The public should be disturbed that, in releasing the Report
of the Muskrat Falls Inquiry, Premier Ball and Minister Siobhan Coady were
unwilling to demonstrate that there are consequences for senior public servants
who engage in a calculated and systematic abuse of the public’s trust. Indeed,
they exhibited no capacity to even check the behaviour of their Tory

Among the Commissioner’s findings is that, in the case of
Nalcor, the Corporation failed to adhere “to the core values of open
communication, honesty and trust, or accountability in their discussions and
communications with GNL [the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador] and
Nalcor’s board of directors.” He found that “Edmund Martin, Gilbert Bennett and
the PMT [Project Management Team] frequently took unprincipled steps to help
secure Project sanction. They concealed information that would undermine the
business case reported to the public, to GNL and to Nalcor’s board of
directors.” His findings confirm that senior officials of Nalcor and
GNL behaved in this way on multiple occasions.

That at least seven senior officials were not fired on Tuesday
— unceremoniously expelled from the positions which they currently hold —
constitutes a fundamental failure of political leadership by the Ball

That CEO Stan Marshall — despite the findings of Judge LeBlanc
— has expressed confidence in Vice President Gilbert Bennett and the others, and
is supportive of their continued employment, and that the Premier did not
possess the strength to hold him to a higher standard — as if his mattered, and
the Judge’s didn’t — is of equally great concern. Was the Judge language not plain enough, Sir, or is the problem that your officials did not get to edit the six volumes; a fairly typical Nalcor practice with its consultants?

While Marshall exhibits an arrogance reminiscent of his
predecessor, the Government’s response should not be excused just because
Ball’s Caucus leash is actually a chokehold, and his mandate is at an end. Ball
already let Ed Martin away with a sizable pot; Sturge, too. When elected
officials are tolerant of officials who have, by objective assessment,
participated in deception and “unprincipled” behaviour, what does it say about
them? Is there no ‘line in the sand’, no point at which either CEOs or political leaders see
it necessary to convey their disgust or to reassure the public — by their
actions — that the public interest is paramount?

After hearing Judge LeBlanc’s conclusions, the correct
response would have been to fire each of those officials — Nalcor and
non-Nalcor alike — without their bonuses or financial settlements, and ‘with
cause’. Who would want to keep around public officials who have violated the
requirement to be honest, to serve with integrity? Aren’t those the essential conditions
of public service?

While those people ought to be required to show proof in a
Court of Law that they are due any entitlements, isn’t it also important that
every public servant learns that there is consequence when they engage in the
kind of behaviour Judge LeBlanc has chronicled in his 1100-page Report? Isn’t
it an obligation of the Government that a clear message is sent, if only to
confirm that, under their watch, such demonstrations of shameless,
unprofessional, unethical conduct (minimally described) will never again be
tolerated in the Newfoundland and Labrador public service?

I suppose it would be too much to expect that any of those
named by Judge LeBlanc would have considered resignation, he having proven that
they are unfit for public service?

Minimally, however, seven firings on Tuesday would have
constituted a clear message to CEO Stan Marshall and other senior officials,
too, that more is expected of them and that, especially in the case of
Marshall, he might wish to reconsider the values and standards of behaviour he
has brought to the office of CEO. The action might even have been a less-than-subtle
reminder that there are no indispensable people, including him.

Accordingly, although we can engage in an extensive discussion
of the Final Report of the Inquiry, to what purpose if the Government shares no
higher values than those whose complicity led to the Inquiry being called?

Judge LeBlanc also expressed serious concern in his Report
about the behaviour of the Government. The Judge stated (emphasis added):
“Although it had publicly professed that a business case for the Project would
have to be established, in effect GNL had predetermined that the Project would
proceed. In so acting, GNL failed in its duty to ensure that the best interests
of the province’s residents were safeguarded.”

The statement is a serious indictment of the former Tory
Government, and LeBlanc had more to add. Says the Commissioner: “Although GNL
and Nalcor were united in their shared goal to proceed with the Project, GNL
had no capacity or strong inclination to effectively oversee Nalcor. Before and
after Project sanction, Nalcor exploited this trust by frequently concealing
information about the Project’s costs, schedule and risks.”

LeBlanc is saying that, even though Nalcor had gone rogue in
terms of the public interest, the Government had no interest in putting a stop
to the behaviour. In this respect, Ball was given first-hand knowledge, having
been briefed by EY regarding the Davis Government’s refusal to allow the
Auditor to complete its investigation of Nalcor’s cost overruns and other
issues. The Judge’s Report constituted one opportunity to deal with some of the
culprits involved.

This, of course, was a larger issue than that represented by
arrogant fools. LeBlanc was able to see that a whole Government was complicit
and that fundamental changes needed to be made. What better opportunity for a
Premier with nothing to show after five years than to begin the process of
redeeming his legacy with the arrival of the most important judgment that has
been rendered on a government since Confederation?

When a blind eye is turned to wrongdoing by the very
Administration charged with correcting the egregious shortcomings of its
predecessor, whose interest is advanced?

Judge LeBlanc has described the essential breakdown of both
governmental and institutional leadership under the Williams/Dunderdale watch.
Alongside a reckless $12.7 billion venture, this is not a legacy in which any
of the complicit former Premiers — Williams, Dunderdale, Marshall or Davis —
should take pride. Unfortunately, the public should not feel safe that much has

Des Sullivan
Des Sullivan
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Uncle Gnarley is hosted by Des Sullivan, of St. John's. He is a businessman engaged over three decades in real estate management and development companies and in retail. He is currently a Director of Dorset Investments Limited and Donovan Holdings Limited. During his early career he served as Executive Assistant to Premier's Frank D. Moores (1975-1979) and Brian Peckford (1979-1985). He also served as a Part-Time Board Member on the Canada-Newfoundland Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB). Uncle Gnarley appears on the masthead representing serious and unambiguous positions on NL politics and public policy. Uncle Gnarley is a fiscal conservative possessing distinctly liberal values and a non-partisan persusasion. Those values and opinions underlie this writer's views on NL's politics, economy and society. Uncle Gnarley publishes Monday mornings and more often when events warrant.


If a Big Mac costs McDonalds $10 to produce and it is sold for $1.50, McDonalds will go out of business. They would not declare a profit!


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


  1. Stan Marshall has effectively said that he will not be firing any of those named all the while knowing that Dwight Ball will not initiate it because of the repercussions he will suffer at the hands of the likes of Danny Williams and the vast influence he has within the business community.—Dwight is looking out for Dwight. Listening to Edmund's arrogance and Danny's condemnation of the LeBlanc report is evidence that they will defend themselves by going on the offence. Dwight Ball knows that he will suffer the wrath of Danny and his clan if there is a hint of his firing of any of those involved in the despicable Muskrat Falls debacle. The only way these skeets (Williams included) will be reprimanded is for the Police to investigate and lay charges. You can bet your bottom dollar that DW was calling the shots long after he left office.

  2. UG states, —- "Judge LeBlanc also expressed serious concern in his Report about the behaviour of the Government. The Judge stated (emphasis added): “Although it had publicly professed that a business case for the Project would have to be established, in effect GNL had predetermined that the Project would proceed. In so acting, GNL failed in its duty to ensure that the best interests of the province’s residents were safeguarded.”

    That was one of my main concerns about a possible narrow interpretation of the inquiry terms of reference.

    And in my 2018.02.12 written submission concerning the interpretation of the terms of reference, I stated in part that a "superficial interpretation facilitates the continuation of a multi-year, fabricated, pre-sanction process,…. (while)…a proper interpretation of the terms of reference would seek a greater understanding of both Nalcor's and governments' roles not only of … (Nalcor's)… recommendation to sanction, but of the rationale behind governments' early and continuing blind push to proceed with and finish the Muskrat Falls Project —no matter what."

    Now we know the genesis/impetus behind the Madness that is Muskrat — and it did not begin with Nalcor.

