooms.

    From the CBC:
    "The job was initially posted in 2016 as director of marketing, and 77 people applied, according to an email from a spokesperson for the Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation.Of those, three people were screened and interviewed.But the posting was cancelled in December 2016 and has been vacant until Foote was awarded the open-ended contract for the revamped position of executive director of marketing and development.

    Shuffling political insiders into senior roles in crown corporations seems to be standard practice. The only qualification that matters is your connections.

    • It article makes sense. Glen Bruce was appointed, and they pushed Carla out to a vacant position at The Rooms.

      From comment above: October 2, 2018: The Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, today announced the appointment of Glenn Bruce as Associate Secretary to Cabinet (Communications), in the Communications and Public Engagement Branch. Mr. Bruce’s appointment is effective immediately. (he has a Bachelor of Public Relations degree, Carla does not have a bachelor degree)

  11. I get so frustrated when i see on social media, the one liners about Ball and Mitchelmore, etc. You know, the silly memes, the "Nan" jokes, Ball's face superimposed on some silly thing. This is what they want us to do, just joke about it and move on. It's time to do more. Cut the comedy, this is serious stuff. We're being looted and we joke about it?

  12. PENG2@11:50 There are two pronunciations of Morris/Maurice. Maurice can be pronounced Morris or "moreese". I spelled his name as Maurice (meaning the pronunciation "Morris"). Either way, he made a real ass of himself and should be ashamed of the way he spoke to Paddy. He mzade quite the fool of himself.

  13. Here we have this fnckin bullshit still going in this northern banana republic of a province with the sleazy 19th-century machinations of hicks like the abject dope CHRISTOPHER MITCHELMORE and the addled, truth-challenged DWIGHT BALL… meanwhile, the Crown Prince of Bullshit Himself… GERRY BYRNE… is heaving the huge sign of relief that the spotlight has finally moved off him for his slyly gutless attempt at trying to keep the public in the dark about the horrendous debacle at that salmon death ranch that occurred on his watch.

    Enough of this ridiculous bullshit, we need a non-confidence vote on this friggin' carnival NOW!! These crafty buggers are DONE, they need to be tossed out ASAP!

    • Or should we say the bungling conniver BALL and his willing patsy MITCHEMORE… probably more like it.

      Either way they gotta go, they're done… they're nothing more than another lamentable side-show of the disgustingly sordid, corrupted spectacle that is NL politics.

      Any moral authority these dodgy culprits may have possessed to pass themselves off as so-called "honorable" ministers of a provincial government has long since vanished.

    • From the link "The odor of rot is unmistakable, whether it’s emanating from the pile of damp, deteriorating leaves in your backyard or Confederation Building." Well Pam, at least the rotten stench of leaves can add value to compost and be of some use. The Confederation Building stench is just rancid sewer. Move if you can !! This place is not fit.

  14. Let's get rid of both Carla AND Judy Foote. These people do not need our welfare. The Lieutenant Governor is a useless position and can be replaced with a rubber stamp or a Staples "Easy" button. In many respects, these positions are parasites and we are the host.

    She lives in a mansion that we can barely afford to maintain. It has staff that could be could be put to better use maintaining other public buildings.

    The greenhouse uses thousands of liters of fuel so that they can grow hundreds of Poinsettia plants for decorating the mansion at Christmas. (better just to let Holland nurseries do a special order).

    I would turn Colonial Building and Government House into museums / tourist venues and rent them out for special events. They also need restoration — something that is far beyond of the mental capacity of this government. We already lost the historic carriage house to neglect. It filled up with bird shit and had to be demolished.

    How about a "Friends of Colonial Building" lead by a local architect that has a training in historical preservation? Look up . This palace in Hawaii has a lot of similarities to Colonial Building and was restored properly with private money and craftsmanship.

    Any readers here want to save Colonial Building from the kind of thing you see in a Holmes on Homes episode where the whole place is trashed with everything torn apart, the place has been a wreck for ten years, the clueless husband is way in over his head and the spouse is exasperated?

    Finally, I'd like the historic spiral staircase restored and a mock-up of the angry mob chasing the prime minster as an exhibit to reminder the elite that the public can only take so much crap before they revolt. At that point, it is too late for civil dialogue.

  15. I suppose the New Year will bring a Morneau buy on Muskrat. Might as well do a TMX East Boondoggle, transfer the stranded asset, (by then Stan will have run the costs to $15B), and to save face, the deal will slide under the radar, and the true cost never revealed to Public. The Leblanc Report will nicely dovetail, somewhat later, and as PENG2 suggests, will be lost and considered inconsequential in history. Rogues will fade into the fogs, and be forgotten. Cod may return, if and when the oxygen levels in the Atlantic become stabilized, with the shutting down of coal fired generation in Atlantic Canada. Seasons Greetings, and a peaceful and happy existance.

