EDITOR’S NOTE: We haven’t heard from the “whistleblower”, referred to as
the “Anonymous Engineer”, in awhile. But it is important to remember that he is the
engineer who originally disclosed falsification of the estimates for the
Muskrat Falls project on January 30, 2017. His revelations were described in a
post entitled Muskrat Falls Estimates A Complete
and a second post on February 6, 2017 called Muskrat:
Allegations of Phony Cost Estimates
, as well as to the CBC.
Writing today, the whistleblower responds to Consumer Advocate, Dennis Browne,
whose recent public comments suggest he is confusing “Forensic Audit”
and “Forensic Accounting”. – Des Sullivan

Guest Post by the “Anonymous Engineer 

The letter to the Editor of the Telegram and the
concurrent discussion with the journalist Pam Frampton by the Consumer Advocate
Dennis Browne of August 19th, 2017 was a futile exercise in public

Mr. Browne did not say anything that the public had not already heard from
Premier Ball, Minister Coady and CEO Stan Marshall. At least there is one
remarkable element of consistency – they are all singing from the same sheet of
music, which no one believes.

What was missing, as always, is the credible action

Dennis Browne

The quote from Dennis Browne in the Telegram reads:

“This is beyond forensic accounting. This requires a full, open process that citizens can participate in. Anything
less would be a disservice to the people of this province. The public needs to
hear what went on here. I urge a full public inquiry presided over by a senior
justice of our Supreme Court.”

A full judicial inquiry is
beyond doubt the Gold Standard  – the limitation is, in all
likelihood, it will never get done. Committing to a plan that is completely
open ended, without any commitment to implementation is deceitful. Most people
by now can see through this. The lack of credibility is absolute.

Also by stating that “This is beyond forensic
accounting,” Dennis Browne is demonstrating a lack of understanding of the
process of Forensic Audits.

Forensic Accounting is enormously different than
Forensic Auditing.

Forensic Accounting is the investigation of illegitimate
financial transactions, while Forensic Auditing is the analysis of the sequence
of events and the process of decision making.

How could the Consumer Advocate
knowledgeably address anything about audits if he does not know the difference?

A Forensic Audit will investigate the process of
decision making and who made what decisions and uncover any evidence of
wrongdoing. The scope of the Forensic Audit is simple and precise.

It will inquire as to why the estimates were so low and substandard, how they got approved, and what was the process of project sanction.

Ed Martin,
Gilbert Bennett and Paul Harrington should be able to provide the answers.

The process is very simple and
straightforward. If it transpires that there is evidence of wrongdoing, then a
judicial investigation is warranted, which obviously has a much larger scope
and authority.

It is much better to perform a Forensic Audit
immediately and establish criteria for further investigation, than to wait forever for a judicial inquiry that may never happen.
The Consumer Advocate obviously knows this.

The most important question is how soon an inquiry can be called. 

This question has been asked many times over.

If we wait until construction is over, including commissioning, then we are
looking at about 2020 or 2021.  Add about another one year for the
formulation of a Judicial Committee. The earliest an inquiry can start will be
in 2022 – five years away. By then, there is no guarantee that Dennis Browne
will be Consumer Advocate, or Dwight Ball will be Premier. The whole Judicial
Inquiry could easily be forgotten.

This is just an attempt to delay an inquiry as long as
possible, or better, not do one at all.

And, anyway, of what use would an inquiry be ten years after project sanction? 

Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall sees an inquiry as
inevitable and the best way to get at the facts, but he thinks it’s in the best
interests of the province to wait until the project is done.
“When the project is done there will be time (for
an inquiry),” he said, and added cryptically, “I don’t think all the answers
you’re looking for are necessarily in this building.” 

Marshall, together with Minister Coady are never in favour of an Audit of any
kind. Though they say they support an Audit, their actions are expressly to the
contrary. In five years from now, who knows where they will be.

It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one
in authority wants a Forensic Audit. Not the AG, not the Consumer Advocate,
not Minister Coady, not Stan Marshall and not the Premier. 

At least they are
consistent – united in their resistance to the truth and obstruction to the
process of discovery.

There must be a Forensic Audit now.


If a Big Mac costs McDonalds $10 to produce and it is sold for $1.50, McDonalds will go out of business. They would not declare a profit!


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


  1. Just another rail against obfuscation without any reality of getting any forensic anything. Ever! Whistling Dixie is a term once used for futility and wailing in the wind.

