None of the
people who are alleged to have falsified the estimates, and possibly other
aspects of the so-called “business case” for the Muskrat Falls project, are in jail.

Some of those responsible are probably still permitted to wield power, enter into contracts, spend public money, earn large
salaries, and
if they have been deceitful cover their tracks.

Although the
consequences of their actions will imperil the economy and cause enormous human
pain, possibly for decades, the politicians
from the Premier down have made
excuses to protect them from being held to account.

They enjoy
immunity while their mothership Nalcor is permitted to swear affidavits and
call upon the judicial system to grant injunctions against protesters
a mockery of transparency and fairness in the bargain.    

Likely, some
of the protesters, their families, and all the like-minded who are affected by
their incarceration and by the fear that the wrong people are on the ‘inside’,
will blame Judge Murphy for having put them there: will see him a tool
of an injudicious and overbearing state.  

It is
fundamental that Judge Murphy not be seen that way.
Jim Learning
The role of
a Judge
every Judge is to uphold the law.

He/she does
not make the law, does not conduct investigations, and cannot order a public
inquiry into Nalcor or into the decisions of Ed Martin, Gil Bennett, Paul
Harrington, Danny Williams, Kathy Dunderdale, or of the many others who are so
closely associated with the Muskrat Fals Project. 

And we
should be grateful if Judge Murphy is diligent
that is to say, that he stays
within the parameters which the law affords, including incarcerating

And, if
Judge Murphy has erred, his decisions are subject to appeal.

That is not
something over which Ed Martin, Gil Bennett, the Premier, or the Minister of
Justice has a say. That is the law: the law of civil
democratic society.

Judge Murphy
has not failed Marjorie Flowers, Jim Learning, and Eldred Davis.

That failure
is found in our political leadership
most lately in Premier Ball and in the
Minister of Justice Andrew Parsons.

It is found,
too, in our weak institutions
the press, the political parties, the
Auditor-General, the PUB
all complicit either by their silence or by their
conflicts. Even the new Consumer Advocate has fallen in lock-step with the Ball

are found even in the justice system. Good policing should not need corporate
bureaucratic injunctions.

So why are
three decent, ordinarily law-abiding, pillars of the community in jail
than because they each broke the law?

When honest,
decent people are prepared to face incarceration
not just one dissenter, but
several normally lawabiding citizens
there is likely a fundamental breakdown
in the politics of the society whose rules hold them behind bars.

Some will
say that they are prisoners of conscience: that they are in jail is their
choice and, therefore, they warrant no further consideration.

But not so
Majorie Flowers

If all we do
is dismiss people of courage; if as a society we are not even tempted to lift
the thin veil of deceit which has been visited upon us these past five years,
denying all the while that a penalty
a bill for our inaction awaits; or, if
we cater to the dithering of an ill-suited Premier and a naïve and passive
Minister of Justice, then those three stalwart citizens, held in a St. John’s
jail, are wasting their time. 

In that
case they, and their example, would be too good for us. We would not deserve
their leadership.

But are we
really beyond redemption?

Is there really
a conflict between awarding them the status of “leader” in a society that
respects the rule of law, when they are deliberate law-breakers?

To answer
that question we need to ask: were their actions malicious? Did they care only for their own interests, or did they represent those of the larger
community and society?

We might ask
further: is the basis on which those in authority have been shielded from
examination justifiable, especially given what has been alleged which, if
proven in court, will amount to crimes of fraud on a massive scale?

On the
scales of justice, should the benefit of the doubt be afforded only to those
with attachment to the levers of power? 

The three
Labradorians are protesting what they perceive is a violation of their right to
public safety and a clean environment. They seek transparency in government and
they want alleged official misbehaviour investigated and exposed. They are in
jail because the political leadership has failed them. It is their choice to
protest, to be sure.

But look at
what they demand:

Independent Review of the North Spur stability;

2. Immediate
progress on the Methymercury agreement (presumably the agreement that led to
the end of a hunger strike for two people last year); and

3. Public
inquiry and forensic audit of Nalcor.

Aren’t those
the same things that virtually all of us want?

Would not
their exertions normally be the job of our leadership and of our institutions?

isn’t a professionallyconducted audit or inquiry
independent of the
slightest political interference
what the culprits fear most?

I don’t know
Majorie Flowers, except by reputation, but she seems to be the neighbour we
would all love to have. I have spoken with Jim Learning many times and have
received hospitality at his home. He is the kind of person who would step over
an ant.

Eldred Davis
On the
Churchill River, Eldred Davis
not a talker or a man given to meaningless flourish
gave this neophyte advice, occasionally sharing his Labrador tent, and
insights, too
about the River, and life exhibiting truly admirable qualities
including kindness and an enormous intelligence.

These are
people to be taken seriously because they care about the planet, about their
community and society. They care about fairness and about respecting rights. No
different than Judge Murphy, they just want the same rules applied equally to

Still, the
public does not have to support or condone their form of protest.

others can indicate their displeasure to Premier Ball and Justice Minister Andrew Parsons
giving focus to their failure to lead, their failure help heal a
society irreparably wounded, their failure to insist that those responsible for
the debacle that is the Muskrat Falls Project should also face the rule of law.

We should
think about those things
just as we should acknowledge and respect the
courage and selflessness of Majorie Flowers, Jim Learning and Eldred Davis.

Dwight Ball
has had a hard time finding the courage demanded of leadership. The three from
Labrador have selflessly given him one more opportunity.

He can wait
until others join those three, and dither some more while those who really give
our society offense mock him and our unwillingness to compel him to act.

Or he can
show, right now, a measure of the courage exhibited by the Labrador Three.

Des Sullivan
Des Sullivan
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Uncle Gnarley is hosted by Des Sullivan, of St. John's. He is a businessman engaged over three decades in real estate management and development companies and in retail. He is currently a Director of Dorset Investments Limited and Donovan Holdings Limited. During his early career he served as Executive Assistant to Premier's Frank D. Moores (1975-1979) and Brian Peckford (1979-1985). He also served as a Part-Time Board Member on the Canada-Newfoundland Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB). Uncle Gnarley appears on the masthead representing serious and unambiguous positions on NL politics and public policy. Uncle Gnarley is a fiscal conservative possessing distinctly liberal values and a non-partisan persusasion. Those values and opinions underlie this writer's views on NL's politics, economy and society. Uncle Gnarley publishes Monday mornings and more often when events warrant.


If a Big Mac costs McDonalds $10 to produce and it is sold for $1.50, McDonalds will go out of business. They would not declare a profit!