    • MA @ 11:27:

      Are you now willing to admit you assertion that the 'ToR was limited and restrictive' was only your perception until as recently last week (which is since proven wrong)?

      As I said when the Inquiry was 1st called – nothing wrong with the ToR – but if LeBlanc was politically motivated then no wording of the ToR was going to over come that.

      In the mean time, EM and DW would do well to review section 26 of the NL Public Inquires Act. Likewise most calling for criminal charges based on LeBlancs report should review section 12/13 of the same act.

      DB is politically pandering to the public by referring it to the law enforcement – it is not possible to find and sustain a charge due to difference in rules of evidence between Inquiries and trials.

      Personally, I suspect it is likely that producing evidence at the I Inquiry is a smart move – it almost makes it impossible to use it in a trial.

      And then there is the effect on claims with contractors – our position has been hurt in construction arbitrations for sure.


    • PENG2. When will we get that Cost Estimate to Complete? Before Stan leaves? Or from the poor Sod who picks up his Project File? What is the Official Word on Martin's internal files on Rate Mitigation, supposedly performed before his Golden Parachute Departure?
      Is Stan in line for a similar Bonus to Retire?

    • Robert @ 11:14:

      For what seems like the 100th time in response to you – there is no change in the estimate cost to complete. I explained why I think the $10.1b estimate form 2017 hasn't changed a couple weeks ago in detail – that is the difference in estimates produced by an Engineer being conservative vs a Businessman being optimistic in his ability to mitigate risk, timing of claims etc.

      As for the termination benefits for SM – I am guessing you don't follow the news much? As per the employment contract from 4yrs ago it is a term contract (due to expire 20-Apr-2020 unless extended) – term contracts don't have severance etc. His employment contract is online if you want to check for yourself.

      Try to keep up….


    • So, about 5 weeks before he vacates the chair. You are probably correct that no revised Cost Estimate before that event. Board probably will not have a replacement before June. Gilbert will temporarily fill the Chair? He certainly will not give a revised Estimate. Looks like we get the update sometime in the Fall. Sorry to annoy you to pry important information, but ole poker-faced stoney is kinda stingy with the facts . The Project Closeout crew have much to do and report, and a new Premier must look "Presidential" for a few months, before the hammer is thrown. Keeping up:-)

    • MA @ 10:41:

      Your tendency to be an ostrich is the type of behavior that got the NL taxpayer into the MF situation. You are the only one still sticking to the opinion the ToR was limiting – LeBlanc has said numerous time it was broad, commentators such at DS/DV/RP has complimented the report for it thoroughness and depth.

      Also, I as still waiting for you to provide 1 single instance where the ToR limited LeBlanc – or where the ToR 'DIRECTED' LeBlanc to conduct a forensic audit (which you previously said he couldn't because of the limiting ToR).

      Maybe this will refresh your memory:
      The Telegram’s editorial of June 1, “Sound advice,” quotes Premier Kathy Dunderdale as follows: “Now, Mr. Speaker, my own personal view is if anybody goes to represent the people of this province then they should have the blessings of the people of this province.”

      Well then, using your own words, Premier Dunderdale, how can you lead this province and “represent the people” on this multi- billion dollar, debt-infested, high-cost Muskrat Falls project — without having “the blessings of the people”? Neither the project itself, nor your anointment through an undemocratic fumbling with the constitution of the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador, has “the blessings of the people.”

      Accordingly, if you truly believe that your leadership must have “the blessing of the people,” then you can only “represent the people” on Muskrat Falls after the election.

      Let’s see what the people think before you put us into billions more in debt, dramatically increase the power bills of Newfoundland and Labrador consumers — all while giving our business competitors and the people of Nova Scotia Muskrat Falls power for free.

      Or we could also discuss your comments on the CARE program….


    • Robert @ 18:09:

      No annoyance – but my statements have ben clear. Nothing IN MY OPINION to report on a cost update – I havent seen anything to revise the cost since 2017.

      To be correct – SM has been asked to extend by a 'few months', but I haven't heard he accepted officially. Likewise, the 'golden parachute' comment you made showed ignorance or willful blindness on your part.


  3. I feel it is outrageous that after having this Inquiry the government refuses to fire the individuals named in Judge Leblanc's report. He did not recommend that they be fired. But he could not spell it out any clearer.
    I guess he figured certainly after reading it. The government would have the common sense to do just that.
    But that's not the case. In essence the Inquiry changes nothing. Only in Nfld would this happen.

  4. This was and is a fraud against the people of Newfoundland and Labrador and those responsible should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Government and Nalcor employees responsible should be fired ASAP.

  5. Quite obviously King Danny still occupies the same rose coloured world as his "partner in crime" Ed Martin?

    Still suffering from delusions of grandeur?

    Even after everything that has been uncovered, he is still pumping the same political BS for his "legacy" project, that they had a "mandate" from the residents of the Province to proceed with Muskrat Falls!

    Exactly how did the public become anyway responsible by way of a Provincial election to authorize this fiasco, when they were incorrectly informed of the cost and RISK related to this project?

    Not to mention the fraudulent and deceitful activity that occurred at both NALCOR and the Provincial Government?

    People did not fulfill their duties as both guardians of the public purse, and their duties to inform supervisors and elected politicians and in turn all of us, the residents of the Province with pertinent information on the Muskrat Falls project from before sanction up to and including the present day.

    As usual Danny Williams you are still completely full of crap!

    Hopefully you will be as forthcoming when you are interviewed by the Police?

    Somehow I think not!


  6. Two of our, who used to be our esteemed and fearless leaders in creating the boondoggle, have disagreed publically with judge Leblanc's report. They exhibited great confidence in their actions of the past, and displays the same confidence in the boondoggle today. Never feels to be amazed, any less today than back then by their outrageous actions and commentary. Maybe some of their confidence should be aimed at those who matter, as they have lost it all with the citizens of this province. I will mention in particular those responsible for the recent nose dive in oil prices, Putin and the Crown Prince of SA. Tell them your sad story about our potential bankruptency because of their actions in driving down the price of oil. Tell them to buck up and get the price of oil up pronto. Or failing that, call moodies and other creditors and our bond rating agencies, and tell them not to lower our credit rating and give us all the money we need for the next 50 to 100 years, when muskrat begins to bring in some money to the treasury. That is their sad story the are trying to convince us off, and we are not buying it, maybe they will have better luck in convincing the fore mentioned easier influenced, by their sad story. It may even bring tears to their eyes. Yes they say based on the given circumstances of the day, they would do the same thing again, like oil at 100 bucks and going up and up, and given the best advice of the day that it would never come down. Well we may be as concerned about our health care, heating bills, other public services, and going bankrupt today as much as we may be concerned in 2120. Yes they admit that the boondoggle won't help us today, or in the short run, but hang on until till another 50 or 100 years and we will be paying them hommerage for what they have brought on us today. Their legacy project will only be appreciated then thinks Joe blow.

  7. UG uses the words "blind eye"
    Wilful blindness is a serious legal offence, is it not? Any yet never uttered at the Inquiry by any of the legal begels.
    Surely Leblanc uses other words in his report that the police can say is wilful blindness? Turning a blind eye……most all were doing it. Must be a genetic trait in this province, evident with Ball and Coady and Marshall now. Maybe another trait of oil on the brain, besides smoke and $ signs in their eyes.
    Like the coronavirus has symptoms , so too has oil on the brain. For some the symptoms are acute and dangerous. Anyone at MUN could do a study? Wade Locke surely suffers from it. Our downfall is from oil on the brain. And caused by one of the deadly sins: Greed. Big time greed.
    For the big Ponzi scheme…Mazdof, whoever, they hired world class lawyers and 80 %or more was recovered and returned to those scammed. Here the best lawyers were in on the scam or helping the schemers. As Ed Robert's said to Andy "We're acting"
    Winston Adams

  8. When this place goes bankrupt, hopefully the RNC will have more incentive to pursue charges. Nothing like wanting to "get those crooks" when your very own pay cheque bounces because of those very same crooks.