    The real problem is oft stated but little actioned – non-affordable electricity rates that will bring Newfoundlanders to their knees; drive them off in hordes (where to go, eh?); ruin their enterprises; destroy their properties (boat burning looms again); close their industries; impoverish future generations.

    Nobody really cares how this happened or who is responsible (we already know who is responsible). Stop the madness, somehow, let's get back to an even keel, somehow; lick our wounds and go bravely into a future freed from the 60 years of indentured servitude to NALCOR.

    Bold action is needed, and needed now, audits and inquiries be damned, Anonymous predicts they will never happen.

    Perhaps if we simply refused to pay our electricity bills beyond current rates; what are they going to do, take all of us to court? Cut off our juice?

    Start with personal generation and alternate power sources as soon as possible. We can destroy NALCOR by simply not paying the excessive rates to NLPower; once they buckle NALCOR won't be far behind. A generating monopoly owned by the Crown sells to a private monopoly; everyone makes a profit and the only way to hurt them is to cut off their revenues in a pan-provincial civil action. Sounds good to me.

    Oh Stan, you are a great big disappointment.

  2. I want a North Spur panel formed! They have no idea how much or even if it is possible to tame that monster! It can kill every worker on the site in seconds and strand billions! The rest of it needs RCMP!

    Out children & grandchildren pay for this!

    • Doc's are being destroyed and or transfer and or rewritten for cover up. There was a two person camp post this summer at Nalcor HQ and there were 7 3 ton shredder trucks in the 5 days that they were camp out. And as for the 2013 Doc that no one seen, that need a Forensic Audit.

    • Craig have you pitched the Telegram or CBC or NTV to do a story? This needs to be documented that Nalcor is shredding for a week.
      I know they have been slow to act on MF but things are so badly out of control now that you might find a journalist with the gumption to try to grill Nalcor. Pam Frampton may be willing.

  3. If the audit is delayed until well after completion, they key players will be able to say "I don't recall – I am old and 10 years is a long time ago". Doctors will testify that they might have early signs of dementia. Corporate media will tell us "Look forward, not back". Document retention policies will have allowed supporting material to be legally destroyed. Nalcor needs to be raided now and everything on their file servers, e-mail backups and paper files needs to be copied.

    • Totally agree on the requirement that documentation, both physical and electronic, should be secured right away. Unfortunately I would not be surprised there has already been lots of shredding, deleting, dumping, etc.

  4. CORRUPTION – this post from Roy Wiseman needs to be repeated:

    Consumer Advocate Dennis Browne ran the election campaign tours of Clyde Wells, Brian Tobin and Dwight Ball, receiving his appointment as consumer advocate for his service.

    • And don forget that Clyde Wells once headed up Nfld Power,then as Premier, wanted Nfld power to buy Nfld Hydro………so still likely a big share owner in Fortis, like Stan Marshall.
      How much conflict of interest is going on here! My manure meter swings high on this. Really …..does this pass the manure meter test……..
      Politics at play, both Tory and Liberal corruption and a racket it seems.
      Dennis tied to Wells and Ball
      Ball Appoints Wells as `Independent` Advisory Commission Chair
      Wells appoints Dennis Browne as Consumer Advocate
      Ball Appoints Marshall as Nalcor boss
      Marshall brings along Fortis lawyer John Green
      Like Incestuous relationships, and all with a common purpose : not to have that audit.
      Take or Pay to cover 15 billion:
      Nalcor bill Nfld Hydro, Hydro bills Nfld Power, Nfld power bill ratepayers; Nfld power owned by Fortis; Fortis profits goes back to shareholders; Nalcor losses dumpmed on the back of the ratepayers…….a merry go round for the few well connected.
      As to not paying power bills beyond todays rates and alternate measures …….if not coordinated and started now it will have little effect. You will be picked off one by one and disconnected, a few examples made, similar to the Labrador protesters. Too much talk and not enough action.
      This engineer is right…….forensic audit needed now….good he clarified what Browne said
      Browne seems to speak from both sides of his mouth, like the others that crossed over.

    • You must have forgotten.Mr.Browne,previously Consumer Advocate from 1996-2004, was replaced by Tom Johnson and appointed by Danny Williams.I'm sure the fact Danny's brother Tommy and Johnson worked at the same law firm was a mere coincidence.Johnson supported this project but did pay some lip service to high rates.

