As NL Hydro looks for an illegitimate 6.5% rate increase —
smoothing in advance of socking you in the kisser with a Muskrat-sized punch —
Newfoundland Power (NP) has applied for a 1.2% increase also to take effect
January 1, 2019.

Electricity ratepayers are under assault at every turn.  
The PUB has the best (legal) ammunition. It can say “no”.
The public shouldn’t get careless either just because the
increase sought is smaller than Hydro’s. NP is attempting to establish a

NP has always acted as if their shareholders’ interests are
divisible from the public interest. In some measure that is true, except NP has
taken self-interest too far.
It will say anything to be on-side with Nalcor and the
government. It fears them and, in the process, disrespects the public. This has
to change.
The Company wants the PUB to approve the 1.2% rate increase just
to bolster its return on assets, though it is already receiving a juicy 9.5%
return on equity.
It justifies the additional return by arguing that its assets
are at greater risk in a declining economy. It wants more money for the same
There are two components to the NP’s construct: one true, the
other false.
The correct narrative is provided by the Conference Board in
Canada. NP’s Application includes the Board’s negative forecasts — poor
demographics, out-migration, unemployment increases… the whole enchilada.
The second narrative involves data — NP’s electricity demand
The two — the demand figures and the economic forecasts — are in
If the Conference Board of Canada, an independent think-tank,
is correct, it follows that demand for electricity is likely to drop.
If the price per kWh increases on top of those economic and
other forecasts — say by 50–100% — demand will drop off strongly, due to price
elasticity (the effect of higher prices on consumption). 

Picking up on reference to price elasticity in the Comments section, bear in mind that cost influences the public’s purchasing decisons every day. Electricity is no different than any other commodity, whether fuel or fruit. As prices rises, typical consumer behaviour is to purchase less of it – or to switch to a lower cost alternative if one is available. Ask any furnace oil supplier or mini-split installer; they are very busy with inquiries from consumers making exactly this assessment.  While we are discussing the impact of a rise in prices on demand, bear in mind that a drop in price is likely to have the opposite effect. Hence, the concept of price “elasticity”. Economists calculate those price/demand movements having observed the rate of change in many jurisdictions. Dr. Jim Feehan, in his submission to the PUB, cites local examples  and his calculations, which apply to forecast demand on the Island, are assisted by that data.
That said – despite the rise in electricity prices, NP’s recent demand forecast for residential and commercial
users until the year 2020 (below) shows demand virtually unchanged. Though Muskrat
is scheduled to come on line in late 2019 and the beginning of 2020 — when a
big price boost occurs — demand is still shown to drop a negligible 0.2%.   
Now, look at Hydro’s Exhibit which covers the period of NP’s
Exhibit and longer. Again, the numbers show a small dip following Muskrat
pricing, but otherwise growth in demand is consistent even against power costs
of 18 cents/kWh plus HST (according to the Premier) by 2020.

Both Nalcor and NP forecasts equally defy simple economic
Thing is, if demand is not in jeopardy, NP has no case — if it
ever had one.
The company’s duplicity is exposed in another way, too.
NP told the PUB that it subscribes to a price elasticity
coefficient of -30, from which the calculation is made that a doubling of
electricity rates will cause a 30% decline in demand.  But even if rates don’t double and instead climb
by, let’s say, (only) 50% — due to rate mitigation — the math suggests that demand
will still go down by 15%. Both the forecasts of NP and NL Hydro should reflect
this simple economic reality.

Yet, NP, like Nalcor, ignores the fact. It wants you to
believe that risk in the Newfoundland economic climate has dramatically climbed,
but that it only affects them!

Of course, a big drop in electricity demand will cause a big drop
in revenue for Muskrat — requiring taxpayers to ante up the difference.  Without sensible decisions by the Government consumers  may well end up with high power rates and a big subsidy from Government, too. The problem is a Pandora’s Box. The Premier is
very sensitive about this in advance of an election. And NP is sensitive only to
what the Premier is sensitive about.

Hopefully, the PUB will not be hoodwinked.

Newfoundland Power wants optimal profit even in a low-risk —
regulated — business. But as to its responsibilities to a NL society that gives
it laws, protection and a very generous rate of return, it is content to be a
quisling — exactly as it has acted from the beginning.

Newfoundland Power should be careful.