  16. Time I gave an update on Peng2. Recall that many moons ago I stated that it seems clear he is paid to comment and influence opinion on this blog.
    Many seemed to agree. Peng2 did not deny that he was being paid to influence opinion of others here ( not wanting to dignify that with an answer). This of course only gives credibility to the assertion I made.
    Bruno accepted my assertion as gospel an demoted Peng2 by 2 orders of magnitude and dubbed him Peng0, which he forever labelled him.
    We learn much about Peng2 mostly from his interactions with Winston, both being engineers,with experience with power systems, or so it seems. He never engaged with Bruno, and seldom with others, even seldom with engineer Robert Holmes, who may have more project experience that Winston?
    What have we learned about him so far? Yes, Time for PF to give an update on the anonymous Peng2.

  17. Mitchlemore’s bio claims he is educated and has been an active business development persona in his home area, a mini golf course, a museum among his credits. He is 8 years in politics, starting when he was in his mid 20’s.
    His academy history is impressive.

    It is unclear where he learned the gentle art of political backstabbing, maybe in Prague?

    He certainly seems to have personal charm but continually besmirches his reputation and credibility as evidenced with his treatment of his NDP colleagues, the idiotic tourism promotion and now his unflinching carrying out of orders from his leader.

    A good soldier!

    More a slick opportunist imho.

    Now he is in charge of education and training for the next generation.

    I despair.

    • He has a commerce degree — nothing special about those. He likely took courses elsewhere (the Prague reference above I assume), but didn't graduate or else it would be predominately listed.

      Politicians are like manufactured musical groups. Like the Village People, they audition, and if acceptable, they are financed and promoted behinds the scenes. They are also disposable, but as long as the are good foot soldiers, don't ask questions above their pay grade and follow orders — they are safe. In other words – follow the party leader GOOD, serve the general public BAD.

      The most extreme vetting is for the party leader. Only by accident will someone be elected as leader that isn't pre-approved as a sycophant to the elite or elite themselves, and highly unlikely to disturb the status quo. Leaders are often they are compromised – former president Bill Clinton went to Lolita island 26 times so you know there are tapes.

      Politicians are like diapers, and need to be changed frequently and for the same reasons.

    • FYI – seems he must have started a MBA back in 2008 since his bio states: In 2008, he received the James Barnes Award for Academic Excellence

      Oddly, it appears he received the award a year before it was officially created – unless an award to honor someones retirement in 2009 was created earlier.

      Dr. James Barnes MBA Scholarship

      This scholarship was established by the combined giving of faculty members, students, family and friends to acknowledge Dr. Barnes’ retirement in 2009 and to honour his contributions to the Faculty of Business Administration. Dr. Barnes joined Memorial University of Newfoundland’s faculty in 1968. He served as director of the School of Business Administration and Commerce, and was appointed the first Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration in 1981. Valued at a portion of the income on the endowment, it will be awarded annually to a full-time graduate student with scholarship standing who has left full-time employment to enter the M.B.A. program. The recipient must meet the minimum academic requirements for a scholarship. It will be awarded by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Dean, Faculty of Business Administration.

  18. Everyone should read Ed Hollett's article on "Transitory Records". Sort of the way the Panama Papers works for the Rich and Famous. Get the money, get out of town, don't leave any records and papers for CRA.

    • Robert, recall the Transitory Record destruction endorsed by lawyer Ralph, and some others, at the Inquiry.
      Seems the historian in Hollett would like to keep most if not all of such records, but Hollett the PR guy says to destroy is fine, and just say the law permits it! So no evidence exists why decisions are made or changed, and permits one to deny knowledge and say 'I don't recall" the pat answer at the Inquiry. I repeatedly commented on that but others not so concerned, and Leblanc only mildly so. So we operate not much different from the mafia, leave no smoking gun. Leblanc will spend about 20 million and have no smoking gun on many issues.

      But this destruction is all in the name of EFFICIENCY. One would thing you and I support efficiency. Is this really efficiency or a law to permit corruption, legal corruption? Bern Coffey also likes destruction of transitory document!
      Can we make the PPA contract and some others transitory for the sake of rate mitigation?
      Winston Adams

    • Ed's comment that deleting transitory records to hide things is a "stretch" because it is long standing policy is delusional. We aren't told directly to delete potential evidence, but the rules are clearly designed to do just that.

      Outlook post office files (off line archives) have been disabled, and computer support (OCIO) scans workstations to see if there are any more out there. Mailboxes are purposely limited in size to force deletion. If your box fills up, then you can't receive mail.

      Embarrassing things are responded to with one line e-mails like "call me". Of course, that is a transitory e-mail that can be deleted.

      When blackberries were everywhere, messenger was used keep things secret. Another great tactic is to fail to take meeting minutes.

      Documents of value are supposed to go into a records management system called TRIM. It is poorly implemented and it makes it easy to restrict access. When files were saved on a file server, anyone in the department could see them nor was there a audit trail of who may have looked. TRIM isn't being used to enhance the use of information by making things easier to find — it is a tool for secrecy and control.

      Government, in many ways, is just organized crime that we have been conditioned to accept.

