If the public didn’t feel so well off, Nalcor
CEO Stan Marshall would be gone in a Dunderdale minute. They need to tell Stan not to let the door hit him on the way out. April 2020, his scheduled departure date, won’t come soon enough!

Just more than a week ago, Marshall graced the PUB Hearings on
rate mitigation with his noble presence. One might have expected him to explain why thousands of
transmission lines throughout the world operate using dependable computer
software, yet even a two-year delay in the Muskrat Falls project isn’t sufficient to get Alstrom, Nalcor’s contractor since 2014 (purchased by General
Electric in 2015), off their duffs. Worse, the public has to be satisfied with
Marshall’s simplistic assertion that the job is “complicated”.

The much-heralded former CEO of Fortis Inc. is proving that
his real expertise is not in construction, but in the armchair management of existing
operations. Fortis achieved most of its growth having purchased mature utilities. 

Regarding the late software, Marshall commented, according to
a CBC news story, that
it’s going to take two to three years before this
gets to a state where everybody is happy with it.
That forecast does not
bode well for a project that Marshall has assured everyone will deliver first
power later this year and full power in Spring 2020.

Marshall has been CEO for nearly four years since January 2016.
He has certainly had time to assess GE’s abysmal failure and to have given them
the boot. Ed Martin and Gilbert Bennett played footsie in a similar fashion
with Astaldi. How many screw-ups, and for how long, does it take bureaucrats to
make a decision?!?

This is the same, much-ballyhooed, Marshall who thought that the
PUB might profit from his ostensibly considerable insights, including one that “Newfoundlanders
will be another Newfie joke” if the Government decides to compress Nalcor’s
organizational structure with that of NL Hydro. The PUB’s Consultant, the Liberty Group,
had made the recommendation in an effort to find savings to help mitigate the
worst effects of another big
Newfie Joke, the Muskrat Falls project, thanks to
many of the people with whom Marshall still surrounds himself. Try a new metaphor, Stan.
That one is taken!

Marshall is essentially telling the PUB to back off, to not
interfere with a group who have placed the Province in an unmitigatable state of penury not because we might overdo the Corporation’s dismemberment
but because they might be… distracted!

That’s the kind of arrogance that continues to bolster Nalcor’s tattered

The reasons why Nalcor needs dismantling most certainly include appropriate redeployment of its cost. But even if the Muskrat Falls project
wasn’t already twice the original Budget, at $12.7 billion, or if the Inquiry
had not uncovered a significant level of deceit and deception (possibly worse)
on the road to project Sanction
and afterwards the Crown Corporation would still
only be due the gratitude afforded all workers at the end of the construction
phase of a project. As it is, the public is again under threat by the very
group who claim to know better
the very same people who owe them atonement,
starting with the Executive Vice-President.

Once again, the carrot offered the public to play nice is
the Gull Island project. 

Some people have no shame!

The message is: interfere with Nalcor and the cost will be
high. The CBC reported Marshall telling the PUB,  there is “so much work
underway behind the scenes to develop more of the province’s energy resources.”
He even predicted that Gull Island could be developed within the next decade.
This is the kind of chatter for which former CEO Ed Martin is renowned. 

It is likely
for that reason that a very fine contributor of research to this Blog over many
years wrote Nalcor, under the Access to Information legislation, to get more
specifics on all the dust Stan was kicking up at the PUB; in short, to see what was
keeping all those good folks at Nalcor busy. Here is his question:

This is Nalcor’s reply:

No responsive records and still so much work underway behind the scenes.

As Yogi Berra once said: It’s like déja vu all over again!

Des Sullivan
Des Sullivan
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Uncle Gnarley is hosted by Des Sullivan, of St. John's. He is a businessman engaged over three decades in real estate management and development companies and in retail. He is currently a Director of Dorset Investments Limited and Donovan Holdings Limited. During his early career he served as Executive Assistant to Premier's Frank D. Moores (1975-1979) and Brian Peckford (1979-1985). He also served as a Part-Time Board Member on the Canada-Newfoundland Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB). Uncle Gnarley appears on the masthead representing serious and unambiguous positions on NL politics and public policy. Uncle Gnarley is a fiscal conservative possessing distinctly liberal values and a non-partisan persusasion. Those values and opinions underlie this writer's views on NL's politics, economy and society. Uncle Gnarley publishes Monday mornings and more often when events warrant.


