Chief of Defense Staff – aka Commander of the Canadian Army – should be
involved in fighting the war on COVID-19; the Prime Minister and the Premiers
should step back, at least a little, as coordination to combat the spread of
the virus seems both late and fragmented.

three weeks, we only have the dulcet tones of the Prime Minister and the
Premiers. They are doing a good job of staying in touch with Canadians, but as
to a coherent plan that will save lives and get the public back to work, there
is none. In particular, knowing that one person can infect dozens, no regime
exists to stop people from engaging in irresponsible behaviour.

spends billions of dollars on the Armed Forces. It is a group ostensibly more
practised in the art of maintaining domestic order in minor crises than
exploding bombs; but their logistical expertise on an international level
should not be discounted. That we have not heard from the Commander, or of the
expertise he can offer in planning and logistics, is peculiar. We don’t even know
if the Forces have spent five minutes considering the prospect of a pandemic.
Don’t kid yourselves, politicians write cheques and are good at social
engagement. But that’s not enough.

global pandemic threatens to engulf a large segment of the population and, in
the process, overwhelm healthcare systems everywhere. Healthcare professionals
have been very effective in preaching this message. But should the politicians
have handed them responsibility for fighting the whole war? Should moral
suasion be the singular tool in their tool-kit?

Chief of Defense Staff Jonathan Vance

a look at this province. The
lateness with which seniors’ homes were closed to visitors invokes concern not
just of poor planning but of afterthought. We should rightly be concerned about the
things that distinguish our state of health — an elderly population and
generally poor health indicators.  In
addition, the readiness and depth of our health care system, already constantly
taxed, causes enormous concern. If we can’t deal with wait-times and scheduling
of surgeries in “normal” times, from where will the human resource capability —
or the physical capacity — come to deal with a high-volume health care emergencies?  Who has considered our geography or the fact
that hospitals with capacity for ICU services are located mostly in St. John’s?
Has anyone thought that, in Central or Western NL, a temporary ICU should be
under construction now?

If every available ICU bed is filled,
then what? Is there a Plan B? Do we charter a 737 to medevac patients to
Halifax or Toronto?  Will they take the
patients if they survive the trip?

As it stands, we are at an especially
heightened risk of quickly overloading our hospital resources. Already a number
of healthcare workers are in isolation and unavailable for at least 14 days.
This number will grow and further weaken the capability of the health care
system. The rapid growth in the number of our presumed positive cases is an
ominous harbinger of things to come.

It is easy to carp, but while there is
still time for frankness, we have witnessed Dwight Ball and his officials wait
and wait and play copycat after observing actions taken in other provinces.
Sadly, the flat-footedness is consistent with this government’s performance
since they came to power in late 2015.

The necessity for a “Commander” or a
“Command Group” — seasoned and with a single 
focus — is the best antidote to this clearly under-resourced crisis.

and other healthcare providers are ill-equipped to do much outside their
hospitals anyway. Their role ought to be — apart from sharing the science with
the Commander about the insidious nature of the invader — to help save the
wounded. Even the best epidemiologists and other professionals are not equipped
to devise the civil defenses — operational strategy and tactics — required in a
real war. And this should be a real war.

politicians are well-intentioned, to be sure; but the effect of the
soft-pedaling politician-commander is pusillanimity. They have engaged the
public in the fight by permitting them to go madly off in all directions. This
may not have been their plan, but did they really even have one?

members of the public have neither been hearing nor heeding the message of
COVID-19’s ability to explode. A failure to self-isolate may be deadly for
those with whom someone infected comes in contact. There have been many such
reports. This failure exposes two disconnects.

traditional war witnesses bombs raining down; people and property are blown to
smithereens. For most people, today, such an event happens all the time — in
video games or in war movies on TV. Even thousands of deaths in China, Italy
and Spain may not have the impact of the death of a loved one or the next-door
neighbour. This war has not hit home just yet; hence, for many, it’s not

a war requires a set of actions by the State that confirms the presence of a
threat. Undoubtedly, shutting down the economy is real. But permitting us to go
online to apply for EI, as important as it is, or threatening the removal of
our driver’s licences — if we are being dumb — does not qualify as a
machinations of war!

is existential; the threat was mishandled at the outset. Islands, like PEI and
Newfoundland, have limited entry points. Where better to invoke rigid controls —
having commandeered University residences or hotel rooms, many of which are
empty anyway — to enforce quarantine for returnees from Canada and globally?
Would those so isolated be allowed to engage in “frat” parties? Not if the
civil or armed forces were engaged to help people protect themselves, if
necessary at the point of a gun.

