When Derrick Sturge, the “not in the loop” Nalcor Chief
Financial Officer, went off with a compensation package of approximately
$900,000 last November, CEO Stan Marshall stated in a release that he
was legally
entitled to a compensation package of approximately $900,000. Now the Uncle
Gnarley Blog has obtained details of the “package”; we can say candidly that
Stan likely worked harder bending paper clips for Fortis Inc. than he he did hold Sturge to account. 

into the generous “send-off” were car allowances and even “performance” bonuses, (yes performance bonuses!) which extend until 2021. How do you justify such an award if you are not
employed by the Corporation? Is this not emblematic of how bureaucracies “fix”
salaries; the base sum merely a starting point? If bonuses are “guaranteed”
rather awarded to an employee on the basis of an assessed above-average
contribution to the Corporation’s success in a particular year, shouldn’t those
awards be included in the salary base? And, remind me, when was the last year
that Nalcor had a successful year? Ever?

of car allowances? If the employee has left the Corporation, car usage becomes
a personal, not corporate, expense. Again, how can Nalcor justify paying Sturge
unless it was originally intended that his contract should be constructed using
a “smoke and mirrors” approach to executive compensation?   

Sturge at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

following is an excerpt from Sturge’s severance package obtained under ATIPPA,
providing a full breakdown of his severance/termination award:


Of course, the public may shrug off the award thinking, what’s
another million, anyway? Perhaps, perhaps not. Perhaps they are livid, as they
should be, with Stan Marshall and with Siobhan Coady and Dwight Ball.

Let’s not forget that what is not reflected in this
compensation package, or in the Ball Government’s handling of the matter, is
that Mr. Sturge was among the senior executives who ran Nalcor and oversaw the
Muskrat Falls Project. He, like former CEO Ed Martin and other senior
executives who were/are involved in the debacle, are far more entitled to a
public shaming than to a cheque.

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Possibly, public quiet over the matter emanates from the
belief that PM Justin will pick up this tab. They had better be right. But I
sense that they are in for a disappointment. I expect that the NL public will
be paying Gilbert’s and Paul’s pay-outs, too.

Alongside the cost of another settlement with Astaldi, a
couple of replacement synchronous condensers, the screw-up in transmission
software and a Chinese turbine or two — as the cost of Muskrat climbs to $16
billion — what’s a few million more?

We’ll just put it on the credit card, right?

Des Sullivan
Des Sullivan
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Uncle Gnarley is hosted by Des Sullivan, of St. John's. He is a businessman engaged over three decades in real estate management and development companies and in retail. He is currently a Director of Dorset Investments Limited and Donovan Holdings Limited. During his early career he served as Executive Assistant to Premier's Frank D. Moores (1975-1979) and Brian Peckford (1979-1985). He also served as a Part-Time Board Member on the Canada-Newfoundland Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB). Uncle Gnarley appears on the masthead representing serious and unambiguous positions on NL politics and public policy. Uncle Gnarley is a fiscal conservative possessing distinctly liberal values and a non-partisan persusasion. Those values and opinions underlie this writer's views on NL's politics, economy and society. Uncle Gnarley publishes Monday mornings and more often when events warrant.


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


This is the most important set of negotiations we have engaged in since the Atlantic Accord and Hibernia. Despite being a small jurisdiction we proved to be smart and nimble enough to negotiate good deals on both. They have stood the test of time and have resulted in billions of dollars in royalties and created an industry which represents over a quarter of our economy. Will we prove to be smart and nimble enough to do the same with the Upper Churchill?


  1. Mr. Sturge has been with Nalcor for about 14 years. It works out to nearly 1.5 months severance for each year worked. He will then receive the pension plan. Yet he also receives a payment for career counselling?

    Stan wants him out. Preparing for the new CEO. the package does not seem unreasonable considering the age of the candidate, and in the absence of any reasonable policy.

    Which raises the question why does the provincial government not have a standard severance policy for this type of thing (core gov and crown corps). 2-3 weeks per year served? These guys should then take it or leave it when taking the job originally.

  2. Does Sturge have additional years before Nalcor that increase his pensionable time beyond 14 years?

    Just the 14 years could have him eligible for a pension over 90k/yr. If he had additional years prior he might get over 150k/yr.

    The compensation and benefits for Government execs is obscene. There should be a maximum cap in place. Unfortunately the executive group is tasked with writing and recommending the policies therefore they are completely unlikely to support any policy change that disentitles them from their massive retirement payouts.

    How much is enough? Given this guy was bringing in about 400k/yr he should have lots of savings so the pension is a massive bonus far in excess of reasonable living requirements from an overstrapped provincial taxbase. Let's hope these events raise demands for reform, otherwise the little guys will be punished to pay these excessive burdens.

  3. It seems as if Ball is positioning as much power as possible from HQ flowing over the LIL/ML to displace coal in the rest of atlantic Canada. This is smart, and hopefully will quieten the discourse on water management. We need to work with HQ on the churchill river, and NL requirements are so low we should look to maximize the LIL income by filling the Line with UC energy.

    Shame we ever built the Muskrat Falls dam. The Labrador Island Link was all that was ever required. Maybe the CBC will interview Jerome Kennedy for him to confirm why UC power was not available for Newfoundland.

    • I don't see how the LIL is going to displace Atlantic Canada coal. The line to NL will be lucky to handle the 800MW of Muskrat Falls power, and the island will need it if we are to decommission Holyrood. If we had wanted to route Churchill Falls Power to NL and on to NS, we would have needed a vastly larger transmission system. It is also too long and too complex to be reliable – with two underwater links, using Earth as a return path, long runs through rugged terrain, ice loading etc.

    • With MF average 550MW plus 350 MW from CF(if possible)for 900 sending, allows about 800 receiving, so with island hydro at about 1100 MW, this 1900MW. With 1400 for island winter average, allows 500 over the ML. That is if all works perfect, and good water supply. So effectively our low cost island reliable power all goes to NS to help reduce coal burn, and we get the expensive unreliable power. That too was the Master Plan, ignoring the true cost and reliability issues.
      Master Plan, yes. By hook or by crook, and mostly by crook. Problem being MFs will have little reliability, requiring backup, thermal of alternate source, and additional expense to ratepayers. PUB hearing on that starting next week or soon. Is MFCCC to be an intervenor? Or was already shut out?
      Winston Adams
      Winston Adams

    • Anon 10:59; Wrong headed Power interests in Atlantic Canada have for years rejected the NB/HQ economics of clean energy from the West. Had logic prevailed, there would have been no Muskrat Boondoggle. Maybe today's meeting of Atlantic Premiers in St. J is a sign that this sensible Atlantic Grid alternative will be at last brought about.

    • I agree it is a shame that the LIL was not used to import power from Quebec to the Island. This would have made much more sense economically. Once it was built construction on the Muskrat Falls dam should have been halted. This alternative should have been explored with Quebec! Perhaps egos got in the way.

    • I wonder, would the Italian mafia learn a few tricks from Nalcor and Nfld Govn? Even the mafia got a big take down, but we continue on……no JC to holler of wrong doings, and others under the cone of silence, many "acting".
      Worse of all, no Ray Guy to weekly expose the rot and help shame them.

    • Perhaps the mafia were there in the presences of SNC-Lavalin and Astaldi? In any case proper handling of the departure of these incompetent individuals, Martin and Sturge or perhaps the rest yet to go, was not the forte or the 'Fortis' of either Ball or Stan.

    • No, but I see that Fortis owned Nfld Power with Take Charge is business as usual. I thought maybe they would do better with 2020 and a new decade,for CDM measures to help the customers.
      We have: world class insights with the flyer for January: "cold weather increases electricity use for heat; days are shorter in winter, and lights are on longer, open your curtains in the day and close them at night.Use programmable thermostats, and get 10 dollar rebate. Instead of Betty we have a house all wrapped in a scarf, stay cosy it says, Heat pumps not mentioned.
      My kwh is down 12 % from last year, but my bill last year was 656.65 , now 643.56., down just 2 %.
      Over last month the bill increased 192.00
      My Minisplits not yet installed, I'm neglectful.
      How do low income people manage? And no costs for MFs applied yet.
      Snow insulation may help for Next months bill? Betty will be banking up snow around that cosy house. Betty is researching the saving for basement heat from snow insulation, for rate mitigation, and CA Browne will promote it, for those over 35 .

    • Looking at the pictures with ice on the stairwells, the Union should demand heat traced passageways and stairs, as a minimum Safety mitigation. Winston work out the power demand please to make the site safe for the Workers.

    • SAFETY FIRST, yes indeed.
      As this leak is ongoing since Sept, one would think it is an isolated defect, discharge could have been collected at the crack into an insulated and heat traced pipe to discharge away from the stairs,long before freezing conditions, and a permanent fix of the crack later.
      But employee fatigue must have set in, and got overlooked , like too for the synchronous condensers. So this dangerous situation is called : safety first, when actually is safety last. World class?

  4. VOCM shows 49 to 45 against working with PQ on joint projects. Yet China involved on the offshore!.
    My God, anti Quebec or fear of Gull and more debt? Lets see the details for greening Atlantic Canada. Past due for some PQ/HQ world class expertise.
    Winston Adams

  5. I only have one very simple comment.

    Derrick Sturge should have been fired, with cause immediately after he testified at the Muskrat Falls Inquiry!

    Everything after that, like NALCOR itself, defies all human logic!

  6. Nalcor is a cash cow that all contractors and employees aim to milk until every single drop is squeezed, poked, borrowed against, foreclosed and sold. when the cheques stop clearing, it stops.
    when the banks wont provide anymore financing, Quebec will give another 65 year loan.
    loves working to keep my lights on. power bill is closing in on the mortgage payment for top expense!!! hope i dont take sick or the side b side is gonna have to go back. no more hockey for the young fella. arena cant keep up with the ammonia plant regulations let alone the freezer bills

  7. Nothing will ever change with the way NLers are being screwed by sleasy and incompetent individuals who are given full access to the NL Treasury by incompetent Government self centered 'offials" unless someone (with the financial means)has the balls to take it to the courts. It's beyond logic and belief how these people are getting away with this continually and on top of it all are given huge compensation packages, bonuses, and obscene departure "gifts". Je–s Ch–st, we are like lambs being led to the slaughter.

    I posted yesterday for PENG2 the lightning hits:300,000 per day around New Zealand before the volcano blew up killing many.And inference for bushfires in Australia.
    This morning on The Weather Network.com there is a link : Scary and incredible view of the Tall valcano eruption in the Philippines yesterday. It is about 1 minute, and lightning strikes, but go to the 36 second mark and see the awe inspiring ramping up of lightning, the likes I have never seen before.
    Another item says ash sent 15 km up in the sky, so how far is that? 15 km is into the stratosphere.
    Stratosphere engagement is evidence of the nuclear winter theory, and not so much that volcanoes can do that, we long know, but now we have evidence that bushfires and forest fires can do that.
    What does this imply? it implies that Andy Wells and Brain Peckford is right that we should have concern for planetary chill…but i suggest first comes the big warm up from global warming, engaging the stratosphere more. Timing is everything, like the stock market.
    Winston Adams

    • WA @ 08:25:

      I did read, and you are again misquoting me – you are trying to pin I said '50yrs' or '100yrs' as the time line for climate change impact.

      AGAIN, as I said before – I simply grabbed 2 numbers and in no way am I saying that is any type of deadline for action on climate change. My point is (and always has been) that there are equally important issues facing earth (nuclear war, political unrest etc) – and some of these issues could have an equally detrimental effect on human life.