Bill left public life shortly after the signing of the Atlantic Accord and became a member of the Court of Appeal until his retirement in 2003. During his time on the court he was involved in a number of successful appeals which overturned wrongful convictions, for which he was recognized by Innocence Canada. Bill had a special place in his heart for the underdog.

Churchill Falls Explainer (Coles Notes version)

If CFLCo is required to maximize its profit, then CFLCo should sell its electricity to the highest bidder(s) on the most advantageous terms available.


  1. This was a very thought provoking article. Well done and written from the heart.

    Ball and Coady have raised the SNC report as a means to shed blame to previous actors in the Muskrat Falls tragedy. They have raised the probability of the former CEO withholding information as to allow the project to proceed. Yet they have done nothing.

    The allegations surrounding the 2013 SNC report are very serious. The Canadian Criminal Code states that "Every one who, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, whether or not it is a false pretence within the meaning of this Act, defrauds the public or any person, whether ascertained or not, of any property, money or valuable security or any service, (a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to a term of imprisionment of fourteen years"

    Has Nalcor as an organization committed a fraud on the people of the province? That is a real question, for which the allegations surrounding the 2013 SNC report certainly seem to suggest that more investigation is warranted.

    Do purposely having low ball estimates constitute fraud? This too is a valid question.

    What the SNC report raises however, was that this was not ignorance, poor judgement, or some other outcome of a very inexperienced project team. The SNC report, if presented to Nalcor, indicates that Nalcor in arriving at the cost estimates excluded the recommendation of their primary consultant…

    Who would do that?

    I believe in the rule of law. The Labrador three may be correct in their views and sincere in their actions. They should be before the courts.

    However I also believe that there should be an immediate investigation into the allegations surrounding the SNC report. Those people at Nalcor were aware of this report should be questioned as to why the public were not advised. Then there should be an assessment if there was criminal fraud.

    If there is sufficient evidence to suggest fraud then they should be brought before the courts. If this is fraud, then a forensic audit can not wait.

  2. The Labrador Three are the trinity representing Labrador peoples concern for their communities, way of life and the river that is the anchor of their culture. They have made their case in a non-violent manner and are being abused for wanting to protect their future from a rapacious, lying (least cost, needed, no mercury beyond the mouth of the river) government with links to international fraudsters. They refuse to release critical studies on the spur (or contracts) that are contradicted by science that documents that the spur WILL not may fail.

    These three are the spirit and conscience of an abused and disempowered culture. They need to be supported and honoured. They are imprisoned while the criminals responsible for destroying democratic oversight and who continue to hide the contracts signed use the power of the state to imprison the trinity.

    I disagree that the judge is "just doing his job". The enforcement of the injunctions have been jagged and coincide with political flashpoints, not the impassive action of the law. These are coordinated actions that disgrace the judiciary and the judge involved.

    One after another of institutions meant to ensure transparency and justice are debased by this feudal attack on people, the treasury and the culture of Labrador.

    The abuses need to be confronted, the Labrador trinity released now and the disgraced judge needs to step down after acknowledging that the three have a legitimate "defence of necessity" and he needs to order Nalcor to release the spur studies to restore his personal and professional integrity.

  3. Agree totally, the law if the land must be upheld. What we have here us hang the messenger. That is not our justice system. As uncle gnarley points out the real criminals are still doing criminal acts, most likely. They are exercising their power and authority, given them by NALCOR, and NALCOR is exercising their authority as given them by government. What the government has the power to give, they also have the power to take away. So agree this puts the total responsible on the current ball government and all his cabinet, and elected members. Weather you realize it or not, premier ball you and your government own this project, you are now responsible for the past, present and future of the entire project, criminal acts and all. The ball is in your court. What are you going to do besides, Get her done boys. Three casualties will now suffer for your actions, and we will all suffer fincincially, children yet unborn will suffer. What a leader, cabinet and government. But guess we reap what we sow. The blame also goes back at least a decade, and now is time for those in power today to act.

  4. Last night, on the CNN series on Comedy,Jon Steward said `The best defence against bullshit is vigilance`.
    We have been served BS on our options for least cost power since about 2010, leaning to Muskrat Falls, and the present fiasco, including the jailing and making criminals of these model citizens, while the culprits of MF make a mockery of true justice.
    I prefer the Depression era description of justice:it is as crooked as it is straight.
    That an appeal court at some date may say an error in judgement deprived the freedom of these people, is little compensation for the deliberate stress, trauma , costs, loss of freedom , separation from family and friends , etc.,: more a tool of intimidation, as recently against the grandmother Beatrice Hunter.
    I guess it is colonial style justice, which traditionally has robbed resources and rights of others. The so called rule of law is a mountain of rules that is manipulated, to favour some and punish others. Justice, as practised , is not blind.
    To ignore the sacrifice of the three, and their cause, only serves to punish us all for the fallout of the MF fiasco, once the bills arrive.
    I hope the main media gives this injustice the attention that UG has done here. For Ball and Parsons to say this is a matter before the courts, and avoid dealing with the issues that has landed them before the courts, is not leadership, but cowardice and skullduggery.
    Vigilance is the defence against bullshit. We are subjected to so much bullshit and we engage in so little vigilance, and so we have an environment where bullshit thrives. Our main media does little to separate facts form bullshit. News is about entertainment. And our society, children and grandchildren will pay the price.
    Thomas Jefferson said the greatest danger to democracy was not to have a free and informed press. We have neither, but thank God for a blog like Uncle Gnarley, that some bullshitters gets challenged, that some light is shone on those that act against our public interest and good governance. But we need the spotlight of a forensic audit, and likely a public inquiry.
    Winston Adams

  5. Quote Uncle Gnarley -"Equally, isn’t a professionally-conducted audit or inquiry — independent of the slightest political interference — what the culprits fear most?"
    An Audit is the most lethal weapon in the arsenal of a democracy. It is known to demolish governments, government institutions, civil institutions, private companies, and individuals. People like Ed Martin, Gibert Bennett, Paul Harrington have indeed a lot to fear, for they will be in the direct line of fire. Minister Coady will be co-lateral damage. Premier Ball will be beyond reproach as he has no understanding of anything.

  6. They have had that out, to do the right thing, with accessibility but they prefer to grind their heal into the human right act.

    They don't even hide it, 20% of the population can take a flying f%€k as far as dwight is concerned and Kirby openly confirms breaking the law in responded to me by email.

    There is no morality in party politics the obligation is to the party first not the people. Backbenchers are votes on hold who's input is not invited or welcomed. Sit down shut up and enjoy your pension. Caucus has input inner circle makes decisions.

    I for one won't give that opportunity anymore…morality won't happen in government it's seems to be an oxymoron in this province.

    I feel for the people and I believe you have the legal right to protect our lands and people when our government refuse, ignore, and hide from the responisibilities they were elected to carry.

