It is not a good feeling when government cannot be trusted.

Yet, notwithstanding all the partisan nonsense that props up
one Party over another, it is the trust that government acts solely in the
public interest that keeps the democratic system strong.

It is an issue that permeates many of the articles and comments
that appear on this Blog. Underneath them is the fear, to phrase it in the
vernacular, that the Ball Government will
sell the Province down the river.

There is reason for that and, paradoxically as it may seem,
the origins of such scepticism are found with Ball’s Tory predecessors.

Since the days of the Williams Administration, hyper-partisanship
has increasingly characterized political decision-making. It influences the
choice of people appointed to key positions. Politics was always competitive as
it should be
but the “game” now displays the quality of recklessness, as
evidenced by our fiscal condition, as well as government’s penchant for secrecy
and obscurity. Persistent second-rate leadership doesn’t notice that the public
interest is the long game and that principles guide priorities.

Worse, politics has become very personalized. In unleashing
Danny Williams it has become a one-man show to which other politicians, and
bureaucrats, only add fuel.  Process and
policy structures don’t fare well in that kind of
boss knows best
environment. Not just Muskrat Falls, but the huge budgetary deficits and spending
of the Marshall and Davis Administrations are an integral part of that
narrative, too.  

The Ball Administration failed to turn around that style of
governance, though they ought to have known it is inherently self-destructive.
The Liberals, dealt a poor hand at the outset, made a choice; they embraced not
just the Tories’ free-spending ways but gleefully embodied the practice of
depicting profligacy as manageable. That, however, is only a part of the reason
for distrusting the Liberals.

This Premier has exhibited uncommon weakness in virtually every
public policy sphere in which leadership is required. It started with Ball’s handling
of former Nalcor CEO Ed Martin’s firing, letting him depart on a
basis with a rich severance package. His complicity, at first
denied, was uncloaked. It is found in the surf clam issue and in the timid provincial response to the Feds’
determination to revamp the offshore environmental assessment process without paying
due deference to the Atlantic Accord.

One could add his refusal to order a stop/go analysis
on Muskrat or make the service and program cuts necessary to deal with our
growing fiscal crisis.

The Government lacks key people to guide it through Atlantic Accord negotiations. This key piece of public policy is
now in the grip of Nalcor: the same hucksters that helped construct Muskrat’s
false premises and promises. Then, too, the Natural Resources Minister has
simply not grown in that critical job.

It’s enough to keep an entire public from sleeping.

One is right to worry, therefore, when a flat-footed Premier
takes on something as important as the Atlantic Accord. Governments that have
low credibility with the public, as Ball’s own poll numbers confirm, ought to know
that, until the loss of faith is restored, extraordinary measures should be taken
to confirm their good intentions.

Transparency, reinforced with earnest public communications,
ought to have compelled the Premier, long ago, to have issued a statement of
principles, or at least objectives, in advance of these negotiations. Not
having done so, and with the 1985 Atlantic Accord largely taken for granted by
a public which it has served for 33 years, means that the impacts of any change
may not be fully understood by them
until, that is, like Muskrat the fallout

The Atlantic Accord established this Province’s right to be
the principal beneficiary of its oil and gas resources, to collect royalties
and revenues from the resources as if they were on land and, among other
things, to a joint management regime with the Government of Canada.
Are these “pillars” of the Atlantic Accord to be traded off to avoid
responsible management of expenditures that are out of control? The February 2005
agreement on Offshore Revenues provides for a “review” in 2019. Does Ball see
this review as a way to secure federal funds through an avenue which does not
open a “me-too” Pandora’s Box? What do we have to give in exchange for this

 As much as some may
think, it is no accident that Bull Arm and Husky’s Argentia fabrication site
exist, or that ships and helicopters that
service the offshore leave and return to a base here, not in Nova Scotia or Quebec.
It is because of the Atlantic Accord. Equally, the fact that this is, by definition, a have Province
as opposed to one of the
have nots, is precisely due to the rights
afforded under the Accord.

Admittedly, the fact that the Feds and the Province agreed
that there would not be a dollar-for-dollar loss of equalization due to the
receipt of oil revenues is an important principle of the Accord. What the Premier needs to remember, however,
is that that provision was never intended to be a back-door through which
management and taxation rights granted under it could be reversed.

Accordingly, when a weak Premier is given the role of playing
the hand of a financially weakened Province, and one of the very few
instruments of prosperity within our control is on the table, we should be

When some of the very same group that gave us Muskrat are
permitted to tinker and lever a critical piece of public policy, for another
one-shot payment to help obscure failed leadership in advance of an election,
we should be very afraid.

Des Sullivan
Des Sullivan
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Uncle Gnarley is hosted by Des Sullivan, of St. John's. He is a businessman engaged over three decades in real estate management and development companies and in retail. He is currently a Director of Dorset Investments Limited and Donovan Holdings Limited. During his early career he served as Executive Assistant to Premier's Frank D. Moores (1975-1979) and Brian Peckford (1979-1985). He also served as a Part-Time Board Member on the Canada-Newfoundland Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB). Uncle Gnarley appears on the masthead representing serious and unambiguous positions on NL politics and public policy. Uncle Gnarley is a fiscal conservative possessing distinctly liberal values and a non-partisan persusasion. Those values and opinions underlie this writer's views on NL's politics, economy and society. Uncle Gnarley publishes Monday mornings and more often when events warrant.


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


This is the most important set of negotiations we have engaged in since the Atlantic Accord and Hibernia. Despite being a small jurisdiction we proved to be smart and nimble enough to negotiate good deals on both. They have stood the test of time and have resulted in billions of dollars in royalties and created an industry which represents over a quarter of our economy. Will we prove to be smart and nimble enough to do the same with the Upper Churchill?


  1. Governments, in their last year before an election, shouldn't be allowed to sign agreements that have long lasting effects. At the very least, government should make full public disclosure and proper debate on the pros vs cons so they have "skin in the game" and may act a little more in the public interest.

  2. Of course, there should be no negioations in secrecy of the Atlantic Accird. WHERE ARE THE BRAVE FEARLESS MEDUA???? They should be hounding Ball hourly about the Atlantic Accord. Too late to ask or close the barn door when the accord is gone. Every day of negioations should be reported on, what is being discussed , what are the govt. Objectives, do they have any redlined. Yes even why change the word principle to primirary benificier. For Christ sake media at least get the answer to that one. But they are too busy setting in the gallery watching bullying and how much that will cost. As usual they are penny wise and pound foolish. Who is doing the negioations, did you say nalcor officials. Now if that is not a red flag give the bull a pat on the head. Is ball or ms. Coady doing the negioations, are they there front and centre. Who was that cute looking guy on tv with ms. Coady last week?? Looking too cute by far, and never said a word, looked like the cat had his tongue. Is he doing the negioations. We want to know. Belly up to the bar ball et al and tell us all. We don't trust you. And guess what, if you don't have the people's trust, you won't be elected, even if chess says nothing, and don't know nothing and got no plan says Joe blow.

