It is time to list the top ten posts of 2019 and to thank
those who contributed to the work. But, first, a quick word about the year that
was. Most notably, the province’s fiscal position continued to slide, lacking
as it does essential political leadership to deal with the problem. The Ball
Government remains stuck in a prescient mindset, one preoccupied solely with
the Liberal Party’s re-election.

The annual cash
deficit of the Government remains at the $2 billion level. The Governing
Liberals and the Opposition Parties — PC and NDP — have the same agenda: keep
the public placated, maintain the illusion that there is no crisis, and otherwise
keep public expectations of them low. 

As to other sectors of Newfoundland and Labrador society, including
business and unions, short-term self-interest prevails. For all of them,
serendipity (translated as “offshore oil”) will provide a “fix” for gross mismanagement
in a Province boasting the second largest per capita revenues of any Canadian

Nalcor continues to perform as well as it ever has. The
additional delay in commissioning at Muskrat has been trivialized by CEO Stan
Marshall, who committed to a schedule for first power in the fourth quarter of 2019.
The Nalcor Press Release, which carefully omitted any reference to the moniker “international
experts”, was timed for burial under the Christmas tinsel! It did not advise of
the additional cost of the delay anyway. A back of the envelope estimate is
$3,000,000 or so per day! And that may be low. 

The software problem experienced on the LIL transmission
line is equally emblematic, as is Nalcor’s refusal to provide the PUB current
Reports from its software contractor. Second-rate (that might be too generous) Minister
of Natural Resources, Siobhan Coady, is still puzzled why she is in the job. Many
members of the public are equally puzzled!

Little wonder that Commissioner Richard LeBlanc needs
another three months to finish his Report. I had considered sending him a one-word
thesaurus for Christmas but thought the better of it. I expect that, by now, he
knows all the synonyms for Nalcor beginning with the word “incompetence”. 

What can we laugh about in 2020? I’m thinking two words: “Chinese

HA…..HAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Happy New Year! – Des Sullivan
Now for last year’s top ten Posts based solely on the number
of pageviews each received according to Google:








7. RATE MITIGATION – GRASPING AT STRAWS by David Vardy and Des Sullivan with research by PlanetNL



(A related
post by Jim Gordon received almost identical readership, so I have arbitrarily
judged them a tie.)

by James L. Gordon



Des Sullivan
Des Sullivan
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Uncle Gnarley is hosted by Des Sullivan, of St. John's. He is a businessman engaged over three decades in real estate management and development companies and in retail. He is currently a Director of Dorset Investments Limited and Donovan Holdings Limited. During his early career he served as Executive Assistant to Premier's Frank D. Moores (1975-1979) and Brian Peckford (1979-1985). He also served as a Part-Time Board Member on the Canada-Newfoundland Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB). Uncle Gnarley appears on the masthead representing serious and unambiguous positions on NL politics and public policy. Uncle Gnarley is a fiscal conservative possessing distinctly liberal values and a non-partisan persusasion. Those values and opinions underlie this writer's views on NL's politics, economy and society. Uncle Gnarley publishes Monday mornings and more often when events warrant.


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


This is the most important set of negotiations we have engaged in since the Atlantic Accord and Hibernia. Despite being a small jurisdiction we proved to be smart and nimble enough to negotiate good deals on both. They have stood the test of time and have resulted in billions of dollars in royalties and created an industry which represents over a quarter of our economy. Will we prove to be smart and nimble enough to do the same with the Upper Churchill?


  1. I looked up Chinese turbines and found this:

    It looks like Andritz is proud of the Muskrat Falls turbine, or else it is the only one they have made or have promotional photos of.

    The IE Report seem to like it:

    Hopefully it will be or was transported/stored better than the synchronous condensers, and that the design parameters were correct. Unfortunately given the track record of the MFer clown show so far, I expect more snafu and fubar.

    • I tried Googling commissioning to see everything at the PUB related to commissioning, and it seems that until the system is fully functional, project costs will not be passed on to consumers. However, the longer this delay, the larger the interests costs to be repaid. I expect the delay in paying for the project greatly exceeds the cost of the actual commissioning.