    End rant

    Craig Reid
    Advocate for persons with disabilities and seniors

  7. Our leaderless Premier crept out from the underbush last week to announce his support for Bill Barry's redfish proposal in the Gulf but he is nowhere to be found when as Minister for Labrador Affairs several major issues re Muskrat and the southern Labrador highway beg for his attention. It is utterly pitiful to see a government fly three individuals to St. John's for incarceration whilst Muskrat contractors are boasting about their windfalls. And why is our media silent on the hidden fact that Nalcor has spent upwards of 100 million dollars constructing a linear road the entire length of the transmission line to Muskrat even using class A gravel in places. at the same time Premier Ball begs forgiveness in rejecting a request for 9 kilometers of highway improvements in southern Labrador. Shame, shame, shame!

  8. Russell at the Telegram challenges Minister Coady to explain how Nalcor will come up with over 200 million to mitigate power rates by issuing a directive to do so. Sounds like Trump saying Mexico will pay for the wall! Nalcor sucking us dry, yet will mitigate our rates!!
    Hardly anyone comments at the Smellogram anymore( but are now bucking up a little, especially Pam)……but the troll John Smith always seems to get through, saying MF will generate 400 million of power revenue so 200 million is chicken feed for them to hand back. And John has some good swamp land in Florida to sell you too.
    Before the Telegram made changes, such BS by Smith was countered by 10 or more who saw through his BS. Now maybe one bothers to reply, leaving Smith always to counter Russell`s argument. Pity……as this enables the BShitters like Smith, to misinform the public.
    Maybe Smith and not Coady will be the only one to respond to where the dough comes from …….over 200 million a year.
    And with power demand on the island dropping, Smith seems not worried that an additional 400 million a year will go into Nalcor coffers!
    Did he allow the over 100 million now seen as operational expenses, and mounting extra project costs……….John Smith , and voodoo economics. Must be related to Wade Locke,…………and does Wade really `head up` the economics dept at MUN……..I mean , he is their top guy………..boggles the mind…….yes , world class , surely.
    Does incompetence get rewarded at MUN……..seems so.
    Winston Adams

    • Apparently incompetence is rewarded at Nalcor too. Ed walks away with a cool 6 million for MANAGING to put a province and it's many next generations in debt. Even Gil and the rest retain their cushy jobs while laying their fingerprints all over a fiasco surely to bankrupt many NLers. And lets not forget Marshall, who was on watch for over a year before releasing the SNC report. In want other organization can you fail so miserably, but yet, be rewarded so handsomely? Premier and cabinet perhaps.

    • Winston Adams

      I have often read that dribble in the Telegram from "John Smith" and it never ceases to amaze me how someone could have such a narrow mind and blind loyalty to a certain former premier. Mr Smith is now saying that the Muskrat Falls project is going to generate $400 Million in revenue but yet the consumption of electricity will stay the same and as many say be lower as MF's comes on stream. I guess the extra $400 Million will come when the rates will double-a little fact he somehow seems to count as trivial-kind of like DW's "No Brainer" when the announcement was made for MF's.

      If there is anyone under the age of 40 reading this post take my advice. Get out of here while you still can. This place is doomed.

    • John Smith is psychotic and is the perfect representation of MF supporters how delusional and out of touch with reality they are. $400M of MF 'revenue' comes straight from residential ratepayers and with the updated O@M costs (was this also intentionally low balled?)export revenue will be in the $10s of millions for a project $13,000,000,000.
      Price elasticity ignored, interconnected Island grid (spilling) 3rd line from Bay d'Espior, LiL by itself ALL were ignored, PUB wasn't allowed to properly review the project, NL media supported the project from day1 or lack the ability for investigative journalism (see Chase the Ace coverage last week).
      If you are charged with fraud do you lose any severance given to you and why didn't the new Gov outright fire Ed Martin and the remainder of the BoD? Constructive dismissal was quite a reach, counter suing for criminal incompetence and negligence (this might require an inquiry so maybe that's why it was never done) seems easier to prove in MFs case.
      Ches doesn't want a witch hunt for an inquiry is he also absolving responsibility for it then? Doesn't seem like he will be much different from the current and past govs since 2003 and his policy thus far isn't impressive at all, decrying Liberals lack of plan yet offering literal no solutions themselves.
      Telegram is the only news outlet that allows comments since VOCM disabled all comments and CBCNL can't be bothered to moderate its comment sections. Some people rather have no comments because of a few "Insane and Racist" arseholes – if CBC had competent moderators this wouldn't be an issue.
      NLMs greatest failing has been Boondoggle Falls "glorified stenographers" then they try to be funny and cute on twitter..

    • You mean no one like a premier who has crown land grants set up in a trust fund or a CEO who ignores a report like the one from SNC Lavalin which basically bankrupt a province? Seems there are two laws that are being held up here-those that can afford the justice system and those who can't. We should be all protesting this mess that Muskrat Falls has gotten us into but it is somehow people like you who hide behind the law that has gotten us into what looks like the straw that broke the camels back.

  9. Justice denied, democracy overturned. When Governments pass legislation to hide information the public should spoke. Only a handful did so. The cover up continues as all NL political parties agreed to start Muskrat and support it's continuance. Nalcor is accountable to the government and the government to the people. This fiasco has gone on too long and an inquiry is needed. At the same time an independent government in place. The financial situation facing the treasure along with triple light bills will see more people leaving the province.

  10. The elites usually follow the "Law and Order" mantra. Sometimes this backfires over dissent and civil rights issues. These three are to be commended for standing on principle, for the betterment of Society, where sometimes Law is shown to be unjust. Democracy is served, and maybe some of those who are hanging back, will now come forward and support the cause for full disclosure through a Forensic Audit of the whole Muskrat Boondoggle.

  11. As mentioned many months ago, I think the 5th Estate and/or W5 should be approached and given the details as we know it. There is a monumental coverup going on here with high profile people tangled up in it and what surely looks like criminal activity with falsified reports, half truths and outright lies which has a small province of Canada on the doorstep of bankruptcy. Get the mainland media involved and forget about the local media clowns.
    We're about to delve into poverty here because of a select few criminals who care only about themselves.
    The three Labrador residents should be given a medal–not jailtime.