    • So Trump is up on "high crimes and misdemeanors" I ask my wife if misdemeanors means he is mean? Seems an minor thing but must be very serious these misdemeanors. Putin would not be concerned. He just puts plutonium in your tea if you cross him. America has a good constitutions and legal checks. We see where that goes.
      "Call me" is what one Trump toady emailed when it became evident that Trump was holding back necessary arms for Ukraine for quid pro quo, so they wanted no email record. So we use the same thing here. I recall PENG2 says he keeps detailed notes and records, what does he think of the law for transitory record destruction?
      Our historians should be speaking up against this record destruction.And the police make a statement as to our feudal system of government. So, this way of doing things is part of our culture? All fine with the public and the media, and opposition parties, until people march in the streets, like when the chased Squires ready to hang him? How fast can Ball run? Guess he will just roll, and make his escape.
      Hollett shows us the law, is it acceptable?
      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 16:34:

      You are correct, I keep overly detailed notes – infact, I was probably the 1st here to identify the lack of note/logs etc was going to be an issue at the MFI.

      As for destroying transitory records – that is a slippery slope, and personally I don't subscribe to this practice (but I am not subject to ATIPP or govnerment/ABC policies either). However, the bigger issue is who decided what is transitory and eligible for destruction – an employee should never be in the position to approve the destruction of something he sent because it could be 'ATIPPed', this 100% defeats the purpose of ATIPP laws.

      AS and FYI, the current Management of Information Act was enacted in 2005 with revisions in 2008; likewise the current government email filing policy dates to 2011 with revision this year – so, neither of these policies are new, just that weaknesses are coming to light.


    • Remember the day, Joey left his office following the 71 election, and took his files including official records files with him. No emails though. Later in my contract administrator role, emails were a non official document, when compared to CCDC notices, letters of intent, changes and the like. I guess, under the Muskrat ramble management style, any communication involving contract directives; Twitter, Chat lines, etc. are fair game. Tor, that Laundromat movie is very current and well worth the time and entertainment value. PENG2, I agree one needs good defensive notes in the Trade. Didn't help Nixon with his tapes though:-)

  19. Many times over it has proven true; You cannot finance your government reliably based on oil revenues, alone. How close is NL from default? When Kenny gets his $2B or so from us all, will he share some with NL? Will he float a 3% Sales tax to bail us all out? Why don't all us environmental Nellies, Climate Change believers fess our sins to his $30m Truthers, save that money and plow it into "Rate Mitigation?". Justin will be desperate in New Year to "gift" Muskrat to HQ to earn some coin in NY State so that the New NAFTA will ramp the aluminum smelters for the Mexican auto industry. Buy Mexican EVs, save the planet, and create some Ft. Mac jobs for East Coasters. eh wot? 🙂

  20. Was listening to Paddy and Colin talking about trumpie and impeachment on open line this morning, and they talked about and their discuss about what was happening in the USA, but offered no opinion on Why. But I know why, and have an opinion, and it is so strange that I have written on the subject several times, and each time before I hit publish…it disappears…like an hour ago, but will try again ..later. Joe blow.

  21. What is truth, Pilate asked Jesus, before ordering his death, on trumped up charges by the Jewish priests.
    Today I watch the Impeachment of Donald John Trump. A minor change is the document changing his name to say John instead of just J.
    I watch the proceedings live on CNN.

    If asked what is Truth, we clearly see we have RED truth and Blue Truth.
    We have Blue facts and Red facts. How can this be? Trump asked for a personal favor when the main issue was the fact he was withholding military aid essential to Ukraine at war with Russia. And Trump was using his personal lawyer in his scheme to circumvent proper procedures.
    So we see much theatrics in the words as to what facts are relevant.

    However I see and admire the very civil way they make their presentations, and do not shout down each other. They yield to each other with limited time frames. Jordon stands out,to me, always dressed casually, no jacket, as the Republican bulldog with bullshit arguments.
    No one expects the Senate will remove Trump from office.
    I await the Digger, Brain Peckford, a loyal Trump toady, to post as to the miscarriage of justice to impeach Trump.
    Locally, if only we could properly investigate the miscarriage of justice of high crimes and misdemeanors constantly happening in this province. A start perhaps is Ches Crosbie now seeking to expose Ball's part in the Foote affair. Did Ball lie that he played no part?
    Winston Adams

    • No not all about truth, but about racism, it existed back then too. I have written long explanations to justify arriving at my conclusion of the bottom line of all this is RACISM, but it always disappeared before publishing, so just writing my conclusion. Now I know no one wants to talk about that, but it is alive and well in the USA and many other places. But the US is at a crossroads, of who will rule America, white or people of all colours. That is the basis of American politics today, but few, black or white are willing to say it. And trump is willing to do it without saying it just elect him and he will do the dirty work for you. Like Hittler, Will change a democracy into a ditactorship. And white will rule. Bottom line. Just one example, Look at the people on this impeachment, on one side, 6 or 7white men, 6 or 7 black men, a similar number of black women, and 2 or 3 recent white women immigrants. On the other side 13 or 14 white men and a couple of white weomen. Need I say more, and I may be a racis too, but I am all white. Locally in the news we had racism recently, what they called called Eskimos. 50 years ago that was acceptable, but not in the last 30 or 40 years it has not been. But it is now, as some people feel embolden by trumpie and his ever growing base. Not only in the US by right here in our own land. Some want to play simple lip service, and appear appalled when this happens,…. But are they really …deep down ask Joe blow.