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


This is the most important set of negotiations we have engaged in since the Atlantic Accord and Hibernia. Despite being a small jurisdiction we proved to be smart and nimble enough to negotiate good deals on both. They have stood the test of time and have resulted in billions of dollars in royalties and created an industry which represents over a quarter of our economy. Will we prove to be smart and nimble enough to do the same with the Upper Churchill?


  1. Ed Hollett is spot on!!

    We are the authors of our demise in that we keep re-electing politicians who are in it for themselves,family members and friends only.

    To start with Muskrat Falls is our own doing and would never have gotten off the ground were it not for Danny Williams and his influence on those in authority. Williams is delusional if he really thinks Muskrat is good for the province–selling power for less that what it costs to produce. Having said that, Ottawa should not have given a loan guarantee without confirming the feasibility of the project.
    Nalcor was given full access to the public purse with no accountability whatsoever. Government should have been looking at every dollar spent.
    Essentially Ed Martin was pulling the strings of Government and to top it all off was given a $6M payout when in fact a full criminal investigation should have started.
    Those at the helm of Nalcor gave (and still give) huge bonuses to themselves—For What??
    The lies and deceit on which the project was sanctioned should not go unpunished.

    We keep re-electing those who promise this and that with money we don't have and are never held accountable.

    Unscrupulous business people come to NL with hair-brained schemes which our politicians fall for hook line and sinker giving them full reign to conduct their business whichever way they see fit. The environmental disaster on the south coast is a prime example which would not have happened if it was done properly. There was no oversight by Government.

    The very suggestion of a tunnel under the straits funded by Government is ludicrous. If private industry wants to do it–thumbs up. Yet we have them funding yet another study just to get re-elected.

    we have a massive and bloated public service which no politician is willing to confront the unions with because of the power they have accumulated. To do so would result in not being re-elected.

    We have a fishing industry which will always be in turmoil because of the clout the fish processors have and Government unwilling to take a stand for fear of repercussions. One Union should not be allowed to represent the inshore and offshore fishers and plant workers. The Processors would not allow this to happen. Government has no control.

    Now we have Stan Marshall suggesting that Gull Island is on the horizon

    We are the authors of our own demise. We desperately need someone to step in and take over. Someone who has no fear of not being re-eleced.
    Without this happening, round and round the story goes and where it stops nobody knows.

  2. Without the Uncle's insights,and posts by readers,so often as before, I look for other info sources to stay abreast.
    This from VOCM Brain Madore twitter today on NP panel at the PUB:
    1. With MFs, the power grid now will be worth 16M, 4 times what it is now ( at 4 billion). We will be paying for 3 utilities to get our power.
    2. NP has 268,000 customers. Peter Alteen of NP says affordability is a big concern for them now.
    3. Others have made observations on NPs silence on MFs(they knew but said nothing when they could and should have) …..Cue to readers….this is where PENG2 usually jumps in on UG to defend Nfld Power and Fortis.
    4.Is there a live stream from the PUB hearing? No but the audio is posted on the PUB site by 6 or 7 Pm.
    5. 37,000 customers have switched to heatpumps in the past 5 or 6 years NP says rates is the main reason. (Note Brain gets this from the chart posted, but first installations started more like 10 years ago or a little longer, but then ramped up)
    6. The chart by NP shows for past 5 years:
    2014….10,312 units
    2015….13,029 units , so 2,717 increase
    2016….18,415 units, so 5,386 increase
    2017….23,844 units, so 5,429 increase
    2018….37,327 units , so 13,483 increase

    6. NPs incentive plan, only 400 took advantage. Readers recall the LEEP program for low income….so many loopholes that few bother. Now last week another by NH, for max of 1000 units for other residential , but again so many obstacles that few will go for it……..but many without incentives installing them. What does it say about NP and NH PLANS for CDM? I say; Incompetent and deceitful to the customers.
    Winston Adams

    • I hear that Home Depot is selling a lot of Trane heat pumps. I bet that many heat pumps purchased from box box stores are installed without permits and that the true installs are higher.

