Guest Post by the “Anonymous Engineer”
EDITOR’S NOTE: The author of today’s article is the whistleblower, dubbed the “Anonymous Engineer”, who disclosed – on this Blog – falsification of the estimates for the Muskrat Falls project. That was January 30, 2017 . His comments were recorded in a post entitled Muskrat Cost Estimates “A Complete Falsification”. A second post called Muskrat: Allegations of Phony Cost Estimates provided significant additional details of low-balling which ultimately were used to justify the Sanction of a project. His assertions have been confirmed by Forensic Auditor, Grant Thornton and by various Witnesses who gave testimony at the Commission of Inquiry. — Des Sullivan

– A Documented History of Deceit

Now that the Inquiry is reaching a
conclusion – after almost 130 days of hearings and at least 125 witnesses of
all stripes – left exposed is an unmistakable narrative, a trail of deceit and
misinformation that is beyond belief.

Let’s look at this trail from the very

Estimate preparation – January to
October 2012

It is almost two and a half years
since the Anonymous Engineer (AE) first made the allegation that the Project
Sanction Estimate was falsified, to keep the estimate low, purely for the
purpose of project approval. 

Ten months of Inquiry and six million
documents later, it is confirmed beyond doubt that it is absolutely the case. 

The Inquiry has exposed a litany of

There is no record of a formal
Executive Review of the estimate with an official signoff. The estimate was not
reviewed in depth by any competent agency, be it Governmental or a private
company such as MHI, Validation Estimating. Consultants charged with reviewing
the estimate were not provided access to information needed to perform their
work. Validation Estimating, whose review was strongly critical of the
estimate, were not allowed to complete their work. Risks were not properly
assessed and often understated. Risks were claimed to be mitigated when they
were not.

The Independent Engineer (IE), on whom
most agencies depended to validate the estimate,  was for the most part a figurehead, and did
not do an in depth analysis. He depended on the information provided by Nalcor.
This proves the IE was not independent at all. In fact he was just another
extension of Nalcor.

The unit prices used were way too low
and wholly inappropriate to a harsh sub-Arctic climate. The contingencies were
ridiculously low for a project of this magnitude and complexity. How could any
organization with a knowledge of Estimating and Project Management approve such
a low and fundamentally flawed estimate?

Westney Consulting, a world authority
on Risk Management, said in their review that the project had only a one to
three percent chance of successful completion – the now famous P1 & P3. The
Westney analysis was not made public until the Forensic Audit and this Inquiry.

Right from the start the Nalcor
Project Management Team knew that the estimate was short by a few billion
dollars, yet made a business decision to keep it secret.

From the early days of the Project I
feared that the estimate had one and only one purpose: to secure project approval.
Thus Sanction was secured at $6.2 billion, which the then CEO Ed Martin said
was “solid.” At the time of project sanction there was no in depth review of
the estimate at all. Any organization that attempted to do so was prevented by
Nalcor from doing so.

There is no recorded evidence of
protests or discontent by the Project Director or the Project Management Team
about the $6.2B estimate or the near impossible schedule of first power by
December 2017. The Estimate and the Schedule obviously had their tacit

The protests and the statement by Paul
Harrington that the “Cost and Schedule was imposed on them by Ed Martin” came a
full three years later, when the wheels had fallen off the project, Ed Martin having
been ejected and Stan Marshall in charge. How can we not conclude that Paul
Harrington’s primary responsibility was to ensure that no one, absolutely no
one, got close to the estimate?

Project implementation with bogus
estimate – January 2013 to December 2015.

The estimate thus approved now moved
into the implementation phase. By mid-2013 the project had received bids from
contractors for specified work packages, which were far higher than the
corresponding budgets in the approved ($6.2B) estimate. By the time of
Financial Close – around November 2013, the overrun on the estimate was $600
million, and all the contingency was depleted.

In truth, the contingency was depleted
even before construction began. It’s just that no one was informed including the
Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Finance, the Independent
Engineer, Oversight Committee, Nalcor Board of Directors, and Nalcor’s own VP
of Finance and the Premier’s Office. Ed Martin would inform us through the
media that the project was doing just fine. It is quite remarkable that despite
all who knew inside Nalcor he never experienced a word of challenge.

Understandably, when it was revealed
at the Inquiry that the overruns were kept hidden from so many officials who
ought to have known, including an array of Ministers and Deputy Ministers, the
sense of betrayal was palpable.

How did Nalcor get away with such
falsification when the Corporation’s policy requires that there must be sufficient
budget before a contract is awarded?

As the project grew critically short
of funds, the budgets were artificially increased by transferring funds from
work not yet awarded – “creative accounting” – until in time, the project was
totally out of funds.

The forecast was increased from $6.2B
to $6.99B to $7.65B though even those forecasts were utterly fictitious; the
true forecasts were much higher. This mindset of falsification, now deeply
engrained in the Nalcor work practices, persisted until the change of
Government in December 2015, when it became no longer possible.

Change of Government December 2015 and
engagement of EY

Soon after the new Government was installed,
December of 2015, EY already had quite a story to relate to the Ball
Administration, notwithstanding the fact that Nalcor did their utmost to keep
EY at bay. Little wonder that the Premier did not give Ed Martin the free-hand
he sought in negotiations with Astaldi either.  Rightfully, he was soon gone.

In early January the Premier mandated
EY with its array of highly skilled staff to do an in-depth review of the
project. This was the first time in three years that any organization had done a
deep dive into the numbers and work processes. The resistance from Nalcor was
fierce, despite the directive issued by the Premier. Nalcor continued to be
difficult and uncooperative, as they had been for the past three years. Finally,
the privilege of falsification was over.

EY very quickly rejected all forecasts
made by Nalcor as fictitious and came up with their own analysis of the
forecasts – at $ 11.7billion!!  The
project cost had increased by $4billion in six months. Such was the magnitude
of falsification by Nalcor.

Nalcor had all the data with which to
do a proper analysis, but simply choose not to.

As expected, EY discovered the work
practices used by Nalcor were abysmal. Ed Martin’s claim to a “World Class
Project Management Team” now has a ring of patent silliness.

It is unfortunate that a project
originally priced at $6.2 billion – $7.4B with financing will now end up
costing $12.7 billion (or more). The Inquiry, in my view, exposed many of the
practices that occurred in the absence of oversight – by a group not just loose
with the truth but willingly flagrant of the public trust. It has not explicitly
pointed out who is responsible but the public are not that blind. 

Hopefully, Government and the public
have learned from this debacle. Excessive trust, without verification and
competent oversight, is simply irresponsible. NL will have a long time to
remember this unfortunate truth – 50 years, in fact. That is the greatest
tragedy of all.

I can only say that I am glad that I
was able to bring to public attention the issues with which I had come face to
face. It is hard to imagine that Muskrat could have had a worse outcome except the evidence suggests that without a change of leadership it might have.


