revenues for growing dope!

growing food? Scant funding hope.

policy from Pols myope,

shops run out, how do we cope?

NL where the weather tries

ferry service oft awry

washouts due to rain are high

long-haul transport can’t rely.

think it only common sense

food-secure takes precedence;

fare to feed ourselves

close to food-store shelves.

in line in spending tare

hospitals, and long-term care;

to fix folks’ health –

no food we’ll starve to death!


8, 2019.


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


This is the most important set of negotiations we have engaged in since the Atlantic Accord and Hibernia. Despite being a small jurisdiction we proved to be smart and nimble enough to negotiate good deals on both. They have stood the test of time and have resulted in billions of dollars in royalties and created an industry which represents over a quarter of our economy. Will we prove to be smart and nimble enough to do the same with the Upper Churchill?


  1. Yes, you may have it right. Prior to the sixties, we were almost self sufficient in food production, especially the staples, plus from nature, berries and wild life of all descriptions. I remember it will. Then the digger tried cucumbers, that was the clincher, nothing can be grown here. So may as well try pot, maybe we can supply the world, forget the dreams of an energy warehouse, and become the pot capital of the world says Joe blow.

  2. Omg just listened to you Brono on open line with paddy. You mentioned everything from energy transfer in the Eco system, from seals to turnip, wolves, Wilford Bartlett, cod, Caplin, Buffalo, and seals of South Africa. Job to follow that act. Not sure how it all ties in, maybe better to stick to Bruno Batteries. You neglected to mention that in South Africa, where seals probably number 60,000, and they are not at the top of the food chain, but rather the great white shark, that devours them at will. Unless you want to say that the equivalent of the GWS there is the great sealing ships of another era here. We don't even take the quota as set by DFO now says Joe blow.

    • COAKER's Log 1914 : the Great Sealing Ships: Adventure, Stepheno, Bellaventure, Florisel, Beothic, Nascopie, Newfoundland, Bloodhound Sagona, Eagle ….all together in sight of each other at night fall, all the ship brilliantly lit. A good read, descriptive of the seal hunt and very harsh conditions.
      What does Bruno think of that seal hunting days, for the white coats? And no shortage of fish then either.

    • Anon @ 22:19 likely is Bruno himself, being clever again with his cute one liners, combining blowhard and Joe with a sexual connotation of blowjob!
      Did he not call AJ a wretch? So, Mister Blowjob ….that is clever, but typical Bruno.. Maybe Bruno should be called Mister Blowjob Bruno?
      Should we have a contest who is the better with their sense of humour?
      Bruno I think with his one liners, but AJ has better style?

    • Lol….doesn't matter to me who wrote it. I have a skin tougher than a crocodile and alligator combined, and a bump stock rifle doesn't even make a dent. Have fended of skid missiles too, says Joe blow, average Joe, AJ.

    • Seems Bruno is like the Taliban, or like Trump, neither to be trusted, having no moral compass.
      Bruno offers an olive branch, to try to smoke AJ from his cover. His offering: just use Blowhard instead of Blowjob smear.
      Suggests to me that Bruno is feeling the heat form old salty AJ and his style.
      Time will tell who is the strongest, the Sun or the North Wind. Me thinks Bruno blows, and the old salt shines, and making the real blowjob guy sweat.
      Never yet so many comments under a piece of verse by the Bard. A good sign maybe.

  3. Government can't fix this. The population needs food shortages to wake them up and spark an interest in protecting their families. One hungry winter (say two weeks with no food arriving) would do nicely.

    A 24' x 2 raised bed in St. John's can easily yield 40 lbs of russet potatoes. In the 1970's, the local grocery stores sold flour in 50lb sacks. If there was rumor of a rail strike, people bought extra sacks. From this, you can bake a lot of bread.

    You could also get wine and beer making supplies at Dominion!

    Those born in the 1980's and later can't do much of anything, nor have they had to. They have zero interest in growing food, picking partridge berries, mushrooms, fishing, hunting, brewing beer and wine. They are also clueless about how things work and can't repair cars, appliances or anything else. Most people I know don't even own a saw.

    I have never been approached by a young (under 30) person for help with anything, but I have been asked to by older people who can no longer afford to pay others. Things like asking for a complete brake job while they watch and learn, and the next time borrowing the tools and doing it themselves. These same people have children that have never used a screwdriver.