      As for incentives – there are plenty. The constant rate increases with huge increases in the future is incentive enough. I use 40% less energy than I did five years ago yet, my equal billing is higher than ever.

      I notice that Costco is selling wood stoves and the stoves at Kent are getting nicer each year – cooking features included. Propane tanks are everywhere. Condensing propane boilers are popular too.

      What we have is UGLY!!! Those with resources either switch energy sources, pay the bill or move away. Those without free cash or credit do without and some die. Yes, die as in early demise due to hypothermia.

      "More than 3,000 people are “needlessly” dying each year in the UK because they cannot afford to properly heat their homes, new research has revealed. The UK has the second-worst rate of excess winter deaths in Europe, a study by National Energy Action and climate-change charity E3G found."

    • VOCM Question of Oct 10: Would you consider installation of a heat pump to keep energy costs down?

      a) Yes if I could afford it……43%
      b) Yes I would……………….28%
      c)I already have one………….17%
      d) Not interested…………….12%
      So, 88 % have or leaning that way, and likely those that are not are mostly wood burners, or propane or oil.
      So the power companies never saw this coming, 300% efficient HPs?Never promoted it here, as was done in NS to help counter boondoggle projects….not their business here to reduce energy use and peak demand, only keep increasing it?
      Doubt if Trane makes a minisplit, most are using their name, rebranding, but sourcing from Asian mfgs. I have not seen Trane listed as a "cold climate model " by Efficiency NS, and if not savings will be reduced and also little grid peak load reduction. But does NP care? Not one bit, nor NH, just fire up Holyrood sure, or add a gas turbine and raise rates due to fuel use……same old, same old approach for decades, and our CA keeping mum on this.

      I have emailed Dennis Browne recently re his input at this PUB hearing, and he refused to acknowledge my emails! Much worse than Tom Johnson was. Has others tried contacting the CA?
      Winston Adams

    • Can we afford not to pay for HPs, anon?
      If rates are capped at 13.5 cents, and HPs with full house coverage gives 1/3 bill reduction, then 13.5 cents is equivalent to 9 cent power rates. So it is mot the rates only but the power bill that is key. 3000 a year becomes 2000 with HPs. The crime is not now installing HPs, but ignoring HPs is the MFs scheme, before sanction. How come the ignorance?
      Andy Wells in 2012 suggested only the well off and rich could afford HPs, so he never gave it much credit, and let NP and NH off easy.
      Tonite on NTV, there was Peter Alteen , red as a beet, saying of the huge uptake in HPs, and I laughed out load when he said,"But thats a good thing, they save on energy and helps reduce the power bill. It impacts NP revenue some, but they can manage that. And it permits other opportunities for power sales" I thought his nose would grow 6 inches as he spoke. They, with Take Charge has had a campaign of disinformation on HPs and long promoting much junk to customers.
      Then as to Efficiency Week,on NTV tonight, NP engineer Upshall, on promoting the same junk: weather strips, gaskets for plug outlets, LEDs, plastic for windows, fancy thermostats…….what a bunch of clowns and he an engineer, how do he sleep at night? Promoting stuff of LITTLE meaningful savings to customers
      Now Atteen ,in a corner, as Synapse says HPs are essential going forward, and big savers… now they are concerned about their reputation with the public, and blames Nalcor entirely, and hides as to their past silence on MFs and failure of good CDM. Scallywags all, stealing from the customers by hiding the truth. Now wanting to be the white knight for the customer. Shameful.
      Even Andy Wells says they were silent as to MFs. Andy too could have done more, but was silent while permittong the second worse CDM program in Canada's 10 provinces, under his watch.
      Winston Adams

    • Consider this gem by NP: of about 180,000 residential customers, they had only 400 applications where they finance loans for HPs.
      They charge about 5 % interest rate, and zero incentive rebate. Other jurisdictions as low as Zero interest rate or considerable incentives. So here NP takes the cream in energy savings away in interest charges. Make no wonder only 400 went for this.
      Their concern and lack of generosity toward their customers in SHAMEFUL, especially low income customers.
      When will the public march on the head offices of those scallywags, Nalcor, NH, And NP, all cut from the same cloth. Stan Marshall will be going out STRONG? Will he bring back good news form England on the software update, or get caught by the Extinction Rebellion protesters over there, if they find out about Fortis 15 million tons of GHS per year? Keep a low profile Stan. Wear green.

