Guest Post by Ron Penney
of our geography we have a big opportunity to nip the Coronavirus in the bud but I
fear we are not taking full advantage of that fact.

And because we are late in getting cases, we can learn from other jurisdictions.

know that some will say: what does he know about this, as was said of me and my
other fellow naysayers when we dissented on Muskrat Falls.

this case I do happen to bring some expertise. A stint as Deputy Minister of
Health and head of the City’s Emergency Response Team when I was City Manager for
16 years. And, more importantly, retired public health experts are talking to me daily about what we
should be doing. The government should be reaching out to them.

is likely to be the biggest crisis to have ever faced us. Muskrat Falls and our fiscal crisis may well pale in
far as we know now, the single most important step is social distancing. At
every juncture we have failed to act quickly enough and have followed rather than have
have not stopped visitations at our nursing homes – the single most vulnerable
population we have. In addition, we have allowed nursing home and hospital staff
returning from outside the province to immediately return to work. Some private nursing homes are stopping visitors now. Why the wait?

have delayed our decision to close schools until some independent schools and
the University made independent decisions to close. 

Many restaurants and bars made decisions to close. We have now closed bars but have allowed restaurants to stay open at reduced capacity. They should be ordered to close. 
recent decision on closing Liquor stores has only served to confuse the general
public and cause lineups, which is the last thing we want.
shouldn’t have been distinguishing between those coming from foreign destinations and
domestic, a policy just changed on Friday. They all go through the same airports in the case of air travel. I’m pleased that now everyone returning to the province is also required to register and be given a quarantine order, but again that should have been done much earlier.
delayed the declaration of a public health emergency too long and many of those
who were told to self-isolate ignored that recommendation. Shame on them. It needed the force
of law behind it and adherence monitored. The Chief Medical Office of health has reported that our first pre-emptive case was a person who returned from foreign travel, who self-quarantined, but not “immediately.” Shame on that person. How many people has that person infected?
evidence from successful jurisdictions is that the implementation of policies
which ensure social distancing is the best way to reduce the advance of the virus. The best way to do that is to immediately order our citizens to shelter
in place. Allow us to buy our groceries and go for walks but otherwise stay
at home. That’s what I am doing already. Instead they are making the same mistake – recommending that we take those steps. It needs to have the force of law.
need a whole of government approach to this, as it is more than a public health
emergency. It will soon become a fiscal crisis adding to our already bad
financial situation. We are quickly going to need federal help as our revenues
collapse and we need to borrow hundreds of million dollars to keep ourselves
initiative by the Leader of the Opposition to ask for a joint committee, which
was agreed to, is a good first step.
We should take that further and form a coalition government now for the length of  this emergency so this can be handled on a non-partisan basis, particularly as we have a minority government. Let’s take the best talent from both sides of the House of Assembly and put them to work. 

need to reach out to retired experts in public health who would be only too
happy to help out.
take lessons learned from other jurisdictions and be bold so as to take
advantage of our geography and the fact that there has been a delay in having
cases in this province.
may irritate and inconvenience citizens but better to do that then risk the
we fail, our health care system will be quickly overwhelmed. 

I’m in a high risk
category, luckily with no underlying health conditions, but I’m not too keen
on being caught up in a situation where life-saving equipment has to be
rationed and my life has to be sacrificed to help someone younger! 

And don’t
think it can’t happen here. It’s already happened in Italy where older people have been denied care and left to die alone.


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


This is the most important set of negotiations we have engaged in since the Atlantic Accord and Hibernia. Despite being a small jurisdiction we proved to be smart and nimble enough to negotiate good deals on both. They have stood the test of time and have resulted in billions of dollars in royalties and created an industry which represents over a quarter of our economy. Will we prove to be smart and nimble enough to do the same with the Upper Churchill?


  1. Ron.. great post. the response has been reasonable so far, but not far enough. We have geographic advantage which are outweighed by our older population, and strained health care system.

    We also have a provincial government who are running out of money.

    A perfect storm for a major crisis.

    People travelling home need to self isolate in a very strict manner. They need to think about the hundreds of people they will infect in their own chain, and the tens of people that will die from that.

  2. I spent most of March in the HSC. 2 observations

    1) The medical community were not taking this serious enough in early march. I heard from doctors on 5 separate occassions "it is no worse than the flu".
    2) The HSC will not be able to accomodate 25 covid patients… let alone 250 which is about to head their way.