    I see two motivators for doing things (or growing things): lack of money to purchase food or services and shortages (bare shelves). We'd be a lot better off if self sufficiency was a subject in school. Everyone should be able to grow vegetables, swap out snow tires, bake bread, catch a fish and use basic tools.

    They should also be taught how just-in-time manufacturing works. That would make it very clear why even a small disruption can have dire impacts on the supply of almost everything – including food.

    • Anon 22:59, I agree with you. Most of the people with a solid work ethic are now too old for physical work. Most of the young people are too lazy to tie their shoes. It would be surprising if growing our own food caught on. Small scale commercial farming operations will have a difficult time being price competitive against huge farms in mainland Canada and the US. If someone has the nuts to try to start a large scale commercial farm in NL, the unions will soon after get their claws in and drive them out of business. Growing our own food is a pipe dream. It ain't gonna happen.

  4. I just had a BIG draw of some really good Tweed stuff and certain things have come into focus. 1st, posting comments on UG changes nothing (and those posting more than once or twice per article really have no life beyond their keyboard and instead of post,post,post, maybe just go for a walk and enjoy the birds before they pack up for the winter. 2nd, Trimper was hilarious on CBC tonight trying to save his job. 3rd, it's time for another draw, but dont worry I'll be on the job tomorrow in the private sector, paying taxes, to keep the rest of you afloat. Cough, cough, cough….

  5. Omg whose is this young timer, still wet behind the ears, left behind. Welcome to the future, and your next 50 years of paying for muskrat. I was against it from the beginning, you probably supported it and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Big make work project, blinded by $$$$$ signs. Go do a days work b'y, like your forefathers did, so you could have decent a standard of living, if you don't blow it in all in toys and other rubbish that you don't need. Average Joe.

    • What makes you think I'll chose to live my "next 50 years" on a destitute, nearly-bankrupt, sub-Arctic rock whose people just can't seem to competently govern themselves, Mr. Blowjob?

      I'm quite mobile, thank you very much.

    • The Bahamas seems a good place for you anon, one town Hard Rock would be a good choice, any remaining houses would be dirt cheap.And this area is far from our sub -Arctic Rock, so a warm climate that you like.
      Any now left at Hard Rock are destitute for sure, and in need of mobile characters like you. Pray tell, what are you mobile at?
      Hard Rock sure suffered from a Blow Job, called Dorian, peaked about 220 MPH, and knocked down the police station cinder block walls even. May be you are a strong mobile cinder block layer?
      Be careful when poking fun at old Blow Job, or you may get some Blow Back.
      Governing may be a problem, but survival is not a problem for old AJ, is my thinking. The hobos that rode the rails were mobile too, but still hobos, anon. Tell more about yourself.

    • OMG…lol…same guy who don't know what century he is living in, yes can see you are quite mobile. Someone explained it to you @22:59, that the 20th. Century was back in the 19 hundreds. We are now 19 years into the 21st. Century, ……I don't know about you. Wake up young timer. Time is passing you by. The 21st. Century will be gone before you get around to moving. Lol says Joe blow.

    • Whooaaaa! From the righteously indingnant tone of your disjointed, scattershot response it sounds like I hit an all-too-sensitive nerve, "pray tell".

      Better thicken that aging, sea salt-blasted skin of yours before venturing out into internet troll-world, my little buddy… you might get your pray-tell feelings hurt.

    • Ha anon, youngins like you are a saucy lot, in need of strong mouth wash. You wouldn't last a day doing a real man's work. Your main work is with your stubby fingers on your keyboard I suspect.
      As to Aj's nerves, likely he has no nerves, nothin frightens him, a man of the sea even. no nerve sensivity whatever.
      Pray tell, what is your feelings on the virtue of self sufficiency? Or is that concept new to you youngin?

    • Let me see now, where are we. Oh yes, the one timer, Young Timer Infantile blowing off again. Yes, some at nalcor suffering from oil on the brain, now we have YTI with blowjobs on the brain. No cure for that either, and the end result is a long slow death, much worst than oil on the brain. Now, anon:21:11 tried to help him with his mobility, but it went right over his head. He knows nothing about the Bahamas, or where they are located. He might know where Alberta is but 'Jesus, how did I get way out there, and might have to work too. Think my mobility might be acting up again says Young Timer Infantile. Cheers, Joe blow, average Joe, AJ.