      It would be interesting to see at what point the plan breaks – if the system is never fully commissioning (say the LIL never works at capacity) – when do we have to start paying?

    • This is blatant falsification of the Project Accounting Records. Non- disclosure of this information to the Shareholder/Owner/Government, is fraud. Or, is your own government not being transparent here?

  2. Any fears of a death spiral by our power companies? Whereby escalating rates cause a decline in electricity use, and the bankruptcy of power companies?
    Death is overly exaggerated me thinks, certainly not for Nfld Power.. But a decline in kwh sales, of course.

    Peak load at 12;50 am was only 954 MW. Temp was -2C, wind 26km, RH 80%
    At 9:45 am Peak was 1204 MW, up 250 MW, but not bad for early January. Jan average in recent years is about 1450 Mw, if memory serves. Avg Jan night temp should be about -8 C, and we can get a spike of 400 MW from 3 am to 9 am under more severe conditions.
    It is mild, snow insulates our basements some, and 80 RH in winter is good for HP performance, often RH in Nfld can exceed 95 %, which is bad.
    With a cold climate HP and 80 RH, expect close to COP of 3: fantastic. Power companies here hate them, they work too damn good. Don't Tell the Nflders about them, Betty. But okay for most power company employees to now about them. Keep it under your power hat, so to speak.

    Last year we hit 1778 Peak……so now almost 600 Mw below that. Hard to think we could go that high, but combinations of high wind, and low temperture of almost -20C, and now using P90 would predict a need for that, almost 1800 MW. Right now we are breezing along. Holyrood 3 units likely all on last nite at minimun capacity of 70MW each, about 40 % rating, which is, unfortunately, low efficiency mode. Such is the nature of those obsolete beasts. Can't turn them down to 20 %. Cant't run 2 at higher efficiency, as it takes too long to restart a units once shut down. With the 250 MW gain, there is some efficiency improvement, but fuel use must then rise, to warm our asses with baseboard heat, most still using that 100 year old obsolete technology. Coaker used it in his "bungalow" at Port Union in 1917, most others got in the 1960s.
    So, no death spiral, but a problem for revenue not increasing. PENG2 may loose a few cents on his Fortis dividends, but not to worry, Nlfd Power is only about 5 % of Fortis revenues. And besides, they gain mostly by adding to infrastructure and increasing capital expenditures.They boost of spending 500 million recently. They excell in that fine art, while squealing about death spirals.
    Overall customers are watching their energy use more carefully, not too much trusting in poor Betty of Take Charge. Betty needs a remake.
    And call her Peggy I suggest. "Peggy's Personal Power saving Tips" for the flyers.. Sounds better, a nice ring to it?
    I should be into marketing?
    Winston Adams

    • Fortis doesn't care – they will pass along costs plus guaranteed profits to the customer, and since we all can't afford off grid systems, we will be using a tiny amount of power and paying $500/month for it on equal billing.

      I think the death spiral will be the entire province not Fortis. Electric power in a necessity just like food. If we are perpetually hungry and cold, a good hunk of the physically able population will leave. The increased power costs will force municipal taxes higher, refrigerated/frozen food prices will increase and it will force stores to replace all open freezers. Many marginally profitable business will just quit. Workers that get laid off will eventually leave.

      The TakeCharge site is broken over the holidays. The last money saving challenge is to cook Two scallywags at the same time in the oven rather than just one. Given that it costs 12 cents to heat an oven and another six cents to complete the cooking process — the savings are truly stupendous!

    • I got a good laugh about cooking 2 scallywags in the oven, needing a big oven for power company officials.
      Cooking scallyways is what the aboriginals did with some of Capt Cooks men, and alter in Hawaii, Cook himself was cooked . Of course the cooking resulted after Cook ordered killings to show the superiority of their English weapons, and to intimidate.
      Poor old Cook, a great Navigator and map maker and explorer. And yet he regretted having killed them, but circumstances triggered it somewhat.
      To capture people by force,like March March, and to kill he r husband in the process, was the wise thing to do, to make friends they said.. So Cook's reputation has been sullied.
      But cooking the scallywags , a great idea. Maybe add some Bulls Eye sauce and a bit of spice.
      Maybe the Bard could give advise, some scallywags may be pretty tough.?
      Indeed the death spiral puts the province at much more risk than Fortis.