If a Big Mac costs McDonalds $10 to produce and it is sold for $1.50, McDonalds will go out of business. They would not declare a profit!


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


  1. After the inquiry report the fraud squad needs to get involved. If fraud against the people of NL can not be established under the law, then at the very least the key characters responsible from government and nalcor should have to be named and shamed in a group photo while wearing the nalcor jerseys together with matching colour coordinated dunce caps.

  2. And for the record, in my Telegram letter as early as 09 November 2013, I wrote in part:–

    "For the second (DG2) decision gate milestone, major project costs (such as interest during construction) were kept out of the decision making process.

    For the third (DH3) decision gate milestone, certain project contingency costs were reduced from 15 per cent to seven per cent, and by so doing, project cost estimates were kept below Wade Locke's $8 billion 'not economic estimate".

    • And late January 2017 was more than 4 years after my 2013 Tele letter "Nalcor should be brought to task". Why did you wait so long to put meat on the bones of what was apparent some 4 years earlier?

    • And I would also ask "Why has the Inquiry waited so long to put an expert on the stand that would have given inquiry co-counsel and counsel for the various parties legislative requirements related to records keeping. They could have and should have asked more relevant questions when Nalcor and government witnesses were on the stand.

  3. The price for your collective wilful blindness, over I might add, the warnings of the"Naysayers" has yet to be determined.

    There has been no financial update for years and Stan has not reeled in Nalcor's wayward ways. In fact he has kept the worst of the Nalcor rot and provided cover. The meathead had only one thing on his mind "get her done" in the splendid secrecy that Nalcor so easily provided. Expect bad news soon.

    The worst is yet to come NL!

    • Good to see you adopt MY past mention there is large scale "wilful blindness" at work at Nalcor, and also at Nfld Power/Fortis, and government, and apparently at the Inquiry.
      At the Inquiry, blindness was mentioned, but none of the brave lawyers said "Is it fair to say, that your assumptions, which were wrong, resulted from wilful blindness on your part"?
      Did Leblanc lay down the law, in camera, preventing that question?
      Stan : the meathead! Oh Bruno, pot calling the kettle?
      I cited Stan on one DUMB statement, maybe there are more. But no meathead overall. Very clever,he is. Who was the Star wars character, Maurice mentioned? The ancient one who possessed the knowledge of the FORCE? Physical features part based on Einstein. NO MEATHEAD.And a large holder of Fortis stock likely, maybe a conflict issue, but who cares about that, except PENG2?
      Winston Adams

  4. I agree with all the anonymous Emgineer has written, that no one knew, officially of the cost over runs and schedule. But in this small town, almost everyone knew. Eddie said that himself, that he could not release, his stated excuse, as it would travel like wild fire. But without officially releasing cost over runs, there were many winks, nods, and whispers that muskrat was totally out of control but no one wanted to make it official. Especially the politicians that were hoping to win in the 2015 election. It was like I have both hands over both ears, and my eyes shut, so I can remain blind, deaf and dumb. Hoooooo….whooooo… Don't tell me says Joe blow…. But Frankeinstein and Dracula told me.

  5. Perhaps I misunderstand the process, and aside from the manner and timing of presenting this witness, but I find it flabbergasting that no counsel representing the consumer advocate (ratepayers), no counsel for the concerned citizens, and no counsel for the Grand River Keeper have asked ANY QUESTIONS whatsoever of this witness whatsoever on the issue of 'record keeping', or lack thereof, related to this MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR rip-off on the province's ratepayers/taxpayers.

    • Missed the Inquiry this morning, and tuned in after seeing your comment, but seems to be over.
      Can you or someone summarise what transpired ? I too am flabbergasted if this was not questioned by the parties you mention, and suggests this Inquiry is a farce as to accountability to the ratepayers and public, and so missing or destroyed documents and notes is of no concern?

    • I noticed early on the flaccid nature of questioning by those representing public interests. To some extent the minimal funding for the Riverkeepers gives little time for preparation but she and the others have been a farce. The Public Advocate that had better inquiry funding and their public funding for the PA have been especially disappointing. They need to be renamed the PU, Publically Useless for how much they stink.

      Missing documents and notebooks in the Post Williams Era….who cares with accountability its so so passe.

      The farce of an inquiry reconvenes at 2PM N. They are in camera now.

  6. Morally, these lying and abusive self serving sociopaths need to be locked up to protect society and to serve as a warning to other sociopaths who would abuse the public.

    Going after these liars is unfortunately like going after the liars that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, all to manufacture consent for a war that resulted in the death of millions of children via bombs, sanctions (starvation) and cancer from depleted uranium munitions. Every country has psychopaths in positions of power and humanity generally doesn't revolt until daily life gets unbearable.

    Judges are politically appointed and all political parties act like puppets controlled by an oligarchy. No lawyer really wants to fight lest he bite the hand that feeds it or kills any chance for a judicial appointment. The AG is a political appointment. The citizen's rep is a political appointment. The PUB was neutered. The press isn't independent – it too needs the advertising revenue and its owners are often wealthy and well connected club members who protect each other and trade favors.

    We are on our own. Nobody in a position of power will help. Unless we have "accountability marches" to the confederation building with the tenacity of the French "yellow vest / gilets jaunes) movement, nothing will happen.

    • You live in an inverted totalitarian state. You are left with meaningless democratic rituals like this "inquiry" and elections while more power is handed over to oligarchs. MF has firmly drawn the lines between the haves and have nots.

      What comes next will not be pretty!

    • I had to look up inverted totalitarian state and it is a good fit:

      1) inverted totalitarianism instead exploits the legal and political constraints of the established democratic system and uses these constraints to defeat their original purpose. {neuter the public utilities board, appoint a cronies as the auditor general and citizens rep, enact laws to thwart small hydro and give nalcor a monopoly)

      2) inverted totalitarianism is a managed democracy which applies managerial skills to basic democratic political institutions.[our leaders are pre-chosen, and elected officials have to follow orders or they are kicked out of the portfolio and or political party]

      3) dissent is allowed, though the corporate media serve as a filter, allowing most people, with limited time available to keep themselves apprised of current events, to hear only points of view that the corporate media deem "serious". [ comments disabled on VOCM, only some CBC articles have comments, thetelegram/CBC/Independent refused to air stories that might have derailed the project]

      How do you get rid of a well established inverted totalitarian state where democracy is managed, media is a propaganda arm for the state, the oligarchy is above the law, and all public institutions are corrupted?

    • Accountability and transparency is the answer. Renew your PUB and FOI regulation and the next time a megalomaniacal strongman wants to weaken regulatory function take to the streets, yellow vest style, so the perpetrators don't feel safe to be in public, Ted Cruz stye.