  6. There must be readers of all ages reading this blog, so I am curious as to the generational attitudes to self sufficiency.

    While I did not live through WW1,WW2 or the great depression, I had parents and grand parents that did. Used nails were straightened for reuse, countless hours went into preparing fire wood for the winter and growing vegetables was very common. If it broke, you tried to fix it and if it was too difficult, there were local repair shops for electronics and metal works. When things broke, you kept them for spare parts. Houses seldom had mortgages and were initially tiny, maybe 1000 sq ft. Pieces were built on later as children were born or money more plentiful. People had pride in their homes because so much of their personal time was invested in it.

    Fast forward to today. You can't get cheap land in the city, there are no government land grants, and building codes make simple dwellings illegal. A septic system can cost you tens of thousands. Many things we used to do like wiring our homes or building ad-hoc structures are now illegal, unless permits are obtained, the work inspected and everything passes code. Furthermore, the reward for improving your property is a permanent increase in property tax. Even communities are getting threatened by federal authorities for not having multi-million dollar sewer treatment facilities that they cannot possibly pay for (the un-funded mandate problem).

    You are pretty much railroaded into slaving away for bank profits, paying hundreds of thousands in interest. The building lot sizes are too small for a decent vegetable garden, and fixing modern things is difficult or impossible. Electronics, especially car systems, are the worst — there is no "right to repair", no diagrams, and sometimes, no replacement parts.

    I can see why young people don't try. Parents give them a basement, provide free food until they get a job or move away. Meanwhile, they rack up student debt, hope to get a job someday and most end up having to move away. If this were not true, our population would be a few million rather than half a million. I suspect that for many, scrolling through their facebook feeds is an escape from reality.

    So … do those that don't value self sufficiency skills (repair skills, growing food, baking bread, being able to do many trades as needed (patching a wall, fixing a fence, painting walls etc.) feel this way because

    1) You'd like to be more self sufficient, but it is not practical. You rent, have no space to grow or fix things, have to travel all over the world to make a living or are unemployed.

    2) Don't need to because you earn lots of money and lease your car, rent a home and pay others to do everything for you.

    3) Don't care because society takes care of you – EI, social assistance, live at home or some other reason.

  7. I see that Andy Wells (Telegram letter: Silence from Fortis/Nfld Power) is correctly challenging why Stan and his merry crew stayed silent on the problems of the MF concept, despite having technical expertise that could have informed the public, govn officials, and aided the PUB.
    After 14 billion wasted they want blame placed elsewhere. Indeed , they got partial standing at the Inquiry to defend their reputation, this too the legal costs on the public dime. Where were they to protect the interest of their 250,000 customers from inevitable shock rates from a boondoggle they foresaw, likely more so than anyone in the province?
    Shame on Fortis/Nfld Power and Stan Marshall and Peter Alteen, who are staying silent to Well's questions.

    • This of course is the story of the northern cod co0llapse, captured scientists and rapacious draggers that won't quit until the last fish is caught. Now US, UK and France are funding research on cod movements and spawning aggregations. The now 27 year closure is proof destroying habitat with draggers will not permit groundfish recovery!

      Yet the greed for unrestricted rapacious fisheries remains unquenched!

      'He concluded that the politics of fisheries tended to capture regulators, who then protected entrenched interests.

      “Basically, I call it the Stockholm Syndrome.”

      '“My colleagues say they work for the science, but implicitly they work for the government and the government implicitly works for the industry. And the government favours the big timers.”

    • Here is the sad truth of how destructive technology now has no limits as Ocean Choice greedily awaits another crack at depleting (quickly) the spawning aggregations and our scientists are are willing co-conspirators!

      "We can freeze the fish and send it to people who have never eaten fish. We can always overfish locally and go somewhere else in our big boats.”

      Massive subsidies now keep this destructive, duplicitous system afloat, adds Pauly.

    • This is why inshore fishers get stiffed despite historic attachment and being adjacent the stocks.

      "When asked once why so many governments still subsidize corporate fisheries instead of small-scale ones, Pauly famously quipped, “Because small-scale fishermen don’t play golf.”

  8. Meanwhile back in Twitterverse, Danny Williams alter ego Robbie Byrne (the haggis man) complains bitterly about anonymity on the UG comments section. Come on Little Danny bye we all knows you're reading the blog and all the comments; your hair's on fire.