  3. The issue is there is no policy statement issues – as UG cites above. Key is that before a 'new' AA is endorsed that it is presented to the public for acceptance.

    The fact that Ball et al aren't providing constant updates is immaterial and updates aren't needed anyway. There are certainly times negotiations will have to be behind closed doors – that's why a government seeks a mandate and why we vote them into office.

    My understanding is that this is a 'routine' renegotiation of the AA – it should be used as part of an election platform. Both parties have lots of other issues they should be focusing on in this election year.


    • Typo above:
      My understanding is that this is a 'routine' renegotiation of the AA – it SHOULDN'T be used as part of an election platform. Both parties have lots of other issues they should be focusing on in this election year.


    • Peng2.. You are not that naive … "A routine renegotiation of the accord". Plus this is an election year and the 13$ billion looms larger than life. The Feds don't want to do anything through the front door, so do you really trust the Feds through the back door. And it is not only trust of the provincial but also of the federal govt. or do you have blind trust in both govts. and nalcor too. Other issues to focus on in an election year, maybe, but this is by far the biggest. As for a mandate from the people before an election, where is the mandate before the people on the cost of muskrat, no cost updates in almost 4 years, will they keep that until after the election along with what was renegotiated in the accord. Time is running out…we may be into a 4 week election in less than 4 weeks time. Yea, has to be behind closed doors, what a sham, not quite as good as it is before the courts says Joe blow.

    • AJ @ 11:44:

      I wont go into the MF mandate here, but I posted on 11-Mar-2019 in response to WA some public statements on a MF mandate – then the PCs did win and election on a MF development platform and got their mandate to proceed. Even today, the VOCM question of the day show 80% saying they knew MF wasn't planned well enough and they are not surprised at the Inquiry – I really cant understand the people in this province.

      To the topic at hand, if you read what I posted above it isn't about 'blind trust' – its about governance. The AA shouldn't be used as an election platform, but provided the benefits aren't materially changed, it remains a routine renegotiation. Prior to the government endorsing changes, there should be enough info provided to make an assessment – though I'd say only 2% would actually read the changes.

      I am in no way naïve, but I also wont trust the media to give me the crib notes – I read and understand these documents before saying yay or nay, most in NL do not.


    • So you peng2 continue to say, .. "the pc's did win …….and got their mandate to proceed". But what you fail to say and recognize is that, that mandate was based on lies, more lies and dam lies by nalcor and the politicians of the day. The people trusted them, yes blind trust, no varification until the hens came home to roost, and only now realize how they were bamboozled by the politicians intentionally or because they didn't know themselves, they just drank the coolaid. And the people, including you, say that's ok in the next election, just trust them on the AA, and the final cost of muskrat. I say no, give us the facts and proof,,no more of this blind trust. Fool me once….will you know the rest. As for VOCMs question of the day, not worth the paper it is written on, and as most of them are not. Of course people are going to reply now, they knew muskrat wasn't planned well enough, and are not surprised by the inquiry in hindsight. People are not answering that question with the foresight they lacked 10 years ago. That's why VOCM questions are bs. No, I don't trust the media either, because they are simply parrots. They don't investigate anything. Average Joe.

    • AJ @ 16:14:

      In keeping on target, I would doubt if more than 100 people in NL have read and understand the text of the AA. The media couldn't even get the difference between 'principle' and 'principal' correct – but maybe that's condemning our education system.

      I give no leeway to people that allow themselves to remain ignorant of the facts – part of the foundation of our legal and political system is that we 'can' participate, choosing not to participate is inexcusable.

      I am still waiting to hear what the arguments will be after we reelect some of the PCs who voted for MF in 2011 – and even if the electorate was lied to as you say, the electorate did have access to the right info but chose not to read it. Have you at any point to date actually read 14-MC-2012-27 to see just what was available in a dissenting opinion?


    • I will also make a comment on something sort of related:

      The Nalcor split – is there language in the FLG that might indicate it is advantageous to keep 'new' assets separated as they wouldn't be considered security? Effectively, is there and argument that could be made that assets before and after sanction may not be affected the same – similar to a prenup?

      I haven't seen this avenue looked at yet.


    • As you know, as I have said before, being an average Joe I am not a great reader of every document that exist. I will be like Daley when he was minister of NR and asked if he read a certain document, and he said no, because nalcor read it. Lol. And nor should I. But that doesn't mean I am not sufficiently informed to vote. But when ball was asked directly if they were changing words in the accord, instead of answering directly, he used that aged old phrase that KD had worn out, they were doing only what was in the best interest of the people of NL. The only answer you will get when we elect those who voted for muskrat as MHAs is he/she is a good district member and that's what's most important to them, and has nothing to do with muskrat, that was all about the unelected nalcor. You maybe raising a good legal point about the New nalcor owning oil assets that were developed after signing the loan, but I will leave that to the legal begals and wording of the FLG. Average Joe.

    • AJ @ 17:14:

      Worthwhile for you to check out 14-MC-2012-27, its a collection of letter and editorial in The Telegram, some by 'average joes' and some by ' techno nuts' – but all available before the FLG and overall a very good summary of just what 80% of the public ignored when giving the government support to proceed with MF.

      NLs biggest issue is governance – we don't hold our politician's accountable and we don't accept our own failings. For sure, the DB Liberals' shouldn't change the AA without consulting with the public – but a few $ for asphalt (for what today's asphalt is worth) and he will get quick approval of the electorate.


    • PENG2 @ 11:44
      1st paragraph "the PCs did win the election on a MF development platform and got the mandate to proceed"—Their winning the election was as a result of false and misleading information being fed to a gullible public.
      Last paragraph–"read and understand the documents as most in NL do not"—-The greater majority of NLers would never be able to understand the legal jargon and depend on the honesty of those we elected to do so.

      It is no NLers who are to blame—it was the dishonesty of the politicians and NALCOR.

      Question!–If we are unable to lay charges as a result of the inquiry, are charges able to be laid after the inquiry?? There has to be accountability here or else it is another scam waiting to be unleashed.