  12. Wayne, you are absolutely right. This is a 5th Estate or W5 type of investigation. The resurgent Telegram probably will not contact the CBC, as then it will become a CBC story. The CBC St. John's is the bottom of the barrel, simple minded scum. Anyone who knows the ropes to initiate a 5th Estate investigation from the mainland – please step up.
    Tony Bennett

  13. The one thing that is missing from this whole "energy" debate is conservation and thus this is probably the main reason for Muskrat Falls in the first place. The issue goes way back to the 1960's and 1970's when electric baseboard heaters were first started to be installed in homes in NL and ever since we have begun an ever ending spiral towards the fiasco we see today. To solve the Muskrat Falls fiasco we also need a parallel debate on just how we use energy and nothing is to be exempt from this discussion. Even yet today we are building oversized houses heated with electric heat along with commercial buildings of the same but yet no one is asking "Is everyone in society entitled to a 2000+ square foot homes heated by taxpayer subsidized electricity? Can we look at incentives for far more efficient heating systems such as ground to air? Just because they are businesses are they entitled to special rates such as the Iron Ore mines in Labrador?" All of these questions and more need to be set out for a public debate about just how we are going to not only pay for electricity but also how it is to be used. Muskrat Falls will probably be paid for by a combination of taxes, increased monthly base fee and increased per kilowatt rate which means those that use electricity less will be subsidizing those that use it more and this is the more galling part of the debate. Even a Forensic Audit won't solve these issues but it may bring some closure to a fiasco that has spiraled out of control.

    • You are right, the rationale for MF was to meet the electric heat loads, which is almost all baseboard or duct electric heaters.
      Efficient electric heatpumps were ignored, that can heat and water loads 60 or 70 percent, meaning no need for MF.
      I made a presentation to the PUB on this in 2012 that was ignored by the power companies, and largely ignored by the PUB.
      There is no debate on this as a policy, even now, but was acted upon in Nova Scotia, the most progressive in Canada in this.
      Serious efficiency and conservation was excluded from our options…….but why…….and if this si not a part of a forensic audit, then why the fiasco of MF proceeded instead on sound common sense options, that part of the puzzle will not be explored.
      Efficient heating means less energy sales, it means less revenue for the power companies, both Nfld Hydro and Nfld power, who together oppose serious conservation and efficiency. If this conflict of interest, against the consumer, is not exposed, then the audit would partly be in vain.
      Where is our consumer advocate, Dennis Browne on this……I hear he wants any audit postponed!
      Winston Adams

    • 7600 GWH in 2010 to 10500 GWH in 2041 – how did Nalcor come to this conclusion? By the 90s most homes had converted to baseboard heating, did Nalcor intentionally mislead NL by including years 1970-1990 when NLs demand had its greatest demand growth period? 1990-2010 is a much fairer and realistic period to base future demand off of.
      Homes are bigger now then they used to be but with housing sales finally plummeting Nalcor's demand forecasts are still far too liberal, as if they were plugged from day1 of MF.
      Methodology used by Nalcor needs to be cross examined at an inquiry to justify MF: oil price and demand being the foremost areas that Nalcor got 100% wrong over a 57 year time period.

    • How could they say technology change for reduced energy use was at a saturation point,(as they said) when reductions exceeding 50 percent was well known. Is this fraud or incompetence. Technology change is one input into forecasting, if you ignore the facts, you concoct the result you want, and contributes to a boondoggle and fiasco.

    • Winston Adams

      I actually don't think it was NL Power who were against conservation and efficiency but rather Nalcor and the politicians of the day who saw MF's as a continuation of the megaproject employment as Hebron was winding down. This was probably DW's greatest benefit from the project in that he could boast about all the jobs and sell property in Galway to the high paid construction workers and other professionals involved with his schemes. Besides heat pumps there was also pumped hydro in coordination with wind turbines which could be built at any number of sites such as the abandoned open pit mines at Buchans and other areas as well as natural gas being used for some electricity generation and for heating. But the folly of the ego of the day took over this province and continues on into the generations not yet born chaining us to the poverty cycle for a long time.

    • As I have discussions and correspondence with Nfld Power, and Fortis, I am assured of their opposition to meaningful energy efficiency and conservation.
      At last year rate application, when the Consumer Advocate, Johnson, actually reversed his prior position and wanted more done, Nfld Power in their filing opposed him, and the PUB supported Nfld Power, against the consumer!
      And look at the websites , Efficiency NS vs Take Charge, like chalk and cheese as to measures helping the customer save energy.
      NL Power concern…….99 percent with the bottom line and shareholder. Efficiency measures is window dressing to give the impression they care.
      Having said that, they would not have followed the path to MF, but I suggest did nothing to promote robust conservation and efficiency as one of the options to be taken if MF was not taken.
      Provide one document if you can that shows Nfld Power was proactive for efficiency and conservation.
      I hold shares in Fortis for a relative…….yet cannot hold then as a good example for that……..I stated to Fortis CEO, Barry Perry, in public at their recent AGM, that their measures here are the second worst in Canada……and he made no commitment to improve on that!
      Winston Adams

  14. https://goo.gl/91ypiR A selection of Items for Legal Consideration in the case of Muskrat Falls Hydro Project, Labrador Land Protectors v Nalcor Energy Provincial Crown Corporation, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada: I do not want my daughter to drown!!! Beatrice Hunter Labrador Land Protector Video 22.7.17

  15. VOCM, Pattie Daley, says `My God, you cannot have the Premier interfering when an injunction is disobeyed` He cannot understand how anyone could suggest that.
    Seems Daley ignores the reasons why the Three Labrador seniors are in jail:
    1. Possible North Spur collapse and risk of drowning (Daley says he cannot for a second imagine that happening…..could he imagine Mud Lake flooding before May, when it did)
    2. Methylmercury issue
    3 waste of 15 billion for a useless project
    4 Ignore of their rights
    Now, if the Premier does not directly interfere with the justice system, surely he can address these issues, which is why these people sacrifice themselves and are in jail. Is Daley too stunned to see why the Premier has an obligation to have an input into this situation.
    This is mere trespassing. Yet an RCMP officer , up on sexual assault or whatever in Hopedale has his charges dropped as the clock ran out for prosecution!
    One law for the Land Protectors , another for the police, and the elite. What else is new.

  16. From the news items on the subject it seems the three individuals are in jail for open defiance of a legal order not to interfere with the progress of the continuing boondoggle/fiasco. The last several week interference is said to have cost tax/ratepayers $45 million.