  7. Anon engineer sums up the deception of 6.2 B leading to 12.7B
    But what of the reasonableness of the Isolated Option being not more than 2 B, and costed at 8.4 B, showiing MFs 2.2 b lower cost?
    The deceptions on that are many, and confirmed by Stan's figures of 1.1 B for most of a lowest cost option. This not explored b this Inquiry which accounts for about half of the overall dollar value deception and money wasted. Any if MFs is not reliable, and is it not, then we must spend more to compensate wit backup etc. Leblanc will file his report before we know the fall out and before MFs is fully on stream, so he can wash his hands of this affair, and say " Here's my findings, I am going out strong, on time and below budget, hope MFs power and transmission is reliable", as more spending ramps up with PUB blessings.
    Winston Adams

  8. From the article's conclusion… "It is unfortunate that a project originally priced at $6.2 billion – $7.4B with financing will now end up costing $12.7 billion (or more)."

    Respectfully, it is not "unfortunate"…. as Andy Wells has pointed out, it likely borders on the criminal.

    The revelations of the MRF Inquiry demand that a criminal investigation be launched.

  9. Off topic, due to a fever from the "mallotus villosus", and this capelin weather, needing heat on the house yesterday and today. But this is good for Nfld Power loads and revenue, so cold summer weather is good for MFs mitigation, and if it turns hot, then summer AC loads kick in to help mitigate, the benefit of HPs can air condition at great efficiency. So look on the bright side of this weather, the capelin love it.
    This to report to Bruno, (the bogus environmentalist), that I have sourced some 50 references of the importance linkage of sea temperature to the timing of capelin spawning on the beaches. That suggestion he termed a "brain fart"
    Further, yes, cod seem certainly to "run away form cold water, and too warm water", so a factor in the decline of stock and slow to recover.
    Would Bogus Bruno like links to the scientists papers on this, that he may post an appropriate apology ?
    Winston Adams

  10. A culture of keeping no written records…..a culture of verbal communications…….says Molloy, a guy with inside knowledge, saying that our government operates like the mafia, is my view on this.
    Winston Adams

    • Blackberry messenger, deleting e-mails before the evening server backups, using instant messengers, using private e-mail accounts, e-mails that says "call me", document retention policies that demand "transient" e-mails be regularly deleted, deficient meeting minutes, refusing to issue final document so that could be draft forever … this is the MO of most departments. I imagine that much of the planning of this scam was verbal only, just like the Codfather.

  11. And this culture is not just respect to MFs, but all departments, thought Nalcor seems to have perfected it with special legislation .
    No "speaking truth to power", as there is consequences, as Steve Bruneau had stated, and as Dave Vardy said people are afraid to speak out.
    Winston Adams

  12. I see that the Nunatsiavut government wants a delay in filling the reservoir until the mercury is mitigated properly.

    A far larger issue is the stability of the North Spur.

    Does anyone here know if a competent authority has given this their structural seal of approval? I would be surprised if any competent firm would certify it as safe given that the material has many unknowns (where and how much quick clay) as well as experts that believe it will fail.


    Bottom line: Who should they insist certify the North Spur as ready for filling? Nalcor certainly be trusted and the independent engineer isn't very independent. Would SNC be a good choice to ask?

    Lets say that nobody will certify it. Then what? Spin the roulette wheel? Wait for the sword of Damocles to swing a few years later?

    • What is important is the CONTENT of the notes, not the FORMAT, whether handwritten, said Molloy.
      King said "the content of the character, not the color of the skin."
      Ralph likes to say handwritten is transitory , so shred them, regardless. Sounds like mafia to me. This is a culture issue.
      Today we were exposed to the rot of how government works in Nfld,
      and that disinfectant with some sunlight needed decades ago. Today, a little sunlight broke through this July fog.
      Ralph tried to bully Molloy and Leblanc. Is he now a part of our Justice Department? Who is he taking direction from? Parsons or Ball, or is he in private practise now?
      The Consumer Advocate had no questions! What does that say?
      Winston Adams

  13. Solar farms should to be privately financed, and their power sold at market rates. If financing is not available, then the project likely does not make sense. Keeping it private will ensure mal-investment doesn't become public debt. If the owner goes bankrupt, the next owner will get it cheap and make a good profit.

    If hydro costs 3 cents, then solar should sell for 3 cents too. Until recently, we have been paying huge rates for solar in-feeds (say 25 cents) to guarantee a profit for the solar owner. These rates then get passed onto all users. When there are only a few farms, nobody notices, but if it goes too popular, then all consumers end up paying huge rates to ensure profits for the solar owners.

    Newfoundland is a special case. We will have power that is very expensive, so we could offer to buy solar power at our generation cost and no subsidy would be needed. On the other hand, we have a take or pay mega project so anything externally generated requires an offsetting subsidy to make up for the lost hydro revenue.

    I think wind farms makes more sense than solar farms here. This is one of the windiest places on earth so we don't need to go offshore to get a breeze. It also blows on many winter nights when we need extra power whereas solar would need batteries to time shift it, assuming of course that we weren't in 10 day period without direct sun.

    The only thing that really makes sense for us is this: Rebuild our building stock to not need the energy in the first place. You really don't need much energy for LED lighting or modern electronics. You do need huge quantities of energy for heating our current buildings. Double wall construction, minimal and well positions windows, external thermal windows shutters, heat pumps. This would be huge demand destruction and it would allow us to live off the island hydro. Muskrat Falls needs to be written off as a mega fraud, with the federal government being the primary bag holders. Many people should go to jail.

    • Agree almost entirely, and that we could have had plenty with island hydro and island wind………no analysis done by Nalcor, Nfld Hydro or Nlfd Power to this approach, not much now. No corporate heroes for green sustainable approach. 2nd worst in Canada. See Synapse for CDM record here! Perhaps PENG2 will confirm the poor record, he has read Synapse.
      Winston Adams

  14. Bruno, further to fish habits and our discussion, let me more fully explain my hypothesis as to the cod collapse:
    In 1983 I started observing and take note of irregular events suggesting maybe links to climate change: rare birds seen in Nfld, tropical fish sometimes, or record weather events. Then in 1992 the cod fishery collapse, supposedly caused completely by over fishing. But the capelin collapsed at the same time. Add to that the sudden change of capelin being a month or more late arrival on the beaches, and much smaller size and fewer. It was predicted these would return to normal in a few years, but did not.
    In 1999 I thought maybe climate change had changed the water conditions and temperature and started my monitoring for capelin arrival vs sea temperature. Also,from the 1970s great volumes of ice started melting up North and in Greenland, feeding the cold Labrador current, and this continues.
    With climate change, most of the oceans are getting warmer which is detrimental to fish stocks. But Nlld is an anomaly due to the Labrador current, our waters got much colder not warmer. And when cod and capelin collapsed, the cold water species of shrimp and crab increased.
    I read much on these events but little was said that attributed it to climate change.
    My monitoring of sea temperatures over 10 years confirms a very significant link to sea temperature and capelin arrival date, and the beach spawn date can be fairly accurately predicted about 2.5 months in advance.
    The stocks have improved but far from historical levels, and still irregular. Stocks normally rebuild in less than a decade, but now over a quarter of a century.
    My hypothesis: that the ying and the yang of the cold Labrador Current and the warm Gulf Stream is out of kilter, affecting normal temperatures and fish response. Cod is being squeezed detrimentally in the South by warmer water, and in the North from colder water, over recent decades. This a tug of war as to which current dominates. The extreme cold has moderated some, and the warm water will eventually restore our stocks northward, but be reduced on the southern banks. Likely temperatures will remain irregular and abundance will not be restored, because of climate change that has impacted our ocean. Sea temperatures are now not optimum over the historical range for cod and capelin. Increasing CO2 levels affecting sea temperatures will impact our ocean further as this plays out.
    Bruno, what is your considered thoughtful opinion if this hypothesis, in support or opposed?
    Winston Adams