    • This is a perfect example of what I call, paying lip service. It is neither about politicians or white bosses, it is about APPEARING to be against racism. That's what they are doing in the USA, call it politics, call it red against against blue, call it what it is white against black. Ban them from flying, fire them, all sounds great. But what will it change, anything? Next day, when it has all blown over, hire them again, and fly with pal. They have a short memory too, says Joe blow.

  22. Shell in Ont reporting that 21 MW battery storage is saving them money and helping reduce peak load.
    Ont has industrial peak rates much higher charged (65 % higher) than the rest of Canada,so makes sense for rich oil companies, but this more so PR for the fossil fuel industry.
    Not inviting Bruno back to promote Bruno Batteries, but there is a place for them for those who can afford that high cost.
    Bruno will be chomping on the bit not to comment. Better he stay silent on BBs for our grid.

  23. Cheers……a female and Labrador born MUN president. In my day we had to have a Lord form England.A day or so ago there was the Huskey 1 million donation to MUN.Would the new President refuse the donation, as to the climate emergency. Many universities no longer investing, and divesting away from fossil fuel companies.
    Winston Adams

    • WA @ 20:53:

      but we should also be saying good-bye to Eddy Cambell – not sure if you can remember that fiasco?

      an Interesting read:

      I am sure people will start the golden-handshake nonsense – but the process of appointing a president is typically that you hire on a full tenure professor, who is the willing to take on primarily an administrative role while putting academia on hole. GK is a full time prof, his employment contract is online and dates to 2010 – his severance package was equivalent to 24 months (but would have been 36 months if in the 1st 2yrs of a 5yr year term).


    • The presidents position just needs to be a top administrator so that the buck can stop somewhere. Many professors at MUN could have taken this on with a small incremental salary increase to cover the added responsibility and accountability to the public purse.

      MUN needs to focus on its core mandate, which should be undergraduate education for the local population. It is tax payer supported, and the only university in the province.

      MUN's administration is a cancer, a parasite feasting on the public purse. If the Provost position disappeared, would any student care? The emphasis should be on teaching, not publishing. I am not against publishing — but I think teaching excellence should be rewarded with tenure – not just publishing and grant track records. The recruitment focus should be on Newfoundland residents, not expanding to service the world with subsidized education. We do not need large lobbies with whale skeletons and leather sofas.

      I have heard, but don't have statistics handy, that the bureaucracy at MUN has more than doubled in recent decades, that there are numerous vice presidents and that positions like department head are now mini-empires with multiple staff members. I forget the exact numbers, but they struck me at the time as outrageous.

    • Anony @ 14:31:

      Noone in the university management world agrees with your opine that the 'president' is simply a top administrator. In the mean time, if we accept you thought – just who would you recommend to take over a $400M annual budget for an academic facility, other than another experienced president sourced from another university? Fact is, none of the on-campus professors were either interested or have been considered qualified by search committees in the past 20-30yrs except for Eddy Cambell(and we know what happened there).

      It is not practical or reasonable for MUN to stop educating international students – currently international students pay about 4x the tuition than does a local student. So, infact international students are subsidizing local students – and a similar comparison can be made for graduate students subsidizing u-grads based on relative tuition costs.

      A site with more than a few interesting pieces of research on cross-country academia:

      In the meantime, the salary for the outgoing president is middle of the pack when compared to other Canadian universities.

      No doubt there are issues at MUN – but cutting off a revenue stream like graduate students, international students is a step in the wrong direction financially. Likewise, not recruiting qualified administrators of profs is poor planning.


    • "just who would you recommend to take over a $400M annual budget for an academic facility, other than another experienced president sourced from another university"

      Are there any professors at MUN reading this that feel that only an outsider is capable or qualified to lead the university?

    • PENG2, Desmarais, (Power Corp), probably made some coin in NL, while sitting Chancellor. Who would know how much, for what? Power Corp had their hands in many pockets, in their day, as did Conrad, and others.

  24. This morning we are at 1375 MW, light winds and -9C.
    I see that since Dec 1st we have not imported dirty coal power, but rely on holyrood. It took until Dec 1st to get many of our hydro generators up and running, and I assume our water levels are up again. We imported coal power from Late August until the end of Nov , 3 months, when our loads were only modest. Still no power from Labrador.
    Was there talk of a great project for sanction by 2102 to give us 900 MW into the Avalon from Labrador by 2017, and now almost 2020? About 14 billion spent and can't operate one Led light yet from the boondoggle, just chugging away as usual on a hope and a prayer that Holyrood keeps running, and our depb climgs higher, but we are so rich we can not tax auto insurance, a boon for lawyers, and now no levy tax, good for the rich who were paying up to 1800 dollar per year.
    Thanks to the tens of thousands using minisplits helping keep our peak load in check, and our good operators at Holyrood may keeps the lights on, and more important , the heat on. Heat pumps….It's a GOOD thing said Peter Alteen. Too good , maybe, as Stan said they don't reduce peak demand, false of course, and our consumer advocate said they are good if you are not older than 35 ! But no incentives.better to burn more oil, who cares that CO2 is not at 415 ppm?
    Take Charge is still promoting fake News on their flyers. They have NO SHAME. What does PENG2 think? He thinks it is a govn problem, but Nfld Power, A Fortis company is most responsible for this crap, mailed to customers.
    Most customers believe the crap. PENG2 wonders why 80 % of Nflders wanted MFs….same reason 80% still believe the Fake energy savings dished up by Take Charge.
    Winston Adams