      Try to quote correctly – especially since this is the 3rd or 4th time I have clarified this very point for you.


    At 12;50 am it was 1223Mw, and -10C . One might expect almost 400 MW ramp up in the morning. It went over 1600 MW recently at -13C, but this moring it is -11C, so might expect around 1575 MW.
    But only 1523 MW hit at 8 am.
    Has our blanket of snow now a few feet deep insulated our basements for almost 50 MW decrease? Betty would be so pleased. Inuit are well aware of insulating properties of snow, and blocks against air leakage as our house are so not air tight. Betty never encourages good air sealing of houses ( air leakage is good for more revenue for the power companies)
    Winston Adams

    • There was no wind this morning. I expect the wind has a larger contribution to peak load than Nalcor expect, or predict. It really questions their original wind analysis, as our peak demand occurs sumulatenously with wind generation potential.

    • Try not to make anyone envious; -17C, no wind, grade C older apartment bldg. in Cranbrook. Just broke 10 KWH daily electric, (We have Landlord supplied gas hot water heating, included in $820/Mo rent for 2 BdRm) Billing for 2 months; about $65.00. Sweet. Need no Site C power. Wacky Bennett tapped the Kootenay River in the 60s

  10. Section 30 (3) of the Financial Administration Act reads as follows:
    30 (3) The comptroller general shall see that no cheque is issued in respect of applications received from departments covering expenditures which contravene this section, but should a cheque be issued in respect of an application which by the audit of the auditor general or otherwise is subsequently discovered to contravene this section, the fact that the expenditures referred to in the application were paid by a cheque issued by the comptroller general shall not relieve the responsibility of the deputy minister of the department concerned to provide evidence satisfactory to the board that the expenditure concerned was necessary in the public interest, and where the board is not satisfied that that is the case the board may require him or her to make good the amount irregularly expended.
    A former deputy minister of Justice interpreted this to mean that each deputy minister is personally responsible. This legislation makes deputy ministers personally accountable and financially responsible for expenditures not in “the public interest”. We see lots of carrots (bonuses) today in government but very little stick. Would we be better off if the rules for public administration demanded personal financial responsibility both for elected and non-elected public officials?
    David Vardy

    • DV @ 09:36:

      The problem is the payouts have been prescribed in the employment contract. Whether right or wrong, the FAA would still absolve the deputy minister/minister since it was a prescribed payment.
      In short, the problem lies in the employment contract – and this is an employment contract format running back 20-30yrs or more….

      Now, for a bit of trivia – maybe most here should review the Cameron Inquiry. Many of same players were involved, severance payments (including car allowances etc) were issued to resigning exec's, political interference etc.

      The NL public never learned a dammed thing since 2006 – but still want to blame everybody but themselves…


  11. The truth is out: Trump's order to kill the general of Iran , there was no imminent attack on US sites, but part of a strategy of deterrence says the Sec of State in a speech. Where is this speech given? At Stanfords Hoover Institute.
    If you observe most or many of Brain Peckford's pieces climate denial pieces, they are connected with this Stanford Hoover Institute.
    And Hoover? The Hoover Dan called after him, as MFs should be Danny Falls, expect Hoover Dam worked.
    But Hoover was the Republican who was prepared to let Americans suffer through the Great Depression, and opposed social changed brought in by Roosevelt's New Deal.
    So very right wing: Trump, Hoover, Stanfords Hoover Institute, writers connected to them,and of course the Digger , Brain Peckford.
    Meanwhile economists says if a serious war with Iran, oil goes to 150 dollars a barrel,(not a Niddy Noddy) the stock market price slides 30 % and a recession.

    Meanwhile God seems to select Australia as the testing grounds for climate change impacts. Australia hoped only the small island nations would suffer from rising sea levels. But God had other plans for coal producing Australia. He will set lots and lots of bush fires. We know God works in mysterious ways, maybe even mischievous ways? Who would have expected that? The cod and caplin decline never had mmuch impact for Ball who wants to double oil productions. So let's try bush fires, see if they notice.
    Winston Adams

    • I use the term advisedly; Tory-minded, referring to how Harper, Baird, McKay, and others want to get back control. See how many of these, while lauding JC, show up in ST. Johns on Thursday. Already some of these are trying to scuttle the plan to integrate the Atlantic grid idea, to shut down the fossil fuel thermal. Time for Progressives everywhere to say; "Enough killing, let's get back to peace keeping"

    • You from BC,and I here on the Rock, have often advocated on UG for the Canadian clean hydro electricity to be used for Atlantic Canada and Ontario. And for the feds to facilitate the transmission links to permit HQ transmission to the Maritime provinces.
      Even Ball used the word Green.

    • Muskrat was spawned by the Tory, who used a "Hate Quebec" agenda to fill certain unworthy pockets with some gold. Watch carefully how political gravitas over the stranded asset, makes another bunch of sleveens rich all over again.

  12. The fraud here is that failed employees like Sturge or Martin are being terminated for "no reason" rather than for ample cause, solely, I believe, to activate golden parachutes as rewards.

    The employment agreement for Sturge linked above has a termination clause. He should have been terminated for neglect of duties, e.g. being out of the loop on a mega project with no indication that he fought back.

    Sturge could have been terminated for clause (A) "For just cause, by written notice by Nalcor; or" and that would have been the end of it. He could sue, but the tide would be against him.

    Here is where it gets bad … clause (B) "At the sole discretion of Nalcor, in which event the Executive shall be entitled to …" LOTS OF MONEY.

    Both Martin and Sturge could have been fired for cause — some obvious reasons being billions over budget, years late, and what appears to be willing deception. The inquiry was full of reasons why these people could be terminated with cause.

    If I could deceive you about project costs, spout lies (incompetence or deception), go several billion over budget, be years late, cause irreparable harm to every person in the province and still be fit to be a CEO or CFO, then what in the world would I have to do to get fired? Tell the truth perhaps?

    • Anony @ 15:01:

      I am guessing you are referencing my link.

      Anyway, where it gets confusing if if Sturge/Martin et all took direction directly from their employer – ie the Government. If this is the case, then 'dismissed without cause' comes into play.

      Despite what the government might like to tell the public – the public are not shareholders in Nalcor, only the government is; and only the government can direct Nalcor to do anything.

      A deep dive into the Energy Corp act would be worthwhile for most – even to see how the Crown is and isnt bound by actions of Nalcor.

      Here is a link I previously posted for the Energy Corp act(might be worthwhile to note who appoints board and executive officers):

      Some other things of interest(but noone bothered to look at) I have previously posted:
      1) article 17.16 of the Nalcor-Emera power purchase agreement
      2)the inability of Nalcor to bind the crown (I think covered under the Energy Corp act, or possibly the Lower Churchill Development act – I cant remember which)

      Worthwhile reading, if you are so inclined.


    • PENG2; All very well, but don't you subscribe that Government in the case of Muskrat, is "of the people, for the people"? Who shall take liberties of the Laws? Why has the RCMP fraud squad not been called in? You're talking more and more like a Tory. I call again to your current knowledge regarding Estimate to Complete, and why the people are being denied this important "Shareholder" information.

    • Robert @ 18:31:

      The reason the RCMP hasn't been called is because there is no fraud – as far as I can see. If you remember, a couple years ago I tried to discuss the duty of care between Nalcor – Government and the Public. Provided, Nalcor was doing the wishes of Government and Government knew (or allowed Nalcor to go ahead) that is where it ends.

      Now, when it comes to duty of care owed to the public by 'FREELY ELECTED' governments – the government ran an election, there was public debate of that election platform and thus I say government was established to do as they saw fit. I am not aware of very many pieces of case law where a government was successfully sued for executing the wishes of its electorate – how well informed the electorate doesn't play into the legal argument, even if you want it to.

      Again, you cannot make any type of claim that the public is a shareholder in either government or Nalcor (or any ABC for that matter) – there is absolutely no case law to support that train of thought, though the government has on-times tried to B$ the public into believing that nonsense.

      And you should also know, I am apolitical – I am not affiliated to any political party and I don't work for government or Nalcor; before anyone else starts up nonsense….


    • OK, PENG2, you and others in the Project Management field deal with Accounting numbers, (Spent), as against Current Estimates, (Provision for Completion Costs). It is apparent that NALCOR has the habit of reporting Accounting values. Much has happened, (mostly cost averse), since Mr. Marshall stuck a $13B Current Estimate. As a practitioner in the PM Business, what is your own sense of where the Costs are projecting?

    • Robert @ 11:05:

      I am not so sure I agree there is much to change the $13b dollar estimate yet – I haven't seen much changes since 2017 to affect change in the 'nearly' $13b estimate in a substantial way.

      I said 4yrs ago (give or take) that my final cost was $15-18b – including litigation (including the Inquiry which many think will be 'free'), close-outs and unforeseen costs/changes.

      I stand by this and don't see much reason to bend yet.


    • PENG2 @ 10:30—surely you can't expect us to believe that because a government is elected to carry out the wishes of the electorate and in doing so engaged the likes of Nalcor to do it's wishes there is no possible way fraud can be involved??? Fraud is screaming out here. If Government creates Nalcor and Nalcor creates "Bimbo" and "Bimbo" creates "Whatever" there is no possibility of fraud on anyone's part?? Give us a break!!

  13. To honour the legacy of John Crosbie and others of his ilk, a strong message needs to be sent to Quebec that the giveaway ends in 2041 and no more giveaways. Gull Island needs to be developed and transmitted to the Maritime provinces and possibly beyond to the USA. The upper CF water rights needs to returned to the province that owns them in 2041 and upper CF power needs to be marketed and sold in the USA until we need it in Atlantic Canada. Mr. Legault, stick win-win with Quebec and the rest of upper Canada where the sun don't shine!

    • "needs" to be sent, "needs" to be developed n transmitted, "needs" to returned, "needs" to be marketed, and the biggest boner of all until we "need" it
      Danny, Danny stop with the hissy fit
      to paraphrase the old proverb, if NL "needs" were horses, then the buggers/beggars would be able to ride

  14. Recall what that cocky little corner-boy Danny Williams proclaimed? That the NLers were going to be masters of their own destiny?

    What a laugh. What a kidney-pissing, eye-rolling laugh.

    Now here they are shuffling up to Ottawa with cap hand, yet again… begging for a bail out from another made-in-Nfld boondoggle, yet again.

    Just like a bunch of naive little children in need of adult supervision… yet again.



  15. The injustice of the upper Churchill debacle must never happen again in Canada. Otherwise we are no better than those who deliberately shoot down civilian planes carrying innocent people and try to blame it on others.

    • You bloody fool, what the hell is the matter with you? Equating such a horrible tragedy as that to the Upper Churchill screw-up?

      NL got exactly what it bargained for in that deal, but you sound like one of those addled saps who sucked up the BS from the incompetent and corrupted NL politicians who screwed up so very badly over the years, to the point that NL is now looking at its 2nd bankruptcy in less than century… and all the while your cynical, unscrupulous politicians exploited the xenophobic ignorance of the local yokels by blaming it all on outsiders, be it the feds, Quebec, the Portugeuse, whomever presented a convenient scapegoat at the time. And typical NLers like they are… looking to blame anyone but themselves for their wretched plight.

      With the kind of twisted views evident in your comment it's no wonder you lot are incapable of competently governing yourselves.