    • WA @ 11:11:

      Just to be clear again, NL Power performance has minimal impact on Fortis as a corporation – NL Power is about 600-650 employees of the total of 8800 for Fortis.

      A few numbers from 2018 financial reports to give 'context' (and I hate that buzz word created by the PC witnesses at the MF inquiry):
      Fortis revenue / assets: $8.4b / $53b
      NL Power revenue / assets: $665m / $1.6b

      To clarify something your statement from above could be misinterpreted to imply- in 2019 the NL Power capital investment was $93m (as approved by the PUB), the $500m number you mentioned was Fortis as a corporation. Again, NL Power is a small part of Fortis.

      Now when talking about returns from Fortis as a stock holding – at start of 2019, Fortis was trading at about $44.60, at the start of 2020 the trading price is $53.95 at upwards of 500m shares. This is what dividends will be built from, and not related to NL Power profits/losses – incidentally in 2018 the NL power earnings was right about $42m and reflected about 8% profit.

      Finally, I do find this hilarious coming form PL – wasnt he and several members of the opposition he is talking of directly responsible for MF and the need for rate mitigation:


    • Anon, your not so stun to thing I really endorse cooking our local scallywags?
      But the idea of cooking two scallywags in the oven at the same time to save energy, suggested by anon@ 12:00,is pretty funny, and defies physics as to energy saving, suggesting it is typical of Take Charge many other measures, and the Interactive effect.
      So yesterday I asked a female friend: Have you heard of Capt Cook?
      Of Course, she replied. And, I stated: that Cook's Hr in Nfld is called after him. Didn't know that she said.
      Did you know how he died, I asked ? No, she replied.
      Cook was cocked, after the natives of Hawaii killed him, I informed her.
      She laughed loudly. So it is black humor, I guess they call it. Not unusual in Nfld, lots of that.
      So Cook was not cooked alive, but after being killed , then disemboweled, then cooked , and his bones to be saved. It was a form of respect for their culture then, I understand, they were not cannibals. Are not bones of some Christian saints saved and displayed?
      UG permits "funny" even if black humour.
      So all Nflders being screwed by power officials, some worse than others of course, and our economy at risk and economic survival.
      And a little black humor aimed at them, means I am f%$2ed up? Maybe it is you, anon, that should be "cooked" in that Take Charge oven, with your scallywag "buddies".
      Winston Adams

    • Typing error:line 9 should read Cook was cooked, not cocked. However Cook was a bit cocky. Cocky Capt Cook was cooked, has a ring to it. Actually I much admire his navigation and map making skills. He helped the English defeat the French in the 1760s, surveying water depth to get vessels into Quebec, which maybe was better if it ever happened, we English being more cruel than the French, I sometimes think. Now we're all a bit more civilized, or so I hope, and a bit less savage. But Trump may prove otherwise in 2020.He likes these drone toys, much like the English and French with their guns and cannon in bygone days. Trump is very cocky at the start of 2020, fearing the impeachment Trial, needing deflection, and nothing like a war to bring all American behing the flag. His recent tweet had no words , just the Stars and Stripes, and then in Iran we see them burning the American flag. This drives up oil prices about 2.50, helping mitigate the boondoggle. How lucky we are to have Trump! No idiot. Crazy as a fox. Evil for sure.

      PENG2: Fortis value grows at a rapid rate, about 13 % a year on average, and I would invest more but question their ethical values, as to climate change, GHG emissions, poor CDM, and for Nfld worse CDM in the country.Used to be second worse, so growing worse with time. You and I need to change their thinking PENG2?
      I think Nfld Power states about 500 million in infrastructure spending in Nfld over the past 5 year, and that total Fortis spending for infrastructure is much much more than 500 million.
      Nfld Power correctly identifies that their contribution to rate increases is small overall, as most from Nfld Hydro.
      If they were better at CDM measures they might claim a decrease of rates from their activity? Helping Nfld Hydro reduce fuel burn, conserving water in dry seasons, smaller back up thermal power assets etc. We can hope and maybe die in despair on their improvement?
      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 11:24:

      It was just to clarify the duration of the $500m capital investment – which is PUB approved, so again not at the discrepancy of the company. In 2019, Fortis made a gain of 19% – since 1995 to now, the average annual gains have been over 9%/yr. Fortis is(and has been for many years) considered by most analyst's to be a strong investment for those that buy and hold.