    • Marching is useless unless you manage to get wide spread support, like the yellow vests in France. Even then, expect police brutality and press blackouts.

      In 1962, John F. Kennedy famously said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    • Anon @ 20:51
      I never yet did F… with my ass. And not about to try it at your suggestion.
      Now I did learn to March in my military training, doubt if you could march at all. But I imagine not much fun to march alone ( poor Greta of Sweden sat alone for months)…..I had no support, but one, at my PUB presentations.
      Not just an armchair critic; guess you never read my presentations at the PUB? My analysis published by the Telegram? My monitoring results posted on this blog? My communications with Nfld Power?Struck a nerve Anon?

      So just finished reading 104 pages of today's PUB hearing. "Oh what a web they weave when they practice to deceive" Parts very laughable and far from the truth. And still they deceive.
      Winston Adams

    • Likely the anon @ 20:51 is Bruno trolling you, nothing to counter what you said, only to attack you personally, that you haven't done enough. It's Bruno's style is it not? And what is Bruno except an armchair critic the past 6 years. He has a serious problem, nothing new, part of his character, displayed on this blog constantly.

  3. We NLers are responsible for the Upper Churchill and the Lower Churchill to date, both of these fiascos. We should not be out there nation building if the nation is unwilling to pay their fair share. Enough is enough, let us forget the Gull Rapids project and continue to admire the natural beauty of what is left unspoiled on this great river, at least for as long as we can afford to live here or visit.

  4. Well well UG. The response to the ATTIPA sleuth is classic. After they admit that none of the work Stan promised was going on to keep them so busy in the backrooms, they hilariously quote a handful of ways to block the release even if they had the info requested. It seems you struck a nerve!

    Stan admitted 3 of five of his VP's have jumped ship. He is on his way out the door and yet wants to maintain Nalcor's structure with its splendid secrecy that allowed them to carry on bumbling and stumbling without oversight. Go figure!

    It allows Stan, with straight face state it will take another two or three years to get the software working (my guess is that is optimistic). If so tack another billion or so in interest onto the price.

    What was the first clue Stan,(I can only do one thing at once) was incapable of reflection, evaluation and a decision on stop MF or go that was his publicly stated mandate. Was it his "gotta get'er done mantra"?

    He not only wants to maintain the secrecy in the now disemboweled Nalcor but has the nerve to say "hands off" the O&G profit for rate mitigation! Now that is some world class chutzpa!

    Of course the only sane message at this time is don't interfere with Nalcor and the cost will be high. Will government now demonstrate its incompetence and refuse to dismantle Nalcor, restore the PUB to its full regulatory mandate and never again allow a megalomaniacal narcissist free reign with the treasury?

    No more Danny and his Whimpering Juniors!

  5. Dissatisfaction with Maladministration of the Government — where have we heard this before ?

    Every window of the Colonial Building is glassless: the Prime Minister practically a refugee, the law of enforcement of the city turned over to the authority of ex-service men, as the result of discord which marked the culmination of weeks of protest and dissatisfaction with maladministration of the government. A huge demonstration of citizens in peaceful and law abiding protest yesterday afternoon witnessed a sudden transition, through tactless management by those in authority, to an outbreak of violence that was understandable if it could not be condoned.

    There was a time when Newfoundlanders would have scared the crap out of Nalcor and Government executives.