    • Yes, as Consumer Advocate Johnson quietly agreed with the power companies on issues of efficiency and conservation, so that they never came before the PUB…….all agreed to before public consultations at the PUB. And Johnson would never call expert evidence to counter the power companies on these issues. Just as well if we worked directly for the power companies

  5. The obscenity continues to escalate. Dennis Browne being called a Consumer Advocate when he refuses to illuminate the MF disaster is evidence of his contempt for his role. He is there to obfuscate the truth in his ongoing defence of feudal corruption.

    These quislings, betraying their public role and defending the ongoing corruption, need to be exposed and publicly humiliated for their complicity in the destruction of the public treasury for the benefit of their feudal masters.

    Dennis Brownenoser without understanding the difference between an audit and inquiry refuses to act in the consumers interest. He instead protects the ongoing corruption and incompetence without concern for human life, future unaffordable costs or the unrestrained Nalcor spending on unlimited and untendered contracts.

    In short Brownenoser is not advocating for the consumer but for the feudal oligarchs of his class. He must be publicly shamed and confronted for his failure to fulfill his role. Who will stand up and defend democratic transparency?

    • Fact(1)Dennis Browne's job as consumer advocate is to fight to keep the rates as low as possible which I'm sure he will do.Fact(2)He has no power to call for an inquiry or any kind of audit.Fact(3)As a person with the 2041 group Mr.Browne told us for years about the perils and problems with Muskrat Falls.Fact(4)Adding the word noser to Browne's last name is simply ignorant.As to who will stand up and defend democratic transparency.Maybe you Bruno can move to NL from NS and lead the charge.I'm sure we'll all listen to you.

    • Browne can do more than try to keep rates as low as possible.
      1.He could have called for the forensic audit instead of suggesting the public inquiry that will serve little benefit 5 years or more down the road.
      2. He could recommend robust efficiency measures like Nova Scotia that helps residents reduce their energy use and counters high power rates.
      3. We could advocate for Nalcor not have a manopoly that prevents other energy sources……a 5 MW restriction for net metering is a joke
      4. He could advocate for municapilities to enforce and improve building codes beyond the National building code
      5 he could advocate for a carbon tax, and a gas tax, that is used exclusively to feed back to customers for home energy savings.
      6 Maybe other things as well…………and disclose whether he or his spouse hold or had held shares in Fortis.
      7 Also force power companies to adhere to best practises for power forecasting, including end-use research, that they fail to do here, despite being called out by Manitoba Int Consultants in 2012.
      8 That power companies, Take Charge provide more evidence based information for customers for energy savings instead of assumptions that are deceptive and trickery to fool customers.
      9 He could set an example by show casing his own residence for energy savings……….etc.
      Let him be a real advocate for the consumer instead of a month piece for the government, to cover up this fiasco.
      Motto : Forensic audit for the Fiacco Falls.


    • Anon 11:28,
      Perhaps while you were snoozing you missed I have been doing my part both from here and NL for years. I decried the regulatory neutering and the lies about the need, cost, spur, alternatives and the shady backroom deals cut with fraudsters without oversight.

      Does the Brownenoser nickname strike too close to home?

    • Right on 1244, we are both entitled to our own opinion, but not our own facts. Your facts are basically opinions, much like mine. And I call a spade a spade if if the cap fits ..wear it. The facts have been presented on this blog many times, and appears you choose to ignor them. But here is one basic fact that says it all. It took the province some 67 years to accumulate a net debt of 15$ billion, in the past five years muskrat has accumulated another 15$ billion (or in the near future) that's a total of 30$ billion for a small province of one half million people. That is an albratros for generations unborn. The provincial net debt was inflicted by many…but mainly politicians. The other 15$ billion was unnecessarily inflicted by a rather select group in the past few years by the muskrats, and everyone of them are responsible, and should throw up every morning they look in the mirror including the so called consumer advocate, and hang their collective heads in shame, but rather are still at the public trough and continuing to add to the 30$ billion way beyond their collective weight, along with their bumboys, and that sir is my humble opinion, and my way of calling a spade a spade.

  6. Trudeau expected to name O'Reagan to junior cabinet post, following resignation of Ms. Foote. She had "the ear of the PM", and was singularly responsible for the continued financial backing of Muskrat. Now, where does O'Reagan stand on the need for forensics on the project? If NL cannot through its MP's exercise some control, the boondoggle will continue.

    • With respect, aren't there enough good people in his riding, with equal concerns about the boondoggle, to hold him, (O'Reagan), to higher standards of accountability? Harris was a much more honest representative. I do not understand the vehemence with which the bloggers here are vilifying their Provincial reps while giving a pass on the MPs. It is the latter who are continuing to fund this debacle.