    • Anon 19:43
      Wow, what a tortured, twisted mind you must possess
      "injustice" is a really contorted Danny-esque description of a contract freely entered into
      not sure how that can logically be linked to cold-blooded murder
      but perhaps, you do approach a sort of logic when you suggest that CF is a debacle, because you are indeed blaming it on others, when it was you and NL govt. who signed the freaking contract

    • UC benefit has been shared about 50 – 50 between HQ (as cash) and NL (as an asset).
      Water rights never went to HQ and always staid with CFLCo.
      Water rights were granted for 198 years (2x 99), so up to 2167, not up to 2041.
      Even after such a clear case as MF, polls show that 49% vs 45% of Newfoundlanders would do business with HQ.

      So go ahead and finish killing yourself because that is the only thing you can do. Once NL is gone, others will be able to do what you proved yourself unable to do.

    • Anon 16:38
      Shutting down UC in 2041?

      You seem incline to waste an asset that's worth about $20B; may as well sell it to the highest bidder then.
      Be it Emera, HQ, Boralex, ConEd or even the Feds – and just pay back MF with the 2/3 proceeds!

      I'm allways amazed by this continual self destructive knee jerk reactions of some.

      You own most of CFLCo, find the right experts/negociators, plan ahead and obtain the best value from UC.

      Past 2041, Hydro Quebec's UC transmission lines are not going anywhere; HQ must still carry all that power (against preset wheeling fees) from whoever owns UC. But you must get ready for 2041 soon.

  16. "The NL public never learned a dammed thing since 2006 – but still want to blame everybody but themselves…


    As usual PENG2 you laying on the "manure"!

    How on this God's green earth would a member of the general public have ANY say on how an employment contract was drafted for an employee of any Crown Corporation?

    Are you now suggesting somehow the general public are now responsible for drafting employment contracts as well?

    Exactly how would you see that one working?

    I can see how you and NALCOR got along so well together?

    1) You are both in a state of denial.

    2) Nothing is ever your fault

    3) Blame everyone else for your mistakes.

    I'm starting to wonder if this, or terms similar to this are actually written into the "Mission Statement" for NALCOR?

    By the way deflecting blame seems to be your standard MO.

    It's actually starting to get laughable!

  17. Before this is all over we are probably going to need a 2nd Inquiry just for NALCOR, the crown corporation itself?

    The company in my opinion is still operating completely off of the rails!

    Muskrat Falls is one thing?

    But how this company does business on a day to day basis, from hirings, "constructive dismissals" and "golden handshakes", (apparently noone gets fired, no matter how badly they have screwed up), right down to employment contracts when people are hired, is beyond most peoples comprehension.

    We have had a complete change in the Board of Directors with NALCOR, yet the "rubber stamp" process seems to be continuing ie. the recent Sturge fiasco.

    NALCOR has all the earmarks of a company that has completely gone out of control!

    We are paying individuals, very good wages to be supposedly managing the Crown Corporation of NALCOR for all of us, the residents, and in turn the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador!

    But as we have seen time and time again, literally like a broken record, the management and also the board of directors (who by the way are also supposed to be a "sober" second set of eyes to ensure that NALCOR are completing their duties as prescribed by their job descriptions) have FAILED!

    Even after months and months of a multi million dollar Muskrat Falls Inquiry, which literally doesn't even have the ink printed on the paper, let alone dry, NALCOR continues to operate upto and including the present 2020, and they still haven't seemed to have learned a bloody thing!

    Hopefully Justice LeBlanc will address some of this in his report on the Muskrat Falls Inquiry?

    But I'm not sure if the Terms of Reference for this Inquiry will actually let him dissect the beast that is NALCOR?

    All I know is in my opinion NALCOR needs to be completely dismantled, (as costly as that maybe) and a whole new process started to see how we are going to rein in all of this mess, form another entity, privatize, who knows, but something has to be done?

    Right about now the few million dollars that maybe needed is looking like proverbial chicken feed, when you look at the magnitude of how much financial damage NALCOR has done to our Province as a whole!

    Let alone the name NALCOR alone that has been forever tarnished, not to mention " "tarnishing" MANY of the very fine people who have worked, and who continue to work for this company!

    There is an old adage: "A rotten apple spoils a whole barrel".

    Unfortunately for us as residents, and the company of NALCOR, we have allowed several of these "rotten apples" spoil the entire barrel, NALCOR the company, the people working for NALCOR, and all of us, the residents of the Province who certainly did not ask, or deserve to have been treated in the way that we have?

    I can't even in my wildest imagination figure out how bad the morale must be at NALCOR right about now?

    You know what?

    The many dedicated people who still work at NALCOR didn't ask for any of this as well!

    How anyone can keep their head up high, and literally walk through the doors of the NALCOR offices and work sites , is actually a monumental feat in itself!

    Kudos to anyone that is still capable of doing just that!

    I sincerely hope that Justice LeBlanc will address this in his final report?

    However, if he does not, we have to take further steps?

    If that means a 2nd Inquiry into just NALCOR the company then so be it!

    All I know is, the status quo is simply NOT working!

  18. BFA @ 09:32. You are 100% right. Nalcor MUST be scrutinized by an impartial inquiry and necessary action taken. NL simply cannot continue on the same track as it is on. We are broke and have no one to blame but ourselves (government or lack of). What or who does it take to request an RCMP investigation?? It's obvious those running (I use the word "running" as a joke)will never do so as it would step on the toes of very prominent people (and I also use the word "prominent" lightly).
    When will the populace start to realize we cannot continue to borrow $4M a day and still stay solvent.

    • Maurice, you need to sit down with the Liberal MP Seamus, Minister of Natural Resources, (Oil and other stuff). If an Atlantic Accord of building an Electrical Grid to redistribute economically, and environmentally favourable Labrador and Quebec Hydro, the money (Trump like) deal must be sponsored by the Feds. Ball is your own pawn in the game. Think and act progressively for your children's future, please.

    • Agree Robert. Maurice's error, i think, is overlooking when we can be in a position of strength? Beggars can't be choosers, and our hour of need is now. "Beware the Canadian wolf" cry is past it's best before date, even Peter Cashin used that one, and others before and since.
      Ball is to be little trusted. So we have hope and faith and charity as fall back positions. That's the hand Danny Williams gave us,when he rolled the dice.
      If a better time for the art of politics, when will it be? Who other than Ball now to take on the task, and and when? At 4 million a day on interest, and MFs power no where in sight, where is the upside?
      Winston Adams

    • A pawn —- "A person unwittingly used in a scheme and taken advantage of by others…"

      The path forward, especially for our children's future, is not to once again allow ourselves to be used as pawns —- PERIOD.

      How many times, and by how many fairly well educated citizens, must we not only fall prey to such short-sightedness, but be party to it?

      Have you learned nothing? ??????????????????

    • Maurice, I feel your pain. As an outport school boy, prior to 49, the promise of confederation, (despite the well financed merchant led anti-confederates), included the development of Labrador resources. The same merchants quickly switched gears to capitalize on the fruits of Confederation. The spotty record and political intrigue with respect to the few gaining more than their fair share from exploitation of our resources, is well documented. The NL "powers" selfishly are preventing Canadian resources from being developed equitably for the Canadian people. It's time for this negative force to be challenged, don't you think?

    • WOW, 15 to 18!
      Bruno often said 15, and I wonder if Jim Gordon said 16, and PENG2 4 years ago said 15 to 18. That should be fact checked as to when he said that, and I tend to believe him.
      Lately I have suggested 16, seeing others use it, and so much not complete and operating since the 12.7 number by Stan.
      So Ball has a lot of mitigating to do!
      If you can equate a 42 US gallon barrel of crude oil with a Niddy Noddy as to GHSs, as Ball did, and only I on UG question his honesty on that, then he can make 16 billion equal to 2 billion. Then he can walk on water, and we will all thing he is the Second Coming, and can double oil production and be green at the same time.
      Politics: the art of the possible. Maurice thinks Ball is only a pawn, when he is a real genius. He may yet be the 3 th Nflder to lie in state? Miracles are to be seen soon. Oh Maurice, ye of little faith! The Way Forward is to follow and have faith, and keep your eye on the Ball.

    • Yes, what the hell is ball pawn up to, trying to out do Danny in looking after the maratime provinces at our expense. What is he up to, what scheme is he setting us up for again. We all know about the little bit of power we can transmit across the maratime link, wether we get it from muskrat, our island cheap paid for power or UC the amount that can be transmitted on the NS link is the same. And we all know the power we transmit is free power or for 5 cents. So what the hell is he up to in bringing them all here for meetings. Whose orders is he carrying out??? The PM or whom ever. Is that the price to pay in exchange for rate mitigation. What agreements is he secretly interning into. Is he using is ball point pen or just balls pawn pen to put his signature on secret agreements that is notin our best interest. They were talking about developing Gull. What a farce. Where will that power go. We can't afford a free lunch, (no sir freeman) when it comes to development of more hydro power. Where is Chess and one more nail NDPer. Are they in on the talks or just sitting on their hands, get off your butts you have a steak in this minority government too says Joe blow.

    • Agree fully, Joe.

      The PC government put US in this mess. then along came Dwight (a fresh horse with the same destination in mind) and kept us in the mess created by the PCs.

      Now Dwight wants his turn to create another, even worse mess.

      Look —– WE HAVE A FISCAL problem. That must be job one — not another "Atlantic" fiasco that will first and foremost meet THE key needs of NS (coal usage), Quebec (enhance control over another Labrador resource)and the feds (help meet its carbon reduction targets).

      WE have a fiscal problem. That is where Ball's (and the PCs and NDPs) focus should be.

      We have 10-15 years to get a handle on this mess (and no time to waste).

    • No doubt scallywags at work,but our fiscal problem is minor to our global problem form climate change.
      The challenge for our children and grandchildren is much greater than the boondoggle. The entire planet need solutions in a hurry, and many have few options for green energy. In this country we have many green solutions going to waste, PQ and Labrador hydro and our wind, and needing cooperation, foresight, and some trust. Perhaps, as Regan uses to say, Trust but verify. Now we speculate, but we need details. Yes, we and HQ and the feds need to help NS and the Maritime provinces to terminate coal use. PERIOD. And it should be a win win for all.Maybe 5 -10 year time Gull may be economic, once surplus gets used up.
      Yet we have sleevenes doing our bargaining and doing our deal. They say there is some honor among thieves.
      We have a fiscal problem? If only a fiscal problem. Oil on the brain caused most of our fiscal problems here, and thought to be our salvation.
      Problems…. Take our south coast cod. 3 times more dying than being harvested. If that was Spanish trawlers causing so much fish loss it would be an outcry. But not quantifying what is due to climate change! Hardly a whimper. This on top of the salmon kill, 2.6 million fish.
      Do we have a health care problem? Even the Digger in BC is moaning,he has no family doctor, joining millions of other Canadians.
      In Nlfd no doctor should graduate without reading and being tested on Wilfred Grenfell legacy, and mandatory service in rural Nfld and Labrador, and nurses likewise.
      Winston Adams

    • Can't disagree with you Winston, "that we, QC, and the Feds need to help the Maratimes to get off dirty coal". So better for us as citizens to do our squeaking before they have all signed on the bottom line of any new deal in achieving that, like developing Gull, and mitigating rates, or even wait to see the fate of muskrat. It will be too late to squake when the deal has been signed, as a contract is a contract. Plus we are dealing from a position of the weakest we have ever been, in terms of hydro development. We couldn't develop Gull in terms of raising fincincias anytime in this century so we have to depend on the fincincial power of others. But then what are the other options, never develop Gull, let it flow to no ones benefit. Not a great option, or between a rock and a hard place. So what will we get, a few jobs, not the top jobs, during construction, but better than nothing, I guess. We need to see the fine print and squake like hell before any signing on the bottom line rather than after says Joe blow.