short, we’re involved in a war we’re barely even fighting. In this Province,
the political leadership can’t even set up a good website on COVID-19, let
alone a command post from which battle plans are drawn up and orders are given.

from health care providers trying to deal with the small number of “wounded” and,
otherwise, counselling “social distancing”, there’s little taking place to
control the “walking” viruses that can’t use their heads and can’t

returnees have already arrived home; some news stories suggest that the new
casualties will be “community-based” rather than “travel-related”. Having
failed to deal with the recognizable first invasion, a completely dispersed
second one will be far harder to identify. Hence, the war will be more
difficult to win.  

suggest that we let the physicians heal people. Otherwise, let the Commanders,
in concert with the politicians — as in any war — propose the physical defenses
necessary to screen and isolate those who are still in transit, and to ensure
that those who test positive do, indeed, self-isolate. An Australian study shows how important social
distancing actually is: at least 8 in 10 must stay home; 7 in 10 will not
flatten the curve. The study even makes a case for
shutting down mining and offshore operations as well
as the construction industry. Similar conclusions flow from comparisons based on a recent study prepared by researchers at the University of Oxford on
Lodi and Bergama, in northern Italy. The study references evidence of “flattening the curve” in the province of Lodi
where harsh movement restrictions were enacted quickly (Feb 23rd) vs
weeks later in Bergamo (March 8th).

Big, harsh decisions escape the grasp of most politicians, however. Besides, an able Commander is needed to plan and help
organize the testing strategy that will ultimately defeat the virus’
spread.  Able members of the public — the
equivalent of civil defense — can be included in this process. But, first,
let’s see a plan.

we see more evidence of professional people with expertise devising tactics and
strategies to outwit an enemy, we could be in for a hard time.

my advice is: look out for yourself. Be disciplined — no matter how
inconvenient, and even if it hurts. By all means, listen to the politicians

even if self-preservation is not important to you, don’t count on them to
guarantee you a funeral.  

Des Sullivan
Des Sullivan
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Uncle Gnarley is hosted by Des Sullivan, of St. John's. He is a businessman engaged over three decades in real estate management and development companies and in retail. He is currently a Director of Dorset Investments Limited and Donovan Holdings Limited. During his early career he served as Executive Assistant to Premier's Frank D. Moores (1975-1979) and Brian Peckford (1979-1985). He also served as a Part-Time Board Member on the Canada-Newfoundland Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB). Uncle Gnarley appears on the masthead representing serious and unambiguous positions on NL politics and public policy. Uncle Gnarley is a fiscal conservative possessing distinctly liberal values and a non-partisan persusasion. Those values and opinions underlie this writer's views on NL's politics, economy and society. Uncle Gnarley publishes Monday mornings and more often when events warrant.


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


This is the most important set of negotiations we have engaged in since the Atlantic Accord and Hibernia. Despite being a small jurisdiction we proved to be smart and nimble enough to negotiate good deals on both. They have stood the test of time and have resulted in billions of dollars in royalties and created an industry which represents over a quarter of our economy. Will we prove to be smart and nimble enough to do the same with the Upper Churchill?


  1. May as well jump on the critism bandwagon too. Yes, where are the grand plans of the western society in a war or a threat to the people and country. Imagine if it were a necular, biological, or chemical ware fare by our enemies. The only thing we or the military are prepared to do is hit back in kind. Drop bombs, or use the altimeter weapon. That's really our only defence. We watch the greatest defender of western civilization respond, and his first response is we have 15 cases and tomorrow we may have just one or maybe none. Don't let those on the cruise ship come ashore as they might drive up my numbers. And then after 3 years in office he says the former administration left us ill prepared and a broken system. Now there's great leadership and mobilization for a western society and defender of the free world as we call it. Of course he also called it an imported virus from China and they didn't tell him soon enough. I don't think the US has mobilized their military yet, to any extent, they include their military sergeant general in the presidents and politician daily briefings.