    • Wayne @ 13:09:

      Maybe have a read through 14-MC-2012-27 as submitted to the PUB, I am copying the intro below:

      The attached file has been compiled as a concatenation of editorials, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor of the St. John's newspaper, The Telegram, which reflect negatively on the Muskrat Falls project that is now under review by the Board. The period encompassed in this compilation is from June 1, 2011, to February 27, 2012, which period was limited primarily by the failing stamina and eyesight of the compiler.
      The number articles included is 119 which have been organized in reverse chronological order. The number of articles which appeared during the same period and which expressed positive opinions about the project was, 15, of which 9 were submitted either by executives of Nalcor or by Government ministers. These latter articles were not included in the file.

      The material is submitted with the expectation that it will become part of the record of the current review.

      The process has been cleared with The Telegram with respect to possible copyright issues.

      The public didn't need to understand technical documents when becoming informed on MF- just read the paper and pay attention to letters and editorials written by the 'average joe' and many others with a strong technical background. The issue (as you say) was a gullible public who wanted to believe we are an 'energy warehouse' and a guy taking the Canadian flag down – but who has to be culpable for believing a fool?

      Can litigation be taken after the Inquiry, that's a difficult question, and best to read Gomery or Stonechild. I think litigation is not likely and I also think because of Inquiry timing the MF costs will increase by upwards of $1B more – I said this before the Inquiry was called and the response wasn't very 'nice' to say the least.


  4. I strongly believe that we are going to see an election that will be linked to the Accord. Ball will use the benefits he negotiates with Trudeau for his sales pitch. Just as Danny said “I got it!” from the Feds, Mr. Ball will attempt to do so as well.
    It’s ‘ego-time’ in NL!

  5. I've said this months ago when it was initially hinted the at the Accord was going to factor into any Muskrat Mitigation measures.

    Beware of the slight of hand card tricks that the provincial and Federal Liberals perform in these negotiations to make themselves appear to be the classic good guy in this election year where their poll numbers are less than Favourable

  6. While I generally disagree little with Des Sullivan and UG pieces I will comment on this:
    "When one of the very few instruments of prosperity within our control is on the table(The Atlantic Accord), we should be afraid"
    When some of the very same group that gave is Muskrat is permitted to tinker and lever (the Atlantic Accord) we should be very afraid"
    There is much truth to both of these statements.
    However, there is an opposing view as to the dependence of offshore oil/gas for our prosperity, whether we should be afraid to see it reduced. That view ignores the need to roll back the environment impact from climate change from this industry, and the part that Nfld and Canada needs to play. I suggest, as does most all in the scientific community that we should be afraid of climate change….very afraid. Stephen Hawking, perhaps equal to Einstein in seeing the big picture, stated that climate changeit is a bigger threat to our civilization than nuclear war. Yet we seek to accelerate our path for irreversible damage with fossil fuels.
    The second quote of Nacor's involvement: well, testimony at the Inquiry by Williams and Nalcor is that offshore revenues will pay for the boondoggle and much more, projecting 100 billion in revenues ahead.
    There is an irrational disconnect in saying we should be adhering to the Paris climate change agreement,(that is actually still too febble to be effective)while promoting increased oil/gas production.
    I have debated this on UG mostly with PENG2, as most all accept that the Atlantic Accord is one of the few instruments of our prosperity. This needs to change, with plans that are sustainable for the future.
    Winston Adams

  7. As this piece demonstrates there is a marked lack of political leadership in NL. There is good reason to fear letting Nalcor renegotiate rights conferred in the Atlantic Accord.

    The unfettered power conferred on politicians to bankrupt the treasury on unneeded, destructive vanity projects, remains unexamined. Local strongmen, like in most banana republics, remain unchallenged, and instead distant villains are blamed.

    Be very afraid if this fear of strongmen remains the ethic of an abused population.

  8. Top oil producing countries as of Dec 2018, millions of barrels per day:
    USA 15.6
    Saudi Arabia;12.1
    Russia : 11.2
    Canada : 5.0
    China :4.8
    All, except Canada are essentially dictatorships. Much of the world looks to Canada to set an example as to climate change mitigation and environmental protection. Yet at #4 in production, we are among the worst.

    • WA @ 11:15:

      I think you need to expand your numbers a bit for better perspective.

      Canada has 0.5% of global population, we produce ~5% of the worlds oil and use about 3%. Canada needs to lead by example – we cant affect world events (I think your numbers show that too).

      The top 10 you give above only shows about 60% of global world production (total today is about 95M barrels) – it is a top heavy listing. Though your numbers are correct, I wont comment on the politics of other countries.


    • Yes, Canada with only 0.5 % of world population produces 10 fold that, being 5 % of world production. USA produces about 15 % of world production, though 10 times more population that Canada. So Canada not a very good example of sustainability nor low per person consumption. China with over 1 billion people produces less oil than Canada (but still major coal burners)
      Japan, a big industrial country, has little oil production, which shows the disconnect in production and economic growth( though Japan uses a lot of oil).
      One can use our relative small population to suggest we have very little impact on world wide GHG, but I suggest this would be a distortion to do business as usual.
      Of interest In Saudi Arabia, in 1974, 76 % of their GHG was flaring, which is now down to 1%. Here we still flare (burn off gas) offshore, Did Bruneau speak to that waste, I think so)

    • Good work Winston debunking the talking points of the deniers. PENG2 has no comeback exc3ept to deny the obvious truth of the hard numbers you presented. He had no response also to the flaring facts presented. Flaring is a gross disregard of the GHG contributions of Canadian flaring.

  9. In the USA there are 18,000 oil/gas producing companies. In Russia, one , in Saudi Arabia, one.
    In Nfld as to Nalcor involvement for oil /gas, they were also handed a monopoly for power generation,whether for hydro or wind,or gas turbines, and the Take or Pay contract leading to the boondoggle. We are more like Russia and Saudi Arabia as to control in the hands of a single entity.
    Vardy and others call for an end to this. Indeed, would not Nfld Power( though being scallywags with need to keep an eye on) done a better job than Nalcor and Nfld Hydro if given a fair chance to develop electricity generation for the island?

    • WA @ 12:13:

      I understand that the TakeCharge is a NL Power/NL Hydro jointly administrated program driven primarily by government – correct?

      Have you heard the new TakeCharge adds for mini-splits showing up this past week? They now even have an 'approved' installer.

      I would suspect if NL Power took over generation and distribution that profits would lead – I believe that is why NL Power hasn't made a real effort to push their distribution system into areas currently serviced by NL Hydro. NL Power probably could service the areas better simple by the size of Fortis, but the ability of the NL government to affect Fortis actions is nil also due to size – so might be a 2x edged sword.