    • Some fail to realize that the benefit of our 2/3 ownership of CFs:
      Max benefit is for hydro value to go up, and that only happens if HQ gets it's surplus used up, whether to the USA or the Maritime area or Ont. There should soon be a premium for green power if there is serious climate change measures, and less fossil fuel use makes hydro power higher value. For CFs this is good for HQ owning 1/3, but much better for NL , owning 2/3. Joey's legacy I suppose, that being done when costs were low.
      So who would not want to help PQ to use up surplus hydro, and help ourselves even more, as to CF's value?
      Of course we need details, as can't much trust the buggers, especially the local buggers.
      The big wigs here today for Crosbie event, but behind the scenes, much about the boondoggle I suspect. Too bad JC endorced it. A blunder there. Some say he is the greatest Nflder ever. Can any endorser of the boondoggle be the greatest Nflder ever? History will say more, for most it takes 100 years and then some for nuggets of history to unfold. If JC did his best, what more can be asked?
      Winston Adams

    • Very impressive turnout at the stone cathedral today. Saw a few familiar, but aged faces in the crowd. If my own mother were alive, she would say, "Some Gower St. Choir voices Albert". Onward Christian Soldiers! Protestants and Catholics in tune! Oh the humanity!
      Almost as impressive as the Basilica event for Joey, but there were more of the older crowd alive, then.

  19. The quebecois PM is waiting for his national assembly and HQ to make its deal before they overstep on rate mitigation, remember this quebecois PM and supporters vehemently opposed the loan guarentee. lets work together now that you’re in dire need of our finances.

  20. I was thinking about the cost to complete and the lost revenue because it is late. An extra few billion wouldn't surprise me at all.

    We have Soldiers Pond station with broken motors that were likely damaged by being stored incorrectly. Therefore, we will likely will be on the hook for their repair.

    We have soldiers pond station with electronics/software problems that might require redesign. If we specified things incorrectly, then we will be on the hook for a redesign and replacement.

    We may require extra lines and equipment to address stability issues, and appears that only now is the entire system being studied. Changes will be on our dime.

    We should refurbish Holyrood as a backup generator.

    It would not be unexpected of the Muskrat Falls dam has some design issues or equipment problems — I remember hearing that the international expert reviews were skipped.

    We may need very expensive spare parts for the DC/AC converters.

    Does anyone here know if Alstom has been paid for the soldiers pond work? Is there a link to the contract anywhere? I'd like to know what a redesign with a different vendor would cost if it turns out the design was bungled or Alstom fails to deliver on reliable software.

    "Alstom will design, supply, and install a point-to-point HVDC solution, with the following features:

    Two Line Commuted Converter (LCC) stations, near Muskrat Falls and Soldiers Pond near St. John’s, to convert alternating current into direct current, and vice-versa;

    Two cable compounds on both shores of the Strait of Belle Isle to connect submarine cables crossing the strait to the onshore overhead transmission lines."

    Also, I see http://www.pub.nf.ca/applications/MuskratFalls2011/files/exhibits/Exhibit28-PUBletterJuly12-Q10.pdf that has Holywood without Lower Churchill as $2.5 billion up to 2028. Whatever we do to keep it going will be expensive.

    It all adds up. We aren't out of the woods yet.

    • What would be cheaper: Updating the Holyrood thermal generator and improving the grid to give us reliability – especially given that long line to Labrador will always be susceptible to wind and ice storms


      accepting 3rd world reliability of the public grid and mitigating it by offering rebates/incentives/advice for household standby generators with automatic transfer switches, cold climate heat pumps, propane appliances and wood burning appliances. It seems that many apartment buildings and commercial properties installed large diesel generators after DarkNL. Maybe we should all become less reliant on public infrastructure and encourage more self reliance.

      Tomorrow's storm will be an interesting test of many things. Will heat pumps be buried in drifts, will we get ice and wind taking down power lines, how long to get power back, peak load as a function of wind speed (compared to other days of the same temperature) – and will the storm snacks run out.

    • Doing Energy Projects on the cheap, is the problem. Get the economic analysis right, then consider the important "other" factors. Hope all those important VIPs attending today's function, get safely home, and back to their respective work stations.

    • Reliability is a necessity.Third world was DarkNL.
      Reliability should include cutting peak winter load via ccheatpumps, and wood burning appliances, insulation, house air sealing etc. Also more wind energy and gas turbine to replace old thermal units.
      Cheaper is not just cost per kwh but cost on the power bill, and less energy use counters higher kwh costs.
      These are issues to be heard by the PUB soon, but little public input, so power companies will get their way.
      Expect many HPs to be buried, the inlets needing to be watched for blockage, except attic mounted, (surprised to hear this week that some doing this,some owners demanding contractors do it.). Outdoor units; few use wind guards on the front, and all should have them, about 100.00 cost, and other wind protection. Mfg warranty usually required wind guards, but being ignored, When best practice is ignored, severe weather has impact for HPs.
      Winston Adams

    • "we aren't out of the woods yet"? LOL. We borrow 4million/day now (with no MF bill due yet), begging for 200 million annually from Ottawa, need to find an additional 600 million annually (all due very soon). Not out of the woods yet is a very optimistic statement indeed. We're done my friend, we're carrion and the birds are circling.

  21. Anon 9:07; The seriously flawed "Least Cost" analysis was promoted by "insiders", and the rest is history. Powerful forces, with greed and self-serving motives, continue to tamper with due process and integrity.

  22. PENG2 put climate change as a 50 or 100 year away as serious risks, as he just happened to pull those numbers out of where? The thin air, or keen insight of global risks?
    The yearly event at DAVOS, the world's richest dudes, were lectured to last year by Greta. But what do they think of the risk? Are they of PENG2 's opinion, that the climate crisis is somewhat low risk? Would the Digger use DAVOS crowd to bolster his climate change denial?
    I mean, these people have the most to lose for extreme climate change, if it is real, and smart people, right? Smarter than Andy Wells maybe? Smarter than Ball? Smarter than Trump?
    Is 50 or 100 year a reasonable time frame to be concerned?
    Winston Adams

    • Davos Switzerland is where the billionairs fly in, in their provate jets, last year abut 1500. Trump is going, as the impeachment trial is a hoax he says. And trump is critical of LED lights, and efficient dish washers, and wind generators, and digs coal and fossil fuel. They comprise the World Economic Forum. Does the WEF align with Trump and his thinking, or with PENG2 thinking? Or Fortis's CEO, who is not rich enough to qualify for Davos. Is 50 to 100 years showing rational thought? ?

  23. The televised church service for JC (John Crosbie) was riveting. JC, I notice has the same initials as for Jesus Christ. Both were occasional users of alcohol, and locally well known in their own time.Both had occasional displays of anger.
    Christ, so wrote Thomas Jefferson, was the most moral man that ever walked earth. John was a great family man, but also served his province and country. Christ rejected by his family at times, and at the time of his death he was abandoned by most of his followers and disciples.
    We learn that John studied the Bible late in life, preparing for "his exam". We all wish he passed, but we cannot prejudge.
    I saw many political big wigs in the front seat and the past Prime Minister,Mullroney having center stage and a long speech. It was a good performance, and he knew it. There was talk of the Atlantic Accord, of Hibernia, and other feats producing wealth. Why was my mind diverted to mental images of this man sitting at a resturant receiving paper bags containing about 300,000 dollars in cash from a German born operative connected to the Air Bus scandal?
    The TV cameras showed McKay from Nova Scotia, and my thought wondered to his involvement in Muskrat Falls, a scheme to benefit Novas Scotia and a boondoggle for Nfld.
    Premier Ball and Justin Trudeau were up and front, they too MFs enablers and mitigators, maybe.
    Ed Roberts was in focus, and my thoughts wondered to his "We're acting" comment as to MFs
    Brian Tobbin was dressed in the style of an Inuit, a sealskin parker.
    Judy Foote, whose daughter got a plum job at the Rooms was in the front seat.
    Joe Clarke, was present, but no sign of Clyde Wells that I could see.
    Other smaller big wigs were in the front seats.
    Ches, I thought, did well with his speech, surly a difficult task.
    The minister, brought the performance back down to earth, with his sermon and the meaning of living a great life.
    There was the military aspect: the Mountie in red tunic, perhaps the Church Lad Bridgage outside?
    A fine send off most would say.
    A few years ago I listened to a carpenter who, as a teenager, was listening to the conversations at the residence of Haig Young at Upper Island Cove. His stories were most interesting and entertaining. John Crosbie was a regular visitor with Haig. I failed to write down what I heard. In time someone will pen a well deserved good biography on John Crosbie. I never met the man. His confrontation with Joey I still admire. I rate him perhaps behind Ray Guy and Robert Bond as great Nflders.
    Winston Adams

    • interesting watching brief interview with pols at church
      all seemed to comfortable in their skin except for good ole Danny.. he not only looked like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, he seemed to be on the verge of spontaneous human combustion… he must be especially seething at the thought of John C. Crosbie International Airport .. every time the little prick flies in or out to Florida, he'll have to hear the name of a man that accomplished positive things rather than bankrupting the province… poor ole stumpy Danny only got his name on a crummy little court in the backwoods of Corner Brook

    • You have actually brought up one of my personal pet peeves?

      The name Danny Williams being emblazoned on the Courthouse in Corner Brook.

      It should NEVER have happened in the first place, and for a number of obvious reasons.

      If memory serves me correctly, it was at the hands of Tom Marshall, who I believe was "Acting Premier" at the time, it was while we had a monarchy in waiting.

      The Queen, Kathy Dunderdale had stepped down from her throne, and we were still waiting for the coronation of our next exalted ruler, Paul Davis!

      Maybe at the time, Tom Marshall foresaw that the PC Party were about to lose their control of our "local" monarchy, and what better way to properly acknowledge the second coming of Christ himself, Danny Williams, by emblazoning the side of such a modern and prestigious building!

      We all know that it was as a result of King Danny, and King Danny only, that he waved his hand to the masses, and he gave his "personal" stamp of approval, the authorization of the expenditure of public funds was given, and alas a new cathedral for Justice was constructed in the King's recently "adopted" homeland Corner Brook!

      There were many people who thought it was NOT appropriate when the King had his name immortalized on the new Corner Brook cathedral?

      But alas, these people were again only mere mortals, and who were they to decide the proper name on a courthouse?

      People who questioned it?

      They were marginalized, and drowned out by the PC Party BS machine, (sounds eerily familiar), faster than a NALCOR Board of Directors meeting approving the severance of Ed Martin, (and coincidentally Derrick Sturge as well, but that is a whole other story).

      There were many other names that were floated at the time?

      One being Judge P. Lloyd Soper, a now deceased, long time Justice who had actually lived, and practiced law in the Corner Brook area.

      He was a well known, and an extremely well respected legal professional in the Corner Brook area.

      Many mere mortals actually dared to question.

      "Why put ANY persons name on a Courthouse building?"

      All I know, that with the track record of King Danny to date, combined with the fact that he is still living in the flesh as we speak, maybe that alone should have been more than enough than to prematurely "memorialize" a person prior to their death?

      We can all shudder to think!

      What if the self proclaimed King of Newfoundland and Labrador should actually become permanently, and "officially" tarnished by the upcoming Muskrat Falls Inquiry Report by our very own Justice LeBlanc?