    • Good question Robert. I know the Labrador folks want to hold the federal government to account. To date as you have seen in the west Trudeau talks the talk but can't walk the walk. We shall see what O'Reagan will do for NL when he gets his junior portfolio.

  7. Many thanks for your illuminating analysis Anon Engineer. You really can explain complex ideas very well and clearly – Thanks.

    There is one thing you don't understand. The only responsibility of the Consumer Advocate is not to protect the consumer, but to protect himself and those who gave him the job. Don't expect him to have any analytical capability, if he did he would not have said what he did. His only responsibility is to defend the Premier who gave him the job.

    David Lean

    • Your black humour falls short. It amounts to a weak excuse for inactivity and complicity with the corruption. The least you could do is demand truth in advertising and demand the post be renamed Quisling In Chief.

  8. Our consumer advocate should be an advocate for lower energy bills, which is different from energy rates.
    Here is my electric heat monitoring consumption for 1000 sq ft since monitoring started about March 19, using 10 cents per kwh.
    Nfld Power refused to monitor for evidence based information!

    March $18.50 (for one third month, so about 55.00 for full month)
    April $ 31.80
    May $ 23.03
    June $ 16.20
    July $ 8.6
    Aug $ 5.28 (to Aug 23)

    Jan to Mar would be expected about 55.00 per month, and for a full year would be expected to total about 300.00.
    This minisplit is attic mounted which offers a number of benefits.
    Also for July and Aug this energy stated included some air conditioning.
    For July, the $8.60 (say about $9.00) is comprised of heat , ac and standby power costs. This being about $3.00 for each. Standby is for the electronics, even when not operating, at 40 watts. This can be eliminated by turning off the breaker to the unit, but is not a big deal to let operate automatically.
    Apr 1 to Aug 23 is $84.91 total for heat, ac , and standby consumption.
    This unit is installed for 7 years, and new units are about 20 percent more efficient.
    In addition , each month includes about 1 day with baseboard heaters to compare, which shows baseboards using 3.5 to 6 times more energy, which varies on ambient conditions. The cost would be a bit lower if baseboard was not used at all, but the comparisons are an essential part of good monitoring.
    Generally this equates with the cost of natural gas in Montreal………so what does this say for elasticity effect (used by economists) for electricity and future power demand reductions?

    Winston Adams

    • Not hard data overall but bits and pieces:
      New housing in St Johns has dropped from about 1800 per year a few years ago to 775 last year.
      Here in Loby Bay area, this summer only a few houses going up, where even last year it was busy.
      Minsplit heat pumps to 2014 year was about 5000 total installed in the province since 2009, and about 12,000 by 2016 including all types. (compare NS with about 100,000, 20,000 in 2011 alone)
      Last week it was noted Nfld has 4 LEED standard government projects including 2 schools
      Power companies even like to back away from insulation and Energy Star windows incentives , so do little
      Minisplits seem to increase exponentially, but only about 6 percent of house have them
      Most new house install heatpumps, but the bulk of existing stock has not done so, but with fears of high power rates this is taking off a lot.
      Other provinces see green jobs as beneficial , but here we are in the dark ages as far as govn and power companies……….so price increase and fear of increase are driving it some.
      Of course there is the miracle of Andy Wells going green.time will tell.
      A couple of companies promote wind and solar PV, but are relatively small, for cabins and remote locations, and is expensive.
      Green jobs is ignored hereby by govn and power companies.
      On a technical level minisplits are tricky for best sizing, models and installations. I recently get calls from some friends wondering about what they are being quoted by contractors….example , 10 year warranty on compressor, 5 year on parts but 90 days on freon leak.
      I explain to them that their installer must be a poor trademan, as essentially he is not guaranteeing his field work of doing the flare and connection of tubing, so anticpating a leak. Being SPLIT means the refrigeration guy must join them in the field. The factory joints hardly ever , ever leak……..but field joints need quality work..the most critical part . Poor workmanship and knowledge for sizing is a big problem. Yet most people are very satisfied , though they get much less performance than possible.
      Prior to MF sanction, I heard that govn was stepping up courses in the trade schools for these trades……..but that went out the window with MF sanction, assuming they could avoid customer uptake of this technology….a big mistake. Customers save 40 percent on heat on average where they can save 75 percent for best practices, but the power companies provide very little info for the trades or customers………so the less power saved , the better for their revenue.
      Nfld power's own survey showed homes installing minsplits: 65 percent heard about them from a neighbour or fried, 5 percent from the power company…..says a lot.