  17. About 1984 I visited Davis Inlet, going by the coastal boat. I met a man on the boat who had been a Nfld Ranger In the 1940s, and had been stationed on the coast, and also knew Joey Smallwood.
    He informed me that he had sex with a young Indian girl,at Davis Inlet, 11 or 12 years old, very young, as he gave specific details, and that she got pregnant.
    This was entirely against the rules and so when his superiors found out they just transferred him.
    The Nfld Rangers got absorbed into the RCMP with Confederation.
    A year or so later, I met another Nfld Ranger, a guy Mercer, from Bay Roberts, who spent time on the Labrador coast. His house in Bay Roberts had a sign outside reading LABRADOR…….he was proud of his Labrador experiences.
    He confirmed to me the story of the other Ranger, who said that was only part of it:
    That after the other guys transfer from from old Davis Inlet, the guy got transferred to Hopedale, where he got a young Eskimo girl, who was handicapped, pregnant. This was kept quiet and he was then tranferred to Goose Bay, where he again got a white girl pregnant.
    So, the authorities took action. They gave him an HONOURABLE DISCHARGE, got rid of him, and kept the crimes secret.
    The culprit was from Spaniard`s Bay. His name is with those that served ,in Horwood`s book , I think , of the Nfld Rangers,but of course, no mention of any of that!
    Winston Adams

  18. Only a Public Enquiry will determine as to how such a Project was given the Go Ahead. Public who will end up paying for it, deseve to know the actors involved. By the way in addition to the names listed in this article, the nome of the Nalcor Board chair at the time when this decision was made, must be included and I think it is none other than Ms Cathy Bennett, the current Fin Minister
    Madan Rana

  19. Russell, at the Telegram says today…….`I`m a detail guy, that`s what I do, I read tons of material , very fast, and remember things`.
    The point he makes is that there is so much information out there that it is necessary to weed out the important stuff from the useless stuff. And so much useless information actually impairs a person`s ability, so our ability to handle complex things slips away, impeding our ability to concentrate.
    Makes sense.
    Now Nalcor took advantage of this and put out information overload, all the while holding back critical information, (such as the SNC Risk report of 2013). Their false assumptions, slipped right by Russell, it seemed, and only a few naysayers avoided being taken in.
    Now if Russell narrowed his focus, even at this late stage, he could help unravel the mystery of the Muskrat fiasco. He was not taken in by Minister Coady`s trivial explanation of the situation, last week.
    Russell could explain many of the false assumptions made and whether we,on the whole, were fooled by information overload.
    And why did Nova Scotia get it right………they who had a monumental energy problem, and we but a small one.
    Russell, like a high performance car, needs to blow the carbon out, that is fouling up the plugs. Let`s hope he gets back to the raceway.
    Winston Adams

    • James, I sound like a broken record on energy efficiency and conservation, and to Russell's credit, he published 3 pieces for me in the Telegram in the fall of 2012, each piece taking me 2 or 3 weeks to compile, to research and calculate……….one piece Russell titled "Efficiency , by the numbers".
      Efficiency Corporations, bypassing the conflict of interest of the power companies was at least 15 years old. Nova Scotia adopted it, I believe in 2008. They typically knock 40 MW per year off their demand, all the while helping customers with incentives.
      Only recently did I become aware how big NS is into this.
      Yet even up to now, I have not seen a SINGLE WORD by Russell or the Telegram on the benefit of such policies for Nfld.
      He ignored my written request to come see a high performance system and the monitoring results, likewise Ashley Fitzpatrick.
      If Russell reads as much as he says, he must have stared clear of all such programs going on in other jurisdictions. This but one example.
      And, on enery issues, if one is so easily fooled thinking LED lights save you significant energy, (as Russell apparently is) when that saved energy puts a greater load on your baseboard heaters, for our climate, for 10 months or more heating season here, leaving your yearly power bill essentially unchanged, then this goes to being easily fooled, and basic lack of understanding of the basic principles. Reading details and understanding them is not the same.
      Perhaps reading less, reading slower, and understanding better the details would serve Russell and the public much better.
      I recently read that journalists used to get paid by the number of words they wrote. Perhaps quality over quantity for Russell on Muskrat would be much better.
      Meanwhile, I am guilty of the same: I comment too much, but not paid a cent, if that makes a difference.
      Winston Adams

  20. In all fairness to Russell, Winston, it would have been impossible for a lay person to comprehend the complexity of this project back in Dec 2012. Now, with so much information in the public domain, such as the SNC Report, falsification of estimates etc,and the many many blogs of UG, the problem is more tangible and easier to understand. At least Russell acted on the information he had. You cannot ask penetrating questions unless you really know what is going on. Now there are a deluge of questions as the public is aware of what is going on, and know what questions to ask, with people like Vardy and AE to provide clarity. The important point is never be complacent and stop questioning. Sooner than later, Ball and Coady will have to provide answers.
    James Pearce

    • I agree with you on this one. Shooting the media messenger is a poor way (or rather the Trump way) of fabricating excuses for the ineptitude of our elected leaders. When Stan Marshall told the truth about Muskrat Falls (it is a worse deal than the Upper Churchill) all DW could do was sink to his usual name calling and media character assassination despite the fact that he and he alone deliberately withheld information and prevented an outside assessment of this mega failure before sanctioning our tax dollars to pay for it. It is time for politicians like him to own up to their ridiculously narrow minded pride and admit they were not only wrong but that a lot of other people were right and deliberately ignored in the whole process.

    • Sorry James you are wrong. The MF disaster was as plain as the ample nose on my face long before 2012. It was clear to me, a neophyte, when I reviewed the EIS.

      A gumshoe, even a lazy one with any analytical ability, could see the flaws with the spur, the mercury, the need, the least cost claim and the abysmal economics with the cost of production several times the value of the energy in the markets. Russel is either lazy or complicitous or both.

    • To Anonymous @ 17:44
      I understand your POV however when you HAD credible people before sanctioning posing questions that remain unanswered even today you must wonder why the media, Russell included, did not do their job. It's not like we woke up 2 months ago to double the cost or quick clay issues. Christ, Bruno got booted by Paddy Daley and if you go back to listen, much of what he said is relevant today. The water management issue was raised before sanctioning too. When the shit hits the fan everyone involved from Williams to the media/Russell will not be able to say they didn't know. Unless of course you were Partisan PC and couldn't smell the shovelfuls. If Bill 29 or Ed Martin lying on VOCM radio about lowest cost options didn't lend a hint, then Russell and the rest were about as incompetent as the Board at Nalcor. I'd say wake up to the media, but really they should've woke up 4, 3 or even 2 years ago. Too late now. The bills are coming. And the pockets have been lined. And because Nalcor has not wanted to set any records straight, 3 courageous Labradorians have been incarcerated.
      The media can go back to covering a lost turkey and Chase the Ace. Maybe Russell reads a little too fast and remembers words but don't comprehend. I don't know. I do know I am not an Engineer, finance expert or politician. I do know since the days of Danny you didn't need a degree to smell the stench in the air. If the media didn't know it was because they ALL had faulty sniffers. Coincidence?