    Dont be fooled by the daily briefings… too little too late.

  3. A very important and timely piece by Ron Penney.
    The doctor at the daily briefings, to me,seemed rather nervous yesterday, as if she knows things are much worse than she is saying.
    Ball finally dropped his perpetual smile, which endured during MFs boondoggle.
    Dr Haggie, who Gerald Niven (aka 'old stick in the mud")questions whether the HAG, as he calls him,on CBC comments, as to his competence to handle this virus issue with his bla, bla, bla.
    Time, for those not familiar with our history, to read "Let em Die" on the Spanish Flu in Nfld and Labrador in 1918. A wake up call for what can happen if proper action is not taken, and actions has been too little and too late, (like now in Italy with death rates of about 8 % ,o.3 % in Germany, 1.5 % so far in the USA.) As Ron says, here we have an older population, more vulnerable, but all at risk.
    Winston Adams

  4. Ron a doctor in Italy reported that ventilators are not being given to those over 65! That puts both of us at risk, me in particular with my underlying conditions. Yikes!

    BC is warning that they may suffer an Italian type of explosion in persons infected. We are in for quite a time!

    Stay safe and stay in place!

    Elon Musk has offered to produce respirators, Let us hope he gets it up and running soon!

    • Good post…but I question the timing. For someone so knowledgeable, advice sought from, etc. why not make this post weeks ago. We all know the answers and actions to take now. I questioned the emergency plane that landed here and stayed for 12 hours plus and allowed to deplane and mull around the airport and city. That was on March 15th. The same day I posted, and the same date that the lady visited Cauls funeral home and we hear so much about, but not a word about the aircraft. Am I right or wrong about the 350 passengers and crew of that plane ask average Joe.

  5. Consider the unnecessary risks; The bankrupt Liberal MLA's and backroom functionaries, want to, at Dwight's pleasure, appoint an inexperienced, untried, unelected leader, in these times of crises. Ron is correct in his approach to pick the best of what has been duly elected, to lead us forward.

  6. RP:

    I don't think this statement is 100% accurate:
    We have delayed our decision to close schools until some independent schools and the University made independent decisions to close.

    In the case of NLESD (and I think other school boards) the last day of classes was 13-Mar-2020 – likewise, all extra curricular activities were cancelled that evening going forward. 16-Mar-2020 was a holiday for grade schools and that was when the order came to temporarily suspend classes as decisions were being made – at this point MUN still were holding classes but grade schools(and activities) were already suspended.

    I wont say the COVID19 situation has been handled ideally in the province – but we have been ahead of most provinces and are doing at least as well as most overall, so I would say a passing grade overall.

    As for a coalition government now to deal with these issues – well, the opposition can force that if they feel its a politically good idea. I doubt they will – neither CC or AC want to have a guiding hand now.


    • Robert @ 14:29:

      I think his inaction on bringing down the government – or threatening to behind closed doors to get more influence on his part does speak pretty loudly. Simply put, if he was motivated and REALLY wanted to, he could take the premier chair at will.

      You have a better explanation as to why he wont?


    • Robert @ @ 14:33:

      Interestingly enough, the following provinces haven't cancelled classes in the secondary school system as of now:
      BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

      Having said that, a 1 or 2 have an indefinite suspension on, but most will have resumption dates between now and May 1.

      My statement that RP was not 100% accurate stands, unless you can find different info. Interestingly, MUN just said oncampus classes wont resume prior to September – so infact, NL is ahead of the 'curve'…

      As it stands now, for my consulting work that spans 6 provinces, NL and NS have the strictest requirements for transient workers – followed by Alberta; BC and MB are the loosest overall. Just an interesting tidbit for you….


    • PENG2, can you give us a tidbit on the nature of your consulting work in 6 provinces, is it all geotechnical, or is some consulting like here on UG blog, or this a pastime interest as a pro bono public service?

  7. Robert @ 14:29:

    Another thing to consider – only 3 short years ago, Crosbie was called an ambulance chaser due to his activities in several class action suits against the government.

    Now people with short memories sometimes think he might be the savior of NL.

    Personally, I don't know the man, and have never dealt with him professionally – but it does pi$$ me off in a big way when the general population have short memories and then complain.

    Maybe review his comments to the media the day after the release of the MF report – he claimed noone in his caucus was connected to the MF vote except 1 person. Again, an in factual statement – there are 5-6 currently sitting, or about 25-30% not including PL.