  9. Sometimes some event tempts me to celebrate by having a drink of Lamb's rum. Such an event just occurred, with CBC news interviewing Des Sullivan and Dave Vardy. No satisfaction in "I told you so" but they were disappointed they were unable to stop the project, which was so obviously flawed with no business case.
    Then following that, interviewed outside of Nalcor building was Abbott, saying those like Gilbert should be fired and he questions Stan Marshall's stance and Nalcor's Brendan Paddick publicaly supporting Dr Furey, as unethical behaviour.
    Good for Abbott……perhaps the right guy with guts to speak truth and challenge the elites who have ruined this province.
    Lambs…..so good it's bad. Or other way round ? So bad it's good.
    Here in Nfld we have the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Today we see 3 of the Good.
    Anyone know the names of the Bad and the Ugly?
    Only had one drink of Lambs.
    Winston Adams

  10. Firing Gilbert Bennett and others at Nalcor now is not the right way to go. Government interference in the running of crown corporations is how we got into this mess to begin with. Stan Marshall, like it or not, was put in his present position to get Muskrat Falls done and it is up to him to say who goes and who stay to get this mess finished. If that's Gilbert Bennett so be it. Calling for heads to roll by government and opposition members is just more political grand standing which is all the house of assembly and the MHA in it do. Get to work on the important things like bringing the government agencies into line on their hiring and spending practises and stop spending money on bullshit programs that have failed in the past just to make it look like you have some ideas.
    As for LeBlanc's finding that Nalcor pulled the wool over the governments eyes I not sure about that. Ed Martin was put into Nalcor to get Danny's project done. The less the government officials ask about how he completed that task the more deniability they had when the shit hit the fan. It was incredible how little ex premiers knew about a project that they stood up in the house day after day and defended and could speak glowingly about. No one will do one day in jail over this debacle because I don't know of any jurisdiction that prosecutes people for pure incompetence.

    • You make some good points. This is a GovNL debacle 100% full-on. In the future (if there is one) we should encourage/ advertise for candidates from all over North America to run as well paid NL MHA's to increase the stagnant gene pool we have to rely on now.

    • I disagree that this is 100% NLGovn debacle……Leblanc cites mostly Naclor, but part govn, and most here know they were in cahoots .
      Not only Gilbert Bennett should be fired , but Stan Marshall too should get terminated.
      Stan was to finish strong, and was known as the straight shooter.
      We know from Liberty that Nalcor is stringing this along, with constant promises being broken and delay after delay, such that what say to Liberty and the PUB is not dependable.
      Stan had no magaproject experience. Sure he is better than Ed Martin, but who wouldn't be?
      Leblanc cites the problems with Bennett and others, justifing termination, But because that was their behaviour under Ed Martin's watch, and Stan does not see this under his watch,all is forgiven?
      They are indispensible, so let them finish the job to turn the boondoggle into a success? There is no success here, just more billions spent. No strong finish. No electricity generated yet. No assurance of reliability of power over the LIL.
      Is Stan indispensible? We needed real experts to get this working right or shut it down permantly.
      I say Stan is past his "best before date" He cannot get GE off their ass to fix these problems, and consultants wanting access to what GE is doing is being hampered , as was EY when they wanted access.
      Time for Stan to get the boot.Past time. Almost 2 years ago he soft peddled the problem with GE software, when they had the Soldier's Pond celebration. And this just gets worse with time, a major issue. Stan the straight shooter, now Stan who can't shoot straight. Shoots himself in the foot.
      Ball should have sought out real hydro megaproject experts to be in charge…..Stan did not meet that grade. Delays costing hundreds of million a year in interest alone.
      Stan , who like Alteen , stayed under the cone of silence to let this project proceed. Did he support the MFCCC?
      Stan the saviour for a strong finish? Wear the Nalcor jerseys? Lots of laughs.
      Winston Adams

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly Winston. If they were all fired, with cause, what is the worst that could happen? Another one or two month delay ? That is a risk worth taking,because leaving corrupt and incompetent management in place won't fix anything, but it would indicate to the world we are a mafia controlled province.

    • I 2nd that opinion, Stan's decision to merely tweak the team had little positive effect. For completion, the management team should have been gutted and SNC or a similar qualified outfit put in charge. Status quo only perpetuated the disaster.

      My own belief though is the project should have been wound down in 2016 and cancelled, also resulting in the ouster of all these clowns. Likewise charges and an Inquiry call could have commenced in 2016.

      Stan Marshall's job was to provide the illusion of things being in control and fill the troughs of special interests for a few more years. Marshall has served to bully and obfuscate in his own way for his Liberal pals. He was a better Ed Martin for the home stretch.

  11. March 13, a sunny winter day and -2 C here at the town of Logy Bay.
    I glanced at my attic thermometer and see it read 57.7 F @ 2 pm and now at 2;30 it is 58.5, still rising.
    For an attic mounted minisplit that mean you would get a COP of 5 or 6 to 1. For COP of 5, that means 200 watts in you get 1000 watts out, an 80 5 reduction. On sunny days in March to June the efficiency well exceed what ground source heat pumps can do, as the sun get higher in the sky. Don't look at Take Charge for information like that. They fear a debt spiral if too many HPs are installed.
    I wonder if Bruno installed his minisplit as he said he would, or still sneaking a few lumps of coal for his stove? Or AJ too said he was installing one, did he?
    Attic 59.2 as I send this, but likely near it's max for today.
    Winston Adams

    • Indeed Winston, installed in the later half of October, but not in tha attic. So waiting until May or June to give you my report, or savings. That will be for 7 or 8 of the coldest months.
      Think my COP will be more like 2 or maybe 3. Average Joe.

    • Actually COP of 2.5 is a reasonable expectation for outdoor mounted units. Our high RH makes for many defrosts which impedes COP, otherwise a higher average COP would result.
      Attic installation is more difficult and a bit more costly to do, but given the waste on MFs all Nfld could have had attic installations, and ground source for extreme cold locations and billions left for health care and other essentials….. all hind sight now…..except we have have Holyrood not decommissioned, so Stan has not yet done the strong finish, nor any firm time for a finish, even a weak finish.

    • Please UG, don't delete anon @ 20:02.
      "Crap like COP and Hps and shit and all that bloody garbage"….must be a friend of engineer Stratton, or have relatives working for Nfld Power Take Charge. Definitely a fan of the scallywags. I like this guy or gal. Some people of low intelligence stay silent, but this person opens his/her mouth and we all see his/her low IQ.
      Question: are fiddlers know to f$#k more than most, or this guy knows that as a fact?

    • I missed Anon @ 21:33, but it was probably similar to his other deleted post. But we know anon is a devoted reader of UG.
      I would refer anon to Leblanc report , volume 4 page 65, where he quotes Nfld Power's Peter Alteen
      "On a 12 month period 12,000 heat pumps and minisplits were added in homes in the province. They are attractive to homeowners because they can be fairly easily installed and uses less electricity than baseboard electric heating". There is concern about a potential for a utility "death spiral" effect. But that is unlikely to happen.
      There anon, from the horse's mouth. Of course Leblanc did't quote COP and few resident understand COP, but they bloody well know when they see huge saving on their heat bill. And who is afraid of a "death spiral", mostly Nfld Power and Fortis share holders, which is scare mongering, blaming homeowners for saving energy and lowering their power bills.
      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 09:10:

      You are the one fear mongering now – you quite often conveniently forget just how inconsequential NP is to Fortis. Maybe you should also have said Fortis has a $8-9b in 2019 annual revenue with ~9000 employees, while NP is $420m in revenues without ~650 employees. Fortis services over 3.3m customers corporately and Np has about 270k customers – so, in reality NP performance means nothing to Fortis share holders.

      You also should review the Fortis annual reports to determine how NP profit is determined – it would matter much is peak consumption is 1800MW or 50% of that(consumption affects revenue only), profit is mostly determined from expenses and capped by 8.5% by the PUB. NP profit is linked to the number of customers, not the $/kWhr we will be paying after(if) MF comes online.