  21. The local media have never exposed muskrat for the disaster that it has always been, nor will they in the present and future, they don't have the ability or desire to Annalise anything beyond three letter words. We need to engage the mainland media, may a few reporters in ns might help. But as called for before we need the assistance of w- 5 or the fifth estate, to expose this tragedy to not only the people of this province but at a national level. Who will be the brave soul or souls that can convince these investigators to fulfill their national duty and report on this boondoggle. Maybe, earl, or Paul or cleary may want to raise their profile by taking on this role of bringing in the national media. Or maybe uncle gnarley and friends can entice them to come in, they probably have the most goods on the guilty to give them reason to investigate. This will be the only way to get ball and company to do a full scale inquiry now, before it is too late.

  22. I saw Ball on TV yesterday declaring that he was one of the 75% who want a forensic audit of Muskrat… but not until after it is completed. My first thought was that with his 20 odd percent approval rating, what makes him think he will be around in 2021 or 2023 whenever the thing is finished, or is this just another way to dither & deflect the issue. The air must be pretty thin in that ivory tower as he looks down on the unclean masses.

  23. Saw the Pam Frampton editorial on Muskrat rightly exposing that the PC critic as no more than the pot calling the kettle black ass. The PEGNL is nothing but a yes person club not unlike the crowd of Danny lovers that endorsed the Muskrat boon-fiasco project. But as usual any inquiry will expose nothing but that the system failed and the guilty go unpunished so why have an inquiry so that the lawyers allied to both relevant parties prosper. Suck it up people and pay the piper if you want the heat or go back to s..t in the woods with the rest of the aboriginal descendants and their wannabee persuers of easy benefits.

    • Unfortunately, you are probably correct, lawyers for both sides prosper from inquiries and the guilty go unpunished. Crimes and abused from the past and from incompetence provides an opportunity for the sharks to feed, and little changes.
      There is no real accountability, maybe because so few bother to take any action…………18 protested at Nalcor ………..so we will have to pay up, and probably wait for the North Spur to fail and drown a few hundred.
      A few hundred freezing to death on the ice flows didn't change much or find blame. Act of God , sure.
      We are a timid bunch.
      And Ball keeps his perpetual smile.
      And Pam should ask Stan Marshall why he waited a year to pass along the SNC report to Ball. So did he try, and Ball says it was just not "transmitted" so he never saw it until a couple of weeks ago! Laughable. Maybe that's why he smiles……..we Newfies accepts BS all the time.
      The saying goes : you can fool some of the people some of the time, and fool all of the people some of the time , but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.
      Ball knows that for Newfies, he can fool most all of the people most all of the time………and that is the reason for his Mona Lisa smile.
      And no one yet has affected that smile. Mud Lake flood…….water off a ducks back………just say we'll get to the bottom of ….forensic audit, or inquiry……..we'll do that some day, if needed.
      And then that smile of assurance……….all will be fine……. no need to turn over any rocks, no telling what you'll find.
      Residents upset in Labrador……..get another 500 RCMP, no shortage of funds for that…….. and pay them overtime, and bring in their horses for a show. Hog tie and transport any uppity protester, the older and sicker the better, put them in chains……….off to the dungeon at HM jail to Sin John's, to soften them up for their next appearance at court.
      And why did we need this MF………..ok , we didn't need it…what does that matter.

  24. Yes, guess that's where it's headed, " s….t in the woods " and freeze in the dark. And the system may not bring the guilty to justice, or locked up, that is always left for the lessers to endure. But what happened to the "public flogging" of a few months ago, where several individuals were singled out, but not really the all powerful and those really responsible for this disaster. Maybe W 5 and the 5th. Estate, along with a resulting full fledged public inquiry where the real courpits will be dragged through the mud, and then will allow this blog and others to publicity name and harrest them publically, and the public flogging. Maybe the best we could hope for. Even the brave media might find the courage to report on this.

  25. The news today is that there is a buildup of police in Labrador to ensure that people can protest peacefully while others carry out their work lawfully and peacefully. This is as it should be but does the project pay for this service to be recovered from ratepayers or is it paid for by taxpayers more directly. I guess it does not really matter cost wise. We pay either but we are okay with those real, substantial but hidden costs because we believe in peoples right to have their say in a democratic society, right?

  26. I could care less if they all go scot-free. I will gladly pay another 'Liberal levy to live here' to pay for an audit and inquiry. We must put the entire cast of characters on the stand to explain their emails, signatures and intentions regarding this project. From Danny on down to your current Liberal Finance Minister, Cathy Bennett. Yes, we need to know how such world-class leaders and professionals could let an undertaking of this magnitude get so monumentally arsed-up. All the big names associated to this project have done nothing for their legacy and reputations. We simply need to know why and how. And if personal gain is proven, then heads must roll. Mr Premier, I'm sure you'll be reading this, that is the only true 'Way Forward'.

  27. The Telegram editorial today, "Cutting Losses"
    It is about the cancellation of a natural gas project in BC after already spending 11 billion on it.
    The reference is to Muskrat fall , saying, that as conditions changed, we c literally could have donr without MF completely
    He quoted Kenny Rogers : Know when to fold them , know when t walk away..the Gambler song.
    I assume this is written by Russell.
    Russell , several years ago said it this was a private project it would have been stopped, but Russell did not call for MF to be stopped, excusing them as a government operation.
    Even now no call for it to be stopped.
    Can't change history, Russell sat on the fence, as this blog and the naysayers called for a stop to MF.
    Russell and the Telegram did not make that call! Why not? Russell did not know when the government should fold them and walk away, or just played it safe, ………he now watches the unfolding tragedy.
    But the Telegam can't hide………and are starting to hold the Ball's feet to the fire, a little.
    Winston Adams

    • Once elected, majority governments act in the interests of the special interests of those who elected them. The encouraging thing about the recent BC election, is that questions are being put about special interest; Site C Hydro, LNG Boondoggles, ICBC, Education, Drugs and crime, rental housing for low income workers, etc. NL is still vulnerable to governance for the elites. Time to organize an optional governance, otherwise nothing will change.

    • Robert G. Holmes:

      I agree with you 100%. The whole system of democracy we are using needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. It simply isn't working-not in NL, not in Canada, not in the US nor anywhere else in the world.

    • One thing I would like to see is half the MHA's elected by Proportional Representation along party lines in a province wide vote and the other half elected by individual district votes. This will give more representation by issue as well as geography. The second thing I would like to see is the Speaker of the house elected directly by the people with the power to review and report back to the legislator and public any and all legislation, spending or laws implemented by the government to ensure full disclosure. Will this prevent another MF's fiasco? I am not sure but I think it is worth a try. Anything is better than the present swamp.