    Now as for our own military, yes siree, they had a quick response for snowmegeddan, get the reserves on the job pronto, and fly in the military as soon as the airport opens. Attack the snow banks with plastic shovels, and the sweat of the brow. I think they shovelled out maybe 500 driveways in a week or so out of maybe 2oo, 000 driveways. They had a few trucks to drive around their personnel after the city and provincial ploughs had cleared a path for them. Not one single piece of heavy equipment in the province or the ability to bring it in under a week. But moral and political support was really all that was required, I guess. So two real challenges in this provinces so far in 2020. How are we doing??? The Uncle says not good on this one. But the military did respond to the first one, can and will they respond to this one ask Joe blow, not here so much, but nationally.

  2. We on Cape Breton are also an island. The hope of closing the "ports of entry" is misguided. The north, an island of sorts wanted to shut all the ports of entry. The day after the NWT tried a closure of all entry points, the virus was detected there.

    Closing ports of entry will not work, the virus is already there if not already detected.

    That said martial law is a frightening prospect.

  3. We Boomers recall Trudeau senior declaring martial law with the War Measures Act. He started rounding up my peers without trial (or any evidence as time would tell), and jailing them during the FLQ crisis.

    History would also show that it was the RCMP that blew up mailboxes and burned barns trying to sway public opinion against the FLQ.

    For good reason I don't trust the motherfuckers with again the power to detain arbitrarily for Trudeau the Junior.

  4. Covid-19; The ultimate Black Swan. Be careful what you wish for, indeed! What news of the "Care and Maintenance" status for Muskrat? We won't be getting any Project Cost Updates any time soon.

  5. To anyone who cares, another example of the media glossing things over – or possible the public not digging deeper into the actual numbers.

    VOCM reporting that NL has a 'relatively low number' of cases of COVID19:

    What they are not being explicit about is that as of EOD 25-Mar-2020, NL has the 3rd highest rate of infection per 100000 persons at 12.89. The provinces of Ontario, Quebec, NL and Alberta have infection rates between 16.4 and 10.3 cases per 100000 people. The national average is 9.7 cases per 100000 people – this is based on the 2016 census.

    Interesting stats, and I will update occasionally.


    • Not sure if you're aware of it, but I've long-since realized that VOCM is just a de facto propaganda mouthpiece for the NL government du jour. It's news reporting is usually one-sided and poorly written, dumbed down to the level of a Grade 2 reader. In short VOCM as an info source, other than for car accidents and the weekend incidents police blotter, is a pos.

  6. "Power to detain arbitrarily". Arbitarily is an arbitrarily word or meaning. Does that mean of someone is quarantined because of foreign travel or testing and they refused, then would that be arbitrarily detained. And detained where, at home by order, in a medical facility, or a jail. I don't think anyone will be detained in jail, except those that are already there, for disobeying an order to self quarantine
    and certainly not if the test showed positive. But hopefully the person has enough common sense to not want to spread the virus to their family and friends and people in general.

    Being born on the leading edge of the baby boomers after the war, I have experienced quarantine. We were quarantined because of diphtheria, and a sibling deceased because of the bacteria. Of course I was very young at the time, and don't really remember, but was later to learn. But again at the age of 5, was again quarantine, which I do remember, and people did it very willing, as we knew it was a mere matter of life or death. A doctor visited the isolated community, but the nurse stayed. That was the extent of medical services, besides your will to live. Plus you had to have your house "smoked" out after the disease passed. And I do remember the war measures act, and those detained without cause, maybe just by association. And I did have a friend that was detained in QC, a teenager, and he did describe it to me as being very frightening. But I wasn't the first, nor the last to be quarantined as hundreds of millions have died down through he ages and will again. But, even if not well prepared for this pandemic, guess we are better prepared than ever before, except maybe how to despose of the dead or loved ones says Joe blow.

    • Joe @ 12:06:

      Not sure if you read this:

      Same person 'detained' 2x in 72 hours for disobeying the self-quarantine order after extra-provincial travel.

      I guess to refute your point that hopefully the person has enough common sense – well, only thing I could say to that is just how many breeches of court orders do we routinely see?

      in the end, some people just don't give a damn, and they do NEED to be secured in a facility…


    • Yes, was aware of that, from radio reports, the town of Curling I think. Was not sure why,if she had been tested positive or because of travel. Well I am a law abiding person, or think I am, but to be honest, if I had travelled and feeling 100 per cent, And I would like to take a walk. Maybe in the woods, or a trail, not anywhere to meet and talk to people, but if I were passing them at 4 to 6 feet I would feel quite safe and they should too. So not condoning anyone to break the law, but the law should be common sense. As I have mentioned before, how about the 350 that disembarked a plane from Mexico, in St. John's on March 15th. Was that in accordance with the law or common sense, ask Joe blow. There was no mechanical emergency, or anything,it was to drop off one sick passenger.