      To totally change topics, I have spent some time looking over the EV charging rate from a home owners perspective. In doing this, I am totally ignoring the access to fast chargers or other installations that would require an industrial type electrical supply and figuring a person would charge at home only – even the 240v isn’t really practical for most home owners with a 200amp panel, as that would required taking dryer or stove off line for charging.

      So, for a Tesla 3 – the EM claimed charging rates are:
      1) 120v @ 15amp – 3mi/hr
      2) 240v @ 50amp – 30mi/hr

      My questions are:
      1) doesn’t 3mi/hr for the 120v charge work to about $0.25 for 5kms
      2) I cant balance the math between the 120v vs 240v above – more or less I would have expected a charge rate closer to 20mi/hr at 240v

      So, a diesel pickup getting about 13l/100kms costs about $0.90 for 5kms – but has a capacity to do much more work (but not a real comparison since 2 different vehicles anyway). Likewise a medium/small family car/SUV at 8l/100kms costs about $0.4/5kms – a closer comparison in work capacity.

      More or less, considering the inconvenience I can balance how an EV is cost effective or practical for a home user and hoping you can clarify….


    • Typing error, line 4, should read never, instead of ever. One letter missing screws up my meaning.
      I slowing improve on my typing, but far from perfect. Never thought I would be my own secretary, as typing skills were not needed most of my life, until this internet and emailing business came along. Soon have to take up knitting or painting, or music lessons,or type up a whole book from my Nfld historical research, for finger dexterity.
      Just hit 72 you know, and wishing I was as good as Dave Vardy, or Robert Holmes, or Jim Gordon.
      Dave sends questions to Coady that must knock her off her chair, and she refuses to answer him. Dave, the Energizer Bunny. Past his best before date? Laughable.

    • Off the bat, Not sure of why assessing charging capacity from a 200 amp service vs so many miles per hr, as to economics are 2 different questions.
      But as to charging rates
      Very fast charging deceases life of batteries as I understand it, but is convenient for highway travel,which is infrequent for most.
      115 volt home charing is perhaps fine for me who drive little, but 240 v is better
      A 50 breaker for this should not mean taking a stove or dryer off line, unless you have a huge house and wasteful baseboard load.


      1.200 amp at 240 gives 48kw at a house.Most houses in Nfld have this.
      2. for a new house 3000 sq ft house, fairly well built, with HP and 1 watt per sq ft, it needs only 3 kw for electric heat at -15C or colder(assuming a cold climate model)
      3. Electric stove with 4 or 5 kw, is not usually operating with more than 2.5 kw as elements cycle.
      4. A dryer with 4kw also cycles, but may average 3 kw
      5 A hot water tank has 3 kw, but is more steady at full cap for e few hours , so allow 3 kw
      All of these total 12.5 kw to be expected, only if all operating at the same time, which generally they are not.

      6, A 50 A breaker for an Ev would not exceed 40 amps loading, but steady for a few hours, so 40 gives 9.6 Kw , say 10 kw for charging.
      7. These now add to 23.5 kw, 49 % of main breaker rating 200 A

      8.If an older house and baseboard heat, and 5 watts per sq ft, the heat is now 15 kw for 3000 sq ft , not 3 kw, so 12 kw extra. So the total expected is 35.5 kw. This is 74 % of the main breaker capacity.
      If main should only operate to 80%, then when adding 1 or 2 kw for misc loads , we are approaching the max: But only if all are on the same time, and charging in the day time instead of nitetime when most economic ( and recommended by Synapse for peak load reduction)
      9. Most people are unlikely to go for EV if not already gone to HPs for their house, with 300% efficiency there. With HPs a EV is not at all a problem for charging off 200 A mains, unless a monster house. And those suckers should pay extra for exceeding 200 A mains, the are fat cats. Are you a fat cat PENG2, or a regular cat?
      Likely many Nfld Power and Nalcor, Fortis officials are are fat cats, and scallywags, stealing too many BTUs of heat energy!

