million views to look at ruse
politicians bid,
thirty million spent on hues
tale sordid
project built to stroke conceit
cost and schedule skid;
few clues in verbal chews
venality and perfid.

Gnarley Blog has cut some smog
Muskrat Falls,
money-trail needs next unclog –
RCMP to trawl?
stole the cash? Should catalogue,
jail their arse to haul.
23, 2019


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


This is the most important set of negotiations we have engaged in since the Atlantic Accord and Hibernia. Despite being a small jurisdiction we proved to be smart and nimble enough to negotiate good deals on both. They have stood the test of time and have resulted in billions of dollars in royalties and created an industry which represents over a quarter of our economy. Will we prove to be smart and nimble enough to do the same with the Upper Churchill?


  1. Uncle Gnarley lives on,with more great verse from the Bard. The few lines says so much, and too, gives a chuckle.

    Breaking news today: Ches is sensing the winds of change as a result of Hurricane Greta, this hurricane coming from Europe now to Nfld, instead of from the Caribbean. Ches now saying climate charge is a urgent matter and a moral matter, and will have policy meetings on what to do. What does the Digger think of that? Do we stop further drilling offshore? Even gradually reduce current production?
    Of course this is yet but words from Ches, and we have heard words for 30 years with little action.
    Read up on James Hansen: long ago said: apply the carbon tax at the source of production, and give back ALL the tax to households. Where is our carbon tax going, to Ball's buddies that donate to his party?
    And too, tomorrow school children given permission by the school board that they can do the strike for Friday.
    Is it too early to pronounce the Sweedish girl Saint Greta?
    Winston Adams

    • Ches on VOCM says he putting together a panel of experts on climate change, but says the carbon tax is not the way to go. Maybe Ches should read up on Hansen.
      Ches last year took a 2 year lease on a large gas guzzler pickup truck…..a mistake he now says. Wants an electric truck, he says.
      Ches needs a truck since he is an avid moose hunter, do you know!
      I recommend an electric scooter for around town, while wearing his robes.
      He was asked if he suggested his PC members to attend the march today. He says he is unable to attend but that her suggestion is a good one, and he will do that. Yet he did't think of that himself.
      Ches, converted? Doubtful. He is flowing with the winds of change, not giving leadership.
      Ches…..of the elite class……the class most responsible for using more fossil fuel that the average bear, as Yogi wound say. VOCM got a commitment from him to let us know when he gets his electric truck.
      What about electricification of our province for EVs, incentives as in other provinces, cars a priority instead of pickups for pretend moose hunters. Is he presenting at the PUB on his ideas?

    • With RCMP to trawl,

      Our hopes on the rocks do fall,

      Dudley is doing F— all,

      SNC accused of fraud,

      Both here and abroad,

      Only in NL do they get a pass,

      While Mounties and RNC sit on their ass,

      Investigate the emperor, here is the impasse,

      If you have the gonads to try, move to head of class!

  2. CBC's Terry Roberts has 2 good pieces:
    1. "Aquaculture conference overshadowed by fish die off". One sub heading says "salmon in hot water" (cute, hey)
    Hundreds of thousands of salmon died on the south coast of Nfld , the cause? High sea temperature. Salmon thrive at sea temperature range of 5-15C. It late August the temperature rose for 2 weeks and the die off started on Sept 2 and took 3 weeks to make headlines. Now the fishery union is shouting and blaming, saying environmental issues is a priority. The temp spike was to 18-21 C! Such a spike for this duration is not normal. Now they say this may be a new normal, and cannot assume it is an isolated incident.
    Now we know from some professed experts who comment on UG ,that fish do not move or react to water temperature. I have stated my research says fish, especially capelin and cod are very sensitive to sea temperature, and now too we see salmon. The salmon, being penned could not run away, nor swim away , so perished, and now gone for pet food..
    2. Roberts second piece " Paul Antle turns idled shipyard into aquaculture hub" ….to accelerate growth in the aquaculture sector. Recall he ran for the Liberal leadership, and also against Ches for a seat. He got a large facility for almost nothing for his project, and approved by Ball today! Perfect storm for the die off and for school strikers on climate change, and fish union concerns.
    Gerry Bryne: to the rescue: die offs now to be reported in 24 hrs.

    In my home town of Bishop's Cove, about 197 living there in January, 9 died since January. My sister died last week. Another neighbour died this morning, so now 10, and only Sept. A human die off it seems, and reflects our health care crisis.
    No children born there this year. My wife who know all, just did her mental resident count and tells me now 187 full time live there. I am not a full time resident. Human die offs is not newsworthy. Is this too the new normal or a spike ?
    Winston Adams

  3. We need a complete data dump from Nalcor's financial system showing $amount, recipient or vendor name, date and description if available. We need this going back to a year before the sanction of MF.

    From this, we generate pie charts to expose the larger recipients (contractors, corporations). From there we can drill down into the shadier stuff like numbered corporations.

    Of course, no such request would even be permitted. Even the RNC needed a court order to get evidence of school board fraud from the auditor general's office.

    I think that information on all payments of public monies should be in the public domain. Secret numbered companies doing business with government should be illegal too.

    Government does not serve us (other than the unfortunate MF protestors), it rules us. We have to constantly fight it to keep it (or at least slow it) from growing into totalitarian monster.

  4. Now that the Greta Thunberg's message is spread far and wide,we see the Telegram Editorial titled 'Greta Thunberg's message to world leaders"
    This I presume by Russell, and the Telly who has largely been silent on the emerging crisis. The Editorial is the words of her speech, not a single comment in praise. Maybe her truth is self evident.
    Tomorrow we likey see the ads again on programmable thermostats and LEDs, near useless measures by our power companies. When will we see an editorial as to Fortis GHG emissions? Or of MUN's cosy relationship with Nalcor and Nfld Powwer, Nfld Hydro?Or question MUN's desire to benefit from offshore oil and gas, or take donations from the fossil fuel industry?
    Even poor old PENG2 on this blog has gone silent,his day is done, not wanting to rock the boat, as to meaningful climate change measures.
    The Digger is feeling the heat too, his climate heating denial is losing the battle. But like Trump , he huffs and puffs from the far side of Canada, right into Nfld via Peckford 42.
    Seems even many adults are getting the feeling of panic, of what a problem we face. The crisis caused by the present older generation, with 30 years of doing nothing and casting a blind eye, where ignorance is bliss.
    Now with politicians, they are tripping over each other,as to who is most green. James Hansen long ago said they offer only greenwash. Ches , this morning spewing lots of greenwash, and others too.
    Beware of wolves with green clothing.
    Winston Adams

    • M. Trudeau is making the best of it. He says he will march with the young uns in Montreal tomorrow. Will any deniers show up? How about Ches, Moe, Kinney, Bernier, Ball, Higgs? Get the youth vote out. Privately commit your own vote to your child's request. Peckford, sadly, like some of his supporters, is on the "wrong side of history"

    • No denial but let us see the science. We are not as stupid as the climate fear mongers who declare emergency or crisis to gain votes from the green uninformed public. Trudeau is a black/brown faced racist, terminological inexactitude. Let us not follow shim into dark.

    • What good to see the science and not understand the science?
      If you cannot even find the science accumulated over the past 50 years, you are more than just blind, but too lazy to look.

      And now MUN too declares a climate emergency! Whooopee.
      So lets have a meeting once a year to monitor the emergency, have a mitigation plan, and an "oversight committee" composed of the fossil fuel companies.The oil and gas industry can be sponsors, and Charlene Johnson the spokesperson.
      What a joke, MUN who stayed silent to enable the boondoggle, now see an emergency for the earth's climate.

  5. Mr. Living-In-A-Fiscal-Dreamworld Osborne said he "won't sacrifice services" so as to get a handle on the horrendous state of provincial finances.

    You mean you don't dare trim the fat off the most bloated public service in all of Canada. Otherwise that publicly-funded house of cards you bloody fools have built your provincial economy around will collapse.


    At least the looming bankruptcy will serve to relieve these dimwitted fools and dodgy skeets of any kind of responsibility for fiscal matters.

  6. Yes, everyone gone all foggy and green here in the past few days. Now elsewhere they would call it smog, but here it is fog. Yes pure fog that has been on the grandbanks and our costal areas, long before my time, and occasionally it creeps onshore, and we love it not. Blocks out the sunshine along with the higher clouds. Now while I am up in the clouds, air travel comes to mind. What per cent age of oil or pollution dies air travel contribute to global change. I have no idea. Now we are going to make car travel green with electricity or batteries. How about air travel, where there be solar panels to fly planes, or batteries. Haven't looked it up or heard anyone mention how we will deal with air travel. Just wondering haw many at the big clock rally will be flying off to warmer climates in the next six minths or so, or how many walked, bicycled or took the bus to the rally today. If we are going to talk the walk we have to walk the talk, says average Joe.

  7. Seems awareness for climate crisis this past week is gone VIRAL. Amazing.
    People ask What's the Plan? Tired of talk talk talk and no action.
    As Greta said First you must Panic, then take Action. Many starting to panic, a necessary first step.
    Winston Adams

  8. Anyone see the astro-turfing this morning? It would appear, given the massive size of the climate protest that it was a massive grass roots movement. Instead, the kids got to get out of class to join the march. As a kid, I'd have joined to. Nothing in VOCM indicates that the kids had time off to participate. They are just pawns in someone else game.

    This is the size of march that us adults should have organized against Muskrat Falls, but failed to do.

    • Yes, no worth while large protests against MFs
      I have five grandchildren, none attended the strike. sad. The 2 families main income earners are oil industry workers. One grandchild, age 14, asked if he could take the holiday and was told, only if he attended the strike, otherwise he had to attend school . He chose to go to school.
      Seems parents, my kids, never encouraged them to march (bias due to having fossil fuel income)? Although they recently mentioned voting GREEN

    • Teach Your Children
      Crosby, Stills & Nash, Crosby, Stills & Nash
      You who are on the road
      Must have a code that you can live by
      And so become yourself
      Because the past is just a good-bye.
      Teach your children well,
      Their father's hell did slowly go by,
      And feed them on your dreams
      The one they picks, the one you'll know by.
      Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you, you will cry,
      So just look at them and sigh
      And know they love you.
      And you, of tender years,
      Can't know the fears that your elders grew by,
      And so please help them with your youth,
      They seek the truth before they can die.

  9. For me, the climate marches are more newsworthy than the Trump impeachment news.
    This week 6 million marches, is reported.
    New Zealnd :170,000, of which 40,000 marched to their parliament buildings. New Zealand about 3.5 % of the population
    Italy : 1 million today
    Montreal , 500,000
    St Johns, 4000 , last time was 150. For Nfld about 1% of the population

    Ball says he already has a good climate action plan. And to use Nfld oil as it is cleaner, as we can up production. Off with his head!But he would just stick it back on.He drives an Audi?
    See how green they are by what they drive, Ches the big pickup. What do others drive?