    Simply put, I dont like being B$ed – especially by those I might potentially vote for, and I do hold them to their words.


    • PENG2 You do have some passion for politics. For better or worse, the electorate accepted Ches in a close vote minority. The suggestion from Ron and others is there is little interest in "Regime change" politics right now. The elected must put the partisan shit aside, for the betterment of the impoverished and the maimed. I support Ron's effort to make the point, and get positive change within the system.

    • There are not 5-6 current PCs who were involved with the MF vote. The vote was held during the Dunderdale administration having been elected in 2011. Based on the 2011 results the only PC members elected then that still sit with the PCs are Kevin Parsons and David Brazil. Ches was only off by 100%.

      Here is the list of those who voted in favor: Ms Dunderdale, Mr. King, Mr. Hutchings, Ms Shea, Mr. Davis, Ms Sullivan, Mr. O'Brien, Mr. Jackman, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Hedderson, Mr. Verge, Mr. Littlejohn, Mr. Granter, Mr. Cornect, Ms Johnson, Mr. McGrath, Mr. French, Mr. Dalley, Mr. Felix Collins, Mr. Sandy Collins, Mr. Kent, Mr. Lane, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Dinn, Mr. Brazil, Ms Perry, Mr. Kevin Parsons, Mr. Little, Mr. Cross, Mr. Pollard, Mr. Peach, Mr. Crummell, Mr. Forsey, Mr. Russell, Mr. Osborne.

    • Anony @ 10:04:

      I have always said connected to the MF vote – so you are omitting a couple sitting MHAs with very close (or in my view ‘unacceptable’ ties to the MF vote) ties to the MF vote:
      Pleaman Forsey – brother of Clayton and PF actively campaigned with CF in support of MF
      Lela Evans – she actively campaigned in support of MF through Labrador and has since worked for Nalcor at MF
      Barry Petten – an ADM at the time of the MF vote advising a minister
      Helen Ottenhiemer – spouse of John, JO was an architect a of MF in the DW government and former NL Hydro board chair during the MF critical period who both campaigned for MF

      Also as you note, PL and TO did sit for the PCs and voted for MF at the time – so with KP and DB the total of sitting MHAs is 8, 1 Liberal, 1 independent and 6 PCs with 'very close' connections to the MF vote.


    • PENG2 @ 10:26:

      I will make a correction – BP served as Executive assistant to various ministers (but possibly also ADM) during the MF sanction period.

      Likewise, another tidbit – Glenn Littlejohn lost in the Port de Grave district by a margin of 52.4% to 47.6% in the 2019 election – after losing by a margin of 61.5% to 36.3% in the 2015 election.

      So, I would offer the public has a short memory and doesn't hold MHAs accountable.

      And before the partisan stuff comes up – if I were a member of influence in the Liberal party, I wouldn't allow TO to sit in caucus now after the MF vote, nor would I have allowed PL to cross the house and enter into the Liberals caucus in 2014.

      The Liberal leadership is weak at best – but I don't think the PC leadership is any better.


    • "Less We Firget" The names of MHAs that voted in the people's House to sanction Muskrat Falls should be etched in their brains as well as the people's forever.The list should be predominately and permantely displayed in the House of Assembly forever as a reminder to all future elected MHAs of the great responsibility they bear to the people who elected them and to the province as a whole. Some may be happy to have their name etched there, if so, so be it says average Joe.

    • I agree with AJ, but amazed to see PENG2 so full of details on politics. As I said, he is much more into politics and law than engineering, it seems to me. On politics he is well informed or has support staff for getting details on the Red and Blue, and maybe on the Orange. I ask if he can brush up on the Green?
      PENG2 says he apolitical. Not me, I am partial to the Green, but try to avoid the Green wash type.
      PENG2, does not see our heating planet as a priority, but maybe he can post his prior comments, least I misquote him, or whether he has moved any on that opinion.
      As to the number of MHAs voted for MFs, now saying " close connections to the MFs vote", it is a fine line, but seems he is not willing to admit an error on his part, even a small error? Would PENG2 make a good judge, or guilty by association rules? "Depends on what the meaning of is…". Is voting for and very close the same thing? Like a little bit pregnant?

      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 12:31:

      Maybe a reminder is due, please try to quote better.