    • Agree with your hypothesis Winston. But that is but one factor, among several, but an important one. Also, overfishing continues, including foreign draggers, and let's not for get the few million seals that swear they do not eat fish. Just baloney, and more baloney. Joe blow.

    • Yes risk as the waters flow in, especially the North Spur.
      PENG2 agrees it is not reasonably proven to be safe. Will PENG2, who is a geotechnical engineer, go pubic with his concerns?
      He did not respond to my request suggestion.
      Winston Adams

  15. Today's expert witness's description of what he refers to as QA1 uses slightly different descriptive terms, but is very similar to my 2011 brief comment to the CBC about the Muskrat Falls Project, where I said that we don't "need" it, we can't "afford" it and it's too high a "risk".

    That process was not followed by government.

  16. Todays expert: My notes I thought key points
    1. Transparency and openness is NO 1, everything is published(Note Peter's Ralph yesterday desire for secrecy and justify to destroy hand written documents, and framed it as a cost issue)
    2. Os the project necessary, all alternatives are properly evaluated.
    3. Treat alternatives, as to details, equal to what is proposed, ….too much detrail on the proposed project is info overall
    4 Keep politics out
    5 Cosultants estimates is better than govn agency estimates
    6 Sweden has agood system but a little different ( note Berlander said iin Sweden they would never approve a hydro project at MF due to risks at the North Spur)
    7. Norway'tries to keep things simple….something to do with their culture.
    8 UK is the prime example of " we'll tell you how to do it", Norway is "this is best practices etc"
    9. In th eend it is all about people….look very closely to "what do we gain form this"
    Winston Adams

    • Lessons to be learned from this expert even on Inquiries,I think, as to what has not had a deep dive, on the alternatives.

      Expert also gave advise, some items I noted:
      1.Put responsibility where it belongs ( does this mean for us the Dept of Natural Resources?)
      2 Norway is more modest,they don't want to stand out, USA the opposite, ( so here with Nalcor, the USA way, and then some: the "world class engineers BS, was self praise , unwarranted we know, Norway has 1 trillion fund from investment from their oil resource, and now are divesting from some fossil fuel companies on their heritage fund investments )
      3. P85 may be too high , P75 may be better, but not low P50
      4. More complexity means more formality, and the less it actually works, (MFs scheme is very complex, few here realised, and now we see questionable reliable)
      5. Start looking at Quebec, to work with and their better methods.
      6. Put more focus on value, less on resources.
      7. Publish results from the framework, learn from it.
      8. First to look at for a project is the concept….is it the best way to solve the problem? (Think 2 billion alternative instead of 12.7B) …….why has this Inquiry ignored the 2 billion? Even after Stan's 1.1 billion suggestion.)

      This Inquiry started with an expert suggesting almost 100% overrun in cost was to be expected for mega hydro projects. This expert shows in Norway, overruns seldom exceed 5 % for projects in general.

      I will miss 2-3;30 PM, if someone can summarise any thing worth while on UG?

  17. A dream project by the Jetsons of Dany and Ed.
    A construction project run by the Flintstones of Gilbert and Paul.
    And yet, some of these people are still employed?
    The willing,
    Being led by the incompetent,
    To achieve the impossible,
    For the ungrateful.

  18. Excellent summary AE, whoever you are. You write so well and clearly. You make it easy for us laymen to understand these complex issues. My greatest disappointment is now, through your work, I understand the magnitude of this fraud. So well planned, deliberate, deceitful and misleading. Criminal charges are very well deserved and appropriate.
    James Pearce

  19. This guy reviewing Civil Servant concerns ATTIPA, "Transitory Records" etc. is a totally useless excercise. The servants ere all whipped afraid to say shit when the Emperor and the Justice lawyers had their boots on their throats, daring them to step out of line.

    This guy turns my stomach! He is a useless academic engaging in masturbatotoy oratory never touching the real issues.

    This "expert" goes to the heart of why this inquiry is useless. People with expertise in this project are banned from input, only useless twits and "liars" are permitted to speak.

    I want to puke listening to Dr. Kelly Blidook. What a useless twit!

    • Agree Bruno, that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and most afraid to acknowledge. Peter Ralph trying to discredit even the report.
      Your first mentioned "speaking truth to power", then judge Molloy used that phrase. Problem is "can our justice system and people "hand the the truth"? which is much worse than this report says ( although some is censored. )
      All lawyers here representing govn officials wanted this witness censored, so he is now "not an expert," so even this can be given little weight.
      Winston Adams

  20. Dr. Kelly Blidook with his Pink Floyd Tshirt is indeed coming from the Dark Side of the Moon. Having seen Pink Floyd perform Dark Side of the Moon in my wonderfully wasted youth under the influence of peyote Bildook is much farther out than the Dark Side.

    Problems that warrant looking into in the civil service? Really??? This guy actually collects a paycheque!@!

    • Our soothsayer Kelly Blidook concludes the ability to speak truth to power depends on the Premier! Brilliant!

      The conclusions then jump from page 26 to a completely redacted page 28. We are unfit to read the CONCLUSION!

      What a farce!!

      Next, Here come da judge!

  21. Citizens have no direct/effective avenue for input into the inquiry process.

    Yet isn't today's witness (and others such as Dr. Locke) evidence that there is something very wrong with the investigative process?

  22. SPEAK NO EVIL, WRITE NO EVIL: This the title of Blidooks report today, of which the lawyers for govn fear might make the headlines of the Telegram.
    No BREAKING NEWS yet with the Telegram nor CBC, nor VOCM, But NTV carried it.
    Last time I recall about EVIL in court proceedings was about Priests in the Mount Cashel scandal ( Leblanc had dealings with that scandal just a few years ago)
    This secrecy and lack of transparency and destruction of "transitory" documents has got little attention, even on this blog, and a feature of our culture here as to how government operates. I suggest this a key reason for the cause of MFs boondoggle, but operates throughout all government here. Was not the failure of the wetland covering a secret by Andrew Parsons and Ball to let the clock run out?
    The opposite of how Norway operates and their culture.
    Recall too Liberty negative comment about Nalcors culture.
    All afraid of losing their job , or demotion, or lack of promotion.