    For laughs Google " The Greta Thunberg Problem" (First Dog on the Moon)
    7500 has viewed that today…..very funny is it not?

    AJ asks about clean airplanes. I think the answer is biofuel.
    Also Bombardier has tested already battery skidoos, and will soon hit the market.

    Best media coverage today, for me was VOCM, followed by CBC online and the then the Telegram. The Telegram showed video of Nfld school kids , maybe 8-10 years old very knowledgeable about climate change. Surprised me. Many adults think coal burning has been obsolete since the 1960s, so adults are mostly stun as to the problem but learning from the kids.
    Then too, I am a computer dummy compared to kids.
    Greta raked Trudeau over the coals too, he had to agree with her completely. She tweeted the march at St John's.
    Of the politicians, I think Malone is the most credible as green at heart.
    Hey….greenheart is the wood used on the Village Belle Schooner, that resisted ice floes. Malone ….call him Old Greenheart. The others today Jack Harris even , wolves in green clothing, I think,….suddenly turned green like Ches. What does Jack Drive?
    To think, a young girl a lone protester for months on the doorsteps of Sweden parliament building, being ignored. Now this week 6 million follow her. More important than Trump, than the Pope, than James Hansen, even more important than Bruno's public persona. Bruno must agree with me on that?
    Has it tipped the needle any for PENG2 investment strategy?
    Winston Adams

    Montreal , 500,000
    St John's 4000 (last time it was about 150). If 1000 inthe rest of Nlfd, this isabout 1% of our population.

  10. The Rerun Hump and his men are about to be taken down by little Nancy and little Shift. Yes, all Reruns, even a rerun of Nixon. Nothing orgional all replays. So back in the 70's Nixon order a break in if the Democratic offices, to get info or political dirt on The Dems for the up coming election. Then tried to cover it up, Dean spilled the beans, so Nuxon was impeached, but resigned from office before he could be removed. The Hump and his hinch men tries the same thing, nothing orgional, only more blatant and out in the open. The Hump calls Ukraine looking for political dirt on his opponent, Biden, and uses foreign aid to bribe Ukraine, then tries to cover it up, but not really, and the whistle blower confirms the bribery. His hinch men are also Reruns, big reruns, no holds Barr, a former DOJ and back in the same position, POMP..former head of the CIA, and Julia, partner in crime, and former mayor if NY city. Yes, the bigger they are, the heavier they fall, all four and more. Brought down by little Shift, and little Nancy, will not really they brought them selves down, by getting too big for their breaches, and disregard for the Rule of Law, and The Constitution. My prediction of the obvious, says Joe blow.

    • Lol…I am not here to defend the Dems or anyone else. But many accusations can be made by anyone, especially humpy with is 12, 000 lies and counting. But maybe it was the docia that involved Hilliary, and the lock her up campaigne, that you are referring to. Sure by all means bring anyone to justice if you have the proof, and proven guilty. That is just The Rule of Law and you are not too powerful to be above the law. Joe blow.

  11. The Digger, Brain Peckford, digs a bigger hole to damage his once admired reputation. He attacks the school girl Greta Thunberg via comments of Bjorn Lomberg. Who is he? He was a professor of political science in Denmark who wrote " The Skeptical Environmentalist" UG readers can google that title under Wikipedia to see his character.
    His book was a hit, but dismissed by Scientific American, Nature, and others science publications, that it was "scientifically dishonest".
    Then after in Denmark an investigation that he had a lack of expertise in relevant fields, and accused of many wrong doings. Then that it was not deliberate. then ethics investigations; and a petition of 308 scientists from social sciences supported him while a counter petition of 640 from the medical and natural sciences against him. ….and that details of his many errors and flaws that he misled deliberately, in order to mislead.
    Like at Leblanc Inquiry , experts should be considered expert only in the fields they have expertise. Recall one saying he never heard of an unreliable transmission line! Some expert. Or Stan that heatpumps can't reduce peak demand!
    The Digger sinks to a new low, digging deeper.
    By Lomberg's reasoning, poor countries should burn more coal say, if it improves their living standard and less poverty. This using the 'native ' resource argument. Why should poor India , or China buy Ball's sweet , expensive offshore oil, when they have cheap coal, locally or from Australia?
    Read up on Lomberg, who Peckford admires, to attack our sweet Greta.
    Seems PENG2 too, I think, uses some of Lombergs approaches. Can he comment on Lomberg?
    Winston Adams
    Winston Adams

    • WA @ 10:22:

      Not quite sure I understand why you think I use similar approaches as does Lomberg.

      Honestly, I don't know his work – and to be fair, I wouldnt pay much attention to a piece of work by a person who is well outside their field as a factual piece anyway. Best description I know of is his book was an opinion – not a scientific work.

      Does his opinion hold some credence – possibly, if we consider potential nuclear weapon deployment, phrama resistance bacterium, political instability among other issues as being bigger (or at least as big of a threat as climate change). No doubt climate change is very important, but if we say 100yrs for climate change to have a detrimental effect on mankind – there are other issues that could potentially affect us before that.


    • PENG2, what I read is that: to be investigated in Denmark, it was because he claimed himself it was indeed scientific, so not an opinion as you suggest, in his mind.
      Yes some small credence to his work, but the scientist Stephen Hawkings said global warming was a bigger threat than nuclear war….so you go against Hawkings?
      Cost effectiveness of measures is important of course, even as with CDM
      You say "if" climate change takes 100 yrs to have a detrimental effect on mankind…….the climate scientists said 12 years to make big cuts, and now about 11 years. You are a geotechnical engineer, a scientist almost , and you sound like the denier Peckford? Soothing for you, your children and grandchildren, if no impact until 100 years. Is your mind so influenced to deny the science, PENG2? Some alarmists say it is all over in 5 years, the end will come. I suggest we are on the slippery slope this past 30 years, and the slope getting worse. Maybe a bit like the North Spur, who can tell for sure and when, but you will not live downstream you say.
      You are aware of the many climate tipping points, starting to tip likely. The AMOC, the Gulf stream that heats Europe down 15 % but one example, due to fresh water meld off Greenland. Mankind is largely ignorant of the consequences from tipping points, but scientists see it more.

    • WA @ 22:16:

      You have skewed what I have said – nowhere near my intent.

      For starters, the Danish Committee on Dishonesty found his work to be scientifically dishonest, but Lomberg wasn't cupable since he has no expertise in the field of environmentalism. Granted this was appealed and turned over, but the DCOD also said it would investigate further since it's opinion was unchanged. Only Lomberg (or his followers) claims his 'opinion' are factual or anymore than an opinion.

      As for disagreeing with Hawkings – I never said that. I gave a couple of examples of issues facing civilization now that, IF climate change takes 100yrs to metastasize, could play havoc with the planet before then.

      I am not going to downplay any of these issues – but nor do I think the focus should solely be on climate change when there are other equally pressing issues.

      That is what I said.


    • Didn't mean to skew, but found your comment not clear.
      Certainly there are other serious issues, always was , always will be.
      But your 100 year for climate change to metatasize, when so much evidence of serious impacts now, implies a low priority of kicking the can down the road as to serious action to counter it? Do I misinterpret you?

    • WA @ 19:35:

      I use 100yrs only as an example – could have used 50yrs just as easily.

      We have heard a lot about risk analysis lately, but when I look at the other threats from a risk perspective, I am not sure climate change outweighs them all – a lot of the threats I mentions have equal costs $wise and socially to climate change.

      Again, only an observers opinion since I am neither a political scientist nor a biologist.


    • Interesting PENG2, it seems you are a climate crisis denier, and close to a climate change denier. You will say that is not so.
      But the Climate change panel says 12 years, 2030 for major reductions to have already happened, this now about 11 years, and you reduce your 100 years to 50, and say other issues just as serious.
      You an observer, yes, as we all are, but you have special technical skills to dive deep if you prefer.
      Climate science seems to encompass many areas, not just biology, and what is political scientist? A soft science, that permits denial?
      50 years give you a clear conscience that impact will not be in your lifetime! So, kick the can down the road?
      You do state you are "not sure' climate change out weights them all. Maybe that is because you have not done a deep dive into many of the hundreds of ways of negative impact, and dozens of scientific fields? Read the reports or even summaries.
      Your field of expertise allow to be unsure of the North Spur safety, such that you would not live downstream, nor would I.
      Your intelligence, I suggest, permits you to do a deeper dive into other fields to see if you should reduce 50 years before acting, to zero years. Indeed, action should have started 30 years ago. To stabilize and revers climate change is a massive undertaking, and questionable if time permits.I look forward to your reply.
      Winston Adams

  12. It made me smile:
    The Digger is very worried that the Greens are doing well and may hold importance in a minority govn
    He cites the Greens opposition to fossil fuels including :COAL, tar sands, and fracking,(not F..King) beside convention gradual reduction.
    Not a pretty picture he says.
    SO FROM HIS OWN MOUTH: coal and tar sand, lets have more of that too , good for the economy. Peckford , an old fossil. What a shame. He is CRACKED, crazy maybe, as much as the Hump in the States.
    Winston Adams

  13. Hey, what's going on, almost noon and not one comment on UG, all tongue tied? Or artritis in the fingers?
    I have an excuse, a medical appointment at 9:00. Then at the drug store , bought 3 books: Pirates of the North Atlantic, 19.95: The Commander (Life and times of Harry Steel, 29.95; and Street cars of St John's, 22.95.
    Then a tank of dirty fossil fuel for my 2005 Prius, ( I do this about once every 6-8 weeks, not having an EV yet).So, doing my bit, but not enough to save the planet. Then busy reading the Telegram on the student march.
    What your excuses fellow readers? Waiting for Des Sullivan to post? Give him a break , I say.
    Winston Adams

    • Give us a break with your incessant retorts hourly.

      It is a DISADVANTAGE to others when it is all your blather when you have nothing new to add. Get out your slide rule and do some research and report so we have cause to tune in.

  14. One moment Dr Bruno welcomes me back , then a slap down. What of value in his few words?
    I am very busy, dispensed with the street car book in one hour, but worth every cent: electrification of transportation in St John's early in the last century: powered from Petty Hr hydro plant, lot of old and new photos of the exact same place, what a difference.