The public wrath awaits to be unleashed on those responsible
for the Muskrat debacle; just wait until the public gets those bills. Others —
like Newfoundland Power — who may have been able to stop it, and didn’t try,
will be assessed by a public not just mad as hell but one unwilling to
countenance quislings.

For now, though, a good start would be for the PUB to just send
NP unequivocal “NO”.

Des Sullivan
Des Sullivan
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Uncle Gnarley is hosted by Des Sullivan, of St. John's. He is a businessman engaged over three decades in real estate management and development companies and in retail. He is currently a Director of Dorset Investments Limited and Donovan Holdings Limited. During his early career he served as Executive Assistant to Premier's Frank D. Moores (1975-1979) and Brian Peckford (1979-1985). He also served as a Part-Time Board Member on the Canada-Newfoundland Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB). Uncle Gnarley appears on the masthead representing serious and unambiguous positions on NL politics and public policy. Uncle Gnarley is a fiscal conservative possessing distinctly liberal values and a non-partisan persusasion. Those values and opinions underlie this writer's views on NL's politics, economy and society. Uncle Gnarley publishes Monday mornings and more often when events warrant.


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


This is the most important set of negotiations we have engaged in since the Atlantic Accord and Hibernia. Despite being a small jurisdiction we proved to be smart and nimble enough to negotiate good deals on both. They have stood the test of time and have resulted in billions of dollars in royalties and created an industry which represents over a quarter of our economy. Will we prove to be smart and nimble enough to do the same with the Upper Churchill?


    • Weasel levy payer have you taken your own advice??? Have you weaseled anyone into buying your house and moved far away from here?? Do you own a hous here?? Have you ever lived here?? When did you move?? Are you intending to leave soon?? Lots of questions, so give us some of your personal experiences, and we may consider taking some of your advice. I assume you are giving your information free for the asking, and not some high payed lawyer looking to sell your information for a fee. Did you get fair market value for you house, or sold at a loss, ask Joe blow.

    • What's your point with targeting Levy Payer with all your sarcastically rhetorical questions there, buddy?

      Levy Payer is merely voicing what many, many of us are are thinking about doing, given the piss-poor state of affairs those arseholes have put this province in.

      So if you've got a problem with that, no need to subject other posters on here to your thinly-veiled hostilities just because they don't happen to share your views, yah?

    • Perhaps Joe Blow and others should seriously consider identifying themselves rather than hiding behind a variety of pseudonyms. You all have so much to contribute, much of it valuable, but something is lost because of anonymity.

      UG's Blog is too important for petty shots at one another.

      Winston and Robert made that point to me. They were right.

      Keith Ryan (aka Keith)

    • Good point Keith, but it does not mean anything or affect me in any way. I really don't know you, and neither do I know any of the others that write using their full name, and that is ok. But I always write under my handle, and never as anonymous without attaching my chosen name, so you always know who I am. Now, I think their are others here that have maybe a couple of email address or URLs and you never know if it is the same person you are talking to or not. And I get blocked by UG sometimes(which he has every right do to do) like this morning when I tried to respond to level payer but could not. But if I were using a couple of email address or URLs then I could, as I think some on the blog do. So in that respect it is not always a level playing field. But hey, I am not complaining, just saying. But maybe UG knows more than I do, as the administrator, and I am by no means a computer wiz, so sometimes it is just my intitution or gut feeling that others are using more that one email address and a handle plus sometimes no handle, just anonymous. So that's my take on that Keith, and thanks for your opinion says Joe blow, average Joe, AJ.

  1. Readers may find this pre-sanction (2012) brochure of some interest —– .

    Although, in the brochure itself, the term 'elasticity' was not used, demand reduction due to price rises (elasticity) and forecast errors, even then and long before sanction, were sufficiently "knowable" (even to a non-expert like me) to reasonably conclude that Muskrat was not based on the best available, objective and well-reasoned evidence (Leblanc should take notice).

  2. If I were a Fortis shareholder I would be concerned with the directors of Fortis and NP. Did they dutifully execute their responsibility when they stayed silent on Muskrat, knowing full well the eventual risk it placed upon their own business? NP will reap the penalty for their silence. Say NO to any rate increase.

  3. Des: Based on information in the Telegram on the weekend, the PUB does not have the authority to investigate the Muskrat Falls commenncement in 2021 with legislation passed the House in the past several years? Is this correct?