    Transparency, openness, and stating opposing views to bosses is considered EVIL, so say nothing and don't write it down, and destroy records. Good title.
    How to change it? This blog has not changed in 6 years as to openness of opinions…….and why should they? Look at the push back by Coffey, Fitzgerald, Ralph, Williams to day at the Inquiry. Hearsay evidence, they suggested, this guy not an expert, data is insignificant they said.
    These guys make big bucks on the public purse promoting secrecy, lack of transparency or openness. Best ATIPPA is the country, then choke it off so its not effective.
    A good day to hear our govn credit rating has dropped and MFs the culprit. They would keep this secret except hard to muzzle Moody's.
    Winston Adams

    • All good Points Winston. You are totally right. Have not been following the inquiry much this week. Heard a little this morning. Did they say what is the norm in other provinces and the country. Scanty note taking for meetings, or in detail and all transparent. Did the guy on the stand give that prospective. Would be nice to know says Joe blow, not that we have to follow other provinces or the nation. But at least would tell us where we are in that regards.

    • Missed your perspective this week Joe, and I knew nothing in advance of these experts. The guy from Norway was an eye opener for how they do things, and they do not waste oil revenue on stupid projects, so have a 1 trillion rainy day fund which he didn't even mention (because they are modest, their culture)
      Britain is not a good example of openness, and of course we still have the Harlow Campus don't we, funded by MUN and 2400 dollar cost per family on us, our 300 million a year for MUN subsidy.
      I read that Britain keep secret for 75 year how much tea they import, maybe that from the days of the East India Company.
      Seems Ashley may not have been allowed to write about the Norway expert, as they have a useless piece in the Telegram today.
      Bruno calls the MUN guy useless. He admitted himself they are very weak on expertise on public administration. Is that why MUN got chosen……and not an outsider to assess secrecy in Nfld government. As to MFs, look at Wade Lock or others and also engineering, except for Bruneau. I contacted 2 , both of which were tied up with Nalcor or Nfld Power. Regardless this guys work was censored. And high level officials selected. I expect many more lower level suffer from a iron fist upper officials.
      Last year a report at MUN medical, I think 90 % felt intimindated and bullied and afraid to speak up least it hurt their career. So their names were not published. So I say 90%, like the iceberg, 90% hidden but this real, and these lawyers say it does not exist, Ralph says it was not his experience in govn!. He likely uses the whip …….tried to intimidate Leblanc even, when Molloy testified.
      Ralph was a partner with that other Simmons, the one with the big mouth, fierce looking fella with ball head. Ralph too looks fierce at times but with a fake smile. Buddies with Jerome Kennedy I think, all sharks. Ralph has that shark appearance….. bad when he shows his teeth, surprised Leblanc did not duck and hide. I would run away for sure, or have mace on hand.
      Now Coffey….seemed concerned how far back they were digging, and just 5 or 6 years, so he felt safe.
      Coffey was director of prosecutions I think , about 1990? A reel jewel he is.
      Winston Adams

    • Ashley did write a very good piece on this late this evening, but said nothing on the 4 lawyers opposing Leblanc having this report.
      CBC, Terry Roberts was silent yesterday and today on this secrecy and lack of documentation. Why? Write no evil policy at the CBC?

  23. We have 12 days left then D-Day.
    I have often done wind pressures, so don't need my slide rule for 100 MPH winds. It's about 30 pound force per sq ft. So if a hurricane coming our way, and your living room window is a large pane say 4 X 8 ft, that is 32 sq ft, and so 960 lb force on that glass. Better stay away from that room least it break. Image 1/2 ton force on glass, surprising it can take that much.
    Now as to the Spur, wind pressure is nothing compared to water pressure.Would PENG2 do an approximate force in pounds on the full upstream face of the Spur? How much now, now much at 39 M elevation? How much increase for each one for rise?
    Did not Leblanc term the start of filling the reservoir as D-Day?
    High risk D-Day in 1944. Many died.
    The North Spur too is high risk I think. PENG2 says he would not live downstream, and he a geotechnical engineer. Maybe if like Ball or even Stan, (who do not fully understand the pressures nor the soil parameters (as insufficient holes and testing was done),one might be foolish enough to camp there, right on the Spur, or live downstream.
    I trust PENG2 will give us the pressures.
    Winston Adams

    • If you want heat, go to Europe, now into their second record heat wave this summer. We are so lucky, but my heaters are on all this week. The "interactive effect" assumes we need heat only 7 months out of 12, false of course, but used by Nfld power as gospel, to mislead on benefits of LEDs etc.
      So anon, the D-Day thought occurred during my 1.25 hr walk, cool and a little fog, just perfect. I stink more when walking in the the sun. You would keep your distance.

  24. Joe, as to our cod/capelin collapse.
    You likely know that the Northern cod stocks almost entirely disappeared.
    In the 1990s to 2006, Smith Sound Trinity Bay was the place of their "last stand", about 26,000 tons there managed to survive the very cold water, nothing north of that except a remment about 350 miles north at Hawkes channel, about 12,000 tons.
    Then in 2007 and 2008, they moved from Trinity Bay, north ward off Bonavista Channel and then to Hawke Channel by 2013.
    By 2015 it was now 302,000 tons, but still a fraction of pre 1990.
    Now there was no seal cull, and yet these cod mass grew by 30% a year, but no growth in the first 13 years.
    So I now agree with DFO that seals are not the problem. Fishing then started at a modest rate of 13,000 tons,as stocks was growing at about 90,000 tons per year). But then the stock declined 25 % in 2017, so the fishing was dropped to 9500 tons.
    When it go too cold in 1990, then "ran away,(Bruno's term) to the south to Trinity Bay, and by 2006, they started to run away again, north again. Sea temperature and their favourite food ,capelin were important factors. I have neglected the research done in recent years, and see these figures, which I thought Bruno would have at his fingure tips, and would informed us,( once he informed us of his mysterious fish training course) How far did these cod run? About 350 miles, and may run further yet. I think they wear Nikes, but Bruno said they were all cripples, could not run at all.
    Fishery scientists were very surprised by these moves and the growth rates.
    The cause of the 25 % drop? Natural mortality,including starvation due to environmental conditions, they say.
    Did you ever hear anyone from our "environment" dept mention any of this? Another secret of Ball and Parsons and Letto : "Don't tell the Nflders about our fish and the environment, for Christ's sake,or they'll oppose the expansion of doubling the oil drilling" . I think this was what Leblanc censored today, under parts of "Speak no evil, write no evil", in accordance with ethical oil policy, which cannot be challenged or opposed.