    Then with my slide rule, sort of: to test my hypothesis: the climate change thing is most all a female thing, maybe why Dr Bruno is so behind the times. I estimated from computer screen, and TV shots in St Johns, that maybe as much as 90% , but no less than 75 % are females, girls.
    So the Telegram has a great color shot and faces easily seen. I decide I can count the ratio. I did the females, took maybe 15 minutes, and counted 103. Later to do the other…..stay tuned for this cutting edge research , to be found only on UG.
    I then get distracted when a 1979 white Corvette pulled to my door.A muscle car. Not driven by Greta, as you can imagine.
    Then I switch to book 2, The Commander: Harry Steele. Interesting for many reason. In 54 pages he goes from a poor lad form Rural Nfld to very high position in the Navy , and a stock investor on the side, for his first 1 million. His business recently sold for what …..over 500 million? Never did hear much in the public about Steel, low key, not like Craig Dobbin, some ways similar. Some parallel with me even, except I am much richer, as you guess. While a commander in the Navy, he drive a VW bug. My first new car too a Bug, after my degree in 1971.
    He joined the Naval to assist his degree at university, I the Air Force. He stuck with the Navy , I exited the Force. Why did I buy the book?
    A photo of his favourite fishing lodge (he owned 5) Adlatok near Hopedale , Labrador……., other wise I would never have bought it, but well worth it for anyone interested in Nfld History.
    So I blather on, with something new, just for the Doctor Bruno. Buy Made in Nfld, help th eeconomy…..Nfld History. Harry was 5 when last Nfld went broke and took over by the Commission. Can't yet say if I admire him a lot or not, he was very successful, and a risk taker. Steeles are into cars.maybe they will be reps for Tesla EVs? Then our Dr will say good thing, Elon will save the world with batteries.

    • Ok , the ratio: 63% female, girls and women, 37% male, boys and men ,(110 F, 66M, about 65% more F than M). Of the females the vast majority are teens, whereas males, most teens but maybe a little higher percentage older males than percent older females, my guess. About 10 children on the photo.
      My estimate form TV and computer and even this telegram photo was off considerably, so actually more males than thought.
      But then as women brought men out of the caves, maybe now they can prevent us from going back to caves. This is no doubt female led, a good thing, but mostly men in high places holding back the movement. Does the DR approve of this slide rule research?

    • And maybe like the Christian movement, women in the first century were important, and then got sidelined by men wearing dresses, and women to the back of the line!And those men often abusers as we now. Now many men are politicians turn Green, of all stripes, who can be the greenest, but no plan details.

    • The Commander: a disappointment Bruno. A PR book. You might find it sickening, maybe not. The Commander had a public persona, as I see on other comments is your concern too.
      Indeed, Greens might say that such capitalists is much of the cause of present climate crisis: no end to business expansion. Steele likely twice as good as Stan Marshall at business,to personal gain, so many admire that.
      Maybe you say "I could have told yous so, or you know nothing of him? A nice man, they say. A really good man? I cannot say that, and never met him.

    • Can't say much about the Commander, Winston, but in my teens was under his command for a very, very short time. But knew someone who knew him quite well, and related that he did drive a "bug", and could get a hotel room at Gander, or Grand Falls, anytime he was passing through, Free of charge. Yes a generous man is how he described him. Joe blow. Will have to get his book.

    • Joe, The book is largely a sketch of his business acumen, commentary and praise mostly from business associated, and some from family. I am glad I got the book,(wasn't published by a Nfld company) and not all finished yet.
      Frank Moores is mentioned once,some on Craig Dobbin, John Lundrigan, not at all. But from George Bush to Paul Martin and much from his Jewish friend who admires Steels's skills (they went on many cruises together…..mostly to discuss business .
      I think Dobbin and Steele would be bookends as to very successful Nfld business men, but who had great benefit from lobbying government. Steele mostly his own lobbyist, access to the top, and military career was an asset.
      My other book : Pirates of Nfld, Easton etc, not read yet.
      On reflection, I wondered to call Steele or Dobbin a pirate would be wrong, as they worked within the law.Perhaps "privateers" would be better, in context of today and big business;like Facebook etc.
      There is a photo of Steele at the Labrador camp with top political figures that would drive Bruno bananas maybe. All camp expenses free, paid by Steele's company.
      Both Dobbin and Steele were beneficiaries of massive use of fossil fuel, Craig with helicopters, Steele with airlines and transport.
      Climate change was hardly on the agenda then, now it is. So one photo of Harry by the jet engine of the 737.
      Rockaflla's children who handle the foundation have divested of oil, which the grandfather made his wealth from….so things change. Steele got out of transportation and into radio, and recently sold off by his yuongins, aver 500 million, not bad as Harry worked first 3 years as a labourer. And without successful business , where do the jobs come from? So, a lot of new old money now in the hands of the kids. Their challenge is to spend, donate and invest wisely, hopefully to benefit the Nfld economy in good ways.
      Winston Adams
      On r

    • Boyz, you are talking about the past bus drivers of policy. Please concentrate on those who are leading us astray today, and for the foreseeable children's future. When do we get stan's next cost forecast to complete? How many contract disputes and claims remain on the books? where are the overpaid contracts people finding new contracts? Are we getting holyrood up for the Winter peak load? How much energy are we importing from NS coal fired? Did Trudeau give his planned shut down of Lingan and Trenton? Are there any red worms in your compost pile?

    • A friend told me 3 hr ago; Harry was belligerent, called the pilots 'oversexed bus drivers"! Maybe others know the exact words, this is not in the book that I have seen so far. I suppose Nfld/ Lab weather one of the most difficult anywhere, so those pilots were rather skilled, I think. From his military background, (He never wanted to be a pilot), but knew the expertise of military pilots: so the put down.
      A proper biography would capture his character in more detail, warts and all. 8 million stories in the naked city…….how many in Gander? Maybe a few incidents in his long career, so I can't much judge him, but deserving of more than this book.

  15. The Hump is on with more Demogragy. Demanding the identify of the whistle blower. He knows the law. The WB has followed all the legal procedure and is entitled to protection for his family, but hum pie is urging his followers to root him out, is that with gunfire, or mailed deadly explosives. He calls the WB a traitor and treasonous, and you know what we use to do with them. The Hump is now even promoting civil war. All Demogragy, says Joe blow.

    • A real whistle blower in the CIA is someone like Edward Snowden who is reporting crimes of which he has first hand knowledge of and against his own organization wishes. A whistle blower takes a great risk. I think this whistle blower is highly suspect and it appears to be a soft coup attempt on behalf of his employer.

      You can look at comments in the New York Times and they are all condemning the outing of the whistle blower. Yet none of these people are supporting Bradley Manning (helicopter shooting journalists and ambulances), Julian Assange (Vault 7 leak of CIA / NSA abuses, Clinton foundation e-mails, Podesta etc.) or Edward Snowden.

      It seems that it all depends on who you are blowing the whistle on. If it supports the establishment, then they are a hero, if not, then they are vilified by the mainstream (state propaganda) press.

  16. MUN president, who was paid 470,000 a year, gets a million severance package, entitled to 170,000 a year pension, but will stay on and work at a different job.
    300 million a year subsidy for MUN equated to about 2500 every family in Nfld on average pays for this crap.
    Students say as many as 75 % of students don't attend classes as instuctors are boring. MUN with 400 M in infrastructure in disrepair, while spending 300 M on a new building, and now to add electric heating loads while we are being told that oil burning at Holyrood is expected to increase! Really GREEN!
    The President was in place as Wade Locke endorsed the boondoggle, and consulting on the side for hundreds of thousands. And guys like Bruneau discouraged from making waves about the MFs alternatives.
    ED, the 6 million dollar man got his reward big time, and now this guy well rewarded…….for what? His contract required it.
    We are taken as fools to be paying for this. LOCK EM UP.
    And too this DIAMOND fella heading up Eastern Health, as health care goes into undeclared crisis.
    Winston Adams

  17. Winston, Dr Bruno accuses you of "retorts", and saying nothing new.
    Seems the jealous doctor B uses retorts against your comments, which often appear when comments slow down, and you often say something new.Seems he trolls you.

  18. CO2 lags global temperature changes and does not drive them. Solar output is directly correlated to global warming and cooling. Any potential dramatic climate changes will be due to the Sun or volcanic activity not human activity.

    The idea that the man made contribution to CO2 is leading to a climate catastrophe, and that we must do something drastic, is fear mongering driven by a huge industry that benefits — governments and carbon taxes for example. First create an enemy, then offer a solution. I remember when an ice age was predicted, then global warming and population explosion. Now it is "climate change", which I argue has always changed and always will.

    Remember Wade Locke, Ph.D. head of MUN economics and his bogus studies supporting Muskrat Falls? We were told there was a dire need for power and that MF was the lowest cost option. All lies. There are unfortunately thousands of scientists and academics that will say whatever is required to get more contracts or grants.

    On the flip side, engineers like Dr. Steve Bruneau provided an alternative view (using offshore natural gas) and our government commissioned bogus research to say the opposite to suppress his idea. He was uninvited from speaking engagements. Furthermore, his tenure app was threatened as a warning to him and others that might dare dissent.

    I find it most unfortunate that critical thinking is absent in much of the population and that popular main-stream media (CBC, CNN, NyTimes, Globe and Main etc.) have become the corporate arm of state propaganda. Anyone who dissents is labeled a denier or conspiracacy theorist or just ad hominum attacked. Many things can no longer be said without being labeled hate speech, even if the statement is absolutely true.

    Is it too late to stop our descent into a totalitarian society that only benefits the wealthy and where dissent is brutally squashed, anonymity is illegal, and everyone has a social credit score? It seems we are well on that path.

    • Yes Robert, ocean temp 18-21 C for up to 13 days. Salmon in pens crowded.
      1. If wild, ,these salmon wear 'Niki shoes" so they can run away from the Gulf Stream warming (recall my exchange with Bruno on temps for capelin and cod, and Bruno ridiculed temp effect. I said they avoid unsuitable temps and he said, "sure, they want to run away, your analysis is useless"
      2. the flow of the Gulf Stream is reduced 15 %, and fresh water from Greenland melts is affecting the Labrador current which undershoots the Gulf Stream.
      3. From Florida up to Maine, NS and now into parts of Nfld, the ocean getting warmer, especially the south coast, yet the NE getting colder since the 1980 with much melt up north.
      4. The warm water didn't kill the salmon, but they had less oxygen , so suffuicated, and many crowd together at the bottom of the pens, their Niki shoes useless.
      Conclusion: Climate change, climate crisis. It may get worse going forward.
      They considering making deeper pens and adding oxygen in such conditions. As to deeper pens, they should have been monitoring temperature constantly, and at various depths, to see if extra depth would be of benefit…..so likely they don't have that data.
      DFO I suggest has not done the science to closely monitor whats going on around Nfld oceans, and maybe a cone of silence of what they do know, least it cause opposition of the off shore oil drilling.
      In Europe I think, such fish farming must be on land where water temp can be better controlled.

      This a symptom of what? Turning a blind eye to science and climate change. and willfully so, : a crime.
      Winston Adams

    • Is it not odd Robert that this was the only Bay affected by the cold water. Lice stress the fish, up to over 200 per fish is mega stress that any environmental stress is deadly. The temp is again a convenient lie.