      I guess the question that should be asked is if NP were to pull out of Newfoundland would we be better off with NL Hydro service 100% of island? Though an issue I do see Fortis dealing with when/if MF is online is are their generation facilities (ie about 140MW) the first to be taken offline.

      Personally, I would never expect NP to take over distribution on the other 15% of the Island/Labrador – the population density is too low and making profit(ie based on expenses) wouldn't fit the corporate model.


    • PENG2, always touchy whenever your precious Fortis is mentioned. And very loyal to Dwight and his Liberals. Deep into legal language, the Muskrat agreements, and arcane details of various inquiries. Who are you, really? Maybe Stan Marshall would embody all these things or somebody very close to him, fed by Nalcor lawyers on what to say to suppress naysayers? There seems little doubt you are here to troll to defend Fortis, Nalcor and the Liberal Government. PENGzero indeed.

    • Yes PENG2, are are touchy to suggest I am fear mongering.Perhaps you got worried when 2 days ago Fortis dipped 5 dollars to about 47 dollar. But it recovered nicely yesterday. I too have some small steak in Fortis, so like to see them do, not just good, but better, and especially for the customers and the community. Let's say I prefer keeping them honest. There is much room for improvement. One example: worst in Canada here for customer efficiency programs. Leblanc missed that, wonder why? And also, I await your proof of 4-5 million per average year from Fortis share for charitable donations here you claim. Not saying you're wrong, but 100 dollar to 1, you are wrong, if you want to take the bet?
      Would it matter much if our peak was 1800 or 900? It mattered 12.7 billion and counting to ratepayers and taxpayers.Like the virus , they need to flatten the curve, so too with the grid peak, even Aj has preached that, but not Nfld Power.

    • WA @ 11:34:

      WA, not touchy at all – I just don’t like misinformation being circulated; circulation of misinformation and gullibility of the public was what lead us to MF.

      To your points, I have provided links to Fortis donations several times – this is last time I am going through this with you, and I will provide just 1 example of a large Fortis donation in NL a couple years ago (in future, please read and do your own research – also would help if you check the publically available annual financial statements a bit closer).

      Your bug seems to be that I said $4-5m – I have a good degree of confidence in this number, but you have provide nothing to substantiate your claim I am overestimating. Already in 2020, Fortis has given $1m to cancer care in NL – do you really suggest that this is the ONLY donation they will make this year in NL???? As for your bet, I accept – but go give my $100 to the HUB in your name.

      Another issue I have with your posting is you often seem to imply TakeCharge is responsibility of NP – to be accurate TakeCharge is government operated (2/3 Nalcor/Government and 1/3 NP), your statement occasionally seem misleading on your part.

      Back to the technical:
      NP profit wouldn’t change if the peak draw was 1800MW or dropped to 900MW – their profit is based on expenses such as infrastructure, personnel etc. The only way to reduce NP profit would be to condense their distribution area geographically(or the number of accounts) or if the PUB reduced the regulated profit of 8.5% to less.

      But most importantly, you still never answered my question(a question I have posed several times here) – would we be better off without Fortis in NL and having NL Hydro handing all distribution???


    • PENG2
      I ask you provide the amount of donations each year for 2017, 2018, 2019. I am aware of the one time large donation to the Rooms, but that is out of the norm. Unlike you, I have much on my platter and unable to do the full search you suggest……but I did considerable that does not support your position. So hardly have you won the 100.00, Nor do I claim you owe me 1 dollar, but I expect to ask for it, if you avoid proving your position, eventually I will state my case here.
      Will Fortis donate more this year…..you bet ya. Need much more to reach your number. I have catch up to do for this year, as I am aware of the .5 m donated so far, missed the other .5 , a good start and many months to go. So, not impressed so far, but I expect they will cough up more donations, yes.
      Nfld Power profits from infrastructure spending, do they not?
      Your question: would be better off with Fortis or Nfld Hydro handling all the distribution. Wrong question. You should ask if better off if Fortis, Emera, HQ or others handling all the distribution here. But to" your limited scope" questions: yes, better off with Nfld Power/Fortis.
      The problem with your argument with Nfld Power's 1/3 role in Take Charge, is that Nfld Power handles maybe 90 % of the program, a failed program , yet promote their great success. That is MISINFORMAION to a gullible public. You disagree?
      Winston Adams

      Agree, misinformation should be avoided.

    • WA @ 13:25:

      Show 1x where you asked me for the amount of donations in 2017, 2018, and 2019…. Misinformation on your part – you never asked for that, and I would suggest you go find the info yourself.

      But since you ask, a simple google search for 2017:

      Again, are you suggesting that Fortis made ONLY this 1 donation totally $1m in 2017???? Again, best for you review the financial statements publicly available for yourself because you wont accept any one elses info – you are getting as bad as DW et al starting up MF.

      As for TakeCharge being 90% handled by Np – again you are wrong… I have provided SEVERAL links showing TakeCharge being a NL Hydro / NL Government program before.

      Sorry you feel jaded – but you need to place blame where it belongs – the regulators and politicians.


    • WA @ 13:25:

      NP does profit from infrastructure spending, I agree. However, infrastructure spending is less correlated to consumption than it is to the number of customers and geographical distribution.

      And by all means, include Emera, HQ NP etc in the distribution question – unfortunately it is regulations set by politicians that prevent a new distribution agent. I would suggest it is not feasible to bring in a new distribution agent – unless Fortis departs NL and they surplant Fortis/NP.

      Would you want Emera or HQ to buy out Fortis distribution in NL (and this is an interesting question) – and would there be an advantage?


    • Could be wrong, but I think I asked you to give me the amounts "for the last couple of years" meaning year 18, and 19, and 17 would be ok.

      Have to leave this subject for now…bigger fish to fry for me;

      Trying to assess from engneering analysis approach, low tech geometry, if cancer tumors are growing, stable or shrinking, based on scans.
      PET scan of Dec 3 says 1@ 1.5 X 2 cm, another @ 1 cm dia
      A CT of Jan 14 says appears stable but no size given
      A PET ordered in Jan, before new chemo rounds, to show a baseline for new chemo benefit, shows one @ 1.2 @ 1.8 cm and the other at 1.5 cm, so one reduced about 35 % and the other enlarged about 3.4 fold on volume. Overall volume increase is about 10%. The radiologist says IMPRESSION: No significant change over the interim.

      Problem ; radiologist was not informed that chemo had started 10 days before the scan , as the PET scan here was delayed for 5 weeks, the scan not done until Feb 14, chemo started Feb 4.
      Individually nothing is stable , one shrinking and the other much larger. It is possible and likely that both grew in the interim, and both got smaller from the chemo.
      Knowing if the chemo is working is key to if surgery proceeds. Another scan may answer that, but scans are much delayed and likely won't get done.
      Radiologist was NOT informed that chemo had started. If informed , would the IMPRESSION be the same, No Change?
      Calculating volumes is not what they do , but what I do. Tumors often turn aggressive, so the smaller one likley grew more rapidly. You can calculate the volume in a few minutes or find prove that a mutation occurred months later after the tumor is removed and assessed. But we can't wait to know what has happened via DNA changes .
      Is such volume calculations, as I do, rational in your opinion? If no reasonable proof of reduction, surgery may not proceed.
      Appreciate your opinion.
      Winston Adams