      I for one, will be anxiously anticipating, and I will be front and center, to personally witness the removal of King Danny's "legacy logo" from the side of our Corner Brook Courthouse!

      If I may suggest, possibly they could take the said "legacy logo", and mount it securely to a proper memorial somewhere in the vicinity of the Muskrat Falls Powerhouse.

      This could stand as an everlasting memorial to the ego, shortsightedness, and obviously complete lack of self control, of none other than our disgraced former King.

      Danny Williams!

      And futhermore, how he put the entire Province of Newfoundland and Labrador literally on the brink of bankruptcy for generations to come!

      Maybe totally bankrupt?

      But I'm sure our mothership, Canada, would never let us get to that point!

      Or would they?

      I guess only time will tell?

      After all, how appropriate would it be to have this said "legacy logo" mounted on the much maligned concrete of this infamous dam we now know as Murkrat Falls?

      This will in turn serve as a beacon, a reminder of sorts, of how one man, and his merry band of misfits, gambled away $13+ Billion Dollars of our yet to be earned tax dollars, for the grand total of ONLY 57 years of payments!

      All in an effort to stroke the ego of a maniac, who was trying to give the proverbial middle finger to the entire Province of Quebec!

      God help us all!

      And God guard thee Newfoundland and Labrador!

    • * As a side note I totally disagree, Corner Brook is NOT a backwoods?

      For that is my home and native land!

      I fully realize that you were only trying to make a point, therefore you are forgiven!

    • The dam failure study by Hatch, showing expected impact;
      1. loss for life downstream
      2. damage to property
      3. expected max elevation of water at Goose Bay and Mud lake

      That study was for loss of the concrete north dam, (is it not?)not the North Spur
      Loss of the North Spur would likely be much much more dangerous

      Also the loss was not evaluated to happen in winter under freeze up conditions. Under such conditions, whether the concrete dam or the North Spur, the impact would be much , much greater , I suggest.
      If I am in error , please comment. Dave Vardy. MA, Cabot martin, Jim Gordon and others have written on this risk, which Leblanc ignored, I think.
      Present slide is almost 1/2 mile downstream of MFs. Don't worry says Nalcor, all is safe. Trust Nalcor. Safety First.
      If I lived there, I would have my escape planned, assuming it happened in the night . PENG2 has said he would not live downstream, fearing a North Spur failure.
      Winston Adams

  24. Our Peak load is now 1496 MW, almost 300 MW lower than last years peak. At noon it was 1541. The temperature got a little milder from -4 to -3, and the wind gusted to 100km/h but since dropped to 81.
    Later the wind is forecast to hit about 140, and temperature goes a bit lower, so the peak may go over 1600 MW later, but not drastic.
    I expect all 3 of the Holyrood clunkers are operating at part load plus the gas turbine, so if an old clunker fails , losing 170 MW capacity, the others will handle it. Our great wind resource is not used much , so we spew GHGs and waste millions on fuel.
    If it gets too mild we could risk flashovers near or at Holyrood, which caused 6 hrs of an outage in 2013, due to salt contaminatin, and conductivity on the
    HV insulators. Getting colder later will help avoid that.
    The RH hit 100 briefly and mostly at 93RH. That is hard on heatpump defrosting, anything at 90 or higher. But being daytime, owners should check their outdoo units , for free access of air into the unit, and avoid it drifting over. At nite, few venture outside to check that.
    Will higher winds later cause outages? Who can tell? I will bring up my propane stove if i need to boil the kettle, and have my flashlight ready, and have a 3000 watt generator, if needed, and 10 gallons of gas, and ten more in the car gas tank. Bring it on. If age 12 or even 50 I would welcome the storm, now at 72, not so much, but much better than the bush fires. So far I see drifts some 4-5 feet high, but keeps changing as the wind veers around. I am on high ground, and final snow not that bad. We should welcome snow…..it is our hydro electricity source, and helps turn Nfld Power 40 million profit a year. Too bad they have avoided wind generation. I expect our wind units are doing great, but only 52 MW for the whole island. What is their upper limit for wind speed and gusts? Wind could be supplying a lot of our heat today, but the powers that be, the scallyways, had other plans, simple things like AC/ DC, mono and bipole, and software that no one can fix, and synchronous condensers, and a scheme having in all 40 risk factors for poor reliability, over 3000 towers crossing 11 climatic zones ( were we told all that?) Thank God we still have the clunkers, they are yet more reliable than than Danny's Dream.

    Winston Adams

    • At my house in the town of Logy Bay, we were lucky. A few power flickers and our dishwasher now not working, the pump keep pumping, and maybe a circuit board or sensor damaged. Not a big deal, as we had heat.
      My front window is drifted in, 6-7 ft high snow. My neighbour, I can see drifts about 8 ft or more by the side of her house. I moved my car further down my long driveway, as less snow accumulates there. My car has zero snow on it or around it. My driveway , about 100 ft long, has almost zero snow on one side and about 2 ft on the other side, not too bad.
      A new snow record 76 cm breaking the old 68 cm record.Just weather or climate change? This week in Edmonton Airport a low temperature record about -42C vs about -36C previous record.
      These records are not minor changes of say 1 %. These are more than 10% changes. Like the fires in Australia, major increases in the areas burned, and the intensity effecting the stratosphere with ash and smoke. Who would disagree this is man made climate change effects? Who? Trump, the Digger,and Andy Wells. And PENG2? And Ball, and oil industry people. And perhaps most UG readers?
      Great that townies and the Avalon got hit the worst with this storm, and power outages. Why? Because the 16 billion boondoggle was to benefit the Avalon, not the rest of Nfld.
      We see that the old clunkers at Holyrood held up, but the Nfld Power distribution failed in many areas, and most in Sin Johns.
      And yesterday was the deadline for those who want to intervene at the PUB for power reliability, power options going forward. No customers concerned as to these issues, yet what if last nite we depended on the LIL and not Holyrood? Imagine Holyrood shut down, decommissioned , and we lost the LIL?
      We would be in deep doodoo,have most of the Avalon blacked out, for how long? A day, a week, or 2 or 3 weeks?
      Timing was perfect that this storm was on Jan 17, the deadline given by the PUB as to upcoming reliability, and being ignored.
      And the storm, a departing gift from JC's blunder on MFs endorsement? Many on the CBC website are not so fond of JC. Most are favourable, but many not.
      The grid loads were only just above 1100MW last nite, and just below 1500 at 5 PM. As the wind got higher and a bit colder,in the evening, the loads decreased instead of increased, and likely due to many power outages, and with the emergency declared, many commercial building may have set back the heating loads.This helped reduce loads at Holyrood. This type of action for commercial buildings should be mandatory as long as we have poor reliability going forward, which will be for decades it seems.
      The power companies , by "digital" input from stakeholders, are informing the course as to reliability!
      This digital intercourse with a few customers is best practice? No knowledge of power systems needed by those stakeholders. Like Nalcor directors, knowledge of what they are directing was not a required asset, aiding the boondoggle, and golden handshakes for the F@#k up.
      The LIL has listed 40 risk factors as to reliability. How many of these does the digital people have expertise in?
      Are we heading for 3rd world style power reliability? As climate change sends more surprises?
      VOCM is now playing the song "The Light and Power b'ys". We need a song : The Light and Power scallywags.
      Winston Adams

    • I read that snow drifts are 12 to 15 feet in places and still 10,000 without power, the CBC site say 17,000 , but maybe that is older news. Ball says bring in the army.
      The LIL has 40 risk factors identified as to emergency restoration.
      # 17 is extreme snow depth, earthquake/tsunami is #18, lightning is # 19. high temp is # 7.
      Snow depth problems, 1 to 5, as to incident level is a 1, and a 1 is minor they say. 2 is moderate, 3 is major, 4 is severe, 5 is catastrophic. If snow depth causes problems for restoration of the LIL,with 800 mw of load, this is minor incident level? It show it might reach major, a #3, but not high probability. Nothing will be severe they say. How long, if snow depth hinders restoration and most all the Avalon out of power, not just 10%?
      As noted, PUB hearings soon on power reliability. What of the other 39 risks identified?
      Winston Adams

    • PENG2
      I saw mention of salt causing pole fires downtown. So that would be on relative low voltage distribution. On HV is much more serious, do you know which?
      On the LIL the list says salt can be severe or catastrophic, yet when MFs sanctioned , engineering reports said salt was NOT a problem! That was false.
      Have you seen the 40 item risk?
      Seems the arrangement is meant to deceive.Example items 1, 2 and 3 are all icing of lines and can be #4 or 5 meaning severe or catastrophic, as you know it would be.
      The only other ones being severe or catastrophic potential are : lightning, salt pollution, and forest fire.Yet these are way down as item # 19,20 and 21, and other less severe are # 4 to 18, many being minor.
      They list 24 risks as mother nature risks which include the above.
      THen 3 risk items as dynamic
      Then 9 risk items as human , animal or vegetation.
      And 4 risk items as design, production or construction (these from minor to major, but not severe or worse.Yet airborne vehicle is severe, including a drone, time will tell is design etc is not severe.
      Vibration on the line under dynamic, can be severe but not catastrophic.
      Recall GICs, my past comments? This is item # 22 and ,rated very low and way down on the list for Nature events , the same as volcanoes, # 23. I wonder, were is our volcanoes in Nfld or Labrador? GICs we do encounter, with reading among the highest in the world, on our island system. This seems very misleading to me.
      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 19:32:

      NL Hydro talking on twitter 20mins ago about 'salt contamination'…

      FYI, I would risk forest fire in Labrador as a much higher concern – limited access would effectively mean the fire would have to burn out, and for repairs even helicopter may not be sufficient… Lightning is substantial in Labrador and parts of central NL – but I wouldn't be worried much for volcanoes or earthquakes…


  25. For those that struggle with HPs outdoor in snow and high winds;
    Over a year a go since I checked my monitor for my attic mounted unit at the cottage. A relative with a ducted unit told me that the day before the storm they shut down their unit and used baseboard regular electric heat. the storm covered their unit with 12 ft of snow and say it might be 2 weeks before they get it dug out.
    So I just checked up on my unit if operating ok, not that I doubted it.
    It shows overnight nite in the storm taking 700 watts, and 1100 watts in a defrost. Over the past 24 hr , just 6 defrosts. Outdoor unit would have about 25 or more defrosts , and may shut down if air restricted by snow.
    This month 251kwh , so 30.00 so far at 12 cent /kwh
    last year 2019, 2880 kwh for a full year. At 12 cent rate, that is 345 .00 for a year.
    Unit is now into 11 years of operations, NEVER once a shut down. 100% protected from the storms.
    I hear some owners are requesting contractor to install them this way. Easy for a new house, harder for an existing house for access, so contractors like to avoid it. But man more than worth while. If installed right, Only a problem if the roof blows off.
    Winston Adams