    • WA @ 09:00:

      Maybe you need to check just who TakeCharge is – it is a joint NL Power/NL Hydro and government initiative…. TakeCharge is NOT an NL Power program.

      And yes, I do blame regulators for not requiring efficiency measures, the distributor isn't to blame in this case.

      Again if 80% believe this type of info(ie propaganda), just who is to blame – the persons who offers it out there, of the gullible person who takes it hook, line and sinker?


    • PART 1 "Save like Betty, through the holiday season", says the December flyer from Nfld Powe, enclosed with my power bill. Betty , who might be a senior female, struggling with high power rates, is shown holding up a captured "scallywag" a masked creature something like a devious rat.

      "Betty is making a list, feel free to check it twice" (just like Santa does, checks it twice to be sure there is no mistakes) …"Betty wants to give you the gift of energy efficiency this holiday season. Complete her checklist to see all the ways you can save energy in your festive house"

    • Yes, PENG2 is correct that Take charge is not strictly a Nfld Power initiative, it is a joint program , but over 90 % of all power users are customers of Nfld Power. About 5 million a year in charges on our power bills to pay for this , and about 1/3 goes to Nfld Power salaries and expenses related to this, travel, and more for promo for TV , internet ads etc.
      Nfld Power has at least equal say or more on the choice of the measures promoted. If a drug company falsely promotes a drug to doctors who then prescribes it, and it is a bad drug………is the patient at fault as being gullible, taking hook , line and sinker? Nfld Power recently at the rate mitigation hearing, on a panel, still praising their Take Charge, while NL, in a report, is rated worst of all provinces for ENERGY EFFICIENCY programs !
      PENG2> Come on man(or woman), you entirely blame the customer!

    • WA @ 12:08:

      If NL Power has equal stake in TakeCharge – explain this press release:

      On a Federal/Provincial funding contribution aimed at reducing emissions for oil heating, NL Power had little to add except they would expand to offering rebates for insulation or thermostats to 'low consumption customers'….

      You are quick to quote that 1/3 of the $5M goes to NL Power expenses – but where does the other 2/3s go? NL Power isn't the problem with TakeCharge – a weak regulatory system is.


    • PART2: understand that in the heating season, and Dec certainly is, and too 10 months of the year is heating, your electric heating is subject to the "Interactive Effect". Most think only the baseboard heater as heaters, but your TV is an heater, your fridge and deep freeze is an heater, your lights, even LEDs, your computer, motors in your dishwasher and dryer, even your telephone when charging, all are heaters. Even your body is about 100 watts of heater. And your cooking stove, a big heater when on.
      Many of these products are much more efficient in recent years, and so produce less heat, so are now smaller heaters than they once were.
      Baseboard heaters are no more efficient.
      When the other items produce less heat, what happens? your baseboard heater must compensate and produce more heat, that is they stay on longer. What is saved on one hand, is entirely lost on the other in the eheating season. Yiur meter see no difference. If you measure individaully you will see your fride saves energy, so too your LEDs, but your baseboard heaters uses more energy. As your meter reads the total, it sees NO saving in the heating season. THAT IS WHAT THE INTERACTIVE EFFECT means. One interacts with the other, and to be transparent, you should note that any claims to efficiency gains and saving should consider this. Does Take Charge mention this? How many ever heard of this? Not to mentions it is misrepresentation big time, especially in Nlfd where we have a very long heating season, and so many using electric heat.
      Winston Adams

    • PENG2, yes the mini( mini as to little money and few will benefit) heatpump rebate is by the govn dept. Why is that? Few can benefit.
      However the commercial HP rebate is part of Take Charge, is it not? But few commercial is uptaking, while residential wants in. Why the discrimination?


    • PART3: Betty's measures:
      These under the heading : allover the house
      1. LEDs all over the house …….X power strips…………..X
      3. lighting times for light ….for indoors …X , for outdoors Good >G
      4 . electronics bough are ENERGY STAR…..X
      5. Draft proofed my windows and doors…. G
      6. wash clothes in cold water ………G ( unless it is not effective for cleaning, we use warm water wash)
      7. turn down heat in rooms not used …..G, but common sense
      8. install programmable thermostats. Good and bad>
      saves a little energy overnight but can lead to condensation in the walls, and adds to the grid peak load in the morning, and detrimental for heatpumps savings if the set back is more than 1 degree C
      Overall: Less than 50 % are good measures. X mean subject to interactive effect. Bettyy fails on measures for "all over the house". Scallywags having a field day here. Who at Nfld Power is misleading poor old Betty?