    • Winston you are on fire, with so many topics in the air at one time. Your multi-task better than most of us dream in our wildness nightmares. But can't contradict on any of them. May place a few question marks along side some of them. Yes, quite familiar with the cod collapse in '92. Then you have exact numbers and cod locations and growth rates for the next 25 years. Obviously these are not your numbers, but quoting DFO and our Rose guy numbers. I put little confidence in the accuracy of any of these numbers, as very little research was carried out in obtaining them. Yes we had the Irish research vessel for a couple of months for a couple of years, but they did their research in limited areas and made estimates and predictions. Now as one wise observer said to me, many years ago, when they were trying to count the cod, how in the hell do they know how many fish there are when they can't see them, because they can see the seals pup on the ice year after year and can't agree on what they can see, how are they going to agree on what they can't see. Now as for your agreement with DFO on seals don't eat cod or Caplin, not sure if you are saying that with tongue in cheek or finger up the bum. Before I can accept that someone will have to explain and prove to me what seals do eat. And I will need more than the evidance given by the seals with their bellys full and grinning and swearing on the ice pan stands that they eat turnips as the digger one said. Joe blow.

    • Joe a top predator in ANY ecosystem keeps the prey species healthy. This is a rule on display in the north Atlantic. Seals keep the cod HEALTHY. It is the human predator that as Rose makes clear is what is keeping the recovery of cod from happening. It is draggers NOT seals that are the problem.

      If you want to know what species hinders cod recovery look in a mirror next time you wonder what happened to cod, haddock etc.

      Capelin are a cornerstone species upon which all predators (cod in this case) depend on. They should NEVER be fished but human greed has no limits.

      Seals keep cod stocks healthy like ANY top predator. Wolves keep caribou and moose stocks healthy for example. They were extirpated due to human stupidity throughout much of north America and are now being reintroduced like in Yellowstone to keep prey like buffalo healthy.

    • Bruno and company, by your writings you think the human species should not exist. But in fact we are a part of the ecosystem, and the top predicator, including our tools like the spear and the dragger, or the basket. So by your reasoning, when you say seals keep the cod healthy, yes maybe before Cabot, or there were humans with just spears, and as far as I know they were few in relation to the number of seals or cod , so therefore little, even if they were at the top of the food chain. When the Europeans arrived they harvested the cod especially and in the seventies and other decades the cod on the grandbanks were providing protein to 200 million Europeans not to mention the NA demand. So if the cod has two main predictors the seal and draggers, then obvious the balance is up set. So if we harvest cod then we must harvest seals to keep the ecosystem in balance. Wolves keep caribou in balance, yea, in Labrador, according to you . Except they have traded in there spears for skidoos, plus the hydro developments and interference by humans in this are too. I looked in the mirror and I haven't participated in the food fishery for almost a decade, but as I told you before I go to the waterfront every spring and get my 6 flippers and two carcass of seal, which is better than any roast even from Costco says Joe blow.

    • Humans need to be a responsible part of the ecosystem Joe. All creatures in the sea are NOT ours and only ours. The ecosystem needs to be protected from rapacious greed that destroys the habitat, kills the "bycatch" and wants to kill anything that competes for our target species.

      Seals should be used like all other species but a cull is rapacious greed. Take what you need, enjoy your flippers like cod cheeks, but leave the rest to keep the stock healthy.

    • Well Bruno, we may not be too far off sides regarding seals. I don't really support a cull on seals unless it becomes absolutely necessary. But here is my solution. A CANNERY. We can all species of fish, from salmon, to tuna, or oysters to sardines, and everything in between. And 30 or 40 years ago we could buy canned seal right here on the Rock. Local product, but small scale. Not sure if it was FPI or Carino. So I think you and I will go into partnership and build a massive cannery, specifically for seal products. Yes get some government help, like what they might spend on a cull. Get the plant up and running, and would need a world wide marketing arm. Maybe Sullivan from the union would chuck in a few bucks of what they collect from the Feds. And canned seal, different flavours, different size cans. Not one size fits all. Market locally and nationally but concentrate big, on the world markets. Where are all our local young eupteneers. A fortune to be made and fresh right from the sea, protein, and the 3 omegas. I remember my mother always bottled seal, and I preferred a bottle of seal over a bottle of moose or caribou, and a lot healthier. Sure we don't even take the quota as set by DFO each year says Joe blow.

    • One small but important technical point, Joe. just reverse to say omega 3.
      There is type 3, 6 and 9
      A balance of 3 and 6 is about ideal, but out diets nowadays is about 5 to 1 or worse for omega 6, thanks to junk food and industrial fed animals.
      To balance we need more of 3 and less of 6, but what doctor ever tells you that? They need sick patients, like Nfld Power and Nfld Hydro need more power sales
      Danny's Costo chicken , 3 in a pack form NS is really high in Omega 6, although you can get omega 3 fortified eggs from NS there, but still 2 to 1 for omega 6.
      So seal is a extremely healthy food, rich in omega 3. But MFs, besides 12.6 billions waste, (and now Moody's down grade), also wants to add a bit of mercury to the seals in Lake Melville.
      2 out of 3 jumped for the dough out of Stan's back pocket, held as a bribe just before D-Day,to let the mercury flow free, but 1 party refused the bribe, preferring healthy sea food and seals and their own health. Ball lied, aide by his Justice/Environment minister, to run out the clock.
      Almost 10 million seals and no cannery!
      And is not seal oil ethical oil? Bruno can suggest the quota limits, if he don't invest.
      Sea temperature problems are not so easy to solve, unless you are a climate change denier, like Bruno seems to be, and say that is not a problem.

    • Thanks Winston for explaining about the 3 omegas found in seal products. Now I think my proposal of setting up AJ Canaries would be a much more profitable venture, in greater demand, and more useful to society and the ecosystem than either Bruno Batteries or Winston Windmills. So I invite you two hombres to to make it the 3 omegas or 3 hombres to make it a joint venture. Even the cod and Caplin would thank us. Joe blow.