      I posted this on UG, 20-May-2019 @ 12:16 in response to MA:
      So what is your take on still having 7 persons in the HoA with direct ties to the MF enabling vote? My count today is 4 MHAs who voted, 1 ADM, and 2 1st degree family members who advocated for MF in 2011.

      This tally doesn't count for CC (JC did publically support MF in 2011) nor does it include BO since I am not sure on his activities at the time – so it could be as high as 9 persons.

      I would agree with UG – minority governments as a rule are dysfunctional and open it up for pork belling, hopefully some consensus will be reached where we avoid a minority via the nomination of the Speaker – though considering the options are PL, EJ or a NDP person I doubt it for reasons I posted 17-May-2019.

      In response to my posting, you posted this 20-May-2019 @ 13:42:
      Have to agree, the electorate is NOT WOKE. If so, why so many MFs supporters elected or in current positions.
      The electorate is in a daze, half awake, sufficient to down grade the Ball government.
      If awake , they could sell tickets on upcoming Inquiry days when Ed Martin, Gil Bennett, Ball and Marshall take the stand. Seating would be sold out. Right now they have a metal detectors as if fearing terrorists, yet the sherrif is like the Maytag repair man, bored waiting for a call. 13 billion wasted, daily going deeper in debt, and virtually no one attending this Inquiry: the electorate WOKE? Really?
      Electorate is still bamboozled, with Ches promising Cheap Rates, and Ball promising even cheaper power rates. Lies and deceit, is it not? Eddie Joyce a favourite for many! We like comedians and fools, as good as those that try and buy our votes with public policy promises at election time ……..hardly an electorate woke up.

      I am not sure where you will ever find me stating anything different than above – though I will admit to a couple typos in that BO should have been LE, and the ‘his activities’ should be ‘their activities’.

      The full blog and comments is at, if you want to verify:


    • PENG2, not a problem that you quote me. I have at times, like you, and before you,I think,used the Morine phrase of more than a century ago"Nflders are too green to burn." I have not disputed than many were not properly informed on MFs, and indeed many were misinformed. Many didn't care, even some tradesmen that wanted the good bucks, as too engineering consultants and contractors.
      I agree with you partly, and think those responsible should be tossed out, even MHAs, by the voters.
      Our difference is the degree of fault on the general public who you say could have and should have "informed themselves" as you do,and a few do.
      1. Where was the main media? Pady Daley, of VOCM long thought MFs was ok.
      2 CBC main interest was in the well being of dogs and cats
      3 NTV had little against MFs
      4 The Telegram, had some letters from the few anti MFs,,but this against the onslaught of Nalcor/govn propaganda. Surprising 30 % opposed Mfs.
      5 None of the media did investigative journalism, did they?
      6. How can most get self informed?
      7 We know of UG and Ed Hollett blog, even I learned later of Ed Hollett.Most still know nothing of UG. Did you have a blog that many missed? Did you write letters to the Telegram, to enlighten the public?
      8 Most people know if they hit the switch, the light come on, but not how it works, where it is generated, knowing not of AC vs DC,nor that Nfld Hydro generates 94 % of our electricity, or that a 140 risk factors for MFs construction, or 40 risk factors for reliability. Even poor old Leblanc was left in the dark on most of those 40 risk factors. One expert he had,maybe economics,said he never heard of a transmission line that was unreliable, and poorold Dickie Leblanc took that silly statement to the bank, as to Stan's dumb statement that HPs can't reduce the winter peak.
      So, if poor Dickie can be so easily fooled on technical issues,and risks, what chance did the general public have to "get informed" .
      Your argument is one of weight, not that you are absolutely wrong, but, I submit, but raises the questions: how do the public get better informed, and why were they not? You disagree? And with so much disinformation nowadays, it is not easy.
      Do you have an agenda to inform the public better? If so, on what issues? Any self interest as to your endevers,on UG, or just public service?
      So I say as last year, few are yet woke up.
      Who is trying to cause the awakening? Is the public too wilfully blind, like those who enabled MFs. Maybe many are. Why should readers listen to an anon engineer obsessive with politics and law and not engineering mistakes and wrong doing?
      An anon engineer who wants MHAs out but Nalcor engineers named by Dickie to stay and even get bonuses. Puzzling.

      Winston Adams


    • WA @ 16:39:

      Regarding #4 – you are off base. Between June 2011 and Feb 27, 2012 – there were 119 letter showing dissent for MF, vs 15 (9 of which came from Nalcor/Gov) in the Telegram.