      Once again the solution to the problem is land based farms where all parameters are monitored and controlled like temp and there are no lice etc.

    • Like on your coast Robert they will deny the lice are the real problem despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary because they realize the industry survival depends on the big lie.

      Canadian governments are particularly good at the "Big Lie", they have been at on this coast since 1990 or so. If you tell the big lie often enough it might be believed despite all the evidence.

      Goebbels perfected it, Trump is a bad imitation.

    • Of course lice can be a problem, especially if fish are in the verge of dying from lack of oxygen. But lice unlikely the root cause.
      Bruno is frantic to cling to his idea that water temperature is a non issue for fish. a Gobbels lie he says, so implied both Govn and I are Gobbels character, a new low for the Dr. to attack the messenger…..Bruno being Bruno, when facts don't support his whims, and his slim fishery knowledge..
      Anyone can Goolge "Fish water temperature preference" to see charts of fish and water temperature. Bruno must have his own charts modified with a Sharpie, to show NO PREFERENCE.
      Who is telling the BIG LIE ? Govn is almost 30 years late to admit temperature influence, but Bruno is not there yet.Only lice at play. LOL.
      Winston Adams

    • Wisdom is to acknowledge that one has little knowledge, :reference a quote from MA, maybe from Socrates. Yes, I have little knowledge, and I rely on science of other experts that are indeed experts, not fake ones.
      Only thing worse than a little knowledge is almost no knowledge, but thinking they are very knowledgeable, an illusion of the WEED.

    • FROM "Saltwater Sportsman: On the east coast of the USA large fringes or eddies of tropical water often breaks of from the Gulf Stream and moves out colder water. ….. a rapid change in temperature can bring in or clear the fish away". So why so insistent that the high temperatures did not cause the salmon to die? Climate change don't cause change, that this never happened before? You , Bruno is rigid in your thinking, not open minded, neurons backfiring, get a new weed brand and try, but doubt if it will help. Obvious you read little if any fishery research and changes happening. You never did tell UG readers the content of your 2 week fishery course. LOL

    • As a boy on the Burin, it was self evident that the waters on the Southwest Coast were subject to the Gulf Stream effect. How was it that smart entrepreneurs in the Salmon Farming Biz. did not know this?

  19. BREAKING NEWS (that even Bruno must agree with me is good?)
    A wind farm in the North Sea: rotor wheel diameter 220 M (715 feet) , height 260 M , Each to produce rated 12 MW, a new GE unit.
    The total wind farm to feed 4.5 million homes, each feeds 16,000 homes.
    Each 4 times bigger than each of existing in Nfld now , which are 3 MW. Norway's Equinor (our Nalcor?) in a joint venture. Power at 5 cents per kwh , so no cost increase to customers.
    Today, on the ROCK, we get the kick in the ass of 6 % increase due to more oil use at Hoyrood, despite wasting 12.7 Billion. This a "step" change in offshore wind technology.
    Bruno agrees 100% ?
    Winston Adams

    • One chart shows for Atlantic salmon: preference 15.3 C(60F)
      Range: 12.1 – 15.1 C), C (54-59 F). So 18-21 C was experinced for 13 days, and fish are not stressed? Not short of breath. They must be panting like hell, needing fish oxygen masks. Maybe MUN Innovation Center can make them?
      Put that in your pipe and smoke it Dr Bruno, and discard the weed you smoke, must be a bad brand.
      Winston Adams

    • Yes
      1. You, A self professed promoter of renewable wind energy is not impressed with this 12 MW wind unit, a huge step up in capacity. So, you a fake renewable guy?
      2 That the thermometer, and now remote satelite temperature sensing, and records kept for generations give us much data for climate changes, impacting fish, agriculture , species movement, ocean changes etc. Nothing ad hominum about scientfic data, the simple or complex, that you avoid and switch to character attacks that all are stupid except you, a genius in your own mind. Trump, the Hump, too described himself as a genius, and you imply to yourself every day. You must have been a hard case as a child, and never changed.
      Question: Do you know a intelligent fool is? Maybe you can write it in Latin?
      If you were first to see the report on 12 MW wind, you'd be posting links, or maybe not, Bruno Batteries is Bruno's baby, which generate no new energy, a minor player in world energy systems yet. Wake me up when it does, instead of your silly links. This wind leap is huge in technology gain, and you don't acknowledge it. Foolish Bruno. To the back of the class I say.


    • As you suggest Bruno, I have but a little knowledge, unlike you.
      As I have stated before, I am a computer dummy. Most 10 year olds know the tricks of computers better than I do. I will have to have someone teach me how to properly supply links.
      However I am a better researcher than average, I suggest, and dive deep most of the time.
      Certainly my slide rule is bigger, about 12 inches long, and likely a relic now for some museum. In the mid 1970s a small calculator with good functions cost about 4000 dollars, Nfld Hydro bought 2, I think, ……these now about 10.00 cost.
      Maybe other of my tools are bigger too? Analytical ones of course, but that is a biased opinion.
      You may have more artistic capability than me, your verse, and song references, are not bad. Maybe the weed brand enhanced that and diminishes other faculties?
      Why do you not question PENG2 on his notion of 100 years for climate change impact?
      You are right, better to post links….Robert does this all the time, and I often will read them and comment on the content, so others don't have to read the links unless they want to.
      For the 12 MW wind units, this one farm will supply 5 % of UKs energy needs.Offshore wind is usually 40% or more costly than onshore for many reasons, but still this is 5 cent power, it says 40 British pounds per MWhr, below typical wholesale cost of energy there. Units are 1/3 bigger than any other existing, and will be the world's most powerful offshore wind turbines.
      Your suggestion that I do no post links to imply my information is unreliable? Tut, tut , tut! Bruno, why would I steer you or anyone wrong?
      Google "World's largest wind turbines to be built off Yorkshire coast" and you will find it. Then spread the word, and say Winston told you, so must be right, unless having a bad day!
      Winston Adams

  20. Just a word on the tunnel, since it's been a hot topic with paddy the last few days. First of all we, the people of this province are not building anything, tunnel roads etc. Because we can't afford a free lunch for the next number of years. So give up this WE that Paddy talks about. Most indications come from the Feds, like they did on PEI, and if they can entice the private sector. So it is the Feds and the private sector not NL. So why deny or critize the gifted horse. If the Feds want to build it, tell them go, full speed. So why bring up silly stuff, like route 138 in QC., no hotels or gas stations, no one will come, or no users, too long, too much snow in winter time, and any other negatives that the cat can drag in. And then the most rediclouse of Paddy linking rate mitigation by the Feds rather than a tunnel. That's like a parent offering to build you a house, and you say no, don't do that, help me pay for my gas guzzler that I have in a rented driveway. Now I like Paddy, he does and says a lot of good things, but he is way off base on this one, like he was when he promoted muskrat in its early days, and a direct link to eddies office to spread his propoganda on the air waves. So let the Feds go ahead if that's what they want to do says Joe blow.

  21. Google ;zoom.earth
    See the deplorable state of Mother Earth. so little green, so much desert, most of Africa, Australia, much of Spain, Arab countries etc.
    To the right, you can zoom in and out. See Greenland and the ice cover. Notice so much on the west of Greenland now not ice covered. Our icebergs are coming from there, but now you have to go to the extreme left top of Greenland to see ice right to the shoreline. Indeed, white Greenland now getting significantly green. Poor old earth, a chance in hell to be held suitable for mankind. Have a look PENG2, and Brain Peckford, and tell me the school strikers are wrong, that the climate scientists are wrong. Don't worry for another 100 years yet?
    Amazing what the satelites show.
    Then notice Hurricane Lorenzo, never heard it mentioned. This last few days, Cat 5, the strongest on record, for that path, now heading for Ireland. It tuned north instead of toward Florida, and had water temperatures of 82 F, to boost it. A new world record for the east Atlantic. Yes sea temperature a factor too, as for fish. Surf was up in North Carolina form this storm , 2000 miles away!
    A factoid: Only for our ocean absorbing the excess heat, our air temperature would not have risen 1.1C this past century, but would rise 37C. Now even the sea is being seriously affected, and we ignore that too.
    Winston Adams

  22. Too many fish: not enough oxygen. What do fish do….Die. The recorded temps for 13 days was it 21 degrees. A little colder temp near the bottom of cage, all fish congregate there. Too many fish in the same area, depleates the available oxygen. Why didn't they do something about it? First time it happened so a steep learning curve. Which means it should not happen again if the water temps and oxygen levels are properly managed and action taken. Don't have any first hand or expert knowledge, but my common scense would tell me that. Now what might happen if the temps get too cold? They better figure it out before too late. Should also note that wild salmon and farmed salmon do not need the same temps to survive. Plus as wild salmon go up stream, water quite warm in summer time, but still lots of oxygen says Joe blow.

  23. Figuring out how to pay for 29 cent electricity is like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. We will sink under the weight of the utility bills, taxes, fees and levies and it doesn't matter what they are called — it all comes out of our bank accounts.

    "Without rate mitigation, Liberty estimates that electricity would cost 29 cents per kWh by 2039. We currently pay less than half that."

    Liberty recommends a staff cut of 113 (many at high levels), and even after this, it will still have more executives / cronies than any other crown corp in Canada. Nalcor disputes this of course.

    I also saw somewhere that GE is still having software problems that affect the DC link and that Bay d'Espoir hydro plant has penstock problems.

    Everything is going wrong. Does this mean that Holyrood will soon be going full throttle to supply NL and NS, while we get whacked with more fuel surcharges?

    Our impoverished university full of run down buildings yet a brand new $300 million dollar science building, totally funded with our tax monies, pays the president $460,000 a year, plus $1500 a month for housing, $1000 a month for a car, $2500 a year for a tax accountant, and a wonder termination clause that gives another two years pay. Why? Who signs these contracts?


    This province is run like a mafia and everywhere you look, we are being shaken down for money.

    • Anon:22:17, good points especially about our beloved, handsome, spin thrif president. If you get get the brave fearless media to repeat that several hundred times a day, like when there was a dusting of snow in Labrador on September 30th. Then maybe everyone might be aware of it and not just the few that read UG these days. And expose those who sign those kind of contracts, as if we were overflowing with cash, rather than can't afford a free lunch. How many know these facts, maybe at least the students may come out in protest by the thousands as they did a few days ago on climate change. We can't afford these kind of fat cats anymore and the same for nalcor, too many fat cats. If you are putting up hydro rates, down comes your salaries, yes I would say for every one cent inc, 1000 fold decrease in salary. If you have too many employees and you don't want to reduce, then reduce everyone's salary. And then if you want to leave, just leave, and others are standing by to take your position, or at least 90 percent of your jobs, non world class, fat cats. And sure levy can complain about leaving as often as he wants, but after a while a broken record is just a broken record, no matter how often you play it. So sure play away, as Joe blow don't have to listen or read it.