    • PENG2
      Getting touchy to compare me to Danny Williams, saying I won't believe anyone else's figures.
      Bruno of course most always give no figures, and I often say he can't do arithmetic. I stand by that.
      I accept the individual figures you state, I only ask you get the yearly totals.I say an average of about 1 million for year 17, 18, 19, you say 4.5 million (and none of that contributions by employees or customers) . That takes a bit of digging and arithmetic, or you can request Fortis to do it for you. If you are more right tan me….you get the donation to the HUB. And I will double it.
      I generally regard you as good with figures but not always, sometimes, not often, I think you use figures can can mislead.
      And you blame me for fearmongering, as to the death spiral theory.
      And you counter with what I consider fearmongering: What if Fortis leaves Nfld, because Nfld power is so little of their revenue.
      I prefer Fortis to be a better corporate citizen.Is that asking too much?
      You say I must feel jaded. Had to look it up , as never a word anyone ever used to describe me, I thought maybe it meant "done wrong by"…..if so, that happens sometimes, but not to deter me.
      The dictionary says "tired, bored, lacking enthusism"
      Bored? Never.
      Tired? Sometimes exhausted, but temporary.
      Lacking enthusiasm? On what subject? Minisplits? Climate change? Muskrat falls boondoggle? Politics? Music? Travel? Sex drive?
      I suppose enthusiasm changes with age. Gambling, I have lost some enthusiasm. You don't borrow to invest. I have and do, but not so much as in the past, which is prudent. Danny Williams "rolled the dice" on MFs.
      I seldom see things as a sure bet. Some things a good bet.
      If I was certain you were wrong on Fortis donations I would bet you 1000 to 1 dollar, not 100 to 1. So I allow you might be right.
      I'm no Danny Williams. I despise the man, well before MFs. But not hate him.
      Winston Adams

    • Wa @ 21:44:

      Here are a couple links showing individual Fortis donations for 2018 and 2019 of at least $1m in each year – I think we can agree that the average of years 2016 through 2019 is well north of $1m. If you look for their community sustainability report of financial reports your can get a much clearer picture.

      When I said jaded – I meant you appear as cynical on times in that can be very difficult to convince you of alternate ideas. In the mean time, not always a bad trait – I am often called that by my family also.

      No harm is wanting Fortis to be a better corporate citizen – but I would offer that they are doing very well, and probably better than many other corps.

      But I would like to continue the discussion on what you would think would the effect to tax payers would be if electricity distribution was left to NL Hydro if is Fortis did pull out of NL….


    • Sorry PENG2, can't go chasing links at present, I spent considerable time previous, and what i saw didn't add up or meet the smell test of figures you give. And the figure of 13 million for total for all jurisdictions, implied Nfld would expect not near on average as you state. If you prefer to leave it as not important for you to verify.
      Cynical…yes of course, and charitable donations in particular. And charities. Red Cross and many ….I look for those using say close to 80 % to their cause, but many spend that on admin and other expenses. Much is a scam , and the gullible not seeing value for donations because they never look at financial report.
      Again , trust but verify , which means be cynical.
      Many paying out fortunes for fund raising.

      Would you check my thoughts on tumor calculations?Off topic, but A big concern for me at present, more so that stocks tanking.
      Fortis is more efficient in their operations (but worse in canada for customer efficiency, and Nydro no better). So if not Fortis, then Emera, HQ maybe even better, than n]Nfld Hydro for distribution. Nlfd would lose some corp tax, but outsiders may compensate here if they make a deal. Emera,I suggest, and believe, is more generous than Fortis,maybe, but won't dig deep there now, so don't take offence. I have no Emera stock. As you know I like the NLPower b'yes……great at their jobs in harsh weather.

    • WA @ 23:31:

      A recent cardiac incident in my family lead me to a similar dilemma. It was a bit of a battle to get the local specialist to look at individual deficiencies and not the overall picture. More or less he wanted to look at the heart flow as a whole even though certain areas failed individual assessment – Id suggest standing your ground, and make sure you are comfortable with the diagnoses.

      Good luck.


    • Thanks for that PENG2,
      Besides tumor volume changes, a blood marker CEA, doubled from early Dec to Feb 4, suggesting tumor growth then , not stable in that time frame. And a PET marker called SUV indicated the radioactive agent uptake was reduced once chemo started, suggesting reduction.
      So all 3 suggest chemo is effective and likely wrong to say the tumors are not stable meaning not changing.
      With the doctors there is little team work, each doing their own thing, and reluctant to see beyond their limited scope. And iron clad rule : no written communications with patients, much like govn and Nalcor with no note taking.
      It's frustrating,

    • I missed the local news to watch Trump….what a pitiful leader of what he calls the "the greatest nation in the world, with the best experts , the best economy, the smartest people. I made a mental comparison with Churchill's speeches at critical times to reassure the people. He indeed was like the walking dead, no emotion applicable to the situation. At times he seems to fear saying the word VIRUS. And most all there were laying their hands on the same podium,so if one has the virus, he helps transfer it….what an example to set. In China we see the leader with his face mask on.

      I have a friend who has consistently praised Trump, but now is wavering. Who in the world can look up to this guy. He accepts no responsibility for any thing he does wrong. The closest thing here is Ed Martin.
      Trump can't threaten this virus with nuclear weapons or his military might. A buffoon seen by the whole world.
      We know where it came from, a dig at China, who are actually getting this under control there, which the USA is late to do so.
      Biggest example of fear is when sporting events shut down.

      This pandemic is a test run for needed world focus on dealing with climate change. As Greta said; First you panic, then you take action. For this virus we are now in panic mode. International action is needed.
      And this is not all that serious yet, not like the Spanish flu. In 1918 Crosbie said "Let them die" …..those dying on the Labrador. Good time for those who are scared to read that book. So far. this is nothing as to what happened then. Unable to bury the bodies ….dogs eating dead bodies. All sick, one unable to help another. And abandoned by authorities here in St John's. Such is our history.

      A timely event this week, with Beothic sculls coming back, after 2 centuries. And recall our finest arrested MFs protestors and jailed some…….but Ed,Gil and pals did nothing as to offences, says PENG2 and Stan. Police can find nothing there.
      Winston Adams

  12. OIL WARS:
    3 nations,
    USA led by Trump, an evil genius. Wants to be the dominant world oil producer and currently is, much from fracking that needs prices at 50 dollar or so, and many have high debts. Climate change from fossil fuel burning is a joke to him.
    Saudi Arabia, close to the USA in productions, but can ramp up to exceed the USA. They wanted to and did limit production to keep prices in the 60 dollar range. The leader , the crown prince, MSB for short, the guy who kills journalists , and cuts their body up with a bone saw. His father is king, but old, and the son rules. His plan , his Vision , called 2030 , is too diversify from oil, as they have little other industry. Even worse than Nfld is their dependence on oil for all govn spending.
    Russia,is close to Saudi Arabia in oil production. More diversified than Saudi Arabia. Putin, he too kills his enemies even in foreign countries, usually with poison, Ex-KBG guy. Ruthless. Smart. Helped get Trump elected. He joined with MBS to reduce production to keep prices high at about 60 dollars.
    The USA kept up fracking and no limits on production, eating into Russian and Saudi market share.
    MBS wanted to cut more production to keep prices up. Russia said no, they wanted an oil war. Russia says they can sustain price cuts as low as 15 to 20 dollars. This would bankrupt American fracking producers. MBS was not pleased, he will join the war wanting his market share and will open the taps wide, to 13 million bls per day. Now we have 32 dollar oil. Nfld and Alberta are in doo doo. Now with the virus and economic slow down, flights and cruises being cancelled , the consumption slides, so maybe 20 dollar oil.
    Who will be the winner? Who will blink? Our gas prices goes down,and our govn revenue goes down.
    Trump can and might support the USA frackers that they not go bankrupt.
    Many oil stock prices are down 50 % this past year. Dividend payments are high, but now some are slashing dividends.
    Oil Wars, who will win? 100 million bls per day now consumed, and growing by 1 million a year, but not this year. Some say it might trigger economic collapse. Who can tell? Tom says we need to borrow more money. The Fianacial Post says we will soon see our cretid rating worsen. Who cares, not Tom? How about our plan to produce more oil? We support MSB, and drive prices lower still.
    More cheap oil ….what effect on the Paris Climate Accord?
    What should Trump, Putin and MBS do?
    Poor Trump, already a wreck, can't handle a virus problem.
    What would Greta suggest? Or the Digger?
    What have evil Trump, Putin , MSB and the Digger have in common? Answer: Oil on the brain> OOTB, worse than the coronavisus. That virus only effects one in 150 as to brain infections.
    Winston Adams

  13. Personally for me, I find it laughable that we are left in limbo with the recent positions taken, again by individuals who are either elected or employed by us, the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Justice LeBlanc diligently performed his duties as an appointed commissioner for the Muskrat Falls Inquiry.