      The document 14-MC-2012-02-29 presented to the PUB outlines this – so, it wasn't just 'some' letters, get you facts straight.

      Sorry, but your argument that the public 'couldn't' be informed doesn't hold water – the public 'didn't' get informed by choice, this is evidence by sitting members in the HoA voting for MF and for 40% support for MF continuing to this day.

      Claiming that tit was the media's (or governments jobs for that matter) to educate the public is just passing the buck. The public should have seen enough conflicting info that there is absolutely no excuse for 80% support of MF at sanction – and infact when the Inquiry started there was probably still 50% or more support for MF.

      Normally everyone claims politician's are like 'diaper' – but when things go wrong now people want to claim government should have told them the difference and they to deflect the blame for MF. My argument is that I would never believe anything coming from a politician – because of the self-serving nature of politics.

      My advice to the public is to accept the PC government gave exactly what the public majority wanted – until we accept it was our fault, we will never get over it. Just like the UC – the public doesn't realize just how good of a deal it really was because of the political B$ spewed out over the years.


    • WA @ 16:39:

      My statement above applies to your items 1-7 really – but you should also go to and listen to the comments by Madore just around 8am the day following the Inquiry report release. It was a pretty telling summary of what happened in the media at the time (I probably mentioned this before, just maybe I did)….

      It is becoming obvious by many of your statements lately that you haven't even had a quick look over the Inquiry report – you are not helping your arguments, statement #8 isnt reflected in the report.

      Best advice for you (and to most) is to read before assuming testimony was accepted as gospel and reflects what was reported to governments.


    • WA @ 16:39:

      I just did a quick word search of the Executive Summary – the word risk appears 114 times.

      Below, as example is a statement LeBLanc made regarding risk, particularly related to the SNC risk report:
      Nalcor emails confirm that certain members of the PMT knew of the existence of this report in 2013 and that they deliberately decided not to request a copy. The most likely reason that Nalcor declined to receive the document was concern that the report might become public.

      So, I don't know what you are basing this statement on:
      Even poor old Leblanc was left in the dark on most of those 40 risk factors.

      It seems to me that there is alot of prejudice against just how thorough the Inquiry report is – perhaps based on wrong assumptions as to what the Inquiry is/was and just what the ToR actually meant and how broad they really are???


    • Pen2 what is your agenda? Or would it be better to ask what is the agenda of the person paying you?

      I’ve read many of your comments and one underlying agenda of your benefactor is to deflect the blame of muskrats falls to the general public. You go about this applying absurd logic that the public should have known or that the public should have looked for answers and that the public should have known that they were being lied to.

      Pen2 how many people do you have on staff to support your rants on this blog? Is your moniker an indication that there are at least two of you who pen these rants? Pen1 and Pen2?

      Your rants are amusing and your logic absurd, perhaps your two pens should take a break and regroup; come up with a new plan.

      Your rants are tainted by the cash you are paid.

    • Anony @ 12:42:

      This is a very important piece of testimony form the Inquiry (page 24 of volume 4 in LeBlanc's report):
      So, officials—and here I will sort of summarize a very important point—but officials are accountable to ministers, who are in turn accountable to Parliament, who are in turn accountable to the public, and that’s what representative democracy means. So, public servants are not accountable to the public. Public servants are accountable to ministers, who in turn are accountable to Parliament, who in turn are accountable to the public.

      To that end, the PUBLIC cast 26327 votes in favor of the sitting MHAs who were closely connected to the MF 2011 vote in the 2019 general election – about 13.3% of the total vote. Now, if we want to break down by party it was 3.7% of the Liberal popular vote and 22.0% of the PC popular vote – since only PL was an independent not really a number of importance.

      The point being – elected politicians are responsible to the public – public servants (and by extension employees of ABCs) are not responsible to the public. Likewise, not matter if we bought the B$ line from DW et al – we the public are NOT shareholders in Nalcor – by voting we give MHAs the authority to make decisions on our behalf.

      The only way we can object is by not voting for those responsible for poor decisions – we the PUBLIC haven't done that since 2011.

      It is talked about 'election promises' every time a vote comes up and how full of $hit politicians are – but now the public wants to skirt the blame for MF since the politicians 'lied', that argument doesn't make any sense and isn't coherent.

      Until the PUBLIC accepts responsibility for the action of MHAs, we are forever doomed to repeat these boondoggles….