  9. HPAC magazine reports today that Alberta is paying 1/3 the cost of solar power installations, up to 10,000.00 per home , a 36 million program that will create 900 jobs. Unlike Nfld , they are not going to be chained to oil or expensive Muskrat like costs.
    The story cites that Nfld and Labrador is now the only province that does not offer solar rebates, so is effective only for remote cabins here.
    Heat pump heating for Nfld is more cost effective , but even that gets no incentives.
    Truly the Have Not province.
    Have Not incentives for :heatpumps, solar, and dozens of other measures offered elsewhere. Must do our bit to keep wasting energy to counter the declining demand………..it is Take or Pay , and the less we take the more we pay…………a stranglehold …….but that is Nalcor theory, supported by Wade Locke , I guess. We also know demand must decline from the economic theory of price elasticity for electricity. So, if no power takers on the island , it will answer the question: Did we need that power? I guess a forensic audit may get to that . We damn well never needed that power, and many knew it.
    Winston Adams

  10. Robert Holmes : Either Nfld Power or I am telling a whopper on potential energy saving on heat with minisplit heatpumps.
    Here is what they say on Take Charge:
    A minisplit can save you you over 40 percent on your heating costs ( this may be a change from where I believe they said UP to 40 percent.)
    And they say A Cold Climate or low temperature source heat pump can achieve savings up to 50 percent compared to electric baseboards.
    Now a cold climate is also a minisplit, but a much better one for our climate.
    For 40 percent saving , this is 1/(COP1.66) = 60 percent of energy used , therefore saves 40 percent, and a COP of 1.66
    For 50 percent saving this is 1/2(COP) = .5, therefore uses 50 percent of the energy of baseboards, so a COP of 2.
    COP means Coefficient of Performance

    I measure a COP of 3 to 6 depending on the temperatures, so if a average of 4 year round, this is 1/4(COP) = .25 so using just 25 percent of the energy of baseboards, so saving 75 percent. This is with a attic mounted unit.
    With an OUTDOOR mounted unit, which is typical, I have monitored for a full year, typical a COP of 2.5
    This gives 1/2.5 = .40, so uses 40 percent of the baseboard heaters, so therefore it saves 60 percent in energy. this is a dual head unit. If a single head, savings would be about 67 percent.

    Other provinces promote only cold climate models, for better performance and reduces the grid peak load.

    If Nlfd power says you can save 50 percent and I say you can save 67 to 75 percent, this is a huge difference. I am saying with best practices your savings can be 50 percent greater (75 saving is 50 percent greater than 50 percent). That ain't chicken feed.
    If you use 2000.00 for baseboard heat, this can be just 500.00 in energy use, instead of 1000.00 as Nfld power suggests. And add 15 percent hst and that is 575.00 a year in savings more than Nfld power says possible.

    Anyone wish to fact check? I have the monitoring data. What does Nfld power have? Assumptions! Sound familiar? Why not promote best practices? That might border on world class, hey. And they don't want that, they need revenue, and lots of it.
    Winston Adams

    • Winston, check out trans critical CO2 heat pumps, also called eco-cute. This is the next generation in air-to-water heat pumps. COP is about 4.8 and it can produce scalding hot water to use for domestic hot water and hot water radiators. They don't use special refrigerants like R410a either. Heat pump technology is rapidly advancing.

  11. First of all, we should look back at former Tory MHA's and cabinet ministers who had financial ties to companies who received Muskrat Falls contracts. Then the RCMP should get involved and charge these people for committing a huge fraud on the taxpayers of NL. This might sound harsh but it's not coincidence many former Tory cabinet ministers have big jobs with trade unions and construction associations that have direct ties to Muskrat Falls.

  12. The question with all this now is "where next" to get the Audit done….crowd fund? Further, Instead of more relentless proof demonstrating Muskrat was and is off the rails, lets just state a clear hypnosis's and as per the scientific method, try to disprove that it is not so. There is far too much information out there that clearly demonstrates that there has been corruption at the highest level. HYPOSIS "MUSKRAT FALLS WAS THE BIGGEST AND PERHAPS MOST SLVER SCAM OF ALL TIME BASED ON SOMETHING THAT WE DIDNT EVEN NEED, TO CONTRIVE A WAY TO SPREAD 12 BILLION ACROSS A WHOLE LOST OF COMPANIES OWNEED BY RICH PEOPLE. FURTHER, THOSE PEOPLE NOW DO NOT GIVE A RATS ASS IF THIS EVER WORKS AS NEWFOUNDLANDERS ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT AND THE RICHIES HAVE MADE SO MUCH MONEY, THEY CAN AFFORD TO JUST LEAVE AND PUT THERE FEET UP FOR THE REST OF THERE DAYS." Des why are you not just saying this and looking for information that may make us not believe this. This reeks OF living in a third word county, Columbia during Escobar or NAZI Germany. TIME TO SAY IT!