  26. Perhaps except for me and PENG2, the UG regulars are still without power and internet?
    I hear from my wife that no planes have landed at Torbay since Thursday, and the runways still not open, and the Trans Canada not open. I search the Telegram , CBC and VOCM and see nothing on that. My wife's friend was to leave for Halifax for a long waited urgent operation, and that now on hold for several days. Another friend, I'm told this as I type this) in Hr Grace, says "I'm afraid a another couple of days my husband will die". he had an operation a month ago at St johns, his health since declining, don't trust Carbonear Hosp, and now "can't get out of here, some roads open , others not".
    Hospital staff in St Johns working overtime we hear from the media. Pharmacies will be allowed to open from noon to 7 pm to day. Allowed to open? Should they not have been mandated to stay open during an emergency? The request came from EH today.
    What if we had a real emergency, like no Holyrood back up for power? Will this situation get traction at the PUB or the media?
    My wife again, just was told " In Paradise, a neighbour , a man 73 years old, just finished 6 rounds of chemo, out snow plowing helping his neighbours. The man's wife is somewhat in a panic , if anything might happen to him. Her neighbour informs her that there are 2 doctors living on this street and "I'm sure they would help if there was a problem". But she tells my wife, "I had to tell her something to calm her down, maybe these doctors are are in Florida on holidays somewhere".
    Meanwhile someone on Face book somewhere posted that our blizzard was fake news, and that up setting some people. Indeed , extreme weather is not good news for climate change deniers, so they now deny this is happening.
    The first casualty of war is truth. Did Churchill say that?
    So we are into climate change war, as G Dyer wrote about. All over , denial of the truth of climate change.
    But sure we have had many blizzards before, but records of high temperatures exceed that of low temperatures and blizzards, but all become more extreme.
    Good we still get snow and cold at times…..that it happens much less often is the bigger concern, showing the climate is changing fast
    Winston Adams

  27. So what is driving our Peak Load today? Our culture, say. Sunday morning , speep in late, put on the big scoff of the traditional Sunday cooked dinner. How may of today generation do this, as we still do.
    Last nite it was -14 C, and @ 12;45 am the load was 1301 MW. So sweat when we are told we have about 1900 MW capacity. And by last nite some 75 % of customers were reconnected with power.
    For normal with morning warm up for heat, we might expect another 400MW by 8am, so perhaps a peak of 1700MW.
    What do we see? At 8;05 am it was only 1483 MW, about 200 Mw lower than on might expect. But we have th elate sleepers, few going to work so heat comong on later, and commercila building still closed and low demand. Our heat use to be 640 MW residential and another about 350 for commercial and institutional. So if 1700 peak , 1100 for heat, 65 % of all electricity used.
    Today we see by 9am it is 1517 MW, and @9.55 is was 1539 Mw, and 10:50 it was 1543 MW, the peak slowing rising yet getting warmer by 2 C, now at -12C. So a later peak and still about 160 MW lower than it might be. Most have dinner cooking, I'd say.
    So the Holyrood boys have it easier than the Light and Power boys. Lots of power, as the the old clunkers are not much strained today. But Hey, Holyrood is key that our emergency is not not so bad.
    Winston Adams

  28. We see self interest tweets: the nurses union leader, big praise for nurses working overtime, and photos. And Nfld Power tweets of their reconnection rates.
    We know many nurses are casual, often on overtime, and often understaffed. A health care system in crisis, and now an extra burden.
    I say do a survey, test all health care workers on their knowledge of Grenfell; conditions in rural Nfld and Labrador then, and what he did. compare what they went trough to help those in need . And I read that Grenfell has largely been forgotten: that is stated in medical journals.
    Nfld Power had 22,000 customers out,and 75 % restored in 24 hrs, and now 85 % restored. That is impressive, under these conditions. That's why he have the song " The Light and Power B'ys. True heroes and competent workers. I propose that Fortis CEO, Barry Perry, take 1 million of his yearly earning and share between those heroes. Do I hear a Amen from PENG2, a Fortis shareholder? We have the heroes and the scallywags, and we need to know one from the other.
    On Nfld power tweet 82 % liked the restoration rate, I guess the others are long waiting and cold.
    Winston Adams

  29. Well we are now 30 hours into the storm being over and The STATE of emergency and Moblization, and what has been accomplished? Gas stations open and drugstores for a few hours. Saw 2 snowploughs on the street on fridaynight before midnight at the height of the storm. Saw one plough since the storm has been over in the last 30 hours. Now explain that. The ploughs on Friday night were useless, same as me out shovelling my driveway at the height if the storm and sleeping in all day yesterday with the sun splitting the rocks. But not to worry the army is on the way, but still mobilizing. What are they mobilizing. Do they have a single piece of heavy snow plowing in the province. Nope. Will they fly it in. Nope airport still closed. Flying in personnel, nope, for the same reason. But they are mobilizing, a brigade of local reservist to attack 20 ft snow drifts with round top shovels, yes by gotta digger her out. But I digress and realize they will be working on the driveways of the sick and the elderly. Important service if the could go any where after being dug out, but not allowed in the uncleared streets. But not all lost yet. 2 snow blowers and ploughs on the way from corner Brook. A 12 hour drive if the highways on the Avalon are cleared. So how far will they get. But every little bit helps even the round top military shovels. What a farce. Easier to mobilize the Salvation Army to help the sick and elderly, just as the Feds to give them a few bucks rather than 30 hours of mobilization by the armed forces. May ask them to do my driveway, they may show up next week, except I did mine yesterday, while the sun was shinning. So maybe be an appropriate Good Book quote, " oil in ther vessels the wise Virgil's kep, lamps burning brightly while the foolish ones slept" and the bright sun in the noon day sky on Saturday and Sunday. My take says Joe blow.

  30. J Trudeau tweets ;"Help is on the way" He answered the call fro Ball for military assistance.
    The military Tweets ;operation LENTUS 20-1 is going into effect. i suppose all military operations have a name. Operation Overlord comes to mind.
    Trudeaus tweet gets 78 % likes.
    I then see that the military says they will rely heavily on local reserve forces. OMG, my bit of training in the 1960s, I could get a call? Technically I am still reserve, I think so. To what use might I be?
    Using reserves is low cost, "least cost" say. We can fly fire fighters to Australia , but here we use our local reserves. Hmmmm. Maybe that is best, depending on the extent of the emergency. We all know this storm was summoned by the spirit of JC, and then they all skidaddled from St Johns, even Ball going to the west coast, for operation headquarters. "Operation skidaddle" that was, before the flights all stopped.
    Winston Adams.

    • Anyone every hear of the EMO, emergency operations, I think it was called. Heard a lot about it years ago, but not much now, and certainly not in the past 48 hours or so. They were supposed to be the best since sliced bread. Could tackle anything, herricans, fires, famine, you name it, but not our most likely emergency, a big snow snow storm. No not having anything to do with that, too cold. Just throw storm chips at that and bingo, problem solved. Do they exist now, haven't heard a peep, not even mentioned by the brave snowed in media. In lieu of the round top military reservists brigade are there any commercial private heavy digging equipment on the Avalon. The size that has created the boondoggle or the mines of Labrador for hire on the Avalon. I remember seeing a few pieces of those diggers on my street in the 80's when the normal snow ploughs couldn't handle it. Yes saw it with my own eyes, but can't remember the exact years, but no doubt when we had major snow storms says Joe blow.

  31. Yes, Operation Overlord, D-Day , June 6 , 1944. Hitler had declared he was the greatest builder of fortification ever. Danny willims boasted of our energy warehouse that he would unleash to heat up North America. And not a kilowatt coming to the island yet, not even to Galway, after 16 billion.
    Google Operation Overlord, and You Tube has it in color, the titans who loved war. Churchill was cautious after Deeppe, when many Canadains were killed.
    Why did it take 5 years for D-Day? The west knew that Germany and Russia were killing each other off, as facsism and communists battling it out in the east, all to the advantage of the West, Stalin, allied with the west complained, but what could he do,….. well , maybe take over all of Europe. So the west waited and waited and finally D day. Even then Russia made it to Berlin first. All should know that Russia defeated Hitler, more than any other nation.
    So where is the Canadian military mobilizing to assist Nfld? At North Sydney?
    Are Heracles planes landing snow blowers at Torbay airport yet?
    Will they coordinate the operation with rate mitigation? We are on our knees, are we not? Except for AJ and the older generation who has seen blizzards before. Perhaps we grow soft, the younger ones, afraid of shovels, everything needing a motor.
    I am tempted to take out my 1940 horse slide , I mentioned before. Where will I find a Nfld pony. I trust no one is yet to kill their dog for food, as Grenfell found on the degree of hunger on Labrador coast. Still, 95% of our food is imported, and what improvement has Ball delivered? Keep you dog inside , I suggest.

  32. Time for NL to seriously review its Inventory Management System. Self sufficiency, during normal and expected weather disruptions, (NL), requires careful planning, storage and warehousing of essential goods and services. Too much of the Supply Management principles, (zero inventory), developed for the 401 Corridor, say, are just not reasonable, and effective for settlements like Fogo Island, and the Avalon. Hope for better results with the Military callout, than for the Lastman callout in Toronto back in the 90's, when a mere skiff of snow fell on the "Big Smoke".

  33. I see on CBC comments, almost 400, there is much talk of climate change, and about 3 to 1 I'd say who see this as climate change not just weather. More of these extreme events , whatever : fires, hurricanes, snow storms, and remember the long lasting fog record just a couple of year ago. And cod dying, and capelin disappearing, and salmon kills etc, etc, even the bloody insects are all disappearing. The occurances are endless,: ice melt form the arctic, the antarctic, the glaciers, the droughts,
    Even the billionairs are getting worries, no where to hide. Watch this week at DAVOS.
    Young Greta has shamed the scientists to come out from the cone on silence, and too shamed the IMF and the World Bank, all speaking up now, and many pension funds and endowment funds divesting of oil an coal. But still, nothing effective is happening. Only talk, like this comment. But first is awareness. Then action follows. Even poor PENG2 is not aware, and he a bright technical person. He still sticks on 50 and 100 years as time to worry, as other things may be more urgent? maybe I misquote him?

  34. And so our peak dropped from 1543 to 1457, 86 Mw after all the cooked sunday dinners. Now its -15 C and 1511 MW, not bad, wind is low speed.
    -15 C is the standard for cold climate HPs, many with a COP of 3 at these cold conditions. Almost like magic, heat from cold air!

  35. As a Guardian piece notes:
    Davos is the Swiss resort where the elite global business , academic and polcymakers meet. The first year was 1971 when Nixon was still president (and I and many more engineers graduated from Novas Scotia Tech,) now 50 years ago.
    Davos 2020, this week there is a concern that a crisis is looming. Financial markets are dangerous overvalued but borrowing costs will stay low for many years. ….making it possible to borrow for long term infrastructure. ….money that could be put to good use.
    Each year the World Economic Forum , meeting at Davos asks experts and policymakers to list likely risks the world will face over the next decade. For the First time the top five threats are all environmental. The founder of Davos asks all attending to commit to net zero carbon emission by 2050.

    With the Post WW2 Marshall Plan , the threat was the spread of communism. , now it is the much greater danger that capitalism will eat it self.
    Has PENG2 read WEF The Global Risks Report 2020 ?
    If not, please do and advise if your opinion has changed as to climate change ranking and time for solutions: 50 to 100 years? And what does economist Dave Vardy think on this subject?
    Winston Adams

  36. Flashovers and trips from salt.
    Nfld Power had restored all except 1000 of 22,000, but now more snow and salt on insulators have increase outages by 6500 to now 7500 VOCM reports. "Heavy salt spray from the extreme winds over the past couple of days mixed with tonight's snow has caused a few of our power lines in St John's area to trip. Crews are responding"
    Recall my comments : Nalcor for MFs said salt pollution is not a problem!
    Nfld Power didn't challenge that false statement at the PUB hearings or since.
    Imagine with salt on the LIL line and losing 800 MW at Soldiers Pond!
    The LIL risk now includes salt , but ranks it low as a risk. Bullshit, I say.
    Salt spray can carry inland 25 km or more.
    Outages can last many hours from salt on the insulators. You wait for mother nature to resolve it.
    Winston Adams

    If salt is not a problem for a line from MFs to Soldiers Pond,(As Nalcor stated to get sanction) it should not be a problem anywhere.
    So locally 6500 lost power from salt on the insulators.
    Now VOCM says salt knocked 500 more customers :"salt spray coating the power lines"
    And John Haggie notes great cooperation that food delivery was permitted to be delivered to the hospital here. We should be thankful that the patients and workers there were not expected to starve?