    • I had stated to the PUB that Nfld Power was "in bed " with Nfld Hydro and the Consumer Advocate (then Tom Johnson) to give no meaningful energy savings to the customers with Take Charge.
      If they now promote best practice for minisplits, this 2019 , they are 11 year later than Nova Scotia.
      No , I have not heard the new ads.
      In the past their "approved" installers was to say use a refrigeration mechanic and an electrician. They listed where one could find electricians, but gave no names of companies actually doing installations, whether approved installers or not.
      Installers may be factory "certifed" as to knowing the best practise, but many not so certified may do good work, based on their knowledge and experience.
      Details of what is best practise by Take Charge would be an asset for residents who might be looking at HPs.
      Up to now, I have not seen Take charge even recommend Cold Climate models, a key best practise, used by ENS for years and posted online.
      Nfld POwer now plans to do more research on minisplits (Synapse too)….their last effort was a big flop, so lets see their specs and plans for this attempt. This is on the public dime, and I think they should be denied funding by the PUB, based on the past work the did. Money spend imprudently.
      Trust but verify? For me, I cannot trust them, based on the past 11 years of their efforts and results.
      But to improve their image in this time of mitigation, I will see what they propose.
      Yes govn sets the policy, up to now , I see nothing burgers from Ball, Letto, Coady, Crosbie, NDP.

    • I searched their web site and see nothing new. They still say HSPF is the standard to use for performance, not to use Cold Climate Criteria, which means HSPF alone may very well give poor performing unit for our climate; and so use too much electricity, and give too little savings, and longer pay back, and especially: do little to reduce the power grid peak in winter. They suggest save up t 40% on areas being served, when 60 % may be readily obtained with best practices and 70% with optimum practices.
      They say before using a HP draft proof your house. That is an impossibility. Like specs calling for waterproof louvers, no such critter exists, water resistant yes, and even those subject to wind speeds etc.
      Most houses are leaky for air penetration. A good R2000 may achieve 1 air change per hour. A passive design 0.5 air change or a little batter……so even these are not "draftproof".
      Such is the misleading info used by Nfld Power and Take Charge,

  10. Today's CBNNL : "Climate change putting entire North Atlantic ecosystem at risk" A conference held Saturday, speakers Sean McGrath, founder of FANE, also a philosophy professor at MUN , and Brett of the Marine Institute. (Do they read UG?)
    Our fisheries and much more at high risk.
    And that Environment Minister Graham Letto Way Forward plan to reduce GHG and double oil production :"the math simply does not add up"
    It is even silly to call it math,thought on a fine point it probably is, but this is mere school level arithmetic, the lowest form of math, which seems to complex for Letto, but the student strikers understand.
    And seems few of UG readers bother to do arithmetic on this issue?

  11. To state such utter nonsense as "ships and helicopters that service the offshore leave and return to a base here, not in Nova Scotia or Quebec… because of the Atlantic Accord" is just another woefully pathetic manifestation of the "victim complex" that has afflicted NLers since time immemorial, and continually nurtured and exploited by cynical NL politicians whenever it was political expedient, in order to rouse the old reliable "us against them" mentality so as to distract and deflect blame from the incompetent and corrupt governance NLers have endured by these very same politicians, again, since time immemorial.

    Ships and helicopters that service the offshore "leave and return to a base here" because it is the safest, most economical and cost-effective manner in which to provide support services to an inherently hazardous industry in one of the most inhospitable and dangerous working environments on the face of planet.

    To use such rabble-rousing rhetoric as to imply that it's only through some "accord" that other provinces aren't horning in on the action here because they are somehow more politically favoured bespeaks of a lamentable ignorance as to the logistics and economics involved in servicing and supporting the industrial activity in a hostile marine environment, as well as an obviously well-entrenched "victim complex" as mentioned previously.

    So for being such a would-be rabble-rouser predicated on a misconceptions and a dearth of knowledge (or more succinctly, for putting his foot in his mouth) Uncle Gnarley should be made to stand in the corner and recite "Offshore Petroleum Industry 101" until he becomes hoarse in his voicebox.

    • Yes, have to agree that UG went a little too far in mentioning that St. John's is the service base for supply ships and helicopters for the off shore went a little to far in making his point to show the importance of the Atlantic Accord. But think his other points are well taken and may be attributed to the AA. Geographically location determined that as the distance to Halifax or elsewhere is another 400 miles further, so more than doubling the distance. But as for the primary benificier of oil fields, and to be treated as if they were located on land, and why we are a so called have province, can be attributed to the Accord. But anonymous @ 1843 no point in getting your nickers in such a knot that it restricts the flow of oxygen to your brain to indulge in such terms as "victim complex", " time immemorial", " rabble-rousing rhetoric" etc. serves no purpose either, except to maybe emphasize that you have a rather short fuse in making you point. Take a pill and write again says Joe blow. Cheers.

    • I don't aggre wit you buddy. I said it befour and I’ll say it agin. We've been hear for almost 500 yaers which means we got as much write to screw anybody else on the continant, excpt for Beothuks, but poor soles their gone.
      An another thing Malcolm and Bill afre both Rowes and though I didn't know them personally, their families is good, which is good enough for me. Malcolm Rowe is axtually much smarter than all them korrupt judges from QC; he made his disicion by listening to the peuple of NL, rather than doing all that hard reading of tones of papers from the QC court. Sure Jeez, I bet they was all writtin in French anyawy
      cheer AJ, Average Joe, Joe Blow

    • A wonderful and amusing reply AJ. You gave him credit for his point on UG going a little too far, a rare event, but your fair comment that anon went to far (acusing of being a rabble rouser etc) and should take a pill, I thought very funny and it just drove him crazy to then use the f word.
      Showed he really needed to take a pill . Atavan would be good , kicks in fast, but to be avoided long term as it is addictive.
      Alternate , maybe he should walk more , as you do, to stay cool.

    • Better the echo chambers than the anonymous elusive trolls lurking like vultures in the shadows as usual says average Joe. And you guys are only fooling and making a fool of yourselves. 90 percent of the regular readers on this blog, know how I write, what I write and my style. We can pick you out anytime of the day or night from your previous comments on this blog especially when you revert to your lowest basic instincts of superiority, and self importance.