    • Joe @ 12:36:

      I dont know the exact circumstances of what happened in Curling – but can only assume it was starting to get out of hand, since many others have just been given 2-3 opportunities to go home, but she was charged.

      As for the flight from Mexico – it was a medical emergency – so yes the plane had to land. As for taking off, there are limits on flight crew operational hours – so I would expect that the detour to St John's and then back onto the original flight trajectory would have meant violating those hours of service and thus a safety issue. So, if the flight detoured (since St John's wasn't under the flight path) it is plausible that the passengers should haven't been left on the plane for hours while the flight crew reset log books – I don't know the exact circumstances for the flight from Mexico, but commercial truck drivers do run into similar issues and can see how it might have been necessary for the flight.


    • No, I am not aware of the circumstances surrounding the medical emergency flight either, on the 15th., just know of the news report and 350 disembarked to roam the airport and city for 12 hours. So, the flight crew hours of rest is just conjecture on your part, as it would be mine too. But should our brave fearless media, not question why, and likewise the the elite fearless airport directors not thinking worth their effort to inform the peasants sufficiently to alay any worries or fears they may have of the world wide virus. Never heard it mentioned once after the initial report. Was that an attempt to keep it out of the public domain and cover it up, ask joe blow.

    • Joe @ 13:07:

      Its not conjecture on my part – the Mexico city to Heathrow flight time is 10:40hrs (Cancun is 10:10hrs), so no time on either flight to do a minor detour, set down and take off without exceeding flight crew fly time.

      If you were really interested there is no need to rely on the media (and don't understand why anyone expects the media to educate them) – check Transport Canada, they log these items and the why. But from what I read CBSA did conduct the required screen of passengers and crew.


    • TM @ 13:43:

      Here is the link with correct description of self-isolation for NL:

      Likewise for Canada:

      Many don't fully understand the differences in isolation if showing or not showing symptoms. Likewise, many don't fully understand the differences in a State of Emergency vs Public Health Emergency vs 'War Measures Act' – and that is leading to alot of confusion and nonsense in the media/public airways.


    • Yes, TM remember quite well, at the age of 5 going to the corner of the fenced garden with my mother and waving to the lady in the store across the road, to tell her what groceries we wanted and she would bring them to the corner and we would takeoff a picket to retrieve them. No we were not permitted to leave our property. But what do you think of 350 persons wandering the airport and city on March 15th. for 12 hours, or do you agree that it was ok, because they were ….screened…by asking them a few questions, ask Joe blow.

    • No Peng2, I have not checked Transport Canada Logs etc. for flying times, hours of rest, etc., but suspect most others have, like they would have informed themselves on muskrat to be 80 percent informed. But, could not the airport authorities, if as described reason that you have researched, not confined 350 to the airport, rather than wandering the city. And then have the airport smoked out, or washed down as you would, says Joe blow.

    • Joe @ 14:26:

      An interesting factoid is that Mexico has ~485 cases of COVID19 for a population of 127m, Canada similarly has ~3380 for a population of 35m.
      More or less, 25x more likely to have COVID19 if in Canada than in Mexico.

      So, I know numbers can be skewed to mean anything – but in a practical sense 350 people in St John's from Mexico were much less likely to spread COVID19 that 350 people in Mexico from Canada.

      Becoming informed isn't the responsibility of the media or anyone else – that falls to the individual; otherwise fear mongering and ignorance is the result.

      FYI – those individual weren't 'roaming' the city as you allege, under passport rules/visas/immigration etc they were confined to hotel.


    • "…350 people in St John's from Mexico were much less likely to spread COVID19 that 350 people in Mexico from Canada"

      That would only apply IF, and that is a BIG IF, testing in Mexico was comparable to testing in Canada.

      Since you know that numbers can be skewed to mean anything, then I suggest you knew better than to conclude that "…350 people in St John's from Mexico were much less likely to spread COVID19 that 350 people in Mexico from Canada."

    • MA @ 14:49:

      And if you have done any research you would also know the latest the WHO has said – they have express confidence in the global testing regime.

      Or maybe you would also know Germany, South Korea and Switzerland are experiencing much lower death rates and that is where research is focused on – to find out why….