  4. One difference between NL Hydro and NF Power not noted in this blog post is that NF Power is primarily a distribution company with a small portfolio of generating assets. The cost to provide the distribution service is relatively fixed no matter how much energy is carried over the wires.

    You can argue about the rate of return but I don't think the future energy consumption of Newfoundlanders has much to do with this one. NF Power is simply passing through what they buy from NL Hydro.

    • They are also spending BIG on new distribution based on baseboard heater loads instead of efficient HPs, so adding unnecessary costs instead of least cost.These costs carry for decades into the future.

    • Yah right PF, as if NL Power is going to build low-load lines with the expectation that all their ratepayers will assume the horrendous financial burden of investing thousand$ upon thousand$ in these bloody contraptions peddled by the heat pump cartels just to save a few lousy shekels on electricity that the Take-Or-Pay contract will force government to gouge back from them some other way to make up the shortfall.

      Hello?? Get with the program b'y…

    • The budget for new distribution lines is $11.7 million for this year out of a total of $83 million for the entire capital budget. Is that BIG?

      NF Power is like most other utilities, they have aging equipment that needs to be replaced/repaired in addition to the need for new equipment. Canada wide, infrastructure expenditures are expected to be in the $240 billion to $300 billion range just to replace aging generators, lines, and other equipment.

      My own experience with my mini-split heat pump, installed 4 years ago, was a 19% reduction in kwH used per heating degree day over the period November to May. I have a Fujitsu system, three zones.

    • So Anon 9:48, how does it feel knowing that the thousand$ upon thousand$ you've blown on your shiny new heat pump to save your 19% will just end up being gouged back by an inept government with an irreparable spending problem in the form of increased income, gasoline and heating fuel and surtaxes, as well as increased government service charges and "deficit levies"… so that said government can both meet the crippling terms of the "Take-Or-Pay" MRF contract and continue to perpetuate its horrendously bloated public service?

      Kinda makes you feel like taking your 19% savings and trotting out to the backyard and burning it in your firepit, yah?

    • Anon @9;48, give the figures for each of the last 5 years, and break out lines and substations.
      Anon @ 22;50, many getting 60 % and more reduction on heating component, so over 30% on the overall bill, and very pleased.Many saving over 1000 dollars a year and not anxious to burn that.Stop the switching if you can, and your BS is just BS.

    • Yah, and because of the MRF "Take-Or-Pay" scheme that $1000 in annual savings will just wind up in government coffers, clawed back one way or another.

      Meanwhile, the local heat pump cartels are making a fortune…

    • ANON@23:16 From the NFP 2019 Capital Budget the following numbers are for distribution extensions to accommodate new customers (x1000).
      2014 2015 2016 2017 2018F 2019B
      $15,467 $15,423 $13,009 $13,371 $11,555 $10,725

      Substation refurbishment is a separate project.

    • Exactly, substations are a separate project but necessary part and usually more costly than the line. So you ignore that, and mislead the UG readers. Did not recent upgrades and additions be budgeted for some half billion dollars over 5 years, so about 100 million a year?Add that to MFs and Holyrood on going costs,so don't pretend that Nfld Power is not a factor in rate rises.You cite 11.7 million for this year new lines, I look at the half billion over 5 years…….corrent me if I'm wrong.

    • Anon @ 23:16 does not deny the 1000 a year in savings, saying it will be just clawed back. The savings is real, the claw is speculation.
      And HP cartels here making a fortune. NS lists some 400 installing contractors, here maybe 25. More are needed to keep prices competitive, but rather reasonable so far, so customers would avoid them, with power rates only 11.3 cents yet.
      And good that someone other than Ed Martin makes a fortune. At least the HP cartel reduces heat bills by 60% and Ed takes rates heading to 100 % increase. More Hp installers will break any cartel, if such existed. Competition is good, unlike the monopoly of Nfld power, and their shareholders with a guaranteed rate of return. Is that not a cartel, price fixing: Nfld Power, Fortis, Nfld Hydro, Nalcor, PUB stamp of approval or shut out.

    • "The claw is speculation"???

      Hello!! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!! Is there anyone at home??

      Anyone at all???