    • Bruno, why not clean up your language? Need you take the conversation into the gutter so often? Loses it's effect when repeated. Why not "a stool show", not the same shock impact? Why not treat the readers here as you do listeners on VOCM Paddy Daly, with a little respect? You have a broad vocabulary. Imagine if Des Sullivan's pieces used profanity on a regular basis, or at all!
      The Uncle gives you, me and others little censorship, which shouldn't be abused. Can we agree to disagree on some points without being nasty, as that cuts both ways?
      You often agree with anonymous comments, other times condemn them absolutely. Gosh, some claim that only anonymous comments can be entirely truthful, as they avoid the backlash.
      UG is no SS. Best to debate and even attack ideas, performance, or whatever, not character? That may be impossible, as ideas and beliefs may flow from one's character, I wonder? Character, I suppose is molded from upbringing, education, life experiences etc, and maybe inheritance too.
      Like facial images, all are different as to character, would you agree, and "that's a good thing"(a tiresome phrase often used by journalists…like "they threw the tea into Boston Harbour, and "that was a good thing")… as Peter Alteen of NP said yesterday of customers switching to heatpumps : "That's a good thing"
      Perhaps you prefer to debate character, and what makes one tick?

      Winston Adams

    • Which comment by Bruno, TM? Yes, let them stand uncensored, but Bruno goes places where Scottie of Startrek would'nt go… "Have a monkey stroke your organ" was a dilly, he said to me. Dozens near as bad. You approve of that style instead of opinions on issues?
      Not afraid of Bruno, are you TM? Watch out if you cross him. I prefer spats on technical issues with him, but lacking points to argue, he attacks personally……his style. Spats are inevitable if he is shallow on technical points. I see the same with the Digger, and recently with Andy Wells twitter, the latter two climate change deniers, and very biased, ignoring credible science for junk science. Andy will be presenting at the PUB ….should be entertaining…..but not live streamed, a pity.

  6. Did anyone miss Ashley Fitzpatrick's work from the Telegram?
    Yesterday at the PUB, VOCM was reporting early,on heatpumps, and today a big piece from CBS online titled "Can you guess what products are selling like hotcakes as Muskrat Falls looms? Heat pumps" 50 comments so far.
    I looked for the Telegram report on this topic, as even the TV stations were reporting on it……but not a word could I find in the online Telegram. Strange I thought. Ashley had been reporting regular on the Leblanc Inquiry, and some were rather good reports. It clicked that I did't recall anything from her for a while……was she still at the Telly I wondered.
    I did a Goggle search…..the last Telegram piece about the end of August. Did she get the heave-oh, I wondered, downsizing, rationalization they might call it?
    I see her Twitter account dried up a while back. Don't know much about Twitter, but soon seen it was under the Telegram, so couldn't take it with her , I guess.
    Then a link that shows she is now connected, this past 2 months, with AllNewfoundlandandLabrador, what't that? I find it is another online publication, based out of Halifax, promoting themselves as "Real Journalism", costs about 100 bucks a year to subscribe. She's no longer with the Telly it seems. Was her former employer, the Telly "Fake Journalism"?
    Yesterday we hear of 57 % increase in heatpumps in Nfld in 2018…..sort of Breaking News. What may have been Ashley's last Tweet, displayed that same chart as to theheatpump uptake,from NP back on July 17, 2 months ago, she having sourced it from the Inquiry files. Go figure. Moreover, her tweet said "look at this gem". Did this tweet 2 months ago tick someone off? Was she getting too critical and objective for Saltwire , Telly executives, that might impact NP/Take Charge advertising? Or just coincidence? In 2012 I had exchanged emails with Askley…..who then was saying she would do a piece, "absolutely" she said, on heatpumps and efficiency issues……., but that never happened….and this was before MFs sanction. Heatpumps uptake 57 % increase…….a GEM indeed. And then she flew the coop, or got run over? A mystery?
    Can anyone comment on the Real Journalism publication? How real is real?
    Winston Adams

  7. The CBC piece confirms that the majority of heat pump installations are minisplits.(they are also cheaper and more efficient than other HPs)
    What does our Consumer Advocate think of them? Great for 30-35 age group, Browne says, but "heat pumps seems to be in vogueand they are working for some people but not everyone can afford a heat pump"…"the govn program will assist 1000 people, but not all"…and "mini-splits may not be a good idea older residents…"depending on your age group a heat pump may not be for you"….If you are retired it may take 10 years ot pay off a heat pump. If you are 30-35 age group …'s a perfect answer. So I would recommend a heat pump to that particular dmoographic" said Browne.
    So, if you are 36 you are over the hill and not suitable for a heat pump. If you are retired (whether age 50, 60, 70 or 80, forget HPs…….that from our Consumer Advocate.
    I bet most installing them are over 35, maybe most over 60. And certainly older people need more heat, a few degrees warmer. Is Browne too old, he's no spring chick. Does he have one, or plan on getting one?
    Is this guy thinking rationally?