    • Betty next on her list is the basement and attic
      1. she has added insulation to the basement walls and also the attic to R50-55. Good. R55 is like 16 inches of fiberglass insulation. But cellulose is much better an insulator, does Betty know that? Fibergals looses some of it R rating when it gets colder, but not so with cellulose. Alsol fibergal suses much more GHG in manufacturing, where cellulose is recycled paper and cardboard.
      Rate Betty F for fair on that
      2. sealed up my attic hatch > G
      3. I don't have an old empty fridge wasting energy X
      Overall : a 60 % pass, but far from great.

      1. high performance shower heads > saves a bit on hot water, but many don't like them, especially women washing their long haie, too little flow. I changed back to a regular shower head. I rate this as a D, 40 %
      2.take quick showers instead of a bath. This can save water. But I prefer a long soak in a tub. I rte this as a D
      3. I don't have any leaky faucets > G . Betty maybe has plumbing skills to fix that.
      Overall a failure , maybe 45 % . Also Betty never mentions using a hot water recovery heater, nor a hot water heap pump. As no mention of that, I must down rate her to only 30%, a failure overall on bathroom energy savings. And where hot water saving can apply also to the dishwasher and clothes washing, Betty failed on that. Down rate her to only 20%
      Poor Betty, who is her energy savings adviser, Peter?

    • Most know I do not sell heatpumps ( I am still waiting for Heracles to say he is sorry for suggesting that also. Recall Heracles and his Frog and Ox story?)), so the truth on poor Betty is striking a raw nerve, with who?
      Sorry for the delay on exposing Betty,but my son was helping me with getting ready my back up generator in case of power failures, I now have a transfer panel to run essentials from a 3000 watt generator. All now ready to go.
      Betty meanwhile gave her tips for the living /family rooms;
      1. open the curtains in the day to warm my home. and close them at night. Now, this is really to foolish to talk about , so a F for foolish. Who don't do that? This a genius concept, that millions of dollars siphoned from our power bills helping to squander, by Nfld Power, or to be fair to PENG2, maybe Ball suggested it to Stan who passed it to Williams of Nfld Hydro to pass to Nfld Power? This should get the MUN Innovation Award, and a gala ceremony at the Emera Innovation Center?

      2. My tree has LED lights and is plugged into a smart power strip.
      This too simply an X item.
      Overall, poor Betty fails miserably in the living and family rooms.
      I give this 5 point out of 100, and being generous, not to insult poor Betty too much. How much was poor Betty paid, can we find out?

    • Betty would be remiss if she did not cover the kitchen; she says;
      1. I use ENERGY STAR appliances. UG readers now likely know this is an X item, that is: interactive, so useless for the most part.
      2. I use the right size pots on the stove burners when cooking holiday dinners. This too is a foolish item …toss it to the Emera crowd.
      3. I use the oven light to check my dish's progress, rather than opening the oven door and losing heat. This too an X item. And we know what that means.
      4. I use the microwave to heat up leftovers. Sorry darling Betty, but this too is an X item
      Overall in the kitchen Betty is a flop. But she is shown in the flyer with an apron on. If we can't trust Betty on energy efficiency ,should we even trust her Christmas dinner? Did Betty even cook a Christmas dinner, ever? I'm not much of a cook, but maybe better than Betty.

    • So..there you have it, the flyer shows Betty with a very pleased expression on her face, as to her energy efficiency ideas, and the rat like scallywag, she holds up, a very vexed expression on it's face.
      This flyer is called a NEWSLETTER FOR CUSTOMERS OF NEWFOUNDLAND POWER. Yet PENG2 says this has nothing to do with a private company.
      PENG2 does say this is propaganda. I agree. Certainly it is FAKE NEWS, and by far, FALSE energy saving tips.
      Readers know that both myself and PENG2 have share holding interests in Fortis, disclosed on UG. My interests are minor, and might increase if only Betty came out of the kitchen, and did some energy monitoring, and reported it on a real newsletter. Perhaps PENG2 can more on his holdings?
      Winston Adams