    • Pen1 or Pen2: So the only way to object is to not vote for the ones responsible after they have made the wrong decisions. That’s your logic? That’s why it’s the public’s fault?

      As I’ve stated above your logic is absurd and only strengthens the fact that the public couldn’t stop muskrat falls.

      The only control the public has is one day every four years when we all vote, just think about that one day every four years. The rest of the days the politicians have control. But yeah go ahead and keep blaming that public, that’s why you get a paycheque. I wouldn’t want to take that away from you.

      I don’t buy your absurd logic or your benefactors absurd logic and I’m beginning to think that your absurd logic consoles your benefactors guilty conscience.

    • Anony @ 13:48:

      A couple quotes from LeBlanc of note:

      [start, page 4 vol 1]
      The Energy Plan was released publicly in September 2007. It announced that the proposed development of the lower Churchill River would be led by a new Energy Corporation.

      [start, page 45 vol 1]
      A Progressive Conservative Government was elected with Danny Williams as Premier in October 2003. That government was determined to proceed with the development of the hydroelectric potential of the lower Churchill River and it initiated several activities to advance this development. Its policy after the election favoured development of the lower Churchill River that was led and managed in this province.

      So to answer your question, the NL public had the chance to stop MF in the 2007 (October 2007) and 2011 (October 2011) elections, but more importantly we had the chance to hold those responsible in the 2015 and 2019 general election.

      My statements are not about holding politicians responsible for a mistake – but of the public giving up the chance to hold those same politicians responsible 4 or 5 times since that mistake was made and continuing to support them to this very day. For your information, public support for MF only dipped to less than 50% in late 2018 (if my memory is right) and still is close to 40% – so no, the PUBLIC isn’t AWAKEN yet….

      I guess my question to you is 2 fold:
      1) Did you support MF in 2011 (and by extension did you vote for 1 of the shameful 8 in 2019)
      2) Did you read LeBlancs report

      By all means if you have a sound argument you can support by facts to counter my statement, produce it and we can discuss.

      However, I will never get into personal attacks, rumours or fear mongering and will ignore all such nonsense – so please fact check if you are making a statement.


    • PENG2 surely isn't here spending time freely out of the goodness of his/her/their heart. This is clearly the extensive work of an attempt to influence and object to the writers and readers of this site who despise the elitist control of our Government. PENG2 is here to protect elitists.

      Yes, the lying politicians and their shadowy elitist backers should be blamed for Muskrat. Full stop, right? They lied to the public, wrapped it in cotton candy and threw it in everyone's direction. PENG2 blames the public for eating the candy as being principally if not totally responsible. Wow, his nose must be longer than the North Spur by now.

      PENG2 defends the Liberals, Ball, Nalcor, Stan and Fortis at every opportunity. He (?) routinely slams the writers and commentators here if ever his pet interests are implicated in any wrong doing. He swears the project was unstoppable and the Liberals were right to spend billions more. He criticizes the Inquiry and Commissioner for not understanding issues. He is never merely questioning, but firmly stating his one and only correct view. There is no other person who comes close except maybe Bruno at the other end of the spectrum.

      For someone so delighted to lay out his case every day here, why not put your name behind it and present yourself?

  8. Ah, PENG2, the gaslighting Liberal love machine is here in full force today. With our province in peril, you sure know how to turn up politicking by several notches. You're all class as usual. Happy Trolling!

    • Anony @ 16:26:

      Can you explain a bit better?

      I kick equally at all parties, and all politicians – and I am apolitical. Maybe an example of how I made a partisan statement might be helpful.


  9. Great timely post Ron. I just finished listening to the live daily broadcast from the premier’s office. With 15 new cases in Eastern, it is clear to see we have an immediate problem on our doorstep, and inside our house. With a confirmed/presumptive number now at 24, the actual number is probably more than 100 times that amount. Yet – the government is still using strong words without any teeth. When will the time be right to call it a state of emergency and take some hard meaningful action? Recommendations are just not cutting it as is evidenced by many.