    • Joe, yes, as you suggested, I used DFO data on cod biomass, and maybe from Rose, who authors many reports on research. I bought his book,COD, in 2007 I think, which I found informative and historical also, but had but a couple of paragraphs on whether climate change was a factor on the cod collapse.
      Now thinking seems more in that direction, as a significant factor. Stocks should have been normalised within 10 years, but now 27 years, so they are slow to point to climate change, least they upset their bosses maybe, :Speak no evil, write no evil, even with the feds, especially under Harper who muzzled science and sacrifice fisheries to the benefit of the fossil fuel industry.
      Ypu are generally right as to the quality and quantity of fish surveys.But a few were done on a grid basis and much more accurate I think, as PENG2 says should be done for the North Spur.
      Good investigation, whether fish or marine clay, supports best practises and reliable solutions and recommendations, otherwise it is garbage in and garbage out.
      Remarkable that there were spans of 5 years or more when no surveys were done in many of the areas, then surprised when there is a major change, leaving them guessing what has happened. Their guessing is called "hypothesis", and they then try to fill in the missing pieces, to see if they have guessed right.
      So for the North Spur, we have an hypothesis that it is safe, a guess because they have insufficient data from poor investigations, despite 30 reports,
      It is now but 9 days to D-day, and to see it their hypothesis on the North Spur is safe, and then off to the gullies, dam the torpedoes, let her fill b'ys. Seems they will not have Graham Letto there to do the jump test, as final proof of world class dam design.
      As to fisheries, how many in Nfld has heard of Station 27? What is it and where is it? Maybe 100 or so, those like Rose. Is there one single MHA familiar with Station 27?
      This past 2 springs You and I have checked on about a dozen water monitoring stations now on the Churchill River, as a check on Nalcor's flood control. So a station maybe every 15 miles on average.
      For the cod and capelin on all the grand banks, whether Middle Cove, Byrant's Cove, Bellivue Beach in Trinity Bay, or Notre Dame Bay or the Labrador Coast, they take their reference data for ocean temperature from but one location, Station 27. It is about 4 km off St John's and operating since 1947. 70 years with Canada, and they have not added to this, as to fishery research.
      If you want to hypothesis on capelin at Fogo area, use Station 27 as your temperature reference, about 250 miles away.
      On the same day, I once measured about 10F difference from Spaniards Bay to Topsail Beach, with a cold current inflow to Conception Bay, about 15 miles across this Conception Bay.
      Only ones worse than DFO on research is Nfld Power, on minisplit peak load reduction capability. And this leads to Stan's DUMB statement, and Peter Alteen's further confusing the issue with his DUMB remark. So DUMB, that even PENG2 won't defend them, and he a Fortis shareholder. Now the govn has asked Nfld Power to repeat their research! Charge the rate payer, I think.
      My attic at Logy Bay area hit 129 F yesterday at 2;30 pm,(medium black shingles, heat transmitted through 5/8 plywood), a record. At my cottage on the seashore, it has not exceeded 115 F. My hot water tank is set at 130, bath water is usually 105 F, and our body is 98.6F. Our summer started July 27, ambient was 80 F at Torbay airport. Thank God the Inquiry is winding down.
      Will yo be attending the pubic session Joe? What of Bruno, Maurice, others on this blog?
      Winston Adams

    • Joe, on Omega 3, and health benefits:
      A correction when I said the imbalance was 5 to 1
      My walk just cleared the fog from my memory bank. Early 2018, I think, we booked an appointmet with a nutritionist at Eastern Health, and we discussed Omega 3. She was generally aware of its value, and had partly read the same book that I had read and was using almost as a bible for nutrition to help "mitigate" my wife's colon cancer that was stage 4, (stage 1 being mild , stage 4 the worst).
      I asked her what the imbalance was in our diet as to omega 6 to omega 3. She guessed 5. She was surprised when I told her it was 15 to 1. If my memory fog has cleared, I stick by that 15 to 1, which shows how bad our diet is.
      Also , that while 1 to 1 may be ideal, 4 to 1 seems not very detrimental, so 2 to 1 on fortified eggs is pretty good.
      Anderson, being No 1 rated USA hospital in the USA for cancer, as I have stated, and went there. There openness on communication via email etc, and medical records and test results is like night and day as to Nfld, so this secrecy business is not isolated to Nalcor.
      Of interest to your suggestion of a seal meat cannery and omega 3, this is interesting: For medical records they ask what medications etc the patient takes. Her records at Anderson under MEDICATIONS shows OMEGA 3.
      Whether this an error as such I am not sure, but they are big on nutrition as anti cancer prevention and curative benefit to aid the immune system during treatment;
      Cnnclusion; get this cannery up and running. Ask Mkinister Haggie is he likes and recommends seal meat.

    • Yes, I guessed correctly, station 27, not that I actually knew. But knew in the seventies that DFO had, I think, something like 200 water temperature stations from the Labrador Sea to the southern Grand Banks, mainly offshore, maybe someone else was doing them in the bay's and harbours. And they did all the stations every August I think it was, or at same time of the year, at varying depths with a thermometer every 10 meters or so, and also collected plankton samples. They were doing that for many years, and assumed they still are. I knew they checked the station of St. John's at regular intervals of the year as they were passing that point frequently. So that was my guess when you mentioned station 27. Keep up the temperature survey, wether out the bay, or in the attic. They don't lie. As for attending the public meetings, haven't checked the dates, but probably not. I don't always do as I preach. Average Joe.

    • You have an interesting work experience, Joe, and as I said early on, opinions better than average, being familiar with Station 27.
      Station 27 is monitored year round, (I am not sure of the frequency if now constant or regular intervals), whereas others you mention seem to be seasonal or at just specific times like in August, and mainly offshore.
      Interesting, from research Google searches, I learn more from reports on bird studies as to temperatures for capelin, than from fish research, as birds are so dependent on caplin for their chicks. Also , as you mention, plankton timing is another key issue for capelin.
      My little contract work in the early 1980s included upgrade to a salmon fish latter on the Burin Peninsula. Fred Martin, the engineer at the Inquiry as a consultant for Andy Wells, in his varies many experiences , he worked with me on that. And I build a water monitoring station on a small stream on the Avalon, for about 3000.00, much like an outhouse structure on a 4 ft diameter culvert stuck on end, 12 ft deep and a 2 pipe to the river.So it can monitor yearly changes to rainfall.
      Of course, as a kid I strung 25 capelin on a string and tried to sell them to neighbours for 25 cents, without success, as everyone had capelin galore. So I have over 60 years varied capelin experience : I sized and sold large freezer coils and fans for capelin blast freezers in the 1980s when the Japanese market was hot.
      My research for sea temperatures started in 1998 or 99, as a personal interest for 10 years, and maybe I 'll resume some effort on that.
      I still wait to hear about Bruno's training and research, but, as he is a modest fellow, is likely shy to tell much.
      But I am no scientist, perhaps a bit of applied analytics from a curious mind, and size up what others are doing or not doing.
      Seems I have vexed Bruno, or worse (or better),and having silenced him when I demand facts from him. When I ask for facts, he says I lead him to a rabbit hole. He is cute with phrases, but in reality, I lead him to a black hole, because with Bruno, nothing comes out. Even simple arithmetic, 2+2 can go in as input, but nothing of analytic value comes out from the black hole. So I may have done the impossible and silenced him ……for a while.
      I have considered the Inquiry public forum,which Leblanc invites one and all, and I too will not attend. You and I have said plenty via UG. And there is always the Telegram letter section.
      MFCCC is also looking for input from members. Have you considered that? And the question goes to other readers of UG.

  25. We see today's expert relates the secrecy/openness balance of the British /Canadian perspective. Recently we heard the Norway approach which is muc more for openness and accountability. Which is better? Moody's warning yesterday , we have dug a big hole and still digging.
    Norway projects come in at usual no more than 5 % over budget, many under budget. Norway has build a 1 trillion heritage fund from their oil resource. Here we had oil on the brain, and wasted it on a useless MFs project. The boondoggle aided and abetted by lack of transparency and no accountability.
    This guy talks about how long secrets should be kept. As I said Coffey seemed worried yesterday , as to his records? They hope t die before their skulldugery is exposed.
    Winston Adams

    • Seems they mean that we are now paying as much on interest per year as we would pay for education costs, but instead says education is paying for the interest, so yes, very poorly worded.