    • PENG2@12:54
      On the Press release of govn 2 millions dollars over 3 years, this only 666 thousand per year total, from fed and prov govn, announced by "Green" Graham Letto. for insulation and programmable thermostats, to convert fuel oil for house to electric heat> but not efficient HP heat.
      1. Nfld Power was at this announcement
      2 It says the program will be administered by Take Charge, an energy efficiency partnership between Nfld Power and Nfld Lab hydro
      3. For Nfld Power at this announcement was Byron Chubbs, Vice President of Energy Supply and Planning
      4 No rep there for Nfld Hydro
      5.touted as good projects that offer practical solutions.
      a) this converts oil burning , many at say 65 % efficiency, to baseboard heating using holyrood or NS coal fired electricity for heating, and these plants only about 25 % efficient, with much GHG, so net effect is worse pollution. Unless MFs is up and running. So at present better to just upgade insulation on those houses and not convert, unless maybe minisplits, with about 250% efficiency. Even minisplit conversion is questionable without MFs or other green supply, as it adds to the peak demand with holyrood reliability in question.
      6. It says Nfld Power offering their expertise > if so why not say hold off until MFs up and running.
      7 Nfld Power has NO expertise on HPs, admitted in 2015, and now to undertake a study again. What they are doing now should have been done more than a decade ago. What expertise have they gained on this? They pretend expertis and reap the benefits , charged to the customers with almost no saving for the customers > worse of all provinces.
      8. Seem Nfld Power is the dominat player for Take Charge
      9. They arrange and pay for studies for good measures and then implement porr and bad measures for no meaningful savings. CDM study typical 300,000, other at about 500,000. …..all the customers dime.
      10. Nfld Power is in deep on take Charge.
      11. Even on insulation they have little expertise…….ever see them promote cellulose over the pink fiberglass? Fiberglass makes for more energy sales for Nfld Power, and lesser savings for the customers… what expertise is Chubbs talking about on insulation?

      As to the 5 million taken from customers by Take charge;
      1/3 for Nfld Power salaries etc
      1/3 for rebates on LEDs etc , that save little meaningful energy, so great for Kents, Costo etc getting this money paying them the subsidy.
      1/3 for good rebates on insulation
      Overall about 1/3 of customers money is well spent and 2/3 not.
      and, not one red cent from Fortis shareholders to help low income customers on the heat bills,…. this is miserly, and very porr public relations. People who are gullible think this coming from the Nfld Power , but not red cent. You say about 80% are gullible.
      But you agree they use propaganda. That is their expertise?
      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 23:46:

      What is your source on the $5M break down with 1/3 going to NL Power salaries etc? Again, I see nothing is your cost breakdown for Government/NL Hydro salaries who in actuality lead the TakeCharge program.

      Also, rebates are a pass through to the consumer – neither Kents, Cosco etc benefit from that 2/3s of the money designate for rebates.

      Finally, Fortis and NL Power donate upwards of $4-5M every year to NL charities such as Salvation Army, Ronald MacDonald house etc – so, why would you ignore the good that they do?

      You are a long ways from making a factual based argument. Especially as to who actually runs TakeCharge (ie NL Government / NL Hydro are 2 out of the 3 partners in the initiative). Granted NL Power does have the largest consumer base in numbers and are the most visible, but I would think that NL Hydro and NL Power are probably 50-50 when it comes to distributing quantity of power in the Island/Labrador, and NL Hydro is effectively the sole generator.


    • PENG2.
      1. The figures I used is from my recollection of past review of how the CDM figures were, and my impression and experience that Nfld Power is the main proponent of measures and promotion etc.
      Perhaps you can get more details of the breakdowns?
      2. hundreds of thousands of LED lights through Costo and others, and they make a profit on all sales, and too for programmable thermostats, which are of little meaningful value in energy saving, and the stats drive up the grid peak , the HUMP Aj calls it. Nfld Power is selecting these measures , fully paid by the ratepayer. I was present at the PUB when Nfld Power wanted to eliminate rebates for efficient windows, thought the CA wanted it. You do not dispute the poor choices by Betty, dreamed up by who…..Graham Letto , or Nfld Power consultant via Take Charge ( with a nod from Nfld Hydro)?
      3. Don't change the narrative of worse energy efficiency program in Canada with donations to other charitable causes. Sure they do good, but not with energy efficiency for their customers, who say that saving money on their power bills is high priority, and why they would go for conservation and energy efficiency.
      4. Agreed, not sure who actually runs Take Charge, but if its walks like a duct……. can you dig into that more?
      Nfld Power has about 270,000 accounts, over 90 % of accounts on the island? Nfld Power has about 8% of the island hydro generation? Nfld Hydro about 90% of the thermal generation. Customers little know the distribution and generation mix, they just see the power bills and are misled by misleading energy saving, all on Fortis/ Nfld Power flyers.
      If Nfld power is not pleased with the measures promoted, why not state this is mostly caused by Nfld Hydro, as they do when stating about rate increases? I suggest Nfld Power is the main, by far for EE measures, and appear at the PUB hearings on these issues almost exclusively. Often the deals are cooked up and don't reach the PUB for input.
      4. As to the 4-5 million donations you cite, how much is from Fortis/Nf Power and how much raised by donations of customers, as Nfld Power solicits donation regular with the power bills, one this month for Cancer care. Do you have the breakdown? Many stores ask for donations, and I suppose the store gets the credit, Staples, Walmart etc. Nfld Power is not taking credit for customer donations are they, or you assume or sure all is by the corporations?

  25. Meanwhile back in the land of milk and honey, the home of the free and brave, freedom is slipping through slippery fingers. The Great Ayatollah aka Rudy returns from afar bearing gifts wrapped in silver and golden strings, to be just in time for the impeachment holiday. His way is paved to the WH as he holds the precious 20 pages clinched in both hands. This will save the president, but more importantly himself. This hand written 20 pages just need to be translated, no, not by the bugger Vinland, and typed up and personally handed to the president and his men just in time for Christmas. A gift from the KGB, or right from the Kremlin. The Biden buggers, father and son will now be thrown into the dungeons to rot. The senate will ensure that dirty Donald will be proclaimed king early in the new year and reign supreme under the command of Vladimir. That's what my sources confirm says Joe blow.