    • Yes Bruno, you correctly cite from Pauley on destructive over fishing , but ignore Pauley's comments on the importance he places on fish and sea temperature; he also states fish are moving north ward generally due to warning oceans.
      Also while you say for climate change we need a Marshall Plan, he goes much further and says a Churchill type "we fight on the land, the sea etc" to achieve the changes needed, essentially a war against present attitudes and little action, of the type that defeated fascism.
      As to hypocrisy: yes you long were critical of anon comments of any type. Yet recently you supported such an anon who challenged Jim Gordon and Winston Adams on the North Spur static load calculations, no one giving their name said they were wrong. Then too you supported an anon, a geotechnical engineer, who said the North Spur must be reasonably safe, as Stan Marshall, an experienced utility guy, has said it is safe (this too to oppose WA who raised his concerns as to that stability, and again no one with a name contradicted WA.)
      Now again, you praise and defend an anon, which you say you can't believe you are doing!
      Just pointing out that you do this sort of thing regular, if it suits your opinion or opposed others you have vilified. You might say you are surprised, but I am not. It is Bruno being Bruno.

    • I might add, that Pauley indeed seems world class on these issues.Never aware of him before. Thanks Robert for the link. He sees the problem as much more complex and difficult to solve than those who see a simple solution. I recommend that article to any UG reader with interest in climate change and sustainable practices, and even to climate change deniers.

    • AJ or WA or whomever you are I follow the truth as I see it. Are my views logical or not? Did I agree with Anon, the devil, or Blockhead Stan Marshall because they stumbled upon the truth occasionally (like a broken clock).

      I calls them as I sees them, or as Yogi Berra said when I came to a fork in the road I took it!

    • Are my views logical or not asks BJ?
      That is important.
      If not logical views by BJ, then they are illegitimate, illogical, incoherent, invalid, irrational, unreasonable, unsound and weak.
      Logic stems from Socrates, and followers:Plato and Aristotle.
      Logic is important in math and science and in reaching conclusions.
      BJs form of logic, "truth as he sees it" is that Stan, Blockhead Stan according to BJ, just stumbled upon the truth that the North Spur is "absolutely safe" in design and construction.
      How many MFs naysayers, or readers of the blog, believe that to be the truth? Safe from all "reasonable risks" that exist, for dam safety! BJ, a vocal opponent of MFs for many reasons, especially the instability of the North Spur, now gives his seal of approval to the people of Mud Lake and HVGB, and all of this province that the asset is absolutely safe from such major failure. Remarkable, I find.
      With BJs assurance of quality and best practices of dam construction, all can rest easy.
      BJ came to the fork in the road: either Jim Gordon and WA were right, or Blockhead stumbled unto truth, and BJ made his choice: Stan is right. Based on Stan's reputation of management excellence, no need to be reviewed by an independent expert panel. Hmmm

    • BJ Bruno is no Yogi Berra, but more like Yogi Bear, who was "Smarter than the average bear", but always impressed his pal young Boo Boo. BJ makes so many big booboos, it is questionable if he actually meets Yogi Bear's standard for smarts. At least Yogi Bear did not promote pot like our BJ, and so could always outwit the Ranger.

    • Bruno, you are so clever. I can be Winston if you want me to be. The reference to pot gave it away right? Or I might be AJ pretending to be Winston. But AJ is more clever, so likely not AJ.
      Can't be anyone else, as all others are so impressed with your one liners and intellect, would rank you with Berra, certainly.

    • The attack on Saudi refineries knocked almost 6 % off world crude production, and prices up 20%. Ball must be very pleased, and this good for wind and Bruno Batteries too, as renewables. Would Bruno and Winston Agree? The enemy of your enemy is your friend. Let the fun begin. Trump is cocked and ready to hit and Iran ready too to hit US assets in 2000km range. Exiting is it not?
      Let us fight on the land, in the deserts , don't matter as long as oil prices soar. A solution to the 13 billion bondoggle ?

    • Anon@ 20:37. Yes it was supposed to be funny, and not a cuss word used, so my parents would be pleased. You seem like what in rural Nfld is called a "pothead". Could that be so? Not a whale though, just low minded and use mostly cuss words,due to fried brain cells they say, I'm no expert. A disgrace to the parents, surely.
      Show UG your skill at being witty.