      A modest new house , 2000 sq ft, with HPs, would have a load seldom exceeding 15 kw. So a 100 amp breaker main for loading to 80 amps, would see this main loaded typically to only 38 %, so 100A mains is , I suggest, plenty for modern houses of 2000 sq ft, without EV at 240 V, but could accomodate EV at 115 v slow charging.

      Others can comment on my figures if reasonable.
      Is Nfld Power making recommendations for house contractors,for the New Sustainable era? Or delay, delay delay, as usual ?
      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 13:31 / 14:26:

      It’s a question of practicality – using a per litre price of gas at $1.30/l and efficiency of 8;/100kms I worked out $0.40/5kms and for charging at 3mi/hr on at 120v circuit at $0.11/kWhr I got $0.25/hr.

      Now, having said that – I am not sure very many houses with a 200amp service have the capability to add an extra circuit for 50amps @ 240v.

      Thats just figuring by looking at my panel not even counting the 240v heating load of 50amps:
      1) 120v: 2-3 circuits at 15amp ea for lights
      2) 120v: 3-4 circuits at 15amp ea for plugs
      3) 240v: for 40amp for stove, 30amp for dryer and 20amp for hot water

      My house is pretty normal – but I couldn't add the circuit and would need to take stove/dryer/HW off line to use the 240v setup. So, 3mi/hr seems to be the charging rate I could access, unless I make modifications.

      In any event, its not the actual load on the circuit (ie my lights definitely arent using 45amp) – but there are code regulations what define how a house must be wired and sectioned up. Yes, possibly only 50-60% of 200amp is used in a 'normal house' (actually I think 80% is max permissible load for design under the code) – but unless heating load is taken off I think an EV user needs to bum for free high(er) speed charging if my numbers are right.

      Anyway, unless if a user bums 'free' charging at a charging station (when someone else is still paying for it show how) – I cant see the claims of $500 for a full year of driving are accurate.


    • PENG2 : as to Paul Lane you reference.
      He had a conversion, did he not?
      True , no public debate on mate mitigation. Also MFCCC kept out of the PUB hearings, and Dennis Browne refused to acknowledgement my emails, and avoids the consumer interests.Dennis who said HPs are only good if home owner younger than 35!

      Only yesterday i see the PUB notice for Jan 17 cut off for intervenors for reliability issues, which effect policy and supply issues and has mitigation effects for the next decade.
      Who represents the public? A "digital"consultation with ratepayers, like a digital rectal exam for benefit. What a laugh.
      Elites running the show, ratepayers in the dark.
      Asking ratepayers :Do you want good reliability or less to keep rates lower? After 16 billion (the latest unofficial numbers) for MFs, now they ask a handful of ratepayer via a "digital procedure", most I expect with little technical knowledge. Have you read the reliability study? Has Paul Lane or any MHA read it? How many of UG readers?

      Bruno should be jumping for joy, A 100 Mw battery being considered, and a couple of small solar arrays ( to be covered by Sprung enclosures maybe to keep snow off). But only 108 MW of wind. 4 years to bring on wind, 3 year for a battery. The Empire State building took 18 months in 1932, and Nflders were part of that. These present idiots need to be COOKED in a Take Charge oven.
      Winston Adams