    • That's exactly what I am saying, and may arrange it for life. His base is 50 percent now and growing, and he will get help whoever he can, Russia, China, Ukraine, even from Kimmy if he could, but afraid that love affair is over. Hope we in Canada can elect our politicians without foreign help. But could all be on a slippery slope says Joe blow.

    • You ain't heard nothing yet Levy. Oh, yes did I hear the levy was going to be lifted, or just rumour. You may need to adopt a new handle, maybe levyless, lol. We are so fortunate to live in a land of democracy, that you don't miss it till it's gone. Think of all the real turmoil, chaos, gloom and starvation that exist in a lot of lands. Less we forget what we celebrate every November 11th. As the USA goes, so do we. Democracy is a fragile and scarse commodity in this world, especially when a demagogue exist in high places. Now of course I realize we live safely on this little rock with electric rates to go higher, but we shall survive. Merry Christmas, says snoopy, I mean Joe blow.

  26. The climate crisis solved at Madrid?
    Not a chance in hell, so maybe we face an hell on earth? Others say more CO2 is good, bring it on.
    Greta says the climate strikes have achieved nothing.
    Since 2015, the date of the Paris Accord, CO2 rose 4 %, so 1 % a year. Needed by 2030 is to achieve 7% per yer deduction.
    We are still going inthe wrong direction. Here we want to double off shore production, and we still fire up Holyrood to heat our houses, and all our wind energy not used, and stranded island hydro, and not one LED lit with MF power.
    But we stopped importing dirty NS coal power . Why? Stan afraid of climate marches on Nalcor building? Nothing to fear, our climate marches fizzled last week.
    Anyway climate change is an hoax, is it not, led by fanatics? Ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctic and glaciers are all increasing, right? And the sea is not rising, the land is just sinking a bit. Scientists have it all backwards.

    Winston Adams

    • Most of us have grown up in a sea of propaganda and believe official narratives. It takes a lot of strength to break out – plus it is depressing to realize that we live in a time of universal deceit.

      The most recent disappointment for me was that the OPCW report on the Syrian poison gas attack was fabricated and did not reflect the views of 20 of their inspectors. For example, the gas cylinder was likely placed at the site, not dropped from aircraft. In other words, the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) is a propaganda organ that fabricates lies to gain public support for a political agenda.

      Hopefully, once people get past the name calling, "conspiracy theory" and "denier" labels and realize that something (like WTC 7 falling into its own footprint was a classic controlled demolition) that a willingness to consider contrary views will be easier. The International Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, is just as corrupt as the OPCW.

  27. Carla is an example of the wrong person being put into the wrong job, solely because of her political family connections. She got the executive council job because of who she was, likely fell out of favour, and was pushed into the Rooms albeit with a nice salary.

    One likely outcome is that the Independent Appointments Commission will get more involved with high level assignment. Have you ever looked to see who is at the IAC making decisions on things like PUB commissioners, Citizen's Rep and various board positions such as Nalcor?

    There are a few people that are relatively ordinary, but for the most part, they are the same creatures that infest our government – the same circles of power, and prone to have personal interests that conflict with the public good.

    Earl Ludlow, Chair – former Executive Vice President, Eastern Canadian and Caribbean Operations and Operational Adviso to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Fortis Inc.

    Peggy Bartlett owner-operator of five McDonald’s Restaurants in central Newfoundland

    Cathy Duke – a former deputy minister

    Ed Roberts – former Minister of Public Welfare, Minister of Health and Minister of Justice and Attorney General

    Derek Young – Ford franchise dealer for 31 years operating four locations on the province’s west coast and in southern Labrador

    If you were recruiting for a consumer advocate that had a track record of fighting public utilities, would Earl approve?

    Agencies under the IAC include the PUB, Nalcor, but there are dozens of them including the Rooms.

    From what I have seen, hiring in the public service, at all levels is absolutely broken. For example:
    Students get work terms or summer jobs because their parent works for government, or because of a request from a constituency office.

    Hundreds of people get jobs at 13 week temps which do not require job competitions. These often get renewed several times so when they finally get an interview, they are well positioned to keep the job.

    Well qualified people get screened out of jobs all the time to avoid completing with "preferred" candidates. Carla Foote is a good example of a preferred candidate trumping a well qualified candidate, even if that candidate has to be fired to make room.

    Ministers can hire anything they want as long as the person was 'interviewed'. Some good hires this way, but most are not. directors/assistant deputy/deputy are usually well connected politically and many are really bad at their jobs.

    In all of this, the thing that is sacrificed is merit – which I will defined as a mix of education and experience and successful track record. If we could fill our senior people with the best people available to perform the job, it would be an entirely different civil service. Muskrat Falls would not have happened, our windfall in oil would have paid off the old debt, and we'd be doing quite well.