    • A one day general public service strike might work. Public services workers can apply great pressure on the Government itself, to bring just action for the benefit of those they serve, (including themselves). They must realize by now, that a full forensic audit of Muskrat now serves their own long term job security. Would they have the courage?

  28. This is an excerpt from the dribbling John Smith in the Telegram comments section. It is unreal for anyone like him to think that Danny Williams and Ed Martin need anyone to discredit themselves. Both are quite capable of discrediting themselves.
    "What is being missed here is that all of the issues cited in the SNC report were being addressed by Mr. Martin…already…it offered nothing new…every single issue that SNC brought forward was already known by Nalcor, and plans were in place to deal with each risk. Not only did Nalcor already know all this…but anyone who could read knew all this….ask yourself why Stan decided to release this to the media at this time and not before? All part of Dwight's and Stan's plan to discredit Ed Martin and Danny Williams…"

    • If Nalcor knew all these risks, for added cost of 2. 4 billion,( which cancelled the so called least cost as compared to the Isolated
      Option) and yet Nalcor failed to advise government, as Tom Marshall and others say :this would have raised red flags for proceeding, then John Smith admits Nalcor is as guilty as sin. If SNC raised all the same risks and costs, then that left no doubt.
      Smith seems to say it was proper that government not be advised, and that Nalcor alone decided it was no need to review the prudence of proceeding…………just go ahead after 2.4 billion risk within a few months………..
      It suggests these risks were known even before sanction, and were hidden , as the anon engineer says……and so the need for the forensic audit. Crimes and corruption likely.
      Still the question that is also appropriate….why did Stan Marshall hold this information for 1 year before advising Ball?

  29. John Smith is totally a pseudonym for someone whose name will come up, repeatedly, at an inquiry, if Dwight ever has the balls to call one.

    And speaking of that… how is the preservation of evidence going, anyway?

  30. I think Robert's idea of a general one day strike is a good idea….that this fiasco will impact all of Nfld and govn workers and service for decades……we need the forensic audit to get answers, and ball needs much more pressure to bear………saying he is with with 75 percent in just a trick , as most do not want to wait for project completion before this happens.

  31. The recent VOCM question : Do you think we should have an alliance with Quebec over Hydro (power)
    8831 voted
    38 % yes, 58% no
    What does this suggest….that Danny Williams urge to bypass Quebec…….. which has given us the 15 billion dollar boondoggle / fiasco is preferable to working with Quebec?
    The Upper Churchill, build for 1 billion, and on schedule and on budget,…..not a cent of Nfld money went into it, yet provides about 70 million a year return to Nfld, but maybe a billion a year to Quebec.
    Yet we still own 66 percent that should see a better result for Nfld in 2041, had we prudently planned our power needs for that time frame.
    Nfld did not require an escaluation clause in the original Upper Churchill contract, in case electricity became more valuable…..so a contract is a contract. Whose fault was that?
    Quebec has power rates about 7 cents per kwh, Ours in now about 10.5 cents , headed for 22 cents in 2021, and 33 cents by 2041. This tripling of rates all due to Muskrat falls………Quebec played no part in that.
    When will the majority stop blaming Quebec and look at our own actions.
    Maybe that is why governments here do not want a forensic audit or public inquiry………….it will show who the enemy of the ratepayer really is………who caused this fiasco and why.
    According to the NS power energy minister , prior to MF sanction, they said Nalcor knew that MF was NOT the lowest cost option for Nfld, and Danny Williams saw MF as a loss leader, a first step to go around Quebec. This puts to question whether we needed this power or this project.
    A loss leader is like Walmart selling one item below cost to get you into the store and spent more money, on which they make considerable profit.
    MF was to be the loss leader, followed by Gull Island , to generate profit….. And what of the tens of billions to build transmission capability to handle that extra power ,or Upper Churchill power. Oh, the madness of it all! Did Wade Locke fully cost all this with his accurate projections?
    MF, at likely 15 billion……..some loss leader , hey?
    Maybe that concept will work for Galway……… first 1000 lots for 100 dollars, to get the thing moving. Such thinking could not be any worse that MF being a loss leader.
    Winston Adams

    • Winston:
      I would like to see an economic study done where the cost to us as a province for the lost of revenue from the Upper Churchill contract includes the net gain in Equalization payments over the same period. This is something that is not clear and what we have to remember is that had we received that billions in revenue from the Upper Churchill, how much Equalization Payments would we have NOT received? Remember that as soon as the offshore royalties kicked in our equalization payments were reduced to at one point where we were actually paying out a net sum to the system-and despite the provincial politicians rhetoric, that is the way equalization payments are supposed to work. At one point in our history we received a substantial amount of revenue from the equalization program which we would not have been eligible for if we had received those so called billions from the Upper Churchill site and to put it mildly, I don't think we would have been any better off had the provincial government been able to spend that revenue without impunity. Come by Chance, Labrador Linerboard, Sprung Greenhouses, the Rooms and Muskrat Falls are but a few examples of where that so called Churchill Falls revenue would have went. Get my drift?

  32. You are saying we are not worse off because of the Upper Churchill deal, as equalization largely offset that. Likely so. And that , had the Upper Churchill been more beneficial, we would have squandered it anyway, as we have now done with our offshore royalites.
    That we continually lack sound and prudent governance ………which Uncle Gnarley (Des) advocates in this blog, whether energy, health spending, etc, and until that changes , we are doomed not to have any long term prosperity.
    Anom….Is this your drift? If so, we need more people to care what happens and how we are governed.

  33. You PQ lovers forget that PQ is the spoiled child of confederation and that Canada has coddled ever since 1927 the rejection by PQ of the Privy Council decision by Britain on the Labrador/Quebec border. Suck it up people, it is history and we must move forward!

    • Bashing Quebec has become the favorite pastime and diversion of NL politicians to cover up their own inability to effectively govern this province. The Equalization Formula was applied equally to the FIVE million+ residents of Quebec as to the ONE HALF million residents of Newfoundland and Labrador it is just that Quebec politicians were more effective at managing their own provincial affairs than NL politicians and government leaders.

    • We understand that equalization when it is paid is on a per capita basis? or is it? It's a people thing since it is people who need the money. We also understand that in recent years PQ has been receiving but not NL because of its so called have status attainment several years ago. We also understand that hydro-electric resources, of which PQ has in abundance, are not used in the formula to compute GDP for equalization purposes? Is this fact or fiction? It is not about PQ bashing but more about fairness in equalization. Isn't it a fair suggestion that equalization should be calculated on a fair and equal basis, a level playing field or is that an unfair request?
      As to the management capability of NL versus PQ politicians and government leaders, we do not have this information. We do have a lot of info from news media in recent years on how hard PQ leaders and other government officials worked to prevent NL from getting its hydro electric resources to market. Costs considered by some as excessive to transport electricity across PQ, attempts to purchase NB Power etc.