      Like wise, Japan, Tawian and a few other countries are experiencing lower infection rates – again research is focused there to find out why, Mexico is one of these areas.

      In any event – it would be much better/easier to isolate those 350 passengers in a hotel and then cleanse that area then to leave them in a publicly used airport and try to cleanse that area while operating – and that's aside for the what the numbers imply.


    • If it weren't so serious, it would be laughable with your stats. On March 15th. We had 1, or was it 3 confirmed cases in the province. I would have no idea if any were infected on that flight, nor would the airport authorities, or you. But as a precautionary measure was it not wise to confine them to the airport, since the flight was here only during daylight hours and departed at 8 pm. My very point better to have them wandering New Cove road side walks in the city fresh air rather than taxi cabs, the hotels, dinner tables, and hundreds of people there or at the hotel the next day. Get a grip says Joe blow.

    • Joe @ 15:05:

      FYI – the Mar 15-17 now linked to ~50-60 cases of COVID19 in NL, check the updates a bit more. This is exactly when the Caul's funeral home (and Canada Post and Easter Health) issue came up.

      But to answer your question – no, absolutely best choice is to take those passengers to a hotel, away from passengers in the airport. Also, you again allege the passengers were 'wandering' the street of St John's – absolutely false….

      Id suggest you need a reality check instead of living with a small world mentality..


    • MA @ 15:15:

      Prove me wrong, if you can – my statement clearly said that the WHO had confidence in the global testing regime, according to the WHO the global assessment of testing includes that in Mexico.

      Go research and try to prove me wrong – but like many times before I have challenged you before you wont find ANYTHING to refute my statement.


    • Your pattern is to say that others need to "go read", "go read", "get your facts straight", "do your research", etc. etc. etc. —- for the purpose of trying to diminish the credibility of whatever commentator you are dealing with at that moment.

      Utter nonsense 95% of the time PENG2.

    • Peng2, since you have all the'details that I was looking for, can you name the hotels, was it one, 2 or 3, was a bussing company used to transport all, was it specifically for quarantine
      Purposes, or convenience, or commercial reasons that they went to hotels. I a sure you can provide the accurate details. Wandering the city is a figure of speech, as you know, as opposed to being confined to the plane, or quarantined at the airport, or even at a hotel if it was done for that specific reason. As for the Cauls funeral home, I have keep myself informed of that situation as much as anyone, maybe including you. Average joe.

    • Joe @ 15:45:

      OK a fair question, my 'understanding' is 3 hotels and bus/coaches were used. The majority of these passengers hadn't cleared customs – not unusual as the flight was planned to detour to Canada and many didnt have documentation prepped to enter Canada. In these cases many passengers cant have their bags and are only here as a goodwill gesture – and their security is provided by CBSA to prevent defections, smuggling etc.

      To be fair – a couple times you mentioned 'wandering the sidewalks' etc – so no, not a figure of speech in my interpretation.

      Point being, much less risky to others in the airport to have them housed in a hotel then loitering in the departure area where cleansing wasn't really possible. Also, having an additional 350 person loitering in the departure area would have been a firecode capacity violation when considering the other flights coming and going – so those persons being delayed had to leave or shut down international flights.

      Its not a small task to take in an international airliner of 350 passengers that cant take off again and a lot of nuances to see to – a big effort by those involved and kudos from me.


    • Peng2 I was just repeating what the infectious disease specialist,who has been a regular guest on CBC TV these past weeks,said today.I,too, was confused between self isolation and self quarantine,but I will take this specialists word that self isolation means to stay at home.And please don't come back with definitions.To Joe Blow,l Didn't mention anything about airplane landing at airport,and have no opinion on it.

    • Hoops..just back from a long walk…Ok..so let's consider we have a similar situation today…. emergency landing,,, may be mechanical, a sick person on board, as in the situation of the 15th. I know St. John's is not one of the designated airports to remain open for international flights. But in an emergency or to save life I suspect the plane could land at St. John's or any other airport that has the cape able for international flights, and the nearest airport. Montreal is 2 hours away, or maybe 3 hours if one hour out over the Atlantic. So guess the same would apply today. Go to 3 hotels during daylight hours and depart at 8 pm, for quarantined reasons, and not remain at the airport for the 10 or 12 hours. Handled by CBSA to prevent defections, smuggling but not transmission of the pandemic. So again you did not say for which reason they went to hotels, convenience, commercial, or quarantine reasons. Average Joe.