    • PENG2, agree that if 115 v gives 3 miles per hr, the 240 should be about 20 miles per hr, unless the 115 v charger is itself very inefficient which seems unusual. I have not looked much at charging rates, but is important.
      As to economics, a Leaf I thought gives about 120 miles per gal equivalent, and would be my choice, but Hyuandi has a one similar .
      Heavy EVs and heavy batteries are less efficient as to mileage.
      An EV is not cost effective for me as I do little driving,better i assist my nephew to have an EV, as he would drive much more.
      EVs as a society can add to cost effectiveness, as to GHS reductions, lower health costs etc, and mitigate some on MFs, assuming it operates. HPs and EVs complement each other on good grid management, synergy they call it. PQ and Norway and many jurisdictions look at the big picture, and create policy: carbon tax rebate to aid your EV purchase.
      Perhaps Paul Lane could champion some of this, if he is converted.
      For sure Andy Wells and Young Alfie won't. They dig coal.
      The PUB reliability issue to proceed soon seems premature in some respects, not knowing if MFs will operate reliable or at all, but they assume it will. If not, all bets are off, and back to square one, so how can many decisions be made now?
      For wind they say 2 years to assess the wind profile of a given site. 10 years we are now operating wind turbines here, and Nfld Hydro has no new site performance!
      A good reason to turn it over to Nfld Power and contract out to wind contractors, who probably already have such data. This is incompetence of the highest order by Nfld Hydro. They have no shame to state that is the situation here. I little praise Nfld Power, but surely they are not that incompetent, like Nfld Hydro. They should be public on this incompetence by Nfld Hydro. Right? They were too quiet on MFs.
      Your thoughts?


  3. Tranmission only utilities across the country are usually regulated between 6 and 8 percent rate of return on investment. Everything peng2 is discussing makes sense for that business. Its a money maker. Thats why warren buffett is in the business.

    • Anon, of course WB makes money on most all investments, much besides power companies. But Buffett also has higher ethical standards, higher than Fortis, as to sustainable and GHG emissions whether going over the lines or the source of that power .

      Goldman Sacks last week put off limits any investment loans for Arctic oil ,and not for coal anywhere on the planet. Expect other banks to follow. Goldman were pressured by the climate crisis awareness.
      Don't compare Fortis management to Berkshire, Warren's baby.
      Fortis has significant coal generation in Arizona, and a snail pace of improvement. And Fortis is very big is gas distribution in BC.

  4. No, I was comparing NL power with its 8 percent rate of return to Canadian power transmission companies, such as Altalink. And it is a perfect comparison.

    Grow up. You've been over two years ranting with the same Heat pump crap here. Discuss a legitimate government and political issue. Warren, and those that run his businesses right now, would very much be interested in the consistent profits and rates of return delivered by NF Power.
    Fool stop trolling people away from the political blog.

  5. Amen anon 1547

    I am on my second lennox heat pump ducted system, after ten years when the warranty ran out. To use simple numbers for you, the new system lowered my large home family monthly cost from 500 to 400, so 100 dollar savings. The professional install w labour cost me roughly 10 grand.
    So, drum roll, 8 years for that investment to start paying off. And if I have to buy blower motors or require duct cleaning, costs build on this system as well.

    Aging folks may not have 5 grand or 10 grand to drop on any heating system. They will need rate mitigation from working people paying taxes. Unless they want to get 50 and 75 year loans and try to die before they spend a fortune in interest.

    Some people need just turn down a dial or wear a sweater cuz thats all they can afford. Unless NFPower decides to start lowering profits out of goodness of their heart, it aint getting cheaper, Paul Lane is bringing up good points about Dwight Ball.

    Maybe Danny Williams can pay for NF Power to build some gas turbines, to apologize for this MUskrat Falls mess

  6. Anon @ 15:47, you are way off as to my ranting on HPs. My presentation at the PUB was 2012, so 8 years ago. Other presentations at the PUB after that with monitoring results to -8 C, then later on this blog to -17 C. I am almost ranted out. But little need now as 12,000 installed in 2018, the horse is out of the barn on that, for minisplits.
    Warren would not be impressed with Nfld Power nor Fortis, nor am I.

    Anon @ 16;31, you dummy, to install a ducted heat pump. Apply to Take Charge for a job.
    Find one instance of me ever, ever recommending a ducted heat pump. They are inferior and more costly. A close relative who built a new house 5 years ago, I suggested minisplits, he ignored and went for a ducted system for about 15 grand, and last year his outdoor unit failed costing about 5 grand to replace it. Contractors love ducted to make profits off the duct work installation.
    Your solution of sweaters and turning down the stat is right from the Take Charge playbook.