  24. As previously noted, recently bought 2 books: The Commander (the life and times of Harry Steele), and the other:Pirates of the North Atlantic (Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Peter Easton, Black Bart etc.
    I read about Steele, and part through wondered if one could say he was a privateer? There is parts in this about Craig Dobbin. Harry and Craig loved each other. Much praise for Craig, and no less than our Rhodes scholar and most famous Nflder, it says, Rex Murphy describes Craig as, " the kind of buccaneer , reckless entrepreneur", which Harry admired.
    Now a buccaneer is essentially a pirate, the original word buccaneer from the French who attacked the Spanish shipping and Spanish towns in the New World, and encouraged by governments as too did England. Perhaps Etienne can comment of the word buccaneer.
    So my question, as to recent and today's rich dudes: Steele, Dobbin, Penny, Woodward, Williams, Marshall…….were/are they modern buccaneers/privateers?
    And a notable, one not mentioned in the Pirate book,perhaps because it only wen tup to the nineteenth century: Nfld's Capt Jack Randell, his schooner (I'm Alone) shot up and sunk by the USA Coast guard in 1929, he rum running…….. Randell is relatively unknown now, kids in school learning about Pewter Easton but not Jack Randell!
    Of the modern rich dudes, how do we rank them as to their net wealth, their method of rags to riches,and generosity or not?
    Steels company sell off was for $508 million, but I guess he was the majority owner , not total owner. Good, but not all that impressive to me, in terms of average yearly gains, and his long career.

    As I actually own a Nfld captain's "Pirate Trunk" (the captain alledged to be similar to Blackbeard), hence my interest in Nfld Pirates or privateers or buccaneers.
    Winston Adams
    Winston Adams

    inside their territorial waters,

  25. IMAGINE; the name of John Lennon's song. Lennon a favorite of mine and Dr Bruno's and millions of others.
    Imagine the Nfld grid, 1800 winter peak, all the island generators lost power, except little Patty Hr hydro plant of 5 MW. What would happen? 98 % of all electricity use gets disconnected, a island wide black out, except for a little load of 5 MW near Petty, those generators that keeps on ticking and ticking for days and weeks from water, renewable energy. That old plant from 1900, built in less than 1 year,to run St John's electric street cars, is still operating after 120 years!

    Imagine too, new technology, Tesla batteries, that gets charged, the same 5 MW capacity, to replace that old plant, and then we loose all our other generation of 1800 winter peak. What happens?
    Dr Bruno is a fanatic promoter of batteries, as any UG reader knows. UG last piece he gives links for the future is here kind of hype.
    Winston Adams

    • His link says "this is the largest storage system of it's kind , a project that was 4 years in the making, and such technology will eliminate the need for big new generation plants. This Tesla battery system consists of 2 units each of 2 MW, so a total of 4 MW, a little smaller than Petty Hr plant, as to its maximum output. As batteries must be given a time duration, as it runs down, like your car battery if the generator is not working, these Tesla packages total has the capacity of 16MW hrs. A MW is 1 million watts for 1 hr. Sounds like a lot of juice there.

    • With about 700 Mw of domestic electric heat, and 1200 mW total electric heat, this "largest system of it's kind " would heat all our houses for about 8 minutes, and if heating all our buildings it would last about 5 minutes.
      Of course, it could not try to to do that, but let the rest of the island go dead, and feed the local load, about 500 houses in and around Petty Hr.
      For how long? About 3 hours. So it the island failure occurred around 1 am, Petty Hr goes dead too about 4 am, and the house already chilly around 6am. The old hydro plant would operate all winter, and perhaps another 120 Years.
      The original feed to St Johns in 1900 was 600 V, so massive transmission losses. This got upgraded to 2300V in 1926.
      Are batteries useless? No. They can serve some benefit in some jurisdictions, to improve voltage regulation and balancing. Will they eliminate large new generation plants? No. Sometimes they may help a little to delay a new plant, or work with synergy with wind generation. They are starting to get cost effective for EVs, and other minor applications, and if costs reduce further, the uptake may grow.
      Hey, we had electric public transportation in St Johns form 1900 to 1948, now Synapse proposes a modern form. These issues now before the PUB hearings now.
      Winston Adams

  26. Greta made a surprise visit to Iowa City where thousands greeted her. The school activists are targeting coal burning , where even the University of Iowa burns coal. They chanted "End Coal Now"
    I hear rumours she may pop into Cape Breton, and target Dr Bruno, as to his advocacy for burning "native coal", and check his winter suppply, and then to expose PENG2, a Fortis shareholder, Fortis too a coal burner. PENG2 I argue is reforming, in just 24 hrs had gone from 100 years down to 50 years to take action, but is now stuck on that for 48 hrs ( see comments of PENG2 above.
    A year ago I see coal power being sold in that part of the USA at 2 cents to industrial users!
    Winston Adams

    • You are ignorant and you are an asshole. Why do you always take spoken words out of context to grind your stupidity constantly. You should have a pet monkey to grind your organ!

      I suppose it exposes your inanity and undermines any useful scraps you may have to add to the discussion. You don't like batteries because I pointed out they BALANCE LOAD IN REAL TIME thus SHAVING THE PEAK, Plus they PROVIDE BACKUP IN THE EVENT OF FAILURE. I get it you have nothing better to do because you seem incapable of incorporating new information. Stroking your slide rule in public is quite a bore to the rest of us!

      You are living evidence that little knowledge and a wounded ego is a dangerous thing!

      Please stop taking my words out of context. Are you not ashamed to show your ignorance constantly?

    • 1.I was very effective in provoking you Bruno,and your personal attack on the messenger is classic.
      2. A letter I received , and was dated June 14, from Gary Kachanoski, President of MUN, invited me and a guest to the President's Golden Celebration for alumni who "surpassed the significant 50-year milestone as a graduate of our great university" It is to be held at the Emera Innovation Exchange. I am to receive "a commemorative gold pin in recognition of your exceptional and long-standing relationship with Memorial" There is a "pinning" ceremony. It says " as a valued member of our alumni family, we hope you are able to join us for an evening of camaraderie and entertainment as we honour a bond that spans a half-century or more" If a don't go , they can mail it to me. It is for Oct 27th.
      Should I go? I considered inviting you as my quest, Bruno, and maybe pass the pin along to you, if you want it. Gold don't much impress me.
      3. I purchased a Prius hybrid with a battery assist in 2005. I still drive it, the battery still good, it is not Litium-ion type. I advocate for EVs. Batteries has a little benefit for power systems, not so much for Nfld's power mix. To say I don't like batteries is absolutely false. We don't need another boondoggle, a Bruno inspired battery boondoggle, .
      4. Your insight for batteries benefit here is based on ignorance of engineering, and ZERO slide rule capability. BRUNOZERO?
      5. I admit to little knowledge, but not no knowledge. Why is my ego wounded? Not sure I have an ego, where do I look for it?
      6. Your words out of context? LOL. You advocated for native coal for NS, and for gas off Nfld for power generation. You failed to recant, would your ego be the cause? You deny water temperature effect fish big time, and on and on,
      7. You speak for all UG blog readers when you say "a bore for the rest of us".
      Name "the rest of us"
      Lighten up Dr Bruno, this site can handle it.
      Would you like my gold pin, better than iron or lead ring?
      Winston Adams

  27. Peckford's piece: Electric vehicles won't save us from climate change.
    1. So what, if you deny climate change is a danger, as the Digger does, there is nothing to be saved from.
    2. If it is a problem, EV alone, or Brunoo batteries or heat pumps on their own won't save us.
    3. As old George Bush used the phrase "A thousand points of light", so too: a 1000 or more technologies and life style changes are needed,worldwide, to even have a change. Advanced nuclear or fusion power included.
    Winston Adams

  28. Imagine! Downturn in coal prices, becoming an election issue, sponsored by Tory interests;


    Even the local Green candidate wants to promote more local jobs by adding a steel industry, and utilizing what Teck refers to a "Steel making coal". Reminds me of NL in the 60's, sell the frozen headed and gutted cod block to the Americans, who know how to get the "added value" on fish processing.

    • I am glad that someone gets the tragedy that happened with cod. Selling cod blocks for processing was a disaster. The equivalent would be turning old growth forests into toilet paper (we have done that too!).

    • Much happened with cod:over fishing, lack of food (capelin) and water too cold or too warm. Bruno said they were immune to water temperature changes, a stupid thing to say, as very basis to all fish, a preferred and limit on temperature, even as to the salmon in pens, trapped and suffocated.
      Bruno, you are o one trick pony. Tell us about your fishery course, details are as secret as Nalcor on the boondoggle, and WA asked you repeatedly, and you hide as to details.

  29. Peckford, a Humpie loyalist and climate change denier has posted on the low USA unemployment rate, now matching that of 1969.
    Trump, on his "Build The Wall", to rile the American people said on June 16, 2016: When Mexico sends it's people…they're bringing drugs, bringing crime. They are rapists. And some,I assume, are good people"
    July 2015: I can never apologize for telling the truth. Tremendous crime is coming across. I'm not a racist" (His public lies and misleading statements since president, now exceed 10,000?

    The sign at Ellis Island Island at the Statue of Liberty reads: "Give me your tired , your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teaming shore, send them , the homeless, tempest tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door".
    The Statue was a gift from France following the American Revolution, when France assisted them.

    So, to Peckford's piece, a little dive into the details:
    USA unemployment rate: 3.5 %
    Those with less than high school education unemployment rate: 4.8 %
    Hispanic men unemployment rate 3.0 % Does this suggest they may be the GREATEST USA workers, as to seeking and obtaining jobs?

    In Nfld we too benefit from low cost of imported American fruit and vegetables, from the work of Hispanic men, and much of the housing in southern USA is constructed from their cheap labour.
    Trump "assumes" some are good people, so not even sure of that. Are they lazy, a burden on the country?
    Would the Digger, dig as I do, and admit to the huge contribution of Hispanics to the low unemployment rate?
    Winston Adams

  30. As to modern pirates or privateers,and rich dudes of Nfld, I forgot to mention Goeff Stirling. How soon they are forgotten. Goeff and Don Jamison teamed up to bring us CJON TV that kept CBC out of Nfld for years, did they not? Don J was the news anchor for years and then a federal politician.
    Goeff, a stanch capitalist, a character a bit more like Craig Dobbin than Harry Steel, liked the limelight. Goeff was fasinated with gold, as a pirate should be. There is much TV footage of boasting about his gold purchases.His son Scott is low key, perhaps more like Harry Steele, seldom in the limelight. I assume he inherited Goeffs gold chest, and certainly NTV.
    My book purchase :Priates of the North Atlantic is part(significant) fiction, by William Crooker. I just see Harold Horwood wrote much about pirates operating in Canada, and must have missed that book. I have several of his works, and met him in the early 1970s
    Robert Holmes, have you read any or much of Horwoods work?