    • Joe @ 17:48:

      You could ca'l the reason commercial, customs, quarantine etc – Canada being part of the international community would expect other countries to do the same for us.

      My memory is when a flight was put down in Goose last winter and people sat on plane fro 10hrs due to no CBSA personnel onshift the media and public were up in arm because the passengers weren't brought to the barracks to get them off the plane.

      But it also needs to be remembered at that time, persons entering Canada from the US or Mexico weren't scrutinized the same as now with our border being closes to all but non-essential travel (the border closes around 18-Mar-2020); so that flight was under 'normal' detour rules.

      To me, it was the humanitarian thing to do – and I hope if I was delayed in a foreign country they would do same for me. you just cant leave 350 people on a plane for 12hrs while flight crew resets – that's inhumane.


    • I am so caught up in the virus issue, missing the action here.I may be a risk, depending on the interpretation , and subject to hanging, or not permitted to drive which is worse, since I get 6 months out of a tank of gas, and no driving will kill me quicker than the virus. Ball has em shaking intheir boots with that one.
      But first, do we have a good Newfie gene for a change. All these virus cases and not a single one hospitalised.Just minor issues. How could you miss this? Last week I wondered if cold weather or low pollution levels give us an advantage? Or if Dr Hag is a miracle worker? He says today we have the best health care in Canada, and Canada has the best in the world! World class. Did we hear that before? And who is head of this world class care here? Hmmmm?
      PENG2 says he can't believe a word that comes from the mouth of any politician. What of the Doc?

      Did PENG2 include the jet stream effect once the detour was known. Good jet stream winds can cut about 3 hrs on a flight, a recent record, if memory serves.
      I'm with Joe, as Joe talks common sense, not absolutes.
      As for facts, and self informed, it depends on who the expert is as to his fact quality. Take Stan and his dumb statement (just an example that comes to mind)…. he was outside his field of expertise.

      Winston Adams

    • Just as an after taught… Regarding rest or sleep periods for crew…depending on route, number of crew on board etc. Sleep, or power naps are legal in the cockpit. You may want to research or check that out while you are at it. Joe blow.

    • Now why did the Uncle have to raise this topic without PENG2 input. He mentioned pandemics did he? When saying it was a bigger risk than global warming. A visionary, to foresee this? And yet he was quiet when it happened. Post your comments PENG2, as I may have it wrong what you said.

    • As I understand it, if you self isolate for 14 days, because you have travelled from outside the province, the USA,or Mexico, it was optional until very recently, but best practice anyway is to do so, even if no symptoms, as the virus can be there.
      Does this mean stay at home and not allowed outside for a walk? No.
      For good mental and physical health outdoor exercise is good, and for some absolutely necessary.
      What is permitted? You should practise social distancing and common sense practices outdoors. For family members, distance is not 2 meters, but less.
      In a rural area this is very easy, and not hard in most areas.
      Dr Fitz said, I think, that if you have no symptoms, the risk is low that you cause a problem, and a healthy thing to do.
      If you HAVE symptoms, then you should not walk outdoors, but maybe on your own property, maybe, but not sure? Might depend on how big is your property.
      Is there now mandatory self isolation that require you to do this, whereas before many were not doing best practise? In some countries they put ankle bracelets on you to monitor your location.
      My wife, a cancer patient had travelled and now into 11 days completed. No symptoms. I check her temperature and not above 36.5C
      Weather permitting we walk outdoors, 30 to 60 minutes some days, including today. Some friends said "You're not allowed" .
      Yesterday she called VOCM and asked Pat Daley, he said Yes , you're allowed to do that.
      He is not an expert, but Dr Fitz seems knowledgeable, and she said it was ok. I think Daley got it right.

      So Trudeau and Haggie, and Ball shouting "stay indoors" so who would't be confused.
      The woman arrested,I suggest she was not following best practises, but not certain.
      If I am wrong, someone in authority call and inform us if we breaking the law, please.
      Winston Adams

    • WA / Joe:

      Correct that a jet stream can speed up flight time is a tail wind – but it also increases flight time if a tail wind; the effect of tail winds is confirmed if looking at same flight going E-W vs W-E. Neither of these flight arent long enough to require a back-up crew – just under the limit, but if delays happen of 2hrs, then pilots are really tight on permissible flight times.

      Another concern is noise abatement measures and effects on landing/take-off times – like PET airport, Heathrow also has a noise abatement program (but I don't know the details, so wont speculate if this was a consideration by the pilot).