    • Excellent letter Maurice. You have outlined the issues the CA is abrogating rather than acting to protect consumers.

      Let us hope that Ball is shamed into finally acting to protect the future of the province rather than his well connected friends that are the architects of this ongoing fraud.

    • Good letter Maurice..Browne says we need a performance based system to help keep rates low………..well Nfld Power has a performance based system that pays their officials more if they easily get applications through the PUB. This works well for them in the past, as the CA seems like he is on their payroll, real buddies, no counter expert witnesses in many cases.
      So now that we see shock rates coming…….rather late for this plan, and probably obfuscATION AS YOU SAY. And this cannot happen unless the PUB get a broad terms of reference ……..how does this happen and when?
      And as for identifying affordable electricity………Browne speaks(elsewhere) of solar panels, but this cost 50,000.00 for about 4 kw of power……….is that affordable?
      To identify affordable electricity required end-use research by the power companies……which is never done here………but is in most other jurisdictions. Might Browne actually advocate end use research, when this goes against energy sales?
      He has not advocated an Efficiency Corporation to help customers as NS does. Why not?
      A wolf in sheep clothing?
      If not he needs to advocate on many of the things you propose….where pressing ahead with MF just gets worse and worse for the consumer of electricity. Justice delayed is justice denied. Justice involves fairness. We need a CA to give us justice and fairness……….And as Browne once served as CA, why were these principles not enacted back then?

  13. While off topic, I wonder if UG will take up the issue of child protection in this province : when a step father can start sex with a 11.5 year stepdaughter, before grade 6, that leads to over 2 years of abuse and 2 abortions, the first in this province.
    CBC online carries the story, and Russell today at the Telegram (No child should endure such torture).
    However Russell deflects the story to Manitoba, and says " much of the abuse happened here after child services officials in this province tried to intervene, but were stymied"
    What actually happened here is that many officials including doctors and nurses and others turned a blind eye, never followed protocol or common sense to protect this child.
    Indeed CBC details some of the tunnel vision and obvious neglect of duty, but more detail is in the full reports, which CBC has links to.
    CBC asks Lynn Moore, a lawyer, once a proseutor here, During Clyde Wells tenure as Premier, now deemed "with specialization in childhood sexual abuse " for an opinion if anyone should be fired for the mishandling of a child abused by her stepfather and twice impregnated (and 2 abortions)
    Lynn DOESN"T believe anyone should be fired! She recommended govn here hire 400 social workers who will help protect our children!
    Lynn's expertise, now, is to file legal claims for those sexually abused, where commissions are typically 30 percent of that awarded. But fire anyone for neglect of duty ..never !
    Such incompetence reeks of the same smell of Nalcor and a truly corrupt and uncaring government.
    And Russell deflects the issue to Manitoba, as if we here did all we could to protect this child.
    One of the worst opinion pieces by Russell Wangersky I have ever read. Was he here for the Mount Cashel scandal? When is enough, enough.
    Perhaps UG could get some competent lawyer or social worker highlight how we went so wrong here, and no punishment for anyone in the system.

  14. Are we about to see Trump vs God?
    Last year it was Trump vs the Pope on the value of walls vs bridges.
    Hurricane Harvey bares down on Corpus Christi , Texas.
    This area has refineries that produce 30 percent of the USA fuels….fosil fuels that fuel s global warming.
    The storm cannot be predicted as to its path or duration, but is expected to stall , maybe as long as 7 days! Like Trump , God hold s back on some of his (her) plans….so not even supercomputers can predict this.
    One time the weather stalled for 40 days of rain..or so the Bible says…….some think a fairy tale.But the story is about Gilamish , of Iraq, and dates thousands of years before the Bible. Seems to have been historic event. Most storms do not stall but moves through in a day or so.
    Our storm here a few years ago dumped 4 inches of rain. This one is expected to dump as much as 50 inches in some areas.
    Corpus Christi is 7 ft above sea level….the surge is expected to be 12 feet!
    Trump leaves the White House saying to reporter"Good Luck". 15 million people are in the storms path.
    Corpus Christi…….The Body of Christ? Hummmm
    Trump doesn't beleive in climate change. What will be the discussion next week on this? Will Trump suddenly sign on to the Paris Accord?
    Trunp vs God…….. interesting battle.
    Reporters this week suggested Trump more powerful than the cosmic event of the sun and moon, with trump eclipsing the sun, even our Telegram suggesting this.
    God is only warming up, do you think so? Good vs Evil?