    I know a RN that worked 60 hrs. He got 3 or 4 hrs sleep, lie on the floor with a pillow. 60 hrs is usualy 7.5 day, but actually 2.5 days steady which is rough. However 60 hrs is 90 hrs pay as it is time and a half. Many nurses already maxed out with too much overtimes as they have too few regulars.

    Peak load, this morning climbed only 76 MW not several hundred as is usual.

    Snow in Logy Bay area less than what I see a bit west hereof here from photos. We got maybe 2 feet , other near 3 feet plus drifts.
    Another dump overnight , now wet with rain, so harder to handle. If we had heavy rain, it would be a disaster.
    Military are to be directed by local experts! Who are the local experts?
    If 300 only to shovel snow, or assist the elderly, we could not find them here among 200,000?
    I mentioned Heracles that can bring in equipment, and soon they say notone but 2 Heracles for here. Did they bring just snow shovels, or not even that? Is this well organized? Bring in that Army guy from New Orleans, who knew what twas needed and how to do it. Ball, on VOCM says our Govn was prepared for this storm. A prayer maybe, while singing at JC's service? The second snow dump , yesterday he said 'unbelievable".
    Ball, A climate change denier who wants to double oil production, says that is compatible with being green. Ball the Niddy Noddy Barrelman. Why was Joey a Barrelman? Was that a fish barrel, a rum barrel, or molassas, or beef or what, or cod liver oil barrel in the 30s ?
    Winston Adams

    • Latest salt related outages was Bonavista and Central.
      Other outages : Stavanger Drive area, the say cause was a fire. Was this at a substation…..and the fire from what cause?
      PUB….Reliability hearings! This to guide us for the next decade, and no public interest in these hearings.

    • In central, salt blown off the road I suppose! Salt spray from the ocean can go inland,25 km or so, but doubt it reaches Gander say. They never clarified where central was. Central is where there is little risk of salt spray outages. If one says the island is east,west or central, it might mean coastal.

  38. A word on snow lowers. Now not the little one that like most people like me operate to do a driveway, I mean the big suckers, like the ones that came in from Corner Brook, and St. John's has a dozen or so, and mount Pearl with a half a dozen or more. All locked away, I think. Are any of these on duty, for which you and I paid our taxes to buy and keep our streets open with such snow falls as this. Or are they be to used only after the streets are all done, and they like to put a nice new sidewall for good appearance. Someone said you need two lanes for those suckers, if you are going to blow it in a truck. Well if there is one lane open for the truck, doesn't the big snow sucker make its own lane. But what's wrong with blowing it on the lawns where it eventually ends up anyway, after the ploug has filled your driveway for the humpteen time, and you shovel it up there or use your little blower to do it. Now I am not talking down town St. John's that has a special task on its own, as I am talking about the other 90 percent of the city. I am talking about kenmount Rd. Topsail road, Columbus drive and a few dozen other main drags. These big snow suckers should be operating 24 seven, yes blowing snow on people's lawn, where the else do you think it might end up. I imagine some of those gage town guys are able to operate commercial snow blowers, just to get a break from using those round top snow shovels 24 seven. What a farce. Severe now falls demand severe action. Into the 3rd. day now and hardly a dent made, except most everyone has their driveway down to the black top waiting to get out on the streets. Joe blow.

    • Joe @ 12:34:

      Most of those blowers are on 50-60klbs loaders (50klbs is about as big that can travel on roads unescorted) – so they do need space to work. Also, very hard on staffing, fuel and equipment – so, not always efficient but are necessary now.

      As far as I knew, all units out on Eastern Avalon, save for break downs – but mostly concentrating on thoroughfares first… Problem is now, in more congested areas, the plow aren't much good as they cant stack anymore- so either need blowers(short supply) or loadout with trucks…

      This cleanup is going to take time – probably by next weekend before all fixed up good.


    • PENG2, don't worry about the roads, do you agree with the good work of the Nfld L and P boys, field workers? You know I don't much praise the scallywags, but here must give credit well deserved. Surprised you did not give them your attention.

    • WA @ 13:46:

      No doubt the NL Power guys do great work – but they are well compensated for their work also. Though dont understand your point as to why you would expect Fortis management to donate to the workforce…

      I have no doubt any of those doing cleanup, extended shifts etc are working hard now – this is their time to shine, but in actuality when stuff gets back to normal many in the public will give little credit except to complain about not being able to get smokes etc…. I'd say take a journey back to 2001 and remember how it was when the NAPE MS outside workers were on strike in April and we had that storm – then try and say these crew are overpaid etc….


  39. The Light and Power By's are first class, maybe even world class for their work. The Military boys could learn from them, but that is military /local organizational issues. We read they are mostly to shovel out those elderly in need. And able body people here ordered to stay indoors or be fined 5000.00. What madness. Townies need to learn from rural areas about help your neighbours.
    One older woman calling to VOCM, on her street about 10 snow blowers and she 3 days can't get out of her house, and no one has checked on her to offer help. Is this what happened at Gander at 9/11, and Nfld hospitality celebrated worldwide, and here senior neighbours being ignored?
    Is this our Nfld culture? Shameful. Expect this, maybe, in a large Canadian or USA city, but not here.
    So the Power restored, I have not heard been seconded for Fortis CEO to share 1 million of his 8 million a year take. PENG2 is silent on that.
    Perhaps other Nfld born Fortis directors can chip in some more for their key field workers facing these storms. And roads blocked yet they get where they need to go. Anyone with video of those guys? So much here not world class, but those guys are efficient and hardy. We take it for granted to flick the switch for power, until it is not there, and who restores it, not these wealthy directors and CEO. This a one n 30 year event, so do the right thing for the grunts.

    • The by's must have an incident map, indicating where, repeatedly, power lines break. Carbonnear Barrens, Arnold's Cove, Gaff Topsails, etc. How often do our power line managers, go to the money by's and say "Skipper, it's time to bury the cables"? I would have thought that by 2000, the power feed along the isthmus would be underground.

  40. The Airport is read for tomorrow Wed, but the city won't allow people to travel to the airport. And already yesterday of before that the military flight landed?
    So the airport delay is an inconvenience for many as to holidays, the snow birds, but some cancer patients heading to Halifax for special surgery, a process taking 6 months to get ready after chemo, can't get out, and the surgery now delayed , the patient bumped.

  41. While we struggle some with this minor climate change event, the action today is at Davos, where Trump and Thunberg are battling for the headlines and the Sweedish teenager has the upper hand at the New York Times.
    As I see it, we have evil vs good, lies vs truth. Normally Trump tells 5 or 6 lies a day, but today he beat that .
    As Greta spoke there was absolute silence , as Trump spoke, there were some titters as he ran through a litany of boasts on the economy.

    • As reported in The Guardain: Trump said " stop listening to the "prophets of doom".
      Greta said "Your inaction is fuelling the falmes by the hour. And we're asking you to act as if you love your children more than anything else"
      Trump says the climate alarmists "are heirs of yesterday's foolish fortune tellers". We will never let radical socialists destroy our economy, wreck our country or eradicate our liberty" Trump boasted that support for the coal and oil industries meant the US was self-sufficient in energy.
      Greta said " We don't want to lower emissions. Emission must stop" That all investment in fossil fuel must stop… we want it done now. You might think we're naive, but if you won't do it, you must explain to your children why you've given up on the Paris agreement goals, and knowingly created a climate crisis. The right , the left , and the center, have all failed. No political ideology or economic structure has manged to tackle the climate and environmental emergency".
      Trump said " The American dream was back , bigger, better and stronger… I hold up the American model as an example to the world…. the US was " thriving, flourishing, and winning"
      "The house is still on fir" said Thunberg. Others present referred to Australia as an example.
      Greta said " we're not asking you to cheat and fiddle numbers" ( That made me think of Fortis, and PENG2, and Fortis's fiddling with numbers on their GHG emissions. PENG2 still only uses 50 to 100 year time frame to worry . Maybe he is in the Trump camp? He is mostly silent on this issue, because he is a Fortis shareholder? Just wondering.
      Winston Adams

    • WA @ 14:42:

      For what seems like the 10th time – please quote correctly or not at all….

      At the very least, maybe you could put context into how I selected the 50yr or 100yr number out of the year – that is, many other crisis facing earth that could have dire consequences just as quickly as climate change.


    • PENGzero is an understudy of the thoroughly discredited as the "Skeptical Environmentalist" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bj%C3%B8rn_Lomborg.

      Lomborg makes bogus economic arguments that money would be better spent ignoring the climate and doing other things. He,like PENGzero, is a fraud that misquotes scientific results and generally lies about climate change while collecting 750K a year.

      The Australian government was exposed fraudulently trying to funnel money to Lomborg through a Western Australian University. Who is your fraudulent muse PENGzero?

  42. Is Davos in Newfoundland? What does any of this rambling have to do with Derrick Sturge's contract? I try to follow Muskrat Falls project updates and Newfoundland happenings and this blog used to be a good place for information. Sounds like coffee shop ramblings and not relevant commentary. Maybe facebook group messages are a better place for word vomit.

      The words are by Trump and Thunberg. One an old white rich man, who takes pride in destroying our climate, and the other , a very intelligent child , with a disability.
      Whose words are vomit?
      Psalms 8;2 "Out of the mouth of babes"
      Also by Jesus" Truly I tell you , unless you change and become like a child, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven".
      I am only the messenger what was said at Davos, that is making world headlines.
      Struge, out of the loop and and collects 1 million and a big pension. He slept through the risk analysis for MFs, and half asleep at the Inquiry. He was world class, for sure. What more you need to know?
      MFs update: Dunderdale said TVs would create the load for MFs.
      Today at -10C, just 1429 peak, , 500 Mw to spare. 6.2 billion now at 16 billion, and not one kwh flowing, none expected in the near tern.
      Davos is the key place for word vomit, for 50 years, but now in awe of the Sweedish child, who is not even seasick sailing in the North Atlantic. No vomit there.

  43. I would not call the soldiers and local reservist an excuse for Canada's military. I have too much respect for our military and the work they do both inside and outside this country. But I call it a sad day when our politicians subject our military to such menial and not warranted actions. Using round top and plastic shovels to dig through mounds of snow that could be easily done by local guys trying to make a living with their trucks fitted with ploughs and snow blowers in the back, to do that very work. Now I don't expect these guys to do this work pro bono, nor am I saying these people that need shovelling out should pay. The same phone number and methods could be used as is being used by the military to get a list of those in need of help and go do the work for a reasonable fee as determined by those in charge. According to news reports they have answered some 161 calls, a small number when there are probably over a hundred thousand driveways being dug out almost daily. Maybe the Salvation Army or some other community group could supervise this effort or maybe our own EMO. Maybe a fee of 50 or 100 dollars depending on the time and effort required. The tab would be picked up by all of us through government or charity donations by individuals. You might say well how about herricane Egor. Well they placed a bridge across the washed out highway in very short time, that would have taken us weeks. That was their speciality and could do something that civilians are not rigged out to do. But, shovelling frozen snow from the sweat of their brow, is below the deginity of our professional military, when other means is ready available to provide assistance to our most vulnerable, seniors and maybe disabled or just in need of a hand up says Joe blow.