    • I suppose that 38 percent of Nflders would like to work with Quebec on hydro power is pretty good,given the long history of blaming others for our mistakes.
      So lets say 38 percent lovers of Quebec and 58 percent Quebec haters. Perhaps better we could use like and dislike.
      At present power rates in Quebec is about 7 cents, ours was 9.7 last month, 10.6 this month, and yesterdays announcement that Nfld Hydro is seeking to raise that to about 12 cents, and Ball saying with Muskrat, power will be 22 cents and 1.3 cents more for every 1 billion more in cost…….so about 25 cents seems reasonable. Now he hoped to hold rates to about 17 cents , but needs to come up with over 400 million a year to to that, but no answers how to achieve that….so political trickery,…. like MF was least cost.
      Now as this money grab from residents heats up, 7 cent power (if we were part of Quebec), will get more attractive.
      The baby bonus and UIC and other benefits were key features that we got over the 50 percent to join Canada.
      So, many can freeze in the dark , or, a least cost option ….. begin to like, or even love Quebec.To go from 38 to 51 is only 13 percent more and it then would be a majority who want to work with Quebec on hydro power.
      We sure know who we don`t trust with hydro power….only 35 percent approval for Nalcor and dropping fast. And Ball`s ratings are lower still.
      Money talks. When we buy all these low cost Chinese products from Costco or Walmart, do we hesitate because China is communist!
      Should it matter that 7 cent hydro power results from well managed, world class french speaking engineers and fellow Canadians……..
      I`d trust Quebec any day over Nalcor and our sleezy politicians that have lied to us since 2010 on the boondoggle fiasco, and other issues.
      Winston Adams

  34. So called aboriginals; how do we improve the future?

    CBC report Feb 26 2015: Human remains found of James poker, 17 , went missing 11 days ago, spotted 18 miles southeast of Davis Inlet. Question remain about why the teenager went missing , and how he ended up so far away from the community. He froze to death.

    Kirby Mistenapeo died in 2016. he too froze to death. Having been returned to his community , he felt very uncomfortable in the country, yet he set out on an impossible walk that an experienced outdoorsman would struggle to survive ; an overnight walk across sea ice in LABRADOR , 80 KM TO HOPEDALE.

    WHAT BOTH OF THESE HAD IN COMMON WAS THAT THEY WERE BOTH TAKEN AWAY BY CHILD, YOUTH AND FAMILY SERVICES . The treatment was apparently ineffective. Kirby was moody…he walked 11 kilometers west of Natuashish , out onto thin ice. His body wasn't found for 12 days.

    They had both been medicated and their parents not knowing what they were being treated for. They were taking prescription pills when they got home. Neither had any follow up meetings with health care professionals or social workers.

    Recent deaths this years has resulted in a call for an inquiry as to foster case for Labrador youth, where hundreds have been in foster care away from their home and community.

    UG blog some months ago highlighted a Best Practices for healthcare…….which (if one researches the new recommendations under mental health )cites the inappropriate use by doctors of precription drugs for mental health issues (whether for young people or seniors).

    Our Minister of health has proposed a new plan for mental health for Nfld and Labrador…not much need for a new Waterford, he plans more community health programs, people being treated in their home towns.
    So, for improving the future………is this the type of health care we can expect? If so, not only aboriginals health care will suffer.
    About time the misuse of harmful medications be exposed…….it is well documented in many studies, but the abuse continues.
    Let's see where this inquiry goes.
    Winston Adams

    • If there is to be improvements for Aboriginal citizens then the first thing that has to be addressed is alcohol and other addictions that is destroying lives and their societies. Both sides of the debate have to come to grips with this disaster which has been looming for some time.

  35. Today as 5 Ottawa senators call for freeing the Labrador Three from jail, Nfld Hydro applies fro a 13 percent rate hike, on top of the rate hike of over 8 percent that went into effect this month.
    This will be a 21 percent increase, which is not even related to the 100 percent increase soon coming to pay for Muskrat.
    This rate increase is supposed to be for island system upgrades. Yet the new gas turbine was to add 2 percent and the new transmission line from Bay D''Espoir about 3 percent……….go figure. Likely many of the changes such as at Soldiers Pond , that is Muskrat related, being sneaked into this for a cash hungry Nalcor.
    Maybe the next Nalcor protest will see 25 instead of 18 protesters.

    The 5 senators , as to the Labrador Three, are calling for their release and also support their request for full forensic audit. That every person, not just the Lnad Protectors , should be concerned where the environmental, human, social, and financial costs are increasing astronomically. also that the protesters constitutional rights under section 35 of the Constitutional Act of 1982 , and article 32.1 of the United nations Declaration are left unaddressed. The senators find it appalling that this has happened , that our country is struggling with a colonial legacy that continues to disporportionately marginalize, criminalize and deprive indigenous peoples to assert their rights
    Winston Adams

  36. It would be interesting if everyone read the article in The Telegram titled "A deal is a deal, judge says". This shows exactly why there are two laws-one for high paid executives (such as former CEO Ed Martin) and such people and a non-existing law for everyone else especially when it comes to compensation for dismissal AND a court hearing. Try getting a judge to overturn a Labour Board ruling-it would be easier to find an honest NL Politician (sarcasm). If you calculate a life times earnings for one person paid in today's minimum wage based on 40 hours a week and 40 years employment it would amount to $11.00/hour * 40 hours/week * 52 weeks/year * 40 years of service it would come out to $915,200-far less than the total compensation paid to Mr. Glenn Mifflin, mentioned in the article, in salary, pension and other benefits. Now one can argue that NARL is a private company and the amount paid to fired execs is a private matter BUT I serious doubt that say a janitor who if dismissed from a company like NARL would receive the same treatment before the law and such is the case with NALCOR and other public civil servants. The amount of compensation paid to dismissed executives, despite giving us a royal screw over, is astounding while we poor serfs must be content with a mere rise in our taxes and electrical rates.

  37. VOCM reports a rally in support of the three jailed senior citizens of Labrador is to be held tomorrow , Sunday at a 1:30 at the Colonial Building. Wonder how many are really concerned about the impact of MF on this province………certainly few have put so much on the line as the Labrador Three, and Beatrice Hunter.
    So maybe we deserve the double or more power rates that are now starting to kick in, because we neither rant nor roar, or even protest.
    Feeble comments like this have little effect.
    I attended but one anti Muskrat event last year at the Colonial building, about 400 turned out, but the Telegram (Ashley) downplayed it, saying about 150.