    • Lol…I could string circles around you anytime, that I really tried, wether it be talking, knowledge, common sense, spelling or kicking you ass, even at my age now says average Joe. Oh yes for spelling … see those online readings where most words have only the first and last letter in the correct place, only 30 percent can read that correctly. Guess you bomb out. But I can read it easily with 100 percent accuracy.

    • "wether" "you ass" "first and last letter"
      don't know what "online readings" you're on about.. if they only have first and last letters in correct place, you're visiting some mighty odd sites Waldo.. sorta like "See Dick run.. see Dick blather on about nothing"

    • Ask any modern day online user or Facebook, for example, and they will direct you to it, and most words have a dozen letters or so. Don't show your ignorance of modern day on line common knowledge so easily. Get a grip for Christ sake and you take another pill as its getting near my bedtime says average Joe.

    • Interesting to see now if Ex dare show his face on this blog again writing under his usual handle, as he has lost all creditability as a respected engineer, but especially his personal creditability. Of course he will appear as the anonymous troll many times more as he has done for more than a year, when it suits his purpose. He criticizes and degrades all people from this province, and at least for the second time he has gone as low as one can go, and criticizes the highest court in the land. But not only the court in general, but individuals by name, and as we know they are unable to defend themselves. And who is Ex? A highly paid civil servant working for you and me, and all Canadians in Ottawa, yet he wallows in the gutter as the anonymous troll and thinks everyone is fair game including individual judges on the highest court in the land, mocking him in every way possible. As for me, check all of my comments and you will never see me go to that level or anywhere near it. Yes, I mock our local politicians, nalcor people and others that have brought us this boondoggle. And that includes a former PM and his side kick Peter McKay that were instrumental in enabling this boondoggle, not to try and help us but to burry us. I didn't even question the intent of the two NS premiers Dexter or McNeil, as for the senator Duffy, well think I praised him, rather than criticized him, and similar for the current PM. But they are politicians. As for the people of any province, I have never criticized them as a people or said anything bad about them, just the person I am communicating with from where ever they came from. So, I have had my say on this subject, mainly of the anonymous troll, and I rest my case says average Joe.

    • AJ;

      I don’t really understand why you keep associating me with those anonymous comments. -> I DID NOT WRITE ANY OF THEM <-
      It seems you haven’t bothered yet to ask Des about the IP address associated with those comments – like I pointed you many months ago.
      => Until you check with Des, STOP ASSOCIATING ME WITH THOSE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS!!! <=

      (FWIW; If above anonymous “18 March 2019 at 20:36” is one of those you think I wrote, do you really believe I would have written the following:
      “…all them korrupt judges from QC; he made his disicion by listening to the peuple of NL, rather than doing all that hard reading of tones of papers from the QC court. Sure Jeez, I bet they was all writtin in French anyway”.

      Are you using this pretext to spit unwarranted garbage insults at me? Maybe you still have a beef from my position on the FLG and fiscal/political accountability?

      Anyways, I'm assuming your insults come from your "belief" I wrote those anonymous comments. –> I expect a clarification from you as this will dictate my next course of action.

    • Ex. Milititary Engr.

      In the matter of the posted comment, 18 March 2019 @ 20:38 some bugger wrote that comment and attached my handle to it. I have considered some options in response to Ex.Militiary Engr:

      1) Ignor ( let the chips fall where they may)

      2) in any of my comments I did not mention your handle.

      3) the comment may have been made by anonymous 18 March 2019 @ 18:43

      4) the comment may have been made by another anonymous.

      5) I could Persue the matter myself.

      I have always lived my life by honesty and integerity. A man is only as good as his word. You have given your word. I accept it.

      Sincerely, Joe blow, average Joe, AJ.

    • Feeling are important. Imagine if NL and Quebec kissed and made up, and DW did not give us the boondoggle.
      Imagine if we love the fish in the ocean more than oil under the ocean.
      Imagine if we felt good about the governance of our province, that we felt politicians were honest and wise.
      Imagine……..heck , John Lennon already put that into a song, from his feelings.

  12. Anon 18:43
    I do agree with you. The nativists are getting their shorts in knots. Must be skulduggery going on to steal our birthright. Why even Ches-the-Dour was on such a track last week when talking to Ted Blades on radio. Imagine he said that Ontario mainlander Tom Adams, suggesting that his (C-the-D) sleight-of-hand with Muskrat mitigation was mathematically impossible. C-the-D puffed his chest and said we've had "mainlanders" telling us what to do since '49. Thing is UG and fellow travelers seem to forget the L'il Trump Dan destroyed any illusions that we can look after things ourselves. Yes we will lose the AA and yes we will lose all the offshore royalties and yes in 2041 UC will be QC's; get ready for it and suck it up.

    • The continued exploitation of NLers' ingrained sense of xenophobia and victimization by this Crosbie and the rest of those crafty bastards is enough to make one puke gouts of thick, green bile.

      It's most unfortunate that the Mr. Tom Adams wasn't the individual charged with making the go/no-go decision on the MRF fiasco.

      He would've been inducted into the Order of NL for saving it from insolvency.

    • FW @ 00:03:

      On 29-Jan-2019 I commented and used the Nov-2018 Oversight Committee reports as an input to build the timeline of MF projected costs for a question when discussing crashing the bids as a way to determine why Astaldi was selected vs other bidders. That discussion moved to mud slinging instead of being a technical discussion.

      No discussion otherwise that I have seen on any of the Oversight Committee workings; I haven't fully digested the Dec 2018 report yet (only read through quickly once yet).

      Anything of note?


    • It included "on time on budget", mantra a few times. Seems to be a long drawn out contract closeout/commissioning process. Not enough juice, (contingency), to draw down, to cover errors, omissions, deficiencies, and claims?

  13. AND this just in … how much have we sunk into the preliminary process already? Will we get it back when the project is scrapped? How come they were so bullish just a short time ago and now seem to be pulling back their horns? Huh?

    From Daily Barrel – NOIA – today

    Cost cuts targeted for Equinor's Bay du Nord

    From Upstream

    The following text was excerpted from the media outlet cited on March 14, 2019 and is provided to Noia members for information purposes only. Any opinion expressed therein is neither attributable to nor endorsed by Noia.

    Partners striving for 'better business case' before progressing with challenging deep-water project

    Equinor and its partners will not move their challenging Bay du Nord project off Newfoundland, Canada, past the next hurdle until costs have been reduced.

    Upstream understands that Equinor, Calgary-based Husky Energy and provincial oil company Nalcor believe costs must be cut significantly for them to make a concept select decision — known as Decision Gate 2 (DG2) — by the end of this year.