    Drum roll, my minisplit is now 10 years, not one failure. Paid for itself in about 5 years. One years heat was 313.00 plus HST, as posted on UG. THat only 1000 sq ft cottage, but always at 73F
    That model was first out 15 years ago,new ones are better still, if a quality brand.
    I must confess, for the first 6 months I was not confident the thing would last long. Get informed Anon, you rely on Take Charge which even PENG2 says is mostly useless.
    If you expect goodwill from NFld Power, you believe in the tooth fairy.
    But miracles are possible. Better they demonstrate some engineering expertise on CDM measures. So signs of that ……yet. Some words but no action.
    The minisplit question is settled, except the degree of peak demand capability. FOr energy ,Expect average COP of 3.0 for a good system. You foolishly went for a bad system. They saw you coming, sucker on your forehead ?
    Cheers anon. We often learn lessons the hard way. Some learn from them.
    Winston Adams

    • Trolling obsessed fool… you've got this blog monopolized to the point of farce with your tiresome reams of jabbering bullshit. The interesting and enlightening contributors have long since abandoned the blog due to your incessant hectoring, and now all that's left are your multiple and monotonous screeds of steaming, one-track bullshit. Put a sock in it ffs.

    • Yes, I fully concur with anon 15:27 and anon 19:20… the quality of the UG blog has been severely diminished with this WA individual hounding and hectoring those thoughtful and articulate contributors who have only offered commentary that happened to be contrary to WA's pet sentiments, to the degree that these contributors no longer bother to submit to the detriment of the blog's educational value.

      So why doesn't this WA troll just shut the fuck up and listen for a change?

    • Another agreement. I tired of it months ago. The good thing is you can tell if it is one of his posts in about half a sentence and just skip over it. I haven't read a full WA wall of heat pump text in forever.

  7. So, 2020 is off to a great start for the Hump and all mankind. Always said if the hump feared or even talks of him being removed from office even by the electorate that he would start a war. So true to form he delivered, of course, the same as he accused Obama would do to get re-elected for a second term. But Obama did no such foolishness or demogragory, nor did we expect him. So the hump in his great wisdom decided to order general salami's take out. Now that should get her going real good, along with the fires in Australia, but will not give the hump much credit for that. Which US general actually took out the Iran general with his drone. Generals are not really criminals when acting on or carrying out the orders or commands of their president. The bush or Obama adm. Or the Isrealies could have taken him out anytime in the last 20 years, but declined as it was not wise, and there are generals galore in any country just waiting to fill the empty boots of the general that was just taken out. Why take out our own Hillier general when he was in that pisition, carrying out the orders of parliament or the PM. Now not siding with the Iranians or any in the Middle East, but the hump is worst than the evil or devil he seeks to destroy, but that is all part of DEMAGOGUES. As an after thought, how many civilians has been bombed or killed in the Middle East in the last 30 years ask Joe blow.

    • Readers have missed you Joe, and me too, so I try to entertain with my jabbering bullshit of monotonous screeds of steaming one track bullshit. Can't let UG blog die, so better this obsessed fool troll on now and again.
      Of course I would pay anon@19;20 to write a good piece for UG, as writers are as scarce as hens teeth. Perhaps he will propose a subject he has knowledge on, and he can submit to the administrator. The fee could vary as to expertise and writing skill. What is his expertise I wonder?

      Now your subject much suits my interest too. 2020 starts with a bang. Which is worse, the drone hit, and risk of war, or the Australia fires? 1/2 billion animals killed, Scenes unbelievable.And in the USA, Billy Graham followers says the Hump is un-Christian, while at King Jesus Church is Florida, the HUMP is more or less the Second Coming. God is on our side said the HUMP to the 7000 faithful there. And Jane Fonder is out in full action, and already 70 protests against the Hump.
      What excitement. I see Australia and the HUMP very much connected, as the HUMP digs coal, and so do Morrison in Australia, and both avoids the Paris Climate Accord, so both fighting Mother Nature and physics.
      Does this all fit with the Last Days? I should read again the Book of Revelation, as probably 30 years ago I looked at that.
      Fonder says all wars in recent times are over oil, and many lives lost over it. A demagogue, or a real Christian, this HUMP ? He wraps himself in the flag. Some say as a Christian you should even love your enemy! We know the HUMP loves KIM, he loves Putin, and a few other strong dictators. But these are more his friends, not enemies. We know he loves women, especially porn stars. So he has much love to offer. And he loves money, which some say is the root of all evil. We can only observe, the American people must decide if he is God sent, or a agent of Satan.
      2020 will not be boring. Not long ago our Ball wanted to meet the HUMP. The Hump is certainly cocky now. Might a woman take him down?
      Happy New Year Joe.