  31. https://electricautonomy.ca/2019/10/04/tesla-acquires-canadian-battery-specialist-hibar-systems/

    In lobbyist registration documents filed with the government of Ontario in October, Tesla cites its first objective is to “provide input and make recommendations to the government and its agencies regarding policies, programs, regulations and decisions that impact the demand for and/or adoption of solar energy, battery energy storage and related infrastructure.“

    • Of course Robert, this is a research paper from people getting paid from Tesla. Nothing on cost,
      It has potential for 20 year life, compared to 10 year now. The old clunkers at Holyrood are 50 years old, and many products last 40 years. At present 10 year needing replacement is a problem.
      So as of yet, this pie in the sky. And energy density is key , how much energy can it store? Many even now would not go EVs due to the shortened range. I think the range is not bad.
      I advocated for EVs , following and before Synape. Bruno was silent on Synapse and still is.
      Congratulations Bruno, sometime we will see a Brighter Bruno Battery, a BBB model. The sooner the better.
      IMAGINE that, as John Lennon might say. Making imagination to reality takes time, money , research, awareness, and promotion.But there is no Santa Claus, no tooth fairy, unless you have the right weed brand, it seems real today.

    • Yes Robert I read that story , thanks.

      It is a big step if the battery never needs replacing. It also saves 10 grand in the cost of replacing them. The cost per mile is less than half the cost of fossil even at 29 cents a kWh!

      Musk is also promising fast charging stations coast to coast. If he does the economics of electric vehicles will win the day, even in NL where the government can't plan their way out of a paper bag even with a glut of power. Perhaps they know something we don't; MF power may never arrive on the Avalon with more bad news that the aircraft division, previously valued at 100 billion is only worth 30 billion. Worse yet they claim that the aircraft division is all GE is currently worth! Yikes!

      Nalcor and a bankrupt GE to get the software, now six months offline at MF, working! What are the chances!

    • 20 year for batteries for power systems does not mean not replacing, and is about the same as gas turbines, and less than many hydro systems. Same as wind generators.
      Musk is lobbying governments , fine as long as they are not nitwits to believe too much hype. He is a self promoter with a big ego, bigger than you Bruno, but also has good engineering skills.
      When did you first out the GE software problem, Doctor?
      as to reliability issues , wasn't it PENG2 and WA before him to raise those concerns, PENG2 as to structural and WA as to electrical?
      The Shadow (AG)

    • Robert the Dal crew promises longer life and higher energy density (unlike claims from the ignorant and the uninformed).

      "The researchers from Dalhousie University have an exclusive agreement with Tesla, and two months ago they reported that they had designed battery cells with higher energy density without using the solid-state electrolyte that many believe is a necessary condition for enhanced density. What’s more, the battery cell that the team designed demonstrated a longer life than some comparable alternatives."

    • Battery improvement is continuous as toward more compact, higher density, and lower cost. No statement on this being lower cost. Generally a nothing burger, nothing in production using this. Further, no cars go to a million miles, most go to 200,000 or less, so that is not significant, unless used for utility purpose, it MIGHT be an advantage, if cheaper.
      A Bruno BS item, as usual. Dozens of companies and universities are doing research to improve batteries…….nothing startling here, and typical of the doctors pet obsession ; batteries and solar, of little benefit in Nfld. Why did he not endorse EVs for Nfld, even after Synapse? Bruno the Bozo, as usual.
      The Shadow (AG)

    • The Smudge at it again1 Read the article before you again make a fool of yourself. The POINT is the car will NEVER need a new battery despite the fact that many Tesla's will soon push that million mile lifespan. Simple power train construction will ensure Teslas's rewrite auto longevity expectations. Max torque throughout the range of RPM means no gearbox or transmission of any kind…..vrooom vroom!

      New technology from a reputable NS University that Tesla has bought into that promises increased energy density, increased longevity and like all technologies they will get cheap with mass production. WTF is your problem apart from fear of the light and a weak intellect?

      Excuse me I have to wipe this Smudge off the soles of my shoes!

    • Silly man, the obvious issue is that "it promises this and that" like Nalcor promises, show us the goods.
      Elon already fined millions by the SEC for stock manipulation.
      You continue to open your mouth to prove you are the fool. And when these new improved batteries are around 20 years and still good , that is the proof, not conjecture. What a dumb ass you are to be be suckered by PR.
      The Shadow.

    • Dr Bruno also says that batteries for our power system would "Shave the peak load, and balance the load in real time, and backup for a power outage.
      Winston Addressed the issue of backup capability, largely a nothing burger, it runs down quickly.
      As to shaving the peak load; can you elaborate? Nfld goes from 700 MW in the summer to 1800 in the winter, and ramps up on cold winter days about 400MW in a few hours. Define "shave", not a professional technical term used is it? A shave less than a hair cut?

  32. MORE ON THE COMMMANDER: Harry Steele
    page 172 is a photo , of the 9 : Harry Steele,George H W Bush, Jean Charest, John Crosbie, Craig Dobbin. All costs were paid by Steele or his company. It says Steele did his own lobbying. The camp originally owned by Frank Moores and Craig. Seems likely Steele got Franks share and then Craig gave his share to Steele for 1 dollar. An impressive set up at Adlatok, Labrador. Bankers and other VIP were often guests, including Rex Murphy. Rex was once a socialist I thought, now a Humper, and climate change denier, likely likes coal. Rex was a regular at the Albatross with his CBC days in Nfld.
    Winston Adams

  33. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/jpmorgans-stephen-tusa-expresses-more-161119867.html

    This is analyst babble for GE is Fu–ed or "that parrot is dead, expired, finished" if I can quote Monte Python!

    I wonder what is going on in the MF backrooms with the F—ed GE software. Hair pulling is my guess with massive cost ramifications that Nalcor has yet to own up to….127 and soaring. can you say 15 billion Nalcor.

    At least Nalcor has a scapegoat to blame when they finally own up to the wild cost escalation lately.

    “We think investors over-estimate the sustainability of growth whileunder-estimating risks, all of which should be reflected in a more conservative value, with the balance sheet dynamics a key reason why an SOTP analysis that assumes this business can stand on its own is unconvincing to us,” Tusa wrote in a note.

  34. We need a new language, maybe a new dictionary of the English language. Humpie asked the Chineese government on tv in plain spoken English to investigate the Bidens, yes some who heard that and others that read it say no that's not what he said. They said he was joking, that he sometimes takes in riddles, doesn't mean what he says, was interpreted incorrectly. So what's the point in having a common language, if we have no idea what it means. What was said, or totally different reading of the same words. We are not talking legal or technical jargon, just plain ordinary everyday conversation that is understood and said at a grade four level. Why can't we agree on simple words like; though, investigate, will, words are no good anymore, maybe we need winks, nods, a thumbs up, an high five, a sudden twist of the head, or maybe we have all gone to the land of Allice and Wonder Land, and Humpty Dumpty, yes that's right right The New Language of The Hump, says Joe blow. Gotta get a new dictionary, or up grade my google, or start learning phonemics.

  35. Ron Penny was on CBC this morning and stated that he was disappointed that MFCCC was left out of the PUB rate mitigation hearings. He was very calm and articulate.

    I am quite sure that people like Ron or Dave or Des would have zero chance of heading an established political party because the party serves as a gatekeeper to keep out anyone that isn't under the control (or trusted sycophant) of wealthy backers.

    Ron also mentioned that we need a group of bright people to form a task force on rate mitigation, and that it cannot be separated from the budget problem. If we are going to adjust rates, fees, taxes while reducing services and payroll, how do we do it to minimize the damage to everything?

    The biggest impedient to this is time and money. Too many of us are busy earning a living and can't put in the required full time effort to get to the bottom of the mess. Anyone here have any ideas on how to fund such an effort?

    We could probably ATIPP a complete transaction dump from the provincial financial system and load it into a database but it would take time to analyze. We need to be able to both summarize by function, and be able to drill down into details, to fully understand where all the money goes and for what purpose. I think that needs to be understood early on in the planning process. The initial results could be published for the public to comment it.

  36. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/international-business/us-business/article-ge-to-freeze-pension-plans-for-about-20000-us-employees-in-bid-to/

    "General Electric Co said on Monday it was freezing pension plans for about 20,000 U.S. employees with salaried benefits, as the industrial conglomerate makes another drastic move to cut debt and reduce its pension deficit by up to $8 billion."

    That flushing sound you hear is GE going down the toilet! Nalcor's tears are flowing like water going over the dam. No bipole software, no partner in GE. Liberty is not sure it will be fully functioning in 2020! How much interest has accrued in the 4 years MF is overdue achieving full power? How long until failure is acknowledged? When will the management at Nalcor get cleaned out? How is Gil still employed?

    Still Nalcor lives in secrecy while they drain BILLIONS from the treasury without any oversight. Who and when will the rot be exposed or will the rotten Nalcor apple spoil the whole bushel?

    • When I read that about the pension funds, my first thought was that the mathematicians and engineers working on the DC/AC conversion stability problems (these would normally be very competent people, probably with Ph.D.s, will be looking for an exit plan. The best will get position with competitors of GE or maybe find a teaching position at a university. Others will just be demoralized.

      Look at https://www.wsj.com/articles/ge-power-has-a-92-billion-backlog-for-new-boss-thats-a-problem-11550068479

      GE has a $92 billion dollar backlog (like Muskrat Falls) that have not been delivered or completed. Given their financial mess, I doubt they every will.

      So … what can we get with the hardware/software we have now? Half power perhaps? Maybe enough to feed Nova Scotia with free power?

    • More specifically, we are dealing with GE Grid Solutions. If you look up this company in Google, you will find employee postings like this one:

      "GE Grid Solutions was an excellent company with an outstanding team of highly trained and dedicated professionals. The team is responsible for all digital energy deliveries, and marketing for GE Power globally. The unfortunate downfall of GE around the world has affected the Canadian team, which is now a fraction of what it once was."

      or this from 2 years back: "Almost 100 Grid Solutions employees were laid off in Rochester NY alone. It was enough to trigger a WARN act notification for the site under NYS law."

      or this one: (thestar.com)
      "GE plans to cut 1,400 of its 4,200 positions in Switzerland over the next two years. While no facilities are expected to close in Switzerland, the company said the GE Power Conversion unit in Berlin and GE Grid Solutions in Moenchengladbach, Germany, would be closed. GE plans to trim its German workforce by 1,600 positions."

      Can you imagine where we are in the priority queue?