  15. Anon at 10:24 suggests I check out CO2 (Ecocute) heat pumps for hot water giving COP performance of 4.8.
    Glad to see others being up to date on this technology.
    Instead of using freon, a gas which is a problem for global warning, these use CO2 as the gas, which has no global warning impact. Some models on the go now for 10 years , mostly in Japan, but some in North America……these mostly now for hot water for domestic water or space heating.
    One make Sanden is available , though a bit expensive, and also uses a stainless steel tank.
    COP is dependent on the incoming water temperature, so if the tank is near empty, COP can be as much as 8 for a while and taper off to COP of 2 when the temperature gets about 140F…….but average near COP 4, which is really great, likely 75 percent saving on water heating. General Electric models, on the go for 10 years , and other non CO2 units have a COP of about 2.25 or less, so these CO2 units is where the future is, both for energy saving and for the environment.
    I have considered getting a unit to monitor for our Nfld climate.
    Nfld Power study last year (costing $300,000.00 of our money) never listed a single heatpump water heater available! They continue to hoodwink the public as to energy savings. Domestic hot water is next to space heating for our monthly bills……yet they ignore it………really world class…..these Fortis and Nfld Hydro conservation and efficiency teams!
    For a R2000 house with minisplits for space heating, the next logical measure is a CO2 type domestic water heater (but also for standard houses)
    Winston Adams

    • Stupid is as stupid does or says:
      CO2 in the atmosphere is a big contributor to global warming.
      CO2 contained in these systems under pressure at some 700 psi, and when compared to freon has a effect on global warning of 1 compared to about 1800 for other gases in refrigeration systems, so a big improvement, being very little negative effect for that purpose. Like wise CO2 is good for plants …….
      CO2 in the atmosphere is historical about 250 parts per million, and increasing since the industrial revolution from coal , oil and gas burning, and now topped 400 parts per million, not seen for millions of years, so plants cannot absorb the excess CO2
      See the effect of temperature increase in the oceans and atmosphere…..example Hurricane Harvey……..storms with more destructive power, etc.
      You picked the wrong fella to suggest CO2 has no effect on global warming………we need to taper off and stop oil production…….80 percent of all known reserves need to be left in the ground.
      If you don believe me…… ask Stephen Hawkings…….reported not to be a dummy.

    • Lets put this into context: Fortis dumps 15 million tons of green house gases into the air each year, most from its operations outside this province.
      A typical house heatpump has about 4 lbs of gas as refrigerant, and cuts electricity use by 75 percent, so less fossil fuel in burned. When CO2 is the gas for refrigerant instead of other refrigerants, a small amount of CO2 for this purpose is extremely beneficial to reduce global warming and loss of ozone.
      So why is Fortis not promoting this to reduce their carbon footprint…….and 15 million tons per year is a damn big foot!
      Answer: revenue and profits is higher when we use inefficient heating systems, like baseboard heaters……and shareholder profits Trumps the environment and concern for customers. Nfld: second worst in the country for efficiency and conservation!


    • Winston: Despite evidence to the contrary too many people will still deny that conservation of energy (ie. electricity) is the best and foremost option in solving any energy conundrum. I suggest you just give up debating this topic with conservation deniers (like climate change deniers) and apply you well learned talents to other areas such as how the hell are we going to get this province out of this fiscal mess we are in and how are we going to pay for that boondoggle called Muskrat Falls now that we are knee deep into the cesspool and good luck with that endeavor.