      WA @ 00:20:
      You can see above I posted the link for the proper definitions of self-isolation (fed and prov) when some erroneous info was being posted; but as you note with vs with-out symptoms is a difference.

      Here is the link with correct description of self-isolation for NL:

      Likewise for Canada:


  7. So is this Trumpies latest attempt to divert attention from the pandemic to putting US troops on the northern, or Canadian boarder. Or is it a veiled threat that he is putting things back to norm in the US, on Easter Sunday, and the green light for Canada to do the same, or we will really shut you down, stop all trade at the northern boarder, with our troops. Guess he figures the mere taught of saying it will have the desired effect. But that's the kind of things that demogoary is all about, says Joe blow.

  8. The following was written for the New England Journal of Medicine by a group of 12 Italian doctors:
    “This disaster could be averted only by massive deployment of outreach services. Pandemic solutions are required for the entire population, not only for hospitals. Home care and mobile clinics avoid unnecessary movements and release pressure from hospitals.2 Early oxygen therapy, pulse oximeters, and nutrition can be delivered to the homes of mildly ill and convalescent patients, setting up a broad surveillance system with adequate isolation and leveraging innovative telemedicine instruments. This approach would limit hospitalization to a focused target of disease severity, thereby decreasing contagion, protecting patients and health care workers, and minimizing consumption of protective equipment. In hospitals, protection of medical personnel should be prioritized. No compromise should be made on protocols; equipment must be available. Measures to prevent infection must be implemented massively, in all locations and including vehicles. We need dedicated Covid-19 hospital pavilions and operators, separated from virus-free areas.” See https://catalyst.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/CAT.20.0080 .

    David Vardy

    • The only one that caused a charitable donation from me here was Average Joe, for 500 dollars to the Salvation Army. Other offers such as for the North Spur investigation was ignored.
      In my career I have made good bucks from hospital construction projects here.
      If Minister John Haggie makes the case to me that we need ventilators, respirators etc, I will donate $100,000.00 as some give back, for equipment to help patients and hospital and health care staff.
      As they say, you can't take it with you. Fortis provides some of my income.
      Winston Adams

    • Anon @ 8;49
      There is the story of the English Commissioners, in the 1930s, in their Royles Ryce car, they all braided out, at the fork of the road near Upper Island Cove. They see a local man from UIC, they ask him "Which road do we take to go to Harbour Grace"? The Island Cove man sized them up, and replied, "You can take that road there", pointing the way," but be sure to have it back by Monday marning, as me buddies needs it to go en the woods". At that time many with horses and carts would travel that road for fire wood.
      Take the road, but bring it back!
      So you only "took" your fair share. Did you earn it, or took it it? And took it from where?
      Did I earn mine or take it? I said I "made" good bucks. Also I have some investments, was that income earned or taken?
      If you or relatives choke for want of a ventilator, should you care how I earned it? Or how I spend it?
      As for quilt? The money was well earned, and small potatoes as to what some earned.
      Then too, there is the story of the camel getting through the eye of the needle, not to be dismissed.
      And besides, I might get a photo taken with the Hag? Is that not worth $100,000.00? He might have contacts to get me a photo with Prince Charles, who is my age, and maybe took a lot of money, more than you? Who can ask for more?
      Winston Adams

  9. I sometimes kid Bruno, from Cape Breton, about his statement of using native coal for industrial energy. Since he never backtracked, his words are in the UG record, though he may not stand by that statement at heart.

    But as to the Digger, A Brain Peckford, Young Alfie is what Ray Guy called him? Guy, the Greatest Nflder?
    Alfie says"What a world we live in….hypocrites on all sides." He says it is better for Europe to use coal for fuel than Putin's Russia natural gas. And that in this time of the pandemic, a respiratory disease, much aided by coal fumes we know.
    His piece is about Alberta professors opposing subsidies for the oil industry.
    Russia of course is in the oil war, driving down prices, impacting his precious Atlantic Accord, which he says is more important for Nfld than Confederation, Joey's legacy. Meanwhile Ball uses the D word….our local situation as bad as the 1930s, and begs Ottawa for help.
    Why as bad as the 1930? The legacy of Danny Williams and Muskrat Falls, and Ball's failure to shut it down.
    Alfie,…… a fatal case of oil on the brain, or Covid-19 dropped on him by China.
    Winston Adams