      How in the name of Mary, Joseph and sonny Jesus do you think the government is going to make up the shortfall on the MRF Take-Or-Pay contract if all the ratepayers install these heat pump contraptions and start saving 20 and 30 percent on their electricity bills??

      You won't even be able cut a fart without the heat from it being taxed to the hilt by those government numbskulls so they can meet the fiscally crippling obligations of the MRF Take-Or-Pay contract.


      Get real…

    • The book tax ….cancelled?
      The gas tax, partly reduced?
      Cathy Bennett, gone?
      We are so well off they don't even impose a sugar tax.
      The Hydro rainy day rate hike( pay more now to soften MF high rate later)….almost gone?
      Nfld power proposed rate hike of 1.6 % …..unlikely to happed?
      Hello, anyone there??
      Any does not not Jesus do miracles? Oh Ye of little faith! Politics is the art of the possible.
      Tax to the hilt? Not likely. The law of the turnip still holds.
      Heat pump contractions? One of the greatest inventions God gave man the sense and wisdom to invent, and perfect for the Nfld climate,as if Jesus was watching out for us to counter the devilish schemes of DW and the MFs enablers. Pray tell,what else offers 400 % efficiencies?
      And me son, there is indeed methane gas in that fart, a renewable energy source. Don't smell it , light it, or opt for a minisplit.
      Yes you speculate too much. Why not speculate that the Feds will be accountable? Or that spending cuts will also help. Or that the panel of experts proposed by UG will have benefit.
      Taxed to the hilt or power bills to the hilt,….some, but little difference, and just plain not a solution.
      Take or Pay must die. Simple as that. How it must die is not so simple. But HPs will help it happen. Why? Because it it the alternative they ignored. And the buddy, the brother of HPs is wood. Together demand must fall. A natural law.

    • With regards to ratepayers tasked with making the decision to make the local heat pump cartels even richer by investing thousand$ upon thousand$ of ratepayers' hard-earned cash in a heat pump contraption, meanwhile any savings on electricity bills these ratepayers might eventually realize after years of operating the damn thing will be gouged back by the numbskull NL government in the form of other indiscriminate taxation so as to meet government's obligations under the MRF Take-Or-Pay contract… unfortunately there's absolutely nothing in your commentary that theses ratepayers can take to the bank there, PF.

    • Ahh, anon, you say savings will come only after years of operating the damm thing(HP). Well yes, the damm HP takes about 5.5 years to pay for itself, and then saves about 30,000 over the next 15 years, but if the rates double it pays for itself in about 2.5 years and saves aver 30,000 on heat costs. So that damm thing will be a cherished asset. Now the other damm thing, that damm dam of MFs and all, takes 57 years for payback and from now to eternity, never save a dollar.So bow down to the little minisplit, I say, and demand an answer from the power companies why this was ignored, and still ignored by Take Charge as to its potential. Perhaps you are really a Fortis shareholder, or power company employee?

    • PF, what's the point in ratepayers demanding "an answer from power companies why this was ignored" at this point?

      What will that change now, really?

      Absolutely nothing, that's what.

      And yet again, you stubbornly cling to this fantasy that heat pumps will be the salvation of the finite number of ratepayers who can actually afford the exorbitant cost/installation of these contraptions from the local heat pump cartels…. and this despite the brutally dichotomous reality of the MRF Take-Or-Pay contract and demand elasticity.

      But no worries about that, PF… if the cost of electricity doubles like you heat-pumpers are banking on, that reality will hit you just like a smack in the face in a few short years.

    • Anon, hlding the power companies accountable for past false assumptions and misrepresentations should help in holding them accountable for present ones by Take Charge, so the culture stays the same, do you what that?You say it can change nothing, maybe that is want you want?
      The finite number who can afford HPs is about 70 % of all I suggest. What you call exorbitant, it offeres over 30,000 in saving, when rates spike, so about 2000 a year, which will offset higher taxes to some extend. Those without HPs do no tget that benefit. So, if no HPs you get not just smacked in the face, but a more serious blow. Indeed,you already suffer fright by the tone of your comments, as readers will see. And with HPs you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Could call then COOL PUMPS for summer!

    • Hello!! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!! Is there anyone at home??

      Anyone at all???

      You still can't grasp the brutal realities of the Take-Or-Pay contract, can you.

      What's so difficult with it that you can't assimilate that simple concept?