    He compiles a thorough and complete 6 volume 1000 page report after hearing, analyzing and deciphering all of the information that was put in front of him by over 100 separate witnesses from a variety of walks of life, many of whom were represented by their own counsel.

    He has made his observations quite clear, as to how as a Province, and the Muskrat Falls project we are where we are today.

    Because of the financial implications of this ONE project we are now teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

    Justice LeBlanc directly names individuals, both NALCOR and Government who had key roles into exactly how this misuse of Public funds started, and continues up to and including present day.

    From my understanding of the terms of reference, he was not allowed to assign criminal responsibility if any were found during his investigation.

    That being said, he put these names in plain black and white print.

    Other than putting the address, phone numbers and dates of birth for these people, he certainly made it quite clear that there were blatant and obvious problems.

    Any logical person would think I can take the "hint", albeit not that subtle, that some, or all of these individuals need to be addressed.

    Whether that be dismissals, reprimands, charges (civil or criminal).

    So far from both the decision makers in Government and NALCOR?

    Stay the course.

    Keep all of these people on the payroll.

    Simply sherk your responsibilities, and throw it all in the lap of the Department of Justice and the Police to determine any possible criminal charges or civil action.

    Whether or not ANY of these people are ever brought before a Judge to answer for their actions?

    Who knows!

    However we have the very simple optics of numerous people acting in very inappropriate and unprofessional manners regarding their employment as either salaried employees of Government ot Government agencied upto and including elected politicians.

    People expect action?

    Not simply kicking the can down the road for some other person to deal with, as we are so apt to see happening with our political masters in recent times.

    Surely Justice LeBlanc must be left shaking his head.

    I know I am too!

    • Good Summary. I would add that nothing has changed with respect to forming a long term Energy Policy, exclusive to the Avalon's needs. Should energy demand grow sometime in the future, the thinking is that another Hydro Line to Come By Chance will be built.

    • My initial view of the Summary was that Leblanc was more critical than I though he might be.And agree he names names and what they did wrong.
      I have read little of the balance but much seems a rehash of what we heard, for those who followed the Inquiry.
      I feel there is bias to fovour Nalcor under Stan Marshall and bias in favour of Nfld Power, and omissions on important issues skimmed over. Overall, not that impressed, and very few will read this document. Some say 1000 pages, some say 1200.
      Maybe UG will condense it too 30 pages over several weeks with pieces. My first impressions were better than at present. What does PENG2 think, other than saying it was done too soon?
      Winston Adams

    • The CBC piece, Dennis Browne in high praise of Stan Marshall and Leblanc….Trust Stan, says Browne….don't fire anyone.
      I say FIRE DENNIS BROWNE. poorly representing the ratepayers. A political appointment he was. Don't help homeowners with meaningful energy saving against high heat bill.Silent at the Inquiry on failure of CDM here. Part of the elites ruining this province. Browne and Marshall must fall.
      Winston Adams

    • Things that we do know:

      – $16 Million Dollars was spent on the Muskrat Falls Inquiry

      – 134 witnesses testified during 140 days of hearings

      – 5,932,194 documents received by the Inquiry

      – 4,559 public exhibits

      – 119 confidential exhibits

      All of this occurred in front of a room full of lawyers, and a well respected Justice.

      This was live streamed via the internet.

      Daily coverage by the media.

      A thourough and detailed report was tabled to the Provincial Government as a result of this Inquiry.

      After all of these measures, and this information was acquired, and someone still can't find ANY reasons to dismiss and/or discipline ANY of the individuals named in this report?

      Other than writing all of this information backwards on the foreheads of Dwight Ball, Siobhan Coady, and Stan Marshall so they could see it every time they look in the mirror?

      I don't know what else to say?

      Mind numbing!

    • BFA @ 11:11 (and again at 15:41):

      1 correction to your post above – it isn't the ToR that prevents LeBlanc from recommending charges, it is the Canadian Constitution and the Public Inquiries Acts (both federally and provincially). You can easily verify this for yourself by reviewing the LeBlanc interpretation of the ToR on the Inquiry website, also the links to the Public Inquiry Act are there – or you can read the Gomery link I have provide several times.

      Charges and the ability to sustain are likely to come down to chain of command and duty of care. A few times I have mentioned this concept but little discussion resulted.

      More or less – Nalcor had a duty of care to the Government, not the people of NL. Likewise the elected government(but not government employees) had a duty of care to the people – the government employees had a duty of care to the elected government members, this is a weakness in the public service setup. I can understand that people want to claim a duty of care from government employee (or employees of ABCs for that matter) directly to the public – but that’s not how it works. This is easy enough to verify by simply Googling the employment contracts and see who reports to who – I doubt you will find the public of Newfoundland mentioned anywhere, nor will you find any case law supporting your claim.

      As LeBlanc said – the MF project was more or less a go after the 2003 election, and the drop dead point was when the FLG was completed – more or less MF was always 100% political, never based on a sound concept. Despite what some want to think – we got exactly what the majority asked for, the majority was willfully blind and got suckered into the ‘energy warehouse’ concept.

      The most insulting to me is we still to this day have 4 sitting members in the HoA that voted for MF, and 4 others that publicly campaigned for it. More or less, the public hasn’t learned anything – and I doubt we ever will. A good recent example of this – the ex-AG, she was the exec assistant for KD during MF sanction. Many have forgotten how inept she was in that role, but praised her because she did an audit at the school districts and in other media some even are trying to say she has dirt of sitting government and that why she was appointed CEO of the Housing corp.

      Also, for many it might be worth the while of most to check out this (ie Inquiry recommendations are not binding):


    • PENG2, you are more into legalities and politics than I. While an engineer, you avoid much discussion on engineering, I think.
      You cite the public for being wilfully blind, but not Naclor or govn people being wilfully blind. The words never uttered in the Inquiry. You are very upset of the sitting MHAs that supported MFs,
      stating that repeatedly, but see nothing wrong with sitting Nalcor people like Gilbert Bennett still in their jobs and getting bonuses, despite named by Leblanc for wrong doing, enabling this boondoggle.
      I assume, as you say is correct, the Inquiry can't lay charges, but uses language to say they did wrong, big time. If the police can support that by other evidence, or concealed evidence, I assume that civil and perhaps criminal convictions can happen? Am I wrong?
      I agree the ex AG, has baggage as to MFs, and should have been demoted, not promoted.
      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 14:44:

      I have mentioned 'duty of care' several times – it will be an important concept. Those working at Nalcor (including the MF PMT) reported up to the CEO – not to government and the Nalcor CEO reported solely to the Premier, not to any government department. More or less, EM directed the Nalcor/PMT team and the Premier direct EM – so, as long as EM and the Premier agree on what was being done and happened there is little chance of malfeasance (lower tier public servants were told on a need to know basis – not ideal, but common place).

      From my perspective, I don't necessarily like the fact that these people are still in their jobs, but as a voter the only person I elect is a member in the HoA – that is where the duty of care ends.

      Today on cbc.ca and the cover of Wednesday's telegram there were articles showing the 'culprits' of MF – to me what was most interesting is that the main architects were not Engineers (infact GB was only Engineer pictured and I'd say he isn't even practicing anymore).

      I know you want a statement on how MF was an Engineering fail – I still say the Engineering fail was a small part and it was driven by politics.

      When considering a law enforcement investigation – it is possible alot of the witness made themselves 'charge-proof' more or less. The investigation will have to find evidence sustaining a charge that wasn't revealed as the result of the Inquiry – simply because the Inquiry operated under different rules of evidence and thus being able to sustain charges based on evidence presented to the Inquiry is very unlikely.