      We can safely assume that we are on our own and have to make do with what we have, or, scare up a few billion and switch technologies or vendors.

    • Dr Bruno has much to say now on GE solutions and even knows what a monopole is. Not so long ago he knew not a converter station from a synchronous condenser, now he can design and build them. I may have commented on the GE problem last November from Houston cancer hospital,and Russell at the Telegram before that, then Dr Bruno gets the bone and won't let go.
      Recall that Stan the man said at the Inquiry, if not GE, then maybe another, maybe he referenced ABB to solve the software problem.
      In my early days at Nfld Hydro, I ordered ABB HV breakers for our 230kv grid. Now they are into HVDC, software for this, automation and much more, and even more knowledge about batteries than Mr Bruno Battery himself, or his hero, Elon Musk.
      ABB, a Swiss – Swedish company. Sweden the home our our Greta……is there something in their drinking water that makes them environmentally conscious?
      They are much into lowering CO2 emissions and helping solve the climate crisis. Over 15 years in battery systems …..is this longer than Tesla, I think so.
      ABB points out that power reliability issues is often an after thought as compared to the investors considerations, as to power projects. What a mouthful. ABB, world class, unlike Nalocr, and far exceeding Tesla, I suggest.
      A few months from now Dr Bruno may be blowing the horn of ABB,but that a bridge too far maybe.
      Winston Adams

    • Maybe we need to be patient. From the Telegram and see what happens at the end of the month …

      "According to the latest contracts, the commissioning date for the bipole is Oct. 31, 2019.

      Von Lazar testified the power line has yet to move more than 150 megawatts of power at a time. He said there have been about 20 trips on the line since May 2018, and there has been more than one cause, from problems with a cooling system to telecommunications issues (the latter the contractor lays at Nalcor’s feet)."

    • Yes, at the Inquiry they said end of OCT, but this seemed to have been pushed back to Jan 1, and questionable if then.Is interest on 12.7 billion around 450 Million a year? Like the cost of construction of a new school, every month of delay, and on power was to be end of 2017?
      Patience is wearing rather thin, I suggest.

    • https://www.wsj.com/articles/ge-shows-long-road-ahead-in-restructuring-push-1516797761?mod=article_inline

      "The latest quarterly results show continued woes in GE’s Power business, where revenue fell 15% and profits tumbled 88% from a year ago. The business, GE’s biggest by revenue, sells turbines to power plants around the globe. In the quarter, the division’s orders dove 25%.

      GE revealed the problems in the power business in the fall, detailing how it misjudged a major shift in the market. Last month, it targeted cutting 12,000 jobs the division, nearly 18% of the unit’s workforce."

  37. SOOOOOOO….. The dam is leaking!

    I warned that the RCC formula was wrong and they were having problems. Roller compacted concrete RCC must be poured contiuously before the last lift dried. Nalcor of course did NOT, they let the last lift dry whilew they dithered with the formula.

    Hard to believe but the idiots built a leaaky dam!!! Just wait till they try to get that GE software working!

    • Get the lab test concrete cylinders stats, and go to work! Assuming Stan still has some "open contract accounts", how much Contingency left for deficiencies, claims, and scope changes? How about an Cost to complete update Mr. CM?

    • Yes Dr Bruno warned that the RCC is at higher risk than the North Spur, counter to Jim Gordon, PENG2 and me, and MA and Cabot Martin and others
      Some leakage is normal. Is this an abnormal amount? If not, than than Dr Bruno is an alarmist. The doctor is an expert on RCC construction, of course, and rang the bell on that …..when exactly?
      Of course the North Spur could go with or without warning.
      Maybe PENG2 can comment on this leakage of the RCC? And too as to his 50 year delay on climate change risk. The federal debate; the leaders: The Liberals called Mr Delay, the PCs Mr Deny. PENG2 seems to be Mr Delay variety, several days now and seems under the "cone of silence".
      Winston Adams

    • At the PUB, Synapse, as to controlling the grid peak load, mentioned benefits of heatpumps, and to "mitigate the power bill", not just the rates. Is this not what WA long ago said, the huge energy saving reduces the power bill, and AJ too says this?
      Synapse said not a word about batteries to "shave the peak" as Bruno advocates. Is Synapse behind the times compared to Bruno? Why has Bruno not been hired a consultant to Synapse for power management, as well as for RCC construction?
      Stan going to England to kick ass over the software issue. Send Dr Bruno , I say, and he will rewrite the software in a jiffy. The doctor's expertise being ignored on all fronts. Inexcuseable.
      The Shadow

    • WA @ 14:08:

      All my comment was that there are issues of equally importance to climate change. I have never said 100yrs or 50yrs as a hard timeline for impacts as a result of climate change – and yes, there are issues such as nuclear war, disease or radical political activism among others that have an equal or greater risk to humans than climate change at this current point in time. This is all I have ever said – the other nonsense you have tried to attribute to me by skewing statements, is just that nonsense.

      At least interpret and quote correctly – especially after 1 explanation was already given.


    • Is it not time that Stan fell on his sword to end the pain?
      Yes NS should replace its coal fired generation with clean Hydro, (and ignore Bruno's advise of using native coal.
      But at present HQ has plenty of surplus of clean Hydro, and our island getting nothing over the DC line. Stan wants UC power to the island…….strange given present problems, taking another 3 years to say if it can work and be reliable!
      Time to ask HQ, or PQ to take pity and take over all our hydro on good terms?
      Stan, wanting to work with Nalcor and Emera to export to NY, to compete against HQ! The Frog and the Ox, recall Heracles. Have we not lost that battle, with 13 billion wasted and no reliable power yet from Labrador to the island.
      And Fortis to take over some island assets? HMMMMMM.
      Time to march on the Beothic Building. Rate payers being represented by no one. MFCCC even excluded.
      Bruno, knowing nothing of power systems , could not have done a worse job, with Bruno batteries in every house, for maybe just 11 billion, and no power to charge them.
      But what do I know? I needing to be in a straight jacket says Bruno. At least my jacket would be straight, not crooked. Maybe many straight jackets are needed in this province, for the boondoggle enablers.
      Winston Adams

    • Robert, I generally have little interest in fiction books. But your mention of Wayne Johnson's book, and I read a bit of the it, they permit on Goggle,maybe 20 pages, and it is amazing, so I guess an historical novel, on Joey. Johnson is much acclaimed, even internationally, and yet some say Rex Murphy is our most famous Nflder.(the book on Steele) Maybe Rex says that, and he has a following at the National Post, a wordsmith, even better than Bruno, and a climate change denier our Rex( who never got a degree form Oxford, so a bit of a Rhode scholar, like Ches), so a Trump admirer. Did Danny get an Oxford degree?
      What did you say about Sterling that got you censored by the esteemed Uncle?
      Can you edit and comment, that might get past him? So Wayne brings Stirling into his novel?

    • Johnson spent time with Sterling, just before his death, and the historical novel is the result. Brilliant bit of historical "faction". Follows on the Colony of unrequited dreams theme. It surprises me how few NLers give a fig about their own recent history. As a boy in the 40s and 50s, teachers were not allowed to tell us about the 33 riot, the players involved, and the sellout of responsible government back to colonial regime.

    • That is a strange phenomenon I have noticed Robert, the dead 30's history. Now I get why family of the rioters, the historical heroes, are not not only celebrated, there is a deep cultural shame in the families that will still not talk about their kin, a couple of generations on.

      After today's news of the class action suit launched and the gory details, there was deep denial and savage abuse of the bottom of NL society by every class, cops lawyers, civil servants, "doctor veterinarians", several "inquiries" that concluded no problem here, move along.

      The inter generational shame by the poor is easy to understand I guess but suppressing so recent a history points to the rigid class structure then. It is not that different now while we wait with baited breath for the results of an "inquiry" that systematically excluded information by a sculpted TOR, excluding witnesses deemed "not expert" that later called them for in camera testimony! Hypocrites.

      Not a word in the "inquiry" about MF being Danny's wet dream. Rate/taxpayers that Stan The Part Time Man announced today that the GE software is his priority and ratepayers are on their own as far as he is concerned.

      One thing for sure Lunkhead Stan tells his reality like it is! The rest of NL culture from the law, "liars", civil servants, politicians, doctors, vets, engineers, all are in on the denial and enforce strict denial of egregious and systematic abuse of the treasury and the poor and dispossessed.

      Rate/taxpayers beware!

  38. Stan the man said he is totally fed up with wasted time and wasted money, on inquiries, oversight, mitigation, pub rate hearings, etc. If he had the power he would have those buggers houses infested with the plague. Wooooh, now stand by, get in line, maybe on the other side of the fence, because there are thousands of us that wished the same thing for the past decade and more, of the shakers and movers of the boondoggle. And we will be wishing it for the next 50 years. So you don't have a monopoly on the plagues says Joe blow.

    • Why worry about hydro for the Labrador coast, Robert, when we can export to NY, lose 20% in transmission losses, and sell at 2.5 cents while costing 30 cents?
      Stan seems to use a different version of economic theory , compared to when running Fortis.
      Maybe we got rid of the Reids too soon, they built a 5 MW hydro at Petty Hr in 1900, for St John's needs, and later Nfld Power took it over, and the trail up to Fortis and the cone of silence over MFs boondoggle in the making, and the Fake Take Charge conservation. Now 10 dollar rebate for programmable thermostats, and 5 dollar rebate for plastic for the windows being discontinued Nov 13! Shocking, that was so effective to shave the peak.
      A new era dawning, Fake Charge replacing Take Charge. CDM (Conservation Demand Management) being replaced by CDM(Customer Demand Management) where all customers are on their own.
      As MA would say, a change of horse, when we went from Tom Johnson, PC , to Browne, the Liberal, so ratepayers be dammed.
      Did Stan actually say he wished the plague on fellow Nflers? Trump trash talk , if true. Say it ain't so. Not Stan?
      Winston Adams

    • Back in the 80s, I ran a small school project in Charlottetown. About this time of year, we flew a "widgeon" from Deer Lake to do final inspections. While I met the contractor for an hour or so, the salesman for House in Corner Brook got back on the plane. He did about $100,000. in sales; TVs, skidoos, furniture, appliances and the like. Salmon runs had been good that year. I remember being fed and drank some orange tang, until I noticed that the water supply was a polluted stream nearby. Good for the intestine one might say.

    • Sounds like Dwight and Stan the man are being sucked in by the same bullshit that HQ and Lucien Bouchard sold Brian Tobin et al circa 1997 about more water from Quebec for the Upper CF2 to increase capacity when all HQ was really interested in was Gull Island power, resulting in the foiled and failed Rodger Grimes deal. Too late Stan, the upper Romaine and Lac St Jean waters have now been harnessed in Quebec. Get off the bullshit and get out of the way and let someone cut the outsized Nalcor executive suite down to the right size. To do otherwise will be the real Newfie joke.