    • Right on Joe. this a poor use for our good military people. No shortage of local people to do this work, just needing organization as you say.
      This is for show,by Ball and the Feds, if the military is needed , this is not a good use.

    If you call any of the numbers listed in the media you will get no help. I sought help from the military this morning from these numbers for my wife who is a stage 4 cancer patient. Additional numbers ggets the same run around. I have had some success since by badgering Eastern Health officials
    I pity others less determined than I am .


    • By the way, technically I am a reservist. I am not much good for snow shoveling, but I have anew snow blower, and I have seen the mltitary people on TV and other media with cheap plastic shovels. Come get my new snow blower for all week if of use to you, and I am only five minutes drive to the town of Logy Bay. And, if you want, I will pay for the gas you use. Phone 726 6512. If you damage my machine, don't worry about it.
      Winston Adams

    • Yes, snow blowers work much better than plastic shovels to move the frozen snow, but were much more effective a few days ago than they are now since the snow has frozen. Round top shovels are good, but just to break it up not to move it. So, the new tool supplied to our military is hand saws. Yes all issued with one hand saw, not a cross-cut that was used years ago to cut ice to be used as ice boxes during summer to make ice cream etc. In our history, and else where. So the newly issued hand saws will be used to cut the frozen snow in blocks and to be lifted at a later date by Sky hooks. Seems a good a plan as any to me says Joe blow.

    • Your are right on. My snowblower was half as effective whenthe snow got wet than when dry, but still ok. I expected worse conditions once it froze, and then snow blowers are not much use. The round top steel shovels are necessary to break it up, it small enough maybe the snow blower can help.
      I got mine done before the freeze up, many others are now with frozen snow.
      Is Danny Breen a world class expert with show emergencies

    • Ok, as VOCM reports the military brass saying they are not really here for street and sidewalk clearing, but safety and emergency and to help people who ready need it. So the example of the stage 4 cancer patient to get home needing his drive way cleared , especially since that patient's son in law was a military veteran.
      Yet that poor bugger had a job getting hold of the military. His son in law called 300 times to the number 311, according to his daughter Wanda Lewis, before getting them , and so, once connected, they were off to help, and of course, cameras or smart phones captured the scene. THREE HUNDRED TIMES. Who can believe it? How many more called and gave up?
      My problem? Needing a medical report from a scan done last Thursday, and posted early morning morning, on their system at Eastern Health , so doctors, and others could access it and know the results, but we couldn't. Did tumors get bigger? New tumors appeared from a scan ordered Nov 15 ,and confirmed by a scan on Dec 3. Presently no Plan of Care how these will be treated, but we may get a care plan from Halifax in mid Feb. We are leaving again to go to Texas cancer Hospital for an opinion and Care Proposal. It appears no appropriate Plan of care exists in Nfld, this being a very specialized situation. Latest scans from here are needed.
      For 2 days the hospital here refused to fax or email the scan result
      I was not allowed to drive through the city. Also the Record dept there were all shut down at the Cancer Clinic, and also the Main Record dept. Even if I get there, who will print me a copy of the report, or even let me see it?
      I think of the military for assistance,(like Mr Lewis did) for my wife's stage 4 cancer mitigation plan, as Mr Bill Williams was helped,as I later read from VOCM web site today.
      Winston Adams

    • Here is the result for assistance numbers posted by the CBC the morning of Jan 20
      754-2489 which says it for military assistance this gets you a recording from the city of St johns, a rambling message , no mention of the military, puts you on hold, a constant busy signal .
      777-3571 says is for non emergency health , missed health appointments or emergency transportation to the hospital for dialysis. But this gets you to dialysis only. When I explain what the CBC post stated, she (Mary Lou)said Make no wonder we are getting so many call here that is not related to dialysis. I told her my circumstances, she said "God Help you" I said "God better, as Eastern health was not doing much"
      777-4668 that was for mental health crisis. I was not quite that far gone, but on the verge,, but never tried it. Maybe that would have linked me with soft music playing.
      So VOCM posted info showing Jan 21 3 pm, with more phone numbers
      A tweet from D Ball, and from the Canadian Armed Forces as well as
      phone numbers
      311 , that is the one used by Lewis and he tried 300 times. I try that, That again gets you City of St johns, same recorded mesaage ,same busy signal.

      754 2489 same exact locatoon again and same message from the city of St johns, and busy , so no result,but Finally an answer there. Her name is Timara , when I ask. I ask her last name , she says she is not allowed to say that. I ask if she is with the City , she say no, but an answering service. I ask if she connects with the military , she say no. She says for that you must call 729 3703. I ask if getting to the hospital or information from there is under her jurisdiction, she say no.
      I try the 691 9493 also given by VOCM. They inform me they are only for Hard of hearing and deaf people and for texting, and cannot help
      7293703 was alos given by VOCM , i try it, this is for emergeny services it seems , but says "all of our operators are busy and suggests calling 1-800 863-6582, saying this is to the Red Cross. This repeats over and over and over. I did not call it.
      So this is what one can expect, and these numbers posted by the media, CBC and VOCM. Did they try those numbers as media people to see how effective they were, or correct?
      Who is going to call 300 times or even 100 times? Poor bugger needing help, this is world class organization?
      Winston Adams

    • So, I watched Banny Breen on NTV being questioned, microphones with VOCM CBC and NTV that the emergency now on 6 days and to continue. He says best for people to remain indoors. Her in Logy Bay area we are outdoors walking daily. All looks normal here. We know many in the city were unable to get out, with doors and windows burried in snow.
      Food banks and the Salvation Army still not getting clear guidance if they can open and help those in need, according of media reports.
      I personally have a 5 cu ft freezer, a 10 cu ft vertical freeser, a fridge. Since my wife's illness I now bottle in Mason jars: pea soup, turkey soup, chilli, fish chouder. I am good for at least a month.But many poor in the ciry going to food banks and live from day to day,and now being denied access to food.
      So Breen perhaps like Leonard Outerbridge with St John's blacked out in the war, and very unpopular, I was told . Breen, the cock of the walk. Stay indoors, next week you will be permitted to open your curtains to see sunlight. But not until we say ok, because it is Safety First. Was not Safety First the key phrase of Ed Martin and Nalcor?
      What a farce. Another Newfie joke.
      And the Military spokesman, a strong French dialect. And more show blowers coming from where…..Quebec.
      I am all for help from Quebec and our neighbours, but is this not playing politics with this emergency, as familiar federal politicians are seem at these photo ops?

      Did I get actions for my wife's medical needs? Damn right I did.
      Winston Adams

  45. The adequacy of the snow clearing capability on the North East Avalon is abysmal, that is the elephant in the room now that needs to be addressed after this storm and is not now the main issue of municipal politicians which is, " who should call the shots in a state of emergency". They do not have enough equipment and staff to deal with winter snow clearing. We are now behind the problem for 2020 and will not catch up this winter unless mother nature is kinder than I expect it will be.

    • One way to help mother nature would be to reduce the emissions on all the heavy equipment, now relied upon to move more and more fossil fuels vehicles about the streets of old St. John's. Any bright ideas about how to accomplish this folks?

    • Mech/Chem Engineers; Question, order of magnitude guess, how much BTU being consumed to move the snow bank to the melt pile, (Harbour, landfill)? Second question, what capacity solar collection to thermal sink, would melt same snow bank? Get your slide rules to work.

    • Robert @ 11:34:

      For a quick estimate, based on heavy construction experience:
      50klbs loader: 30l/hr
      snowblower: 20l/hr
      tandem truck (probably need 6-8 for each blower): 15l/hr

      So, I'd say each fleet probably on the order of 200l of diesel per hour – I went a bit high, so service and crew pickup should be covered in the 200l/hr number.


    • Seems a big BTU #. I flunked my Thermo exam. Chemical Engrs founded the Cost Engineering curriculum. Wonder where they all disappeared from MUN. Much needed in practice in NL. Can't help thinking that in the age of climate change, City and Emergency Planning should be tapping this science and evidence based analysis. Looking at the picture; Excessive reliance on fossil fuel vehicles in a 19th century street plan, in a violent storm prone region. Pitiful. Begs for action. The knowledge and talent is here. Check out how our Norwegian friends plan their Northern cities and dispose of their snow pack.

    • Robert @ 12:28:

      Not sure I agree – if in a snow melting operation the crew moving the snow would still be needed.

      Then you would have to add in the fuel consumption of the snow dragon. For reference, above I assumed 3000t/hr for the snow blower fleet – a snow dragon at 200t/hr consumes 1200l/hr of fuel, give or take.

      The trucking operation allows mother nature to donate the btu needed to melt the snow – transport remains unchanged because you couldn't undergo a melt down operations on city streets.


    • Somebody, with knowledge, can do the math. I would gladly increase the workforce, in an effort to decrease heavy equipment carrying charges, emissions and the like. Note Trump is going backwards, big time on the EPA. Seems we are in lockstep.

    • Robert @ 13:51:

      You are missing the point completely – the largest part of the energy required is the phase change, somewhere on the order of 6000l/hr of diesel are required to melt snow/ice if it could be moved at 3000t/hr (and the snow is already at 0degC, if snow/ice is at -20degC add in 0.5BTU/lb to raise it to melting temp).

      Transporting and letting Mother Nature melt at her pace is most efficient and consumes the least fossil fuel. There is a reason melt down operations are not widely used – fuel consumption is one of the very big reasons….

      Just to recap:
      1) option #1 (~200l/hr diesel):
      move 3000t/hr of snow/ice used 200l/hr of diesel and allow mother Nature to melt at her pace
      2) option #2 (>>6000l/hr diesel):
      move 3000t/hr of snow/ice used 200l/hr of diesel to melt down are
      melting down via snow dragon uses 6000/hr of diesel if the snow is at melting temp

      Pretty simple math, and cost wise….


    • Maybe you miss the alternative energy methodology. Discuss the application and benefits of a combined District Energy Plant, Snow disposal, based on solar, in ground thermal storage concept. Where are the studies that promote fossil fuel being the sole methodology?

    • Robert @ 14:19:

      Even in the situation you suggest, the snow still has to be transported – either way, transporting and allowing Mother Nature to melt remains most efficient…

      Unless you can come up with a 'free energy' method to melt inplace so that residents can still use city space, transporting costs/fuel have to be included – and thus, harbour or snow dump remains cheapest/most efficient.


  46. What's gone wrong with St. John's, with downtown, city hall etc. Still snowed in. All the ploughs broke down, all the drivers gone on strike. Have the artsy-fartsies taken over completely. Bring back Andy.

  47. The answer to the snow clearing problem downtown might be found in breaking up the city into smaller municipalities such as Mount Pearl,Paradise and CBS to achieve a more successful outcome in these situations. Amalgamation of Southlands and Galway with Mount Pearl might be a win-win plan for all concerned.

    • The City Plan, following the 1892 fire, was a "build it and they will come" reflex action, based on need to quickly house those that were displaced. There was no Sustainable Development Study, no forecast of 100 year forward needs, not even where to put all those motor vehicles, parking garages, heavy equipment, snow banks, etc. It is time to Plan the needs for the next 100 years. How will we evolve? How will we heat our buildings? What new and re-constructed buildings, services and pathways, does a small concentration of inhabitants need? Who is the Planner?