      Chronologically, an investigation should have happened 1st – and the Inquiry should have waited until substantial completion because now we have weakened construction claims and the ability to sustain charges (in the meantime, because of duty of care, I have always said frauds etc are non-existent).


    • PENG2, this duty of care seems a funny and crooked business. Must be the law of the land , well crafted.

      Now as to engineering failure or not, to pick photos, Harrington is an engineer, named, but not in the photo? And you excuse Gil as not practising…..so no practising engineer to blame,a poor argument.
      Now at 12.7 billion we have Stan, Gil and Harrington 3 engineers, but Stan arrived half way through, and too early to say his decisions were good or bad. His main trust; Bifurcation, is laughable.
      Serious, your said the Anglo Saxon route was not economically feasible, the engineering complex and many risks, the generation on quick sand. A hundred ways this spelled engineering failure, well before the get go. You got that right.
      So every engineer involved, or most, knew that , as did you and I.
      Yet they all cast a blind eye and took the contracts and did well, and the debt on the province be dammed.
      There is a thing called free will. you can be part of a corrupt scheme or not and walk away, and say to the public what you have knowledge on.
      To say this is not an engineering failure big time is to excuse many engineers who cast a blind eye for profit. Tradesmen cannot be blamed for engineering failures.
      You defend the indefensible, to say only politicians and govn beaucrats and accountants are to blame.
      Like Hitler, he plans the war, and industry and engineers provide the means, all profiting, even the USA with Ford , GM all in the war game. What could those politician do without engineers?
      What can Mobil do to destroy our environment without engineers?
      The single largest group of professionals who knew this boondoggle would occur is the engineers. Not the architect, but who executed the plan.
      Your defence rings hollow. Robert Holmes questions if you are an engineer. I accept that you are.
      Look at present stumbling issues: vibrations and GE software. All engineering issues looking for root causes. Engineers, under the cone of silence, and fat pay checks. No one with a duty of care to the ratepayers. What a broken and crooked system.
      Great similarities with Port Nelson: politics and bad engineering. Make the comparison. Not interested? Why not? And your field , issues of silt and civil works big time, defects known before sanction.

      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 22:23:

      To date, very little has been proven that if MF will operate or not. To me it seems as if your definition of an Engineer fail is whether or not something serve the people it was built for – wrong definition, and by your definition it would also label the UC as an engineering fail.

      The correct definition of an Engineering fail is whether something works as designed, or if things were missed in the design – to date, the only thing proven is that the politicians and business men failed royally.

      An no – Harrington is not an Engineer – maybe he is academically qualified in another country (never in Canada academically or professionally), but neither him, GB or SM are practicing Engineering (an neither have practiced in a long time).

      You are making a number of statements for which there is no proven causation yet – just 1 example is it the Owner or the supplier who has contractual responsibility for the SC vibrations. My suggestion is before condemning people wait for the forensics (casue and contractually) and 'costs' to come in – for example, if successful storage was responsibility of the supplier than it would be irresponsible for the Owner to step in and take on liability for dictating storage conditions to the supplier.


  14. The reputations of those named in the Leblanc Report are now in tatters, and the GNL has to determine the most cost-effective way to remove these God damned culprits from their taxpayer-funded positions, without further expense or possible litigation and consequent harm to NL taxpayers. This may take some time.

    Also, irregardless of the personal relationship Stan Marshall has with these culprits, or the ugly, conspicuous stain which will forever tarnish their professional lives, Marshall needs these buggers to finish off Deception Dam.

    Marshall is quite likely just as disgusted and enraged by the revelations in the LeBlanc Report as all NLers are, but he has to work with these buggers for the next while, as much as he might loathe them.

    Once Stan Marshall is gone, I suspect Bennett and Harrington et al will be gone within a month, and it's quite likely they'll ever be able to get another job building so much as a backyard shed, in this province anyway.

    • Well they've effectively flushed their professional reputations down the toilet and their grandchildren will be forever ashamed of them and likely bullied at school by the kids whose parents can't afford to keep their household's heated.

      Such is the lot of the vile bastards who would betray the public trust for greed and self-enrichment.

    This cause pneumonia, so it is more than just a respitory problem. For regular pneumonia you can get a pneumonia shot,because it it bacterial whereas as this is viral. I read that a flu shot may be beneficial, so that you don't get both the flu and this viral pneumonia. If you get this virus , the risk of death is about 10 times worse than the flu.But you have a much higher chance of catching the flu than this virus, for now, as no confirmed virus infections here yet. But in the USA, with 1600 confirmed cases, experts say 50,000 to 500,000 may already have this virus. Few have been tested.
    These is no medication to fight this virus.
    I Italy, it seems old people are let to die, nothing they can do, they are low priority.
    It is worse for old people , meaning over 65 in general, but your main defence is your own immune system. Some at 75 may have better immune systems than some at 50. The young are little impacted. Better the old than the young to be impacted.
    So, how good is your immune system? Any idea?
    What is your respitory rate? Know how to measure it? It's a simple thing to do. What is a good RR?
    Do you know your blood test report meanings? Do you know a red count or white blood counts. The 4 different white white blood cells , that is the key to your immune system? Ever ask your doctor for a copy….it is your property.
    Can you buck up your immume system if you are old? Sure you can, or many can. It's a slow process, but you may have months to do so.
    Why panic …….arse wipes are all sold out they say , whether in Australia or Florida, and maybe here. Why? Arse wipes for pneumonia?
    Winston Adams

  16. Wondering how air flights and airports work. If for example a flight, like sunwing, left St. John's for Florida, and the flight was diverted to NY for a medical emergency would the plane just drop of the emergency medical patient and continue on its way, or stop over for 10 hours or so waiting for the patient. I doubt it. Is that not the similar situation at St. John's airport yesterday. Why would all 350 passengers and crew be disembarked and mull around the airport or town for some 10 hours. They came from Cancum, Mexico a resort area bound for the UK. Is it not possible that some of those might have the C-virus despite having been asked a few questions when disembarking or maybe even having their temp. taken. Why not have the plane continue on its journey with out disembarking all 350. Who makes these kind of decisions? Is it an attempt to help spread the virus ask Joe blow. Maybe someone in the know may explain, or with greater knowledge than I have about how flights and airports operate.

    • I'm guessing that is exactly what Justin Trudeau is waffling on there now.

      We should be able to look at countries in Europe such as Italy and learn by their mistakes for taking this situation too lightly?

      Bare minimum we should be screening arriving passengers much more thoroughly and if need be close our borders until this virus is under control and the numbers are dropping instead of rising?

      I guess it will be up to Mr. Socks if he finally brings down a national order?

    • So, they are running low on swabs for testing.
      I have 13 returning to night from a cruise. 5 are school age. They are permitted to go to school it seems, and not self quarantine?
      No checking for symptoms getting off the cruise ship. No checking at the Florida airport. They now enroute to Toronto. None have symptoms. My daugher loses her job here since going, the company did cut backs due to the virus.
      I suspects hundreds are returning from Florida and going through crowded airports…..and if no symptoms , can decide themselves if they self quarantine? Very few here are now required to self quarantine.
      I just got a call from a friend about a woman in Bay Bay Roberts who returned from a cruise, she going around "coughing and barking"
      How do you promote common sense?
      Expert advise is needed. Where was our experts for our energy policy, and world class experts here at Nalcor?
      Lets hope this is taken serious and "best practises" are followed, and we not take for granted that all is best practise.
      The snow storm emergency never went well as to how it was handled.
      Winston Adams

    • Winston,

      It should get interesting here in NL?

      We had trouble getting people to stay home for 24 hours straight when we had 3 feet of snow on the ground at the one time?

      I would say it it will take the military and the Police to pull that one off around here?

      I believe in Italy they have actually passed legislation and people can be fined and/or arrested for failing to remain in self isolation.

      We shall see.