    Limiting groups to less than 10 is a start, but why 10, and not 2? And closing down all businesses to just those deemed essential, but with some exceptions, why so many exceptions? How the hell can most businesses still maintain a 2-meter rules while employees are working? They can’t.
    The Iron Ore mines in Lab West are still in full operation. FIFO has been stopped in Lab West mostly for IOC and Tacora, but it is still happening by the hundreds for the two Quebec mines, and their FIFO employees are still mingling with the Lab West locals as they go to Walmart, the hardware stores, the beer stores, and the gas stations for fuel and snacks and smokes. It is utterly incomprehensible that the NL Government has not brought this to a halt though whatever means necessary. Right now.
    IOC and Tacora are still in full production. Hundreds of employees go to work every shift, travel 3-4 inside a pick-up truck, sweat together tugging on wrenches, eat together in lunchrooms several times a day, and stand together for their daily tool box safety talks. They then go home where they are expected to practice social distancing and avoid all other people – bringing home to their family whatever their coworkers gave them that day. Absolutely nuts. This continued operation is going to kill hundreds of us quicker than we can see it coming. We are supposed to be flattening the bloody curve, not throwing fuel on it!
    These mines are also going through PPE like there is no tomorrow – so are their contractors. Some of this is the same PPE that hospitals and front line health care is in desperate need of. Yet it is consumed so these global entities can produce another quarterly dividend for the shareholders outside this country. And the NL Govt allows this for a few more measly tax dollars? These companies knowingly are exposing all their employees to social crowding and going directly against all social distancing guidelines our government, and the federal government, is shouting out over the media every few hours!?! Wow. They will also run out of key PPE in the weeks to come, so why are we squandering it so needlessly for a few more tonnes of iron ore when we need it to save our loved ones?
    Come on NL Government – grow a set asap and do what needs to be done. Shut all these mines down! End all the FIFO through our region! Gather up the PPE! Save our citizens!

    • Just to follow up on the Lab West issue, I just read a statement from Clayton Walker, and IOC is refusing to shut down their operations because they have not been identified as a business that must close by the NL Gov, and he goes on to say they are providing jobs. Also says safety is a top priority – yet they still allow all employees to congregate all day long in close quarters! Possibly spreading Covid-19 like wildfire.

      This demonstrates once more that these big corporations only ever watch the bottom line, and all employees are expendable. Sadly, they also have families here too.

      They won't close these iron ore mines down on their own, and last I heard, they are not providing essential products to make medical devices or food or drugs. But, their continued operations is putting all of us at increased risk.

      Come on NL Government – take some action immediately!

  10. Trump wants to see packed churches on Easter Sunday. Infections is increasing exponentially in the USA. Social distancing don't happen with churches being packed. It is a formula for packed morgues to follow.
    What more proof do we need that Trump is in league with the devil? Is it not like yelling fire in a packed theatre to cause panic and death?
    And he wants the fossil fuel industries back in a hurry. Talk of 6 trillion of money printing, to try and buy his reelection, as the economy now tanks. Maybe he will buy Muskrat Falls,for 20 billion, and make Danny and Ed heroes? We are into Alice and Wonderland world.
    How can one be bored? What entertainment daily. Ball and the Hag show is small potatoes, so far, but may change.
    The Hag got angry today. This is not who we are, he said. So, who are we? Is the Hag Nfld born? Can we see his birth certificate? Is he from Bung Hole Tickle? Can't put my finger on it, but the Hag may be foreign? Like Oboma was. But if he is competent, no problem, make him Premier.
    The Hag said Stay at home.Trudeau said Go home, stay at home. Do we break the law to walk once a day while practising social distancing, in our rural area? Are we getting mixed signals from the Hag?
    My wife, a cancer patient is distressed that she can't get her daily walk. We are not in NY city here. My wife is on self isolation with 5 days to go, and no symptoms, and an emergency case waiting for a PET scan, with an aggressive tumor growing. Can the Hag clarify this walking business? We are waiting for a call for the scan,once isolation is over Sunday, and getting no answers. Good thing Mr Haggie is a doctor, he will straighten out this I'm sure.
    Winston Adams

  11. Can anyone explain the rift, during the Inquiry, between the Judge and the Minister of Justice? I seem to recall a sharp exchange with respect to who and how justice should proceed in NL. Reminded me of Patrick O'Flaherty's excellent book about "Old Newfoundland, A History to 1843". Around early 1800's, Judge Forbes took exception to how local Authorities prosecuted British Law, (Forbes, "was from Bermuda, a London-educated barrister of liberal instinct"). Seems that poor indebted souls were lashed at the time, which contravened British Law. Was it not the same Minister who was expected to redact any sensitive text in the Report?