(Come Home… Please!)

The Province and MUN is hosting little chats
in the hopes of luring Expat’s and Alumni back –
seeking extra revenues for interest on the bonds,
and to gain from their experiences in the bigger Ponds.

Surveying to find why Pats fled in want attack!
Why-survey costs to save: well-paid work, a lack.
NL jobs are scarce and most in Pol’s embrace,
folks wouldn’t have to leave if opportunity the case.

—- Come home … Please! For the flighty projects grand,
with management and moose, we’re overmanned.
Few careers to entice a return to Province nice,
but an ‘Uncle’ on committee adds some spice.

Where the treasury’s beset, your kids inherit debt,
and taxes, and the bills, a source of huge regret.
Where potholes bust the tires, produce oft expired,
and high gas and living costs sure to leave you mired. —-

Bored of up-along? Come back to Newfoundland
where family and friends will often lend a hand,
— (free scenery and fresh air!) —
but lifestyles of the past, are now in theatre cast,
and it’s unlikely that big service spend to last.

John Tuach
28 February, 2018


The substance of Hydro’s mission is to satisfy the contracts with Emera to get large amounts of power flowing into Nova Scotia for the betterment of that province and its ratepayers.  The Island could easily live without the Muskrat Fals project and in fact, other than for the onerous Emera contracts, NL ratepayers would be best off if it was abandoned and left to rust.


PlanetNL52: Happy Anniversary Emera on 1 Year of Official Energy Delivery Not Quite What Emera Bargained For Despite all the bad news related to Labrador Island...


Cabot Martin’s sudden passing, in September, has stirred his friends, colleagues, and others familiar with his work, to honor him and encourage continued work in applied research and public policy development.


  1. On a somewhat related note, now here we have yet more asinine blather from the abysmally incompetent political leadership chronically afflicting this wretched province, this time originating from the individual who made such an horrendously expensive mess of the transportation file, AL HAWKINS, craftily purveying his cheesy political propaganda to unsuspecting students at a college mentorship panel that Hawkins co-opted for cynical political purposes and of course the always-sought-after "political photo-op"…


    "We are taking measures to ensure that the skill sets required of you, you’ll be prepared for them." Hawkins says.

    Now, can someone please tell me just what the hell that garbled prattle means??

    Hello Al… the students are already enrolled in a construction program that will prepare them with the required skills, so that measure has already been taken, obviously.

    Indeed, in the face of the Buildforce Canada report's gloomy predictions for the NL construction industry over the next 4 years…I ask you, is it all possible that NL politicians may one day speak clearly, frankly and honestly to the people that pay their excessively generous salaries and pensions? Instead of insulting intelligence and raising false hopes with such steaming hot gouts of politically-induced verbal diarrhea?


    Regardless, as for the future… once these young students get hit by the "measures" Minister Al and his band of nitwits, dimwits and culprits have taken to gouge these young people of their hard-earned wages, what with the highest taxes in Canada and vile "deficit levies" so as to perpetuate the most bloated government and public service in all Canada, and then the Muskrat Madness electricity bills ON TOP of all that… once these young people clue in on how very badly they're being taken to the cleaners by the NL government in comparison to their peers in other provinces and overseas… make no mistake about it… those young folks will be gone from this debtor's prison of a province like the proverbial shot out of gun and then, once established, will be sending for Mom and Dad to sell the house and come live with them to look after the grand-kids. And proper bloody thing, too.

    So no worries there Al, about "taking measures to ensure skill sets are prepared" or whatever the hell it is you're failing to articulate… these kids are smart and they're mobile, and they're online…they'll know soon enough what a farce of governance this tortured rock is condemned to endure as a result of the perpetual lineage of inept and/or dodgy NL partisan politicians that has plagued the NL political system throughout the ages.

    So Al, no worries there… you can bet your excessively generous MHA's pension that these young potential contributors will not voluntarily be sticking around to subject themselves and their families to such an ongoing fiasco of governance.

    • Beautifully written. Agree 100%. Newfoundland politicians have made a mockery of democracy and common sense. They have pillaged exploited this province to the extreme, to a point from which it is unlikely to recover. Not the first time by the way.

  2. Yes come home and help dig us out of the Danny mess! What person of average intelligence would do such a thing. If you are out you should stay out. This is not going to get better but it will get worse, way worse.