      Let me spell it out for you… what you save in electricity costs as a heat-pumping ratepayer, you will be gouged as a taxpayer by other forms as increased indiscriminate taxation and "energy levies" so government can meet the terms of Take-Or-Pay contract.

      What rock-wall mental block have you put in place that prevents you from grasping such a simple reality?

      Are such mental blocks a debilitating side-effect afflicting those ratepayers who incur the horrendous long-term expense involved in further enriching the local heat pump cartels?

      Do tell, please…

    • Anon, so you say keep energy use steady to keep Fortis shareholders and baseboard heat users happy, and so keep rates low, as at present, but this does nothing to address the revenue shortfall for MF Take or Pay, so more taxation and levies needed anyway. And you fear HPs and wood, will drives demand lower, and revenue lower, so even more taxation and levies. So HPs and wood burners,and those who upgrade insulation etc are the "scapegoats" now, in you mind, and they that install such things are part of a cartel. In other jurisdictions are are part of conservation and efficiency contractors who boost GDP and save customers real money. Now transferring more of the expense unto taxpayers instead of ratepayers is fair ball, that should be practised by Dwight Ball.
      Boy, you really hate the heat pump contractors, who offer excellent products, and you hate also wood stove and wood pellet vendors and insulators etc. You have a serious conflict of interest it seems. Yes Leblanc should imprison the guys who can seriously reduce energy use, and imprison also Feehan and vardy for affirming the elasticity reality.
      As to Take or Pay, let those that created it, destroy it: politicians and Nalcor. What can the average Joe do but look after himself, and as even Heracles agrees. Let the shit hit the fan as to Take or Pay, Why did you not speak up 6 years ago and only now so upset? Your pretence is laughable.

    • You're steering this discussion towards conflated mockery and sarcastic parody there now PF… it's lamentably obvious that nothing constructive can come out of it at this point, so I'll terminate it now… I have neither time nor inclination to indulge your heat-pumped fantasies.

    • Seems your scapegoating HPs and anything that lowers energy use as an arguemnt has no good leg to stand on. So you quit.
      But I'll throw a rope:if most all HPs fail at low temperatures in winter or at very low COP, they cannot offset Holyrood or Mfs at peak load, so not a good solutions.
      Does that give you amunition?

  5. NF Power investment is low risk and the rate of return is high enough as it is. If anything it should be reviewed for possible reduction. Any risk that does come into their hands as a result of Muskrat can be shouldered by Fortis with its great return on investments in recent years.

  6. UG has written in the past about the yearly cost of our health care here, 3 billion dollars, and that 20 % reduction possible from a better run system.
    Recently I posted of going to Texas for a cancer procedure, for my wife. It can be done here, was requested here as urgent , meaning 2 weeks, and they scheduled for 7.
    This morning my wife got a call from oncology of the Cancer Clinic here saying we were doing the right thing, by going outside. There was a verbal apology that she was sorry they could not meet the requirements here. After endless incidents of "falling through the cracks" here, and never a indication of concern for past incidents, it seemed rather late to me for a "I'm sorry".
    Was the call a result of posting on UG? The post also noted that we were refused a copy of the Tumor Board note. Today we were given a copy of the Tumor Board Note, which was not on our request today. Having been told in writing we would NOT get this, it was stuck in with today blood test report. It suggests, Yes, a result of the UG posting.
    Today we were seeking assurance that pathology slides would be sent by today's end. The person was on holidays last week and was supposed to be back today, but wasn't. No other Eastern Health employee is able to do that.I explained that the delay may very well result in the material not arriving until after our appointment with doctors on Wed in Texas, and this was required before then. I asked for the reasons stated to me for the delay here to be confirmed in writing by email or fax. To this I was LAUGHED at. I explained my cost for commitments made at about $25,000.00, and that my wife's procedure was needed urgently,and other reasons why this delay could be a very serious problem, so begged she email me the reasons, all to no avail, she simply refused. She saw something funny in our situation, that my request seemed so unreasonable to her. She works as a Navigator, supposed to help cancer patients with complexities of the system.
    Long live Uncle Gnarley. But I lost my cool with Eastern Health, and expressed that in not so kind language, a mere four words. My first lost of coolness in 10 months of near constant problems and torment, reaching fed up status.
    I am off topic again, but a topic needing more attention on this blog.
    Winston Adams