    • Anon, wrote a 10 point reply explaining why (engineering economics 101) , we cannot afford not to buy heat pumps, and 2 or 3 conditions to be met…..and pressed published, and it all disappeared. Not sure if I should try again.

    • For a 1200-1500 sq ft he says a monthly saving of 75 to 125 dollars. The average of that is 100 a month saving. How does that compare to what I would say? He is right on the mark.
      My item that failed to post said for a typical house a saving of
      about 1100 a year. A general rule is 60-65 % reduction on electric heat, and 30-35% reduction on the yearly overall power bill.
      The electrician says not to expect too much, but isn't that a huge reductions? At 1200 a year saving on power bills, that is 18,000 over 15 years about 12,000 more than unit cost……..what's not to like?
      Try investing 5000 in a bank GIC and see your savings? Maybe someone can do the calculation? Is it 1 or 2 % gain per year, or less than that?

  8. This foolishness about heat pumps being good for only certain age groups is ridiculous.

    If you can afford a small heat pump, then get one. If the minisplit heats the kitchen and living room and nothing else, then enjoy those warm rooms and let the rest of the house be cold. It is far better to have a warm room than to have to hang out at the Avalon Mall to stay warm. Have more cash? Then get a multi split (four heads), or ducted system, or switch to oil, propane or wood.

    When properly installed, a heating system will increase the value of your home, and you will get it back when you sell it or your kids sell it after your death.

    Are you a land lord? Your apartment will rent faster and for more if the tenants know the utilities are reasonable and that they have cooling in the summer.

    Another good reason for alternative heat sources is that while you might have money now, the future is unknown. By spending money now and installing good infrastructure, you ensure that your future monthly costs will be a low as possible. It is like an insurance policy for a poorer future where every cent counts.

    I can't see any reason why heat pumps shouldn't be the standard heating option in Newfoundland, with cheap baseboard as an emergency backup in ice storms, or if the heat pump needs service.

    I find it disgusting to hear CNC/VOCM interviewing with leading questions: "They only work with open layouts, right? …". Rather than talk about how to make the most of the technology, we are hearing about potential problems. You are too old for a heat pump, you might not have an open layout, it is no good a primary heat source, summer cooling might cost you extra, etc. It is like a propaganda machine protecting the status quo.

    • It is possible to design and build houses that do not need to be heated. By that, I mean they won't freeze up and you'd need a sweater in the winter. To ensure the home is pleasant on long winter weeks when the sun hasn't been seen for days, you can us a small baseboard to warm it up. Heat Pumps aren't even needed because the energy needed is so tiny that the cost of the heat pump cannot be justified.

      We could easily use solar passive techniques to ensure that energy costs are trivial. However, this requires planning. Things like laying out sub divisions so that homes can be oriented south. Getting rid of North facing windows, using triple glazed windows, double wall construction, etc. Yet – builders continue to build crap.

      We can fix part of the problem with heat pump technology – but the rest of the savings come from designing the house in an intelligent fashion.

      We need someone to construct a model home – designed for NL climate and with a big sign on the door with something like $60 a month to heat to 22 C all year long. Then people should demand to look at the heating bills for anything they plan to purchase and demand a substantially lower price.

      Hey Winston — what is the average monthly cost to heat your home? Do you have figures for an solar passive homes in Newfoundland?