    • Anon,
      Agreed that few see efficiency and conservation is the foremost option for lowest cost energy, as that it helps battle climate change
      My technical talents for end-use research for maximum savings for heat, hot water etc is essential, if advanced before the PUB going forward, to counter the misrepresentation and deception of the power companies, or readers of this blog.
      Research is evidence based data instead of false assumptions (which is what was used to get Muskrat sanctioned).
      Economist Feehan, while with good intention, prefers to stifle efficiency measures going forward, in that it reduces the economic case for revenue for Muskrat.This seems contrary to common sense and the economic law of elasticity for the commodity of electricity; so demand will drop going forward, especially for space heating. My efforts may assist homeowners facing high heat bills.
      I agree the boondoggle has created a fiscal mess. Tom Orsborne`s problem, now, but trickles down on all of us.
      I could envisage assistance from the Feds, Quebec, and Nova Scotia,with the debt of Muskrat, but fear the loss of the plant asset from the likely North Spur failure. But there are no talks in this direction, so looks rather hopeless. The high handed actions of arrests by the RCMP seems effective to intimidate the protesters, and is a reflection of government best ideas.
      As Liberty says, there is little change in Nalcor`s culture: that of deception, incompetence, no transparency or accountability. And this culture seems to extend to most government departments, not just Nalcor.
      There is much in our culture that is good, and much that is bad. Until we improve our culture, the cesspool component will endure. We need to continue to expose the cesspool component.
      I guess we need a revolution, something like the Quiet Revolution of Quebec, to lead to a better future. This would be a revolution of ideas, not of arms.
      Sad when an American company like Liberty has to point out our culture problems, which is a sober assessment. Noteworthy was their use stating the lack of Prudence (used some 70 times in their assessment of Nalcor`s operations).
      Beyond this UG blog, there is little thought of the need of such a revolution.
      Most telling is the lack of names to opinions,to this blog, and the many anonymous persons. Seems to me an indication of a culture of fear, to be able to freely express an opinion without some repercussion.


    • Yes Winston don't be engaged with trolls who are climate deniers. They just try to jerk your chain and get perverse pleasure from upsetting rational thought. In short they are poor excuses for humans that project their self loathing.

      I am glad to see you embracing the need for revolutionary change in NL. You have to overcome the covert feudal patronage driven by narcissistic megalomaniacs like the author of this disgrace. It won't be easy but the mission — restoring democratic institutions and regulatory function– is a noble one.

  16. Melissa Best was one of those impacted by the flooding of Mud Lake. She had been interviewed by CBC TV, as to the plight of those effected, and no compensation yet, and many things not to be covered in the compensation plans, and the stress of being floooded again.
    Yesterday the last of 7 of the huge 200 ton transformers were delivered inside the gates of the Muskrat Falls site. Melissa and 15 others went and filmed the arrival. The estimated 150 to 300 extra RCMP brought in to provide SAFETY to the people while transporting these by road from Cartright had little trouble with the locals….most being cowed by the previous arrests and jailing and transporting to the Jail at Sin Johns of seniors like Jim Learning and a few others.
    While witnessing the arrival of the last of the transformers yesterday, Best walked across the street to read the sign, and asked to see the a copy of the injunction. She had not been one of the protesters previously.She talked to personel at the gate, and then walked some 600 feet back down the highway.
    She was then surrounded by 15 officers, 2 sheriffs and 13 uniformed officers, likely RCMP…… she shouted to her daughter THEY ARE TAKING ME AWAY. She appears to have been arrested, which the RCMP has not confirmed or why they took her.
    Meanwhile this week, Nalcor has changed positions on donating to the Goose Bay Wellness Centre…….a project long overdue and costing more than 25 million.
    Nalcor has in the past stated such donations are not in their mandate, Now they say it meets their core value approach, and pledged 1 million dollars (but spread out over 4 years).
    Mayor Snook seems rather pleased, but silent on the flooding issue lately and the risk of the North Spur failure. A little greece goes a long way it seems.
    This donation will be added to our power bills it seems, but is questionable value to the wellness of people like Best, Learning, Hunter and others that have been jailed.
    No one jailed from the island here. We have no impact ……yet, and little concern by the public as to protesting.
    Shock rates……they are a comin!
    Likely we will look back and ask why these Labrador heroes got so little support……as this fiasco rolls on, rolls on.
    CBC online has video of the last transformer arriving. Not a single act of violence against Nalcor……to the credit of those who risked jail.
    What government flunky will now head up our PUB, given that Andy Wells is gone! Big job handling the shock rates coming.

  17. PF: Why would your God send Hurricane Harvey? Trying to blame catastrophic events such as Harvey on a God is a form of climate change denial since these hurricanes have been landing there since ages but their intensity due to manmade climate change is what is increasing. If the God you speak of was so compassionate then the hurricane would not have been sent there in the first place now would it?

  18. https://goo.gl/bJucWD Humanitarian, religious and spiritual, environmental, economic, political, legal, legal and historical public items supporting Labrador, Labradorians, The Labrador Land Protectors Civil Rights Movement, NunatuKavut, Nunatsiavut, Innu Nation and Qalipu First Nation Campaigning against Nalcor Crown Corporation Hydro project, Muskrat Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador [NL] Canada