    Harald Eliassen, Equinor’s head of international projects, said last week at the Norwep Floating Production Conference in Oslo: “The reserves of 300 million barrels are quite limited for a deep-water, harsh-environment and far-from-shore development, so for this project we need to work hard to get costs down and improve the business case.”

    • Yes, think you are right on the money on this one Tors. I have been saying that since it was first mentioned. The Flemish past is a different quintile of fish, deep water and distance are the two important factors. The other oil fields on the Grand Banks are in relative shallow water, I like to say up to your knees, but when you go over the edge of the banks, you are working in water over your head, and that changes the water on the beans, not to mention you are almost doubling the distance offshore, and still in ice infested waters. So no, I am not holding my breath on this one either. Cheers, Joe blow.

  14. Holy shit!!
    The IE team did not inspect the North Spur.
    • It was reported that the dewatering well pumps were rehabilitated to remain reliable for several years. The North Spur
    design does not rely on the wells and an evaluation will be made after reservoir filling to decide if they can be shut down.

    Be afraid, be very afraid with these Bozos being the independent engineers. "design does not depend on the wells" is terrifying.

  15. "Lubricating oil contamination was discovered in all three units during precommissioning checks. Source of the contamination
    is not known at this time. External consultants are assisting in the investigation and will conduct root cause
    analysis of the problem."

    Problems with the SYNCHRONOUS CONDENSERS out of the box. How serious is this??

  16. If you want an indication of the independence of the "Independent Engineer"

    "Overall, the project is only 1% behind schedule and it is essentially on track for 1st power from Unit 1 in 2019."

    !% behind schedule! How is this math Winston? Anyone want a wee wager, perhaps for a bottle of good scotch, that first power will not be this year?

    • Seems Bruno, the IE cannot do arithmetic, so I would not elevate him to the use the word math.
      And too , are there 3 new SC? Originally one or 2 of Holyrood generators could be used as SC, and then as Gilbert did some engineering after the fact, they decided one more was needed, at Soldiers Pond, then a little more engineering work and low and behold two needed as SP…… I lost count. Is 3 new ones the final tally at SP? These to give stability for the DC power. These massive big flywheels essentially, contaminated?
      No end to this shit.
      You propose a good issue to wager on. First power in in 2019?
      Define first power, how long on before it trips out? 1 second , 1 minute, 1 day, 1 week?
      If very short, this is commissioning issues, and maybe kept secret, getting the bugs out say.
      The DC line has fisrt power since last summer, but not much power getting over it, due to software or other problems.
      The ML has been running for some time , but power going the wrong way. I look for exports to NS, but see none. And we have imported dirty coal power to 170 MW. Like Alice in Wonderland.
      But the good news: deep water offshore in trouble? You, I Robert and the school strikers must be pleased. 80 % to stay in the ground. So we can lay off some Nalcor workers?Not sure what PENG2 thinks of offshore roll back, to set a Canadian example?

    • Contamination of the bearing lube oil was reported or at least rumored months ago.Apparantly the bearing housing was out of round and had to be remachined to prevent oil leaking.Is it any wonder their was contamination when the seals weren't sealing and these units were stored on the dock in Bay Bulls(next to the ocean)for months.What will be the problems with the generators at MF that were delivered years before the site was ready, with no proper storage ,plus without proper documentation from the factory?

    • The IE admitted today that he was responsible for traveling around the world doing quality control of manufacturing of all the various components. How did he miss the bearing housing problem at the factory?

  17. Newfoundland is screwed. We elect political parties that inherit essentially the same bureaucrats. Then then we allow them to do whatever they want or nothing (no transparency) to the benefit a very well established elite in this province. Note, we live in a province where you can become a millionaire by running a not for profit (how?) shelter for the homeless. By operating here oil companies are laughing. By paying royalties directly to government and not the people of the province oil companies own government and its public service, and operate more or less free of the Atlantic Accord. Until this place gets really desperate and people begin to realize that government and its public welfare system are not a solution expect worsening economic conditions as the place for the majority of people continues to circle the drain.

    • Agreed. Canadians, (NLers included), rely too much on Gov. programs, (Central Banksters), to provide economic stimulus. Where has all the private wealth, (capital) gone? Thomas Piketty; "Capital", talks about "Rentiers". How can we get the piles of cash the boys and girls who built Muskrat accumulated, (non renewable oil fund), put back some sustaining jobs? I suppose that M. Williams' Galway does provide some reinvestments. Do oil workers actually live there?


    A reminder to all who contribute from Uncle himself so think about it before you turn the guns on me.

    I for one have virtually tuned out the comments section let alone wish to participate owing to a half-dozen people, all of whom are on this comment section as well. I suspect there are many others who feel the same way.

    Maybe a reset is in order?

    • Anon. Have you considered adding your name, and contribution, to the Concerned Citizens Coalition? Isn't it timely that you had some courage and faith in public discourse? Let your Little Light Shine. Come in from the Darkness.

    • At 2.7 million hits so far, it seems to be climbing, not people tuning out, but wold be nice to see more different people comment and more that give their name and not hide behind anon, as you do. But some have good reason to be anon, so that is fine too.
      I see no problem.Always interesting, and sometimes funny and at time a little crazy, overall I would rate it B+ or maybe an A
      No reset needed.
      Perhaps we should give thanks to the 1/2 dozen who keep this alive? At times when they don't comment, they are invited back, they are missed. Not much push to have regulars banned, but some call for more to comment, and give their names.
      UG stated getting very few comments and kept climbing. The death knell is when hardly anyone comments. The telly cut out comments and continue to slide downward.

    • The link was to a post from UG himself and I quote from the post:

      "The steady growth of the comments section, routinely many times the length of the blog post itself, has become a liability, particularly when many of the comments lack relevant substance or adopt negative qualities. While there may be wheat among the chaff, few readers will find the good stuff when they are buried in information they consider unnecessary or offensive."

      "All regular commenters should be getting the message by now…."

      Please take the time to read it.