    • With Gull about 4 times the average power output of MFs, we see how stupid it was to go with MFs first. Since the island needed so little additional power, neither was needed for the island.
      This DC to AC for the island is very complex says Stan, now. He never said it in 2012. Complex was not a word he used then. Complex…….Helloooo.
      And little intergration studies done in advance of sanction, and likely not part of the tendering package for HVDC, but an after thought…..whoops, by a Nalcor Team where electrical power system experience did not exist, and they fired key Nlfd Hydro engineers who had experience.
      Of course, I have long touted unreliablity on this as a major concern, ( I being educated by Bruno on these electrical issues, as the record shows)
      Stan , last summer, when celebrating that the DC line was up and running, cited software as a MINOR concern. Now a MAJOR concern. Unfortunately Stan is notan electrical engineer, nor ALteen, who now suddenly if finding fault here and there, that should have been known. Even PENG2, has gone silent to defend them. Wonder why?
      According to VOCM tweets of Brain Madore, this software work by GE now at a 100 Million cost. Soon Bruno barreries will look good , charged up by hamsters running on a wheel.
      Brain's photos shows our Consumer Advocate in a big fit of laughter with Stan Marshall while having a chat. Is there even one thing funny about this boondoggle? How easy to manipulate the public? A crowded PUB room they said, but no average Joes it seems to me, of the few there.
      100 million for software, not to be tested until next year, though Stan says all the bugs are out, so not proven until the following winter, when Stan is long gone. He says it may take 3 years to know for sure if this works.
      Shut Holyrood down? Maybe that's the joke Dennis is laughing about?
      A world war is all over in 5 years, so the boondoggle is like 2 world wars in time, but we know who lost: The Frog that thought it was on OX.
      Was Danny Williams the chief frog? Maybe so, but many little frogs creaking with him. And still a few croak now and then, saying "I think I can, I think I can….we have Gull to do, then we will be an OX.
      HQ and commentators on this blog from Quebec, are so kind, not to be be on here rubbing it in. They are silent.
      It is way past a Newfie joke, but a tragedy. But Browne laughs. Stan laughs. And Ed Martin and Dunderdale and others laugh.
      We are the Happy Province, once the motto on our licence plates. What't not to laugh about? A 13 billion dollar joke is damn funny, to some. Nflder; to green to burn? Certainly true. And no Santa Claus to save us. The Board of Trade says;but we have oil out there. Oil revenue got us into this mess, did it not? Not likely to save us, not with Greta's movement taking hold. Kill the planet to mitigate Muskrat? Why not?
      Winston Adams

  39. Information: https://youtu.be/elWauyLExK0 [Video] 4 viia-c) IN POWER…EXAMPLES OF WHAT THE LIBERAL & CONSERVATIVE PARTIES HAVE DONE TO NATURE & INDIGENOUS PEOPLE in CANADA: Alberta Oil Tar Sands, Trans Mountain Pipeline, Large Hydro Dams in Manitoba, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador CA

    https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/justin-trudeau-good-office-prime-minister-canada-from-pritchard-ma To: Justin Trudeau and the Office of Prime Minister of Canada From: Greta Thunberg "This is all wrong…How dare you?"​ (complete article)

  40. Stan the man on the stand was full of it. No bloating at nalcor; underpaid, my ass; LIL is a priority, full power may be 2 or 3 years away; Ready or not Gull is coming, sooner than you think; Forecast Demand for NL power; and wishing the plague on the houses of his tormentors, like the inquiry. Yep, he finally got into the coolaid, boots and all in and sure enough it was laced was the previous brand of a decade ago, eddies et al and company self righteousness and world class, which leads to oil on the brain. All hope is gone, the poor bugger, never to recover says Joe blow.

    • As to Gull: Stan says markets in NS to replace coal, markets in NY as they may want clean Hydro.
      NS got MFs power, a chunk for zero cost for power, another for USA wholesale market rates, less than 5 cents.
      How much will they pay for Gull power, when HQ is selling for not more than than 5 cents, and has surplus.
      And NY now with cheap generation from gas,and more offshore wind coming on. Sure there is the climate change concern, but not until fossil fuel is curtailed will new NL hydro be profitable to sell there. Time to talk Gull once rates there have esculated tremendously. For now , it is pie in the sky; show the contracts before making false hope for Gull gravy, like gullshit. And too as offshore profits. DO we need to dig a deeper hole, at taxpayer expense, making a windfall profits for contractors and consultants?
      And before Stan dreams of cleaning up NS coal, what of Fortis coal burning and their GHG emmissions…..15 million tons per year if memory serves, and increasing. PENG2, a Fortis shareholder avoids that issue!

    • Item 2: Stan is annoyed with regulatory duties. Never mind we are in a pickle as a result of the regulatory neutering by Danny and his Juniors. Stan can't walk and chew gum. Only one thing at a time for lunkhead Stan.

      I wonder how long he can keep lying about the cost stalled at 12.7 billion. The interest is over 200 billion a year alone and now Stan says it may take 23 years! Two or three is probably wildly optimistic. Stan sounds like he is starting from scratch on the software. Yikes!

      Time To "Marshall" Stan out the door! Audit Nalcor NOW!

  41. Stan the man, imagine going to a PUB hearing on rate mitigation for the failed and failing Muskrat Falls fiasco and talking about future such projects like Gull Island, now being discussed again and as it has been over the last 60 years. He has a lot more guts and nerve than brains for sure! Talk about Newfie jokes!!

  42. Dr Bruno just on VOCM, butter would't melt in his mouth, with Paddy. A smooth talker, though Paddy don't much agree with his rigid opinions.
    No such thing as telling Paddy to get a monkey to stroke his organ, as he advises me. No telling Paddy he needs a straight jacket, that he is insane, is a wretch or other nasty things. Paddy previously had him censored, so now he is: yes sir no sir three bags full.
    I suppose the doctor watches his public persona image, when with Paddy now, but not so much on UG. He tells me I know nothing of his public persona.
    My friend asks; Why is Bruno so interested in NFLD anyway? Maybe he can explain it here?
    At the end, Bruno said to Paddy for HQ to take over Nfld power assets…..and seeing his booboo, laughed saying a "Friedian slip". Ah yes, that famous shrink, might figure out Bruno's personality. Maybe, and maybe not. His personality , more complex than Stan says of Muskrat.

  43. Another sexual abuse scandal, buried for decades, buried as the Mount Cashel proceeded.
    Lynn Moore has been beating her drum for a few years now, shocked by abuse of children. Last week the victims was 15, so if 300,000 a piece compensation, is 4.5 million, and at 25 % lawyer take, 1.125 million. Child sexual assault victims is good business these days for lawyers, and could earn Moore a cool 1 million I figured, 2 weeks ago.
    Now it sees there are 60 victims and counting, and if I heard correctly, she speculated a settlement in the tens or up to 90 million. Hummm, @ 20 % commission, a cool 18 million.
    But it does not stop there. This is her Phase 1 class action, There were some 1200 at these "boys homes" and now she is only going to 1989, with Mount Cashel and Hughes ended. Phase 2 will follow, as abused children are likely not to report abuse until 40 years of age or more. So , like Liberty and Synapse, or EY for Muskrat, have a Phase 1, 2, or 3 even.
    Lynn might take in 30 million cut when all is said and done.
    Heaven knows, it is right that this abuse be exposed and compensation paid where warranted.
    But, Ms Moore was previously a prosecutor, who, it seems to me, was soft or turned a blind eye to such abuse victims…..it was her job I suppose, , when working for the government, like Hillory Clinton once did.
    That was my experience with Ms Moore. And what triggered her conversion on the road to Damascus? Genuine concern for those kids, or the dollar signs as to her cut of a class action?
    And is Ms Moore also president of the NDP Pardy? Maybe she has a good explanation for her conversion. She seems as good with crocadile tears at Trudeau with his many public apologies to First Nations.
    And 1989 was a key year for to bury yet another sexual abuse scandal, still under the radar, as Ms Moore knows well.
    Winston Adams

  44. One never knows where Greta will pop up next,or how she might travel to get there.
    The plan to visit Bruno in Cape Briton frizzled out. The black smoke from his coal stove was expected to a giveaway to locate his hideout. But, like the old sealing vessels at night, he let his fire burn down such that the best satellites could not detect him. A small GHG target anyway, and soon going to a minisplit he says.
    Instead Greta today turned up at Pine Ridge, and much celebrated by the Lakota American Indians, who opposed the oil pipe line. She was awarded the name "woman of the heavens". Trump said that he was the anointed one, and "digs coal too". Like King David, Trump is fond of grabbing pussies, and doing other odd godly things. Who is telling the fake news?
    The press says Greta is most likely to get a Noble Peace Prize, but I think that is not her aim.
    Local media is switching to the climate crisis point of view: the Telegram big time, and even Paddy Daley, outstripping Dr Bruno, whose public persona is sliding, even on UG. Or is it?
    Oh, if only he disavowed the use of native coal,and native gas, it could help reverse his image slide. I can only hope a conversion is imminent.
    Winston Adams

  45. Just saw on VOCM that there will be a heat pump rebate program. Not sure what to make of this. Why now? It should have been done years ago but now is at odds with the push to replace oil with electricity for public buildings to increase demand.

    • 1. It is meaningless in scope, 1000 homes of 180,000.
      2 So many hoops to jump through to get the 1000, few will qualify or want to
      3 Should have been done a decade ago, but for 12,000 homes per year
      4 12,000 installed last year without rebates
      5 Not at odds with with Synapse: increase grid loads but reduce peak demand, but this a mickey mouse measure in scope
      6 cold climate models not a requirement, so might not be best practice for the grid or the customer.
      7 this a distraction the day before testimony at the PUB on CDM
      Winston Adams

  46. My consumer advocate, Dennis Browne, seems to be ignoring my emails, I wanting to inform him on issues relating to CDM being discussed with the Nfld Power Panel next week at the PUB.
    Others consumers being ignored I wonder?
    Winston Adams

  47. I say : Ed Hollett for premier. Maybe he is thinking too much in the think tank, but he lays it all out, in today's article. Can we take it with a grain of salt, or a good place to start a conversation. He goes back to the sixties and before about Churchill, Person and Smallwood. All hog wash he says. Nothing happened, nothing to hide here. And then jumps to 2009, with just a brief mention of our saviour the digger Peckford. Yes, 2009 oil was the beginning of all evil, we became a have, and the sun was shining and have nots will be have nots no more. The new era of our fincincial demise. Yes even little guys making big bucks on the make work boondoggle project. Hmmm did Ed have help on writing this piece or did he do it all alone and not wanting to be premier. The job would be too big for him, better to stay on the side lines with all the answers to our woes, and take pot shots says Joe blow.