  7. Fortis NP Nalcor and Hydro said very little about price elasticity, even Wade Locke had a slide "for ever 20% electricity price increase there is a 5% demand decrease" 60% of the current energy load is residential with peak consumption for the winter months, MF was never built for residential power or future demand. Conference Board of Canada also predicted NLs population to drop 10% by the 2030s due to our aging demographic and tens of thousands of people that have moved away since the cod moratorium and are continuing to do so because of the piss poor fiscal management since the "we got it" moment to today.
    Ches can go on about not wanting to release his rate mitigation plan due to the Liberals stealing it, but that's bullshit and bluster much like Danny – thought the fiscal conservatives were coming back with Ches? NLs budget needs a $1-$1.5 billion reduction if there is any hope of rate mitigation and attempting to pay down our giant debt and I don't think any of the 3 parties locally are up for the necessary task.
    There's already a lot of old and new homes on the market, people are realizing NLs economy is teetering on the brink of destruction – rate mitigation to ONLY 18c kWh that's 7c kWh higher V current and is 100% insane. That's closer to 4% of all disposable income in NL, many have already noticed downtown restaurants and shops have closed over the past 5 years.

    • But the protesters at the PUB, first 25, then 12 , last week 6 it seems, so how many are really concerned? Much whining but few care about current rate hikes. So, is that bad? Many say they would leave here, but too much trouble to stand by the PUB hearing location, go figure.

    • That's another manifestation of the colossal apathy afflicting the average NLer.

      This colossal apathy afflicting the average NLer is what enables the the dimwits, nitwits and culprits comprising the vast majority of NL politicians… that these colossally apathetic NLers are duped into voting for time after time after time.

      This is just the way things are, and always will be, on this wretched, god-forsaken northern banana republic.

  8. Just wanted to correct the above comment about the numbers attending the PUB protests. I have attended them all but 1 and I record the number of people in attendance during the protest.
    Thus far We have had a minimum of 25 protesters and upward of 50 people in attendance and growing. Would love to see 1000'S and I believe will once people start getting their increased light Bills in the fall and some r seeing the increase now as this reality sets in.
    There's another protest THURSDAY AUGUST 16TH AT PUB from 9am to 1Pm to support James Murphy, Lori Moore and Keith Fillier as they speak on our behalf at the PUB Hearings
    Drop by, Everybody is welcome!

  9. This is your correspondent reporting from Texas, from Anderson Cancer Centre. Actually M A Anderson Cancer Centre, but they have a big red line through the word cancer, and other logo says it implies they are making cancer history, like a thing of the past. We'll see how that works out.
    UG previously posted on Nfld health care, "Choosing Wisely", suggesting that 20%, so 600 million can be shaved from our health care costs, so there is a partial solution to much of the MFs revenue shortfall…….so where are such savings?
    Surprised to see Houston area so green from the air, grass and trees and some ponds, but not the quantity of ponds like Nfld. Texas further west is dryer. And Texas is big too in wind generation, thought poorer wind quality than Nfld,again Nalcor missed the boat with MFs.
    At 10:30 this morning it was 85 F, so ok, but then 95 this afternoon , and just too hot for me and 93 at 7 pm, so a short walk and truned back for the AC of the hotel.At Quilt's Cove , I used AC only once this summer, as I get the sea breeze off Spaniard's Bay. So, I much prefer the ROCK.
    Anderson is part of the University of Texas. We stay at a hotel on campus, 300 rooms and restricted to cancer patients and attendants. No one we see seems sick, so tumors are deceptive, and I expect mostly only people well enough to travel come here. As we registered, a guy next to us from Peru. I used to think of Texas as oil, and cattle ranching an the main employers, but actually health care is the main employer.
    On the hospital entry door is a sign reading that open hand guns and cigarettes are not permitted on hospital facilities, but concealed handguns are ok. So likely cigarettes kill more is the logic. This is the land of the free, Davey Crockett county.
    Winston Adams