    This morning at 11 am we are at 1337 MW, but surprised to see it is cold at -5.7C
    Generally trying to get a handle on what we hit for a normal winter day time for about 0C temp. I would guess about 1175 MW, which means without MFs our island renewables handles average winter day temperatures, but not the cold snaps or average night conditions.
    It sees, from generation observation that a sunny day can reduce 100 MW from the grid, due to solar gain through windows, and attics warmer so less heat loss there.
    Also that for about every 1C drop, we need about 25 MM more generation to handle the extra baseboard heat load. This is not linear, and may be say 20 mw when milder and 30 Mw extra when colder. And wind is a significant factor.
    These are general observations, and may be off 30%, and I suspect the power companies should have better data if they at all follow such things, which maybe they don't? Mr Straton was not too impressive in his forecasting approach to give the green lite for MFs, so doubt if he puts a figure on our typical solar gain/vs daytime peak load. Nostradamus they trust, for 57 years. Nostradamus may have envisaged Hitler, not not Nalcor or Straton!
    If we are to ramp up for electric vehicles, we need to control our peak load better, so who is assessing this, Nfld Hydro or Nfld Power, or Graham Letto? Or wait for Shnapse, then an election or two, and then some committees, and 10 years time still no plan?
    Charging stations along the TCH are about 100,000 each , so at every 50 mles about 1 million cost across the island, 50/50 witht he Feds , cost 1/2 million …….we wasted 100 million on the DOME, on the blink of an eye, but can't decide to put in charging stations! What about a Go fund me, for charging stations? Maybe the school strikers will start it?

  20. There is no compelling of readers to read posts that don't interest them. They are free to ignore what they consider "chaff".

    Criticism from anon trolls is self serving and often just troll persons not afraid to publish their name. Their opinions are worthless and are best ignored.

  21. The cross examination of Nik Argirov was pathetic. He was not prepared and did not ask any questions about the north spur when Argirov said their experts did their own investigation and came to the conclusion that Nalcor was correct. They ignored Bernanders work and doubled down on the "no risk" hypothesis threatening to shut the pumps down post dam filling.

    Learmonth was unable to ask about dam induced seismicity. Argirov said Labrador was not seismically active, just denying the risk and Mr. Learmonth just moved on. What a colossal farce this "inquiry" has become. Learmonth is incompetent!

    It is well known that filling a dam causes quakes as large as 3.5 on the richter scale. This is enough to cause quick clay to liquefy and flow suddenly. This denial of risk that ignores warnings of federal geophysicists and concerns documented by Bernander, is criminal and again disgraces that iron ring.

    • Earthquakes in AB recently, was sufficient to curtail fracking, near Red Deer. However, now that Notley is prepared to relinquish power to regulate, the Tories will no doubt liberate the crews to Frack on, who gives a goddam. Here in BC, Site C is following Muskrat track, (Despite Vardy's sage advice), and we, under the Horgan/Weaver crowd, are fracking away in proximity of the earth dam, doomed to fail, like Muskrat. Remember Mount Polley fail.

  22. I don't think the judge is very impressed with the testimony give by the IE. He has asked him several questions directly and think he gave up on him as he refuses to give a direct answer or explanation. My take says Joe blow.

  23. My god, listening to Learmonth leading Nik Argirov into saying that he, the IE, had no problem with Nalcor changing his report is stomach churning. What a farce! At least LeBlanc called Argirov on it but he got no satisfying response from Argirov.

    Learmonth just led Argirov into saying that the issue with the bad wire was no problem! No need to determine fault, let then insurance company worry about it, quite an admission from the "IE". Rather than "independent" Argerov and Learmonth are "colluding" to use a contemporary metaphor.

    The inquiry has descended into farce!

  24. In view of the incompetence and corruption that has afflicted NL politicians throughout the history of NL, and the dire consequences of such for the NL people… I for one would cheer the in trust custodianship of NL's resources by any entity other than the NL government.

    That half-assed bunch wouldn't be able to properly manage a little child's lemonade stand.

    Surprised to see Canada, being among the worst in the world for GHG emissions per person, and oil production, was also # 3 for most students in the strike action. #1 was Italy, #2 France #3 Canada. In all 1.6 million students around the world took part.
    Maybe this what PENG2 means when he says we can set an example? Or that this leads to real action and meaningful policy?
    Does arithmetic say double our oil production is good to reduce world wide GHG? Can Graham Letto do arithmetic? Should he be replaced as Environment Minister, an insult to that department and the government?

  26. A former deputy minister for the Department of Natural Resources was recently awarded a $337,000 consulting contract without competition by Nalcor"

    This is the kind of thing that goes on the USA – a revolving door between ex gov people and industry.

    1) Does this person have a skill set that is worth $337,000 and what kind of consulting is he doing? Is it in his area of expertise?

    2) Is this influence peddling?

    3) Is this repayment for past favors, or a message to others that favors are to be had if you favor Nalcor ?

    Today (December 2016), the Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, together with the Honourable Siobhan Coady, Minister of Natural Resources, announced that Gordon McIntosh has been appointed to the role of Deputy Minister with the Department of Natural Resources.

    Looking at his bio is appears that he might be worth it if properly utilized.

    Nevertheless, it looks like it is business as usual in this Banana Republic. Why not a job competition?

  27. WE WILL CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN WE COME TO IT:(see the cbcnl piece) that was Coady's response to a likely crisis if the Labrador in feed power goes down for weeks, Holyrood is decommissoned, and we have no substantial supply from NS, and no transmission capability to get sufficient power to the Avalon.
    "Cross the bridge when we get to it" implies that there will be a bridge to cross, and that the bridge was planned and built and reliable to cross when needed.
    When (not if) the DC line goes down, the back up must be in place, so to avoid rotating outages and a crisis. Liberty describes load shedding and rotating outages as third world methods. So…….connecting to the North American grid, instead of our isolated system was to be a big plus, was it not? 12.7 billion, and what will that connection do for our reliability of power on the Eastern Avalon?
    This question raised in the House by NDP Michaels, should have been a public concern prior to sanction in 2012, but only now getting attention.
    The issues back then :Do we need the power was the primary question. That the Power Act required the power to be reliable was little discussed, but was assumed by the public it would be, and too that NS could back feed power to us. Such was th elies and deceit fed the public, and little questioned by the media.
    7 years later the public, and the opposition parties and the CA and ex PUB chief are only now deeply worried about a crisis looming, and one option being: 500 million more for gas turbines and plenty of fuel to keep them going, power at a cost of 28 cent vs 13 cent power from Holyrood now.
    Did anyone notice how Letto figited (NTV footage) when Coady struggled to address the concern raised by Michiels. Letto, remember is presently wanting to increase our winter load by switching from oil, making rotating outages even worse. Such is "THE WAY FORWARD", one step ahead and 2 back; they know not want they do.
    There is no thought out plan. They mislead the public. Few trust anything they say, and now they put it all on the shoulders of the PUB. Keep the lid on past election time is the goal.
    Winston Adams

  28. Bruno suggests a wager of first power will not be 2019. At the Inquiry this morning, Cahill points out the difference in first power and commercial power, and that a rush to first power can actually delay commercial power, as tradesmen and engineers are working in an energised plant that can slow ongoing work.
    So why the rush for first power? Politics of course. Say MFs in generating power, even if only for a few hours, and 3 year late. Get a photo up of a smiling Ball and Coady and Stan Marshall, while there is no commercial power form MFs. Propaganda is key. First power NOT commercial power. This BS is what Cahill and others have to deal with. So it slows the productivity, and adds more to cost, but the SHOW must go on. They need the photo ops . Get the train back on tract, whether the train and track is still a boondoggle ……..what the hell. Have something positive for Leblanc by Dec: first power achieved, even for only 10 minutes.