    • Good to see good discussion on this:
      Anon @09:48, yes a disinformation propaganda this past decade, and now NP Peter Alteen says "heat pumps are good" so when did they become good? Meanwhile their bozos employees using misinformation at Take Cahrge, paid by our power bills.
      Anon @ 10:01
      Passive design reduces heat load, but even the Flatrock Passive is or has already to use a small minisplit…this about 2000 sq ft , 2 level.
      My 32 year old cottage, I did shell and insulation improvements and a minisplit, and for 1000 St ft, it was 313.00 for heat for a full year , HST extra. About 26.00 per month for heat average. THis used attic mount external unit which gives about 10 % better efficiency, if outside regular , this would be about 29.00 /month, so 348.00 per year. For the passive at 60 a month for 2story , 2000 sq ft, is about correct.
      Since about 80 % of houses are older existing, HPs is best, and improving shell and insulation is best if you can, but not always necessary get good savings anyway.
      VOCM says the govn program a pilot program;laughable, as now about 37,000 operationg in Nfld , about 18 % of all homes this past decade.
      A pilot should have been done 15 years ago, and ALteen could then say 'Heatpumps are a good thing, a great thing even"
      NP own survey form 2014 shows those installing them, 5 % was from the power company info, 65 % from friends and relatives good experince……so that was the pilot, by consumers, and conclusions: >12,000 installed just last year, 2018(NS installed 20,000 in 2011)
      Maybe NP will revamp their CDM? Doubtful if much change given Dennis Browne comment "Good for people up to age 35"
      Perhaps Bruno can suggest an appropriate few words for that comment!
      PS , I achieved about 1.25 watts per sq ft for heat at -17C, a R2000 achieved about 0.9 watts per sq ft for this, detailed moitoring showing this. Standard baseboard installed is 10 watts per sq ft, some newer houses with baseboard using 5 watts per Sq ft installed…….and we wonder why Holyrood is going all out in winter, and now the recent fuel cost increase. It is by incompetent design of energy management. Is that Krista's job at NP, she was on the panel? No media asks her any hard questions. Why?
      Winston Adams

    • THis open concept stuff, is mostly nonsense, but a bit of an advantage. One old 2 story, the guy puts two small minisplits on the main floor, not at all an open concept.One is in the kitchen, and also heats the porch entry area and a small washroom whose doors are open.
      The other is in the living room, this the main area occupied with TV etc. In that space is a stairway to the second floor, with heat going up , so heat up there in winter ideal temperature for sleeping, but no heaters at all needed up there. He uses no baseboard, and cut winter power bill by 42 %. This layout is typical for many older homes.
      Take charge says for HPs your house should be "draft proof" No such thing as even R2000 is about 1 air change per hr, and passive about 0.5 ACH. Infiltration even in these so not draft PROOF. Define a Draft? Certainly air sealing of older houses is good to do, but they use this draft proof crap. Like rainproof outdoor louvers for building……no such thing. They get leakage depending on the wind speed, and even hurricane loauvers leak water through.
      Scallywags big time are running our power companies, stealing our hard earned money, by hook or crook. THey are 2 legged scallywags,
      not the machievious 4 legged ones in the Ads.
      My rant, do I hear a AMEN?

  9. Yogi has some advice for Nalcor.

    “If you don't know where you are going,
    you'll end up someplace else.”

    Here is one for lunkhead "I can only do one thing at a time" Stan

    “It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

    To Gil Bennett

    " We made too many wrong mistakes."

    My favourite,

    "Never answer an anonymous letter."

    Ashley Fitzgerald leaving her all expenses paid tour of MF (by Nalcor in case you don't get how unethical it is for a journalist receiving benefit from the subject of the story)

    " The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase."

    • Didn't she buy her own sandwich enroute to MFs. So 1 % ethics?
      And don't forget her junket to NY City for Fortis listing, she did a nice write up for that. Now she is with Real Journalists, ethics 100%

  10. Developing or even thinking of Gull Island without a firm contract including energy sale rates will be another financial disaster. For Muskrat Falls Nalcor has no firm contract or energy sale rate, except it is Free for 35 years, this happened because there was no Buyer for Muskrat Falls energy ( so no business case).
    Similarly it will be almost impossible to find a buyer for Gull Power, except perhaps Quebec.
    Madan Rana