      Interesting is the VOCM Question of the day about the lack of record keeping by government revealed at the MFs Inquiry: 68 % not surprised and 31 % surprises.
      More important is does any one care, or most condone this, as ok , its suits our culture?
      Few on this blog saw it as an issue.
      In Ontario a guy was jailed for deleting govn emails we learned,
      so why is this condoned here and the police not called by Leblanc to investigate. Not even when note books are destroyed. Leblanc sends Ralph to look for them;Peter Ralph, the number one man at this Inquiry who promotes the prudence of destroying information, as cost saving, and also in defence of his clients, whose documents are missing.
      Surely this makes a farce of this Inquiry process, unless police investigation has started and we are not informed?
      As I said before, this is mafia style, and 2/3 of those by the polls are not surprised, but don't seem upset, are they?
      Has the Telegram or CBC reported at all on the last expert, as to acceptable standards?
      I considered making a complaint to the police on this, do UG readers think a complaint should be made? Apparently no lawyer at the Inquiry thinks so, or maybe it will be in their submission? Is it outside the terms of reference? Perhaps it is just not an offence in Nfld? Our culture is different, so different laws to fit, right?
      Winston Adams

  26. Looks like someone at Government Mouth-piece Central took notice of the crappy wording and fixed it up. The article's webpage address line is still daft tho.

    Whoever penned the initial piece needs to go back to grade school for remedial training on how to clearly express themselves via the written word.


    On another note… in reference to Osborne's ridiculous welfare-based strategy as alluded to in the article, it seems he's basically saying that the Newfies have screwed themselves yet again, and now they expect the feds to bail them out, yet again.

    Canadian taxpayers should tell Osborne in no uncertain terms that, unless he and his invertebrate government take real, tangible steps to address the horrendous cost of maintaining and perpetuating the most expensive and hideously bloated public service in all of Canada, then they can all just go to hell. They can start with shutting down that goddamned Nalcor monstrosity.

  27. The local media aren't still seeking out that bloody Wade Locke for input on matters affecting the provincial economy??

    Wasn't this Locke individual the same dodgy bugger who was awarded dozens of lucrative consulting contracts by the Williams/Dunderdale government in return for shilling the voodoo economics of the MRF debacle?

    That f*cker should be run out of NL along with the rest of that goddamned MRF cabal…


    With the declining prices of solar and wind the CNN piece of March 25 titled "More bad news for coal:wind and solar are getting cheaper" says solar has dropped 90% in costs since 2009, and wind power is now exceeding new hydro installations, and in 2016 gas surpassed coal generation. This seems enroute to Bruno's utopia for renewables to power the planet.
    Yet in the USA in 2018 coal was still 211 gigawatts in capacity, but down from 48 to 28 % in a decade. This means that coal existing is still about equal to 400 MFs plants average capacity.
    EIA data shows that coal plus gas dropped from 73% to 63 %, but fossil fuel natural gas largely replaces coal, while non hydro renewable increased from 4 % to 10 %. This is a significant but still a small increase for those renewables, though they are much less costly than new coal plants. So what's holding renewables back?

    Todays Guardian piece: While the planet overheats,Ohio's coal industry gets a bailout. Politicians were bought off to get utility regulations to delay phasing out coal, to keep "legacy" assets operating until 2040, when those plants will be 85 years old.
    Local coal is defined as within 35 miles, and many areas are using that argument to keep burning coal and the jobs associated with it. This piece suggests that when fighting the climate crisis, the power utilities is a good place to start.
    Here there is talk of extending the life of Holyrood instead of greener options.
    Local or "native" fuel, whether coal , oil or gas are all detrimental to the environment.
    Bruno's argument to defend "native" fuels caused me to suggest he is a Bogus Bruno, not a defender of the environment, as he promotes himself.
    The legislation in the USA is slowing down the move to renewables, and is championed by Trump who openly says "Trump digs coal"
    Time for Bruno to show his true colors; Bruno, claw back your statement on the use of native coal and gas, or be aligned with the Digger and Trump. Your comment included industrial use of coal and gas, so reconsider if you stand by them. You are permitted to change your mind.
    Winston Adams

    • Just a word on trumpie and his presidency. Anderson cooper quoted the worlds most famous scientist, that trumpie would probably call a retard as he did when a disabled news reporter asked him a question, and he made fun of him in front of millions on tv and then denied it. And that person is Stephen Hawking. He said trumpie was a DEMAGOGUE. Now look that word up. I did and here some of the definitions related to that word. Popular leader, mob leader, lust for power, master of the masses. Appeared in democracies since Athens…converts democracy into dictatorship. Plays on the emotions of the poor and uniformed, (that's why he has some people of color as followers too in the US) lies to stir up hysteria. (Over 10,000 lies now according to the NY Times) panders to passion, prejudice, bigotry, ignorance rather than reason. Also listed are some ancient demagogue, as well as the best known modern demagogue, which includes, Adloph Hitler, Mussoiini and US senator, Joe McCarthy. Will he persuade the American people to re-elected him again. I think so because that's what DEMAGOGUES is all about and they are sometimes successful. The only hope of his defeat is if the canadate that runs against him gets this message out to the American people, loud and clear in the 2020 election. Joe blow. Yes, he is a pathological liar, and a lying coal digger too.

    • Excellent description Joe. And this week after Mueller testimony he tweeted "The truth is a force of nature", meaning his version : no collusion, no obstruction , complete exoneration, falsely repeated and added to his other 10,000 lies.
      Jesus said "I am the truth, the way and the life" or something similar. Billions believe he was the most moral man that ever lived, even Jefferson said so.
      George Washington, they made up a fable , that he could never tell a lie, but we know he was a slave owner like most of his class then.
      Trump implies he is truthful and also a "force of nature", despite 10,000 lies. His nature certainly has force, as too did Hitler, but not based on truth, but untruths. Many praise and follow him, amazing. So far I think he ranks just below Mussolini, in style rather than Hitler, but he seems to get worse day by day. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and it is like a feedback loop.
      Locally, if we had a Washington Post standard, instead of a Telegram and CBC, we might have avoided MFs, as we had only mini Demagogues, yet look at the damage done.

  29. as with the crooked corrupt site c dam in bc authorized by the crooked corrupt federal govt and the crooked corrupt bc provincial govt of the day there is no doubt that muskrat falls-nalcor are just as crooked and corrupt-fleecing the public of billions all for crooked corrupt corporate and political gain–is crooked corrupt snc-lavalin tied in with nalcor and muskrat falls–mark meiers charlie lake bc