  29. More on PEAK LOAD
    Surprising how we repeat and how predictable our daily peak load is.
    Nfld Hydro, the day before, most always predict within 1 % accuracy for the next day, so if now about 1300MW, that is only 13 MW off
    They use Nostradamus software. Key factors is temperature, wind speed , and sunshine should be. Others are almost automatic as to our heatloads etc, and morning and suppertime peak, all very predictable as to our habits and work hours and eating times etc.
    Yesterday at 11 am we were at 1337 Mw.
    Today at the same hour we were at 1355 MW.
    The wind was about the same , 21 to 22 km/h.
    The temp was warmer today bout 1.6 C
    This should indicate a lower load not higher.
    But yesterday if was brighter , a bit more sun. Today,this reduced sun likely caused most of the difference.
    Solar panels generate power, yes, but is inefficient and costly.Passive solar gain is important to reduce peak loads: more of the glass on the south, less on the north, triple glaze windows, allowing solar gain but reducing heat loss. To reduce our peak load, we need to take advantage to increase solar benefits. Adding cheap plastic on a window may reduce a little draft, but reduces solar gain, and hampers vision. Take Charge 2 dollar rebate on plastic…..40 years behind the times.
    If Peter Alteen is serious, as to concern for customers, time to cut the BS Take Charge measures like that. Over a decade now of 2nd Worse in Canada for EE for customers. SHAME ON NFLD POWER, NFLD HYDRO, Minister Coady, Minister Letto. You all fiddle while Rome burns, and risks of future rotating power outages. Two dollar rebates for window plastic won't stop rotating outages.

  30. EV REBATES: in BC, 5000.00. in PQ, 8000.00, IN Ont 14,000.
    Yesterday the Fed budget announces 5000.00 tax cretit. Sol does this add to the provincial rebates?
    will Nfld, Mr Letto soon announce a rebate for Nfld?
    Synapse proposes elecrticification in NL via EVs. The Fed program adds to this with their incentive.
    UG readers had little interest in this, even our buddies from Quebec, thought PQ is big into this for their hydro power.
    PENG2 says we need external revenue, but is not energy used here and also to rdure our GHG more value than sending power outside at little benefit in revenue. Nfld use First?
    To me, the Fed incentive seems important in support of the Synapse proposal, but where is the politicians? Is Letto going Green with AN EV?

    • WA @ 14:335:

      First with the incentives – how is depreciation on EVs over a couple of years? I see incentives being great for the original owner, but is resale value remains higher than comparable ICE vehicles I think this could impede introduction.

      for your GHG question, I think its more complicated than looking at NL in isolation. If we are currently at 85% 'green energy' and say NS is 40% 'green energy' where is the greater advantage to for additional 'green energy' generation in NL? Holyrood will have to remain online for redundancy on NL, so if we could help NS get 'greener' is that of a benefit greater than the revenue (NS or MB could be of value especially if 'unreliable' MF power is of value to them)?

      This is all considering if MF operates and is stable. Did you ever consider my assertion that generati9ng 50MW at MF will carry the same cost as max generation – that is MF operation is all or nothing?

      Also, COD (commercial operations date) is defined in the FLG.


    • I have not evaluated depreciation. I read that within 5 years costs to purchase EVs may match ICEs(Internal combustion engines vehicles), even if not so , the much lower operation costs and less maintenance would make EVs attractive. So incentives for initial uptake is important and then less incentives is needed later. Those who drive a lot, saving on fuel would be substantial.

      As to GHGs , yes we are now 85 % green, but that is for electricity generation on the island, and will be 98 % if MFs operates as expected. Holyrood reduction is only about 9% ? of our GHG emissions, whereas transportation is about 40 %. So that is a major opportunity for NL to reduce our GHG,and utilise our own power, much more than shutting Holyrood.

      As to Holyrood redundancy, if MFs operates: I expect Holyrood old units will be off, and on standby a few years before being decommissioned. I expect new gas turbines for quick start will be needed for emergency, but used little, and low cost wind added. Excess island hydro will go to NS to satisfy contracts. Beyond that it seems prudent for NB and NS to have interconnections with HQ to eliminate NS coal and oil, and to power their EVs. HQ power would be more cost competitive, and further: the Feds should share the power link capacity cost for that to speed up Eastern Canada for EVs and reduced GHG by shutting down NS coal and oil sooner than now planned. The Feds should be encouraging that if they want Canada an example for GHG reduction.
      Shameful that NS burning coal (and also sending some of that dirty power now to Nfld) and PQ with surplus cheap hydro.

  31. Thinking over this column and the points UG was trying to make, one must conclude that the most apt field of study to understand NL politics, and ultimately society, is that of parasitology. I once thought it was a society of predators (merchants and their scion) and prey, not any more. UG makes one realize that Danny L'il Trump was the most virulent parasite to afflict the body politic of NL. A flea so insidious that its vectors have killed off anything with a backbone, leaving modern provincial politics with nothing but gormless junior parasites. But it's not just politics in NL that has been invaded and sucked dry by parasites. All those highly paid consultants at Nalcor working on MF fit the bill. Rather than pull out when the project was obviously off-the-rails, they kept up their bloodsucking and feasting. And look around at all the legal beagles chasing ambulances. Instead of being members of a proud tradition of lawmakers and keepers, they "fight" for every last ml of blood from the insurance companies, using their little match girl commercials, sucking dry everybody else that drives. Don't forget the ferries where some are upset that the govt won't fly dogs without kennels. Then there are many that want dialysis machines in every church basement and rec centre. It goes on and on and deeper and deeper.

    • The ethic emanates from the top and the consultants were commissioned in defence of the fraud again from the top.

      Yes merchants and their scions are largely replaced by your emperor, save for the Cosby clan. They seem to have no shame, poppa gave away the last of the cod complex, against scientific advice, now Ches is trying sleight of hand to make all forget what party was responsible for MF.