    • During the plague in the 1600s , in towns in Italy, they were dying 50 to 100 a day. Quarantine was enforced, and if not obeyed they were hanged!
      I see in NS, I think, schools are closed, but not here. I have relatives, kids who go to school returning from a Cruise that was planned 3 years ago, booked last summer, and went Mar 6 , not a good idea, but it happened. Now they are likely to be asked to self quarantine, I don't know, maybe not if no symptoms. They may be carries, and I think, should not go to school. They should be told they must self quarantine. And schools should be closed, kids have little ability to social distance.
      My son, disabled, was at a private facility. He is not allowed back for 14 days. His wheel chair and medicines send to me by taxi this afternoon. Not knowing how we'll manage, my wife scheduled to go to NS for surgery soon.
      Are we doing best practise with schools open? A relative working with the oil industry here , coming back, told to work from home, as others companies have done.
      Meanwhile, in rural areas, like herein Logy Bay, I do a daily walk, maybe see 1 or 2 others walking, and we are not within 10 feet of each other more than for a few seconds, goingin the other direction. If I have mild symptoms, should I be prevented from these walks? Should I be hung!

      The toilet paper issue now explained: it is from the caveman part of the brain, the back part, where you see others do something, and you copy it. The front lobes say this is not rational behaviour but the caveman part is from millions of years back and acts on it's own , unless the front lobes cause rational behaviour. So sound advise is needed for the public, or they go crazy.
      Winston Adams

  17. What form will the Federal Gov. $$$ incentives take, with respect to keeping small business going in NL? Who will benefit from "Paid to not Work Programs and such? Sounds like the Cod Moratorium Days. Careful about the "Trickle Down" Schemes, wherein the money floats to the usual suspects. How about Direct Bank Transfers, Go out and spend incentives? Remember the old LIP Grants? That's how we built Pippy Park Golf Course, and repaired graveyards in outports.

    • Seamus, who is isolated, will soon receive "Helicopter Money", printed by the Mint, for distribution to keep the NL economy afloat. The Mayors of Sin Jawns, Corner Brook, Lab City, etc. will get the call. Remember when Papa Trudeau, back in the 70's got pissed with the Provincials, he went directly to the Rural Development crowd, (More seats there), and doled the cash for local make works. Seamus is King once again!


    This Furey individual should just stay the hell out of it… he's obviously just another one of those party insider promoted by the goddamned party elites… his job to be assigned to him by his handlers will be to do nothing more than maintain the status quo when the status quo clearly no longer works.

    So Mr. Furey, we're all sure that you're a very fine and upstanding young man, but you're burdened with the heavy and beholden baggage of a liberal party insider, therefore you are not what this province needs or wants, so please, just stay the hell out of it.


    • 2 years ago I had a friend whose husband saw Dr Furey, and I was told he had poor bedside manners and that he was rude, and not impressed at all.
      With Broken Earth I had mixed feeling, perhaps as a small outfit they could be more effective than large outfits. I wondered if I should donate, but never followed up.
      I was somewhat surprised seeing him run in politics.
      Recently it occurred to me to Google Dr Andrew Furey Reviews. I was astounded at the negavive commends on him as a doctor. Some prise him , but I'd say about 75 % are negative, some giving a rating of 1 out of 5 , where 1 is lowest.
      It seems too, his ratings went down after creating Broken Earth.And meanwhile he has been involved as a Liberal back room boy, while involved in his other endeavours. How can a man be devoted to his patients and practice here, and doing work like he was in foreign countries, and also in politics?
      Do he see himself as a modern Wilfred Grenfell? If so he should have looked North instead of South for people with health issues and food security issues in this country.
      And now Furey thinks he can solve Nfld economic mess?
      I mentioned his Review to a couple of people and they find it hard to believe, as his public persona is so high.
      I look forward to his ideas and Plan to solve our problems. I think he is out of his depth, like Stan Marshall had no magaproject experience, so we stumble along with MFs.
      Winston Adams

    • How would you rate a career civil servant who was central to the failings that lead Cameron Inquiry? The same person was also core to giving out severance not included in an employment contract to the ex-CEO of the Eastern Health Board upon his resignation.

      To be perfectly clear, I know neither of these gentlemen and am apolitical.

      I would prefer the public hold these people accountable – but as seen with the ex-AG (or the sitting members in the HoA) that isn't happening.


    • Anon@ 14;38,
      All are aware that Edmond Martin had no magaproject experience to take on that job, and Zero hydro experience.
      Stan Marshall had hydro experience, but not maga hydro, and perhaps little hands on hydro engineering knowledge. And neither electrical, civil, nor mechanical, but a chemical engineer, and no clue of the intregration of complex AC/DC/AC as we have here, and to software problems etc. So yes, I meant Stan Marshall is out of his depth, as we stumble along…..read Liberty, can;t trust Nalcor promises, little different as to under Teflon Ed.
      My initial faith in Stan has long evaporated.
      His dumb remark "HPs can't reduce grid peak load" No admission of an error. Leblanc let it stand as true. The media did't question it, nor the CA, and PENG2 …..rather hesitant to be critical of Stan. That but one example.
      Winston Adams

    • If Stan had a strong finish, then mopping up Martin's mess would sound better. The jury is still out. And will Stan stick around for the finish, a few months won't do it. And Sran seemsa snervous as Trump dealing with virus. Some say of Trump " He's going to kill us all". Did Stan say MFs at current price is a bargin?
      Winston Adams

  19. I just read Ed Hollett's latest blog on Muskrat Falls.

    He has one of the more apt descriptions of Muskrat Falls that I have read read lately:

    "Muskrat Falls was the bastard child of ego and ambition, nothing more."

    Sums it up!

    • Yes, Charles Bown was appointed DM of natural resources by Kathy Dunderdale in 2012. We know of this character and his role. What is your point? Why do you frequently post such cryptic messages without anything to say? Are you saying he was a Tory flunky? Like you are a Liberal flunky?

    • Yes , agree, PENG2 often provides links but makes no comments.
      Never out front with comments, whether the Synapse Report, the Reliability Report, or the Liberal leadership…..example if something negative here on the chosen one, Furey, he says what of Abbott and Cameron scandal. Why not spell out Abbott's role in Cameron, instead of inuendo. Give us the specifics.
      If one listens to PENG2 one could spend months studying other major inquiries, as Bruno says , down a rabbit hole.
      I prefer PENG2 to say more on engineering than on partican politics, or the legalities of Inquiries and duty of care etc.
      If a PENG, which I trust is the case,stick more to engineering, I ask, with occassional comment in other directions.
      His views on wind, CDM, Efficiency, Avalon constrictions, of the island hydro options, GE software, SC vibrations ,on and on, his professional views are sparse.
      A liberal flunky? Other might assume that.
      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 12:13:

      It isn't the medias or anyone else responsibility to educate a person like Anony – if the information is provide and a person doesnt bother to take the effort to educate themselves we are left with the lemming scenario that enable MF in 2003.

      You full well know I am apolitical – and equally knock all parties/candidates when deserved. But most importantly I despise misinformation – jeese, I even defended DW about alleged contact he had with the Bae-Group earlier in this thread (but I doubt anyone bothered to check the LRB rulings).

      As to the Engineering issues you mention – I have off-hand commented an each you mention even though none are directly in my practice area. Maybe if you were a civil guy could converse more on Engineering, but I wont make statements outside my practice area.

      More importantly, pay closer attention to when I do make technical comments – many are just ignored. And yes, management (and by extension politics also known as ill-advised management) is part of my technical background.


  20. if someone really wanted to find the crooks, one would need only file atippa requests for purchases and orders made between 2009 and 2012 for 230/138 equipment, 138/25 equipment squirrelled under projects like labrador west system upgrades and Churchill Falls projects, purchases for MF construction and development when that project was 2 and 3 years away from “sanction’.
    you’d have to have significant signing authority to make large purchases I would think.
    some of these things just dont belong

    • Interesting comment, and 230/138 means kilovolt, and 138/25 also kilovolt, suggesting large transformers likely, and whether for MF or not.
      Some detective work needed to find scullduggery if it exists and likely does.
      Truth must come out. MFCCC shadow inquiry is not finished it seems.
      Winston Adams