  10. With air travel price elasticity is evident. For 3 to Houston and return economy is about 6500.00. If first class that is about 12,000.00. The economy plus is about 7200, which is what we did. It gives extra leg room. First class is little different but a big premium.
    80 percent of seats are economy , 10 % economy plus, 10 percent first class.
    Compare first class double the price to Mfs double the rates. Not many use first class. SO too with double the power rates, alternatives will kick in. ANd yet Nfld Power, and Nfld Hydro, and Wade Locke and most Nflders missed the elasticity hammer, known form economics 101, and as Average Joe says, all Nflder understand and make decisions based on elasticity every day. . Nfld Power stayed silent. Stan Marshall was 99% silent.
    Winston Adams

    • Curious that Stan is still hanging in. The project is "Substantially Complete". No more opportunities for glory…Other than maybe the predicted payoff on a deal of a lifetime.
      Legality is a moot point. Power and authority rests with the elected and non elected insiders. Start the Inquiry. Who will be called to testify first? If as expected Trudeau calls snap election, September will unfold a parade of interesting MP candidates. Now why did Ches not see this coming? Is Seamus in a secure seat? How about Burin-Bonavista? Grand Bank clam? Pork anyone?

    • Hello Winston;

      With those kind of flight prices in "cattle" class, using Aeroplan points "might" make sense (12500 points + about $100 tx/pers, one way, if you're lucky enough to find seats at those points level).

      IAH would be the departure airport (as opposed to HOU).

  11. Meanwhile observations from Texas: they are not waiting for MFs power to reach them, though it could have been sold in Nfld as feasible, as once you connect to the North America grid, an electron can go anywhere, just ignore the transmission losses.
    HOUSTON, it was the first word spoken from the moon, if you recall: "Houston, the Eagle has landed". Could Sam have imagined that, as he continually pulled back some 100 miles after the loss of the Alimo. His men blamed him for being a coward. Then he snook around with his ragtag army and hid in the trees just 1500 feet from Mexican general Santa Anna.He held off until 4pm, so the Mexicans it was a time of bathing, drinking and seiesta,resting from the hot weather. When Sam attacked the battle was won in 18 minutes, but the killing when on for hours, the Mexicians caught with their pants down, so to speak, and blood lust took over as they shouted "Remember the Alimo" . The final tally: 11 Texans died and nearly 600 Mexicians. What was Mexician territory for several hundred years soon became Texas of the USA. Yet Davey Crocket was the Disney hero of movie fame. And so as a kid of 7 years I wore a Davey Crocket hat, tail and all. I am unlikely to get see the site it being a 3 hr drive from Houston.
    Houston, now an international health care centre, especially for cancer.One of the main roads in the city : Sam Houston Parkway. He spared the life of Santa Anna. At the Alimo, Santa Anna, with his 2000 men, ordered that no life would be spared, even if you surrender. He pronounced that the Texans, Crocket, Bowie etc, and all his 200 defenders were prirates, deserving no mercy. It was 13 days before they made the assault on the ALimo, and it was over in 90 minutes.
    Yet Santa Anna pleaded for and got mercy from Houston.

    We see the doctor here 2 hrs form now, as to their opinions. Our Pathology slides arrived in Houston this morning. Perhaps a result of UG blog, who knows?
    Winston Adams.

  12. Newfoundland Light and Power is bring us "TakeChargeNL", a site where you can see you electric consumption, have "experts" answer your questions and participate in challenges.

    Unfortunately it is a farce. People are desparate to cut costs, and all they can come up with are things like:

    Cover the pot when cooking, Don't peek in the oven, Check your refrigerator temperature, use the right size stove element for the pot and unplug your guest room digital clock.

    Rather than provide a useful program with useful information and services like:
    1) Low cost financing for heating systems
    2) Ratings of propane fireplaces, condensing boilers, heat pumps, old furnaces, pellet stoves, wood stoves
    3) Rebates on big ticket items

    They fill the site with things to do that appear to be useful but will do nothing to destry demand.

    When people ask about switching from oil to electricity, they state "The current kWh rate is 10.604 cents." and "Oil and electric rates can fluctuate significantly" . This significantly downplays the fact that shale oil will put a cap on oil costs and that MF will definitely increase electric rates.

    Putting Newfoundland Light and Power in charge of TakeChargeNL is the proverbial fox guarding the hen house of electricity demand.

    • Even the Light and Power b'ys song will take a hit before all is said and done. Take Charge is the second worse conservation plan in Canada says Adams, so it must be so. Light And Power does not deny it. And mislead us as the program is funded from our light bills we pay, is that not right?