    • Happy New You to you and your family Winston and to the few bloggers here, but guess they will come back in droves upon the Leblanc report release. Read one of my comments from March 27 of last year where I said, predicted , or suggested that with the removal of Kate as co council Leblance would need an extension to complete his report. With her expertise gone and the additions of a half dozen to fill the void, they would be no match in assisting in completing the report on time or anytime. So we look forward, not with bated breath, but with a little curiosity as what conclusions he will arrive at. Will it be just a whimper or maybe handed over to the RCMP or the other Ottawa authority. Not expecting much, but maybe some interesting reading. Will tell you about my heat pump when I have begun to add up all my savings. Joe blow.

  8. Anon @ 00:06, 20:20, 22:34 & 19:20— Are you all in the same club whose mandate is to make nasty comments on legitimate bloggers? If you have nothing more to say other than crude remarks and foul language, visit another blog to apply your "critique". You're in denial of what is really happening or else you're on the payroll of conglomerates with a vested interest in the gross mismanagement of our resources and/or perpetrators of climate change. WA offers useful information on ways and means to help those of us who want to better ourselves amid the mess we're in–grow up and tone down the rhetoric.If it weren't for bloggers like WA and the owner of UG, we would not be as enlightened as we are to what has happened and who is/was responsible. Their suggestions are much needed—your foul language and spite doesn't belong here.

    • Notwithstanding the bizarre musings of some of his more absurd drivel, that WA troll just keeps repeating his same old brand of crap about heat pumps and power loads and transmission lines over and over and over ad nauseum, so just how long does it take for that monotonously repetitious BS to sink through the apparently thick skulls of his fans anyway?

      And then he has badgered, berated and lectured those contributors who have offered thoughtful, considered commentary that may happen to run counter to his own pet sentiments, to the degree that these legitimate and obliging contributors have been effectively chased off this blog into cyber-exile.

      So the anons have quite legitimately asked… why can't this guy just stfu and listen for a change?

  9. I often bring up Muskrat Falls in conversations with strangers, and once in a while, the stranger worked on or is currently involved with the project. I ask all sorts of questions and there is an unfortunate consistency to it all.

    For example, Nalcor is currently engaging consultants to figure out how to integrate the DC/AC inverter (Soldiers Pond station) into the grid (should have been done long ago), engineers were hired to fix design mistakes in the transmission lines, the thyristors (electronic switches) at soldiers pond may have to be replaced, the synchronous condensers (special motors) have mechanical problems, the company writing the power conversion (DC/AC) has a reputation of promising things they can't deliver etc.

    It reminds me of purchasing a generic $50 million ferry from a catalogue for Bell Island rather than having it custom designed, not realizing that Romanian built ships attract Federal duty and therefore it wasn't the lowest cost option, receiving a defective ship that failed even before it cross the Atlantic and is in constant need of repair which have already cost millions, neglecting to build a new wharf on the Portugal Cove side, skipping training that is likely responsible for damage to the loading ramp. On top of that, Canada is trying to restart its ship building industry – so why wasn't it custom built in Canada? Everything about the recent ferry purchases was messed up to the point of being just retarded. Just like Muskrat Falls. You'd think it was being managed by the Three Stooges as some kind of dark, comedic farce.

    It looks to me like it will be two or three years before Muskrat Falls and the Labrador Link works in some sort of fashion. In the meantime, will it be be "commissioned" prematurely so to force us to start paying for it? Sort of like that high school in this blog a few years back that was full of children, yet parked outside was a trailer full of structural steel meant to brace the masonry walls that the contractor forgot to install. Obviously, the structural engineer hadn't signed off on it before granting an occupancy permit. Those in power couldn't care less about the lives of the children and staff and they certainly don't care about